When They Met…Again

Marah Introduces herself LBB

Thanks to our friend GLManny who was kind enough to send me the link to these YouTube clips, where Tony sees Marah for the second time.

Also, a special thanks to GLDannynmichelle!


“I’m in love.  Ping ping goes my heart.”

At this time Danny is doing his best to deter Tony from pursuing Marah.  Danny knew that Marah was very much the princess of the Lewis family.  And Tony was certainly no prince.  Even Danny calls Tony immature in this clip and at that time he really is, Marah and Tony both have a lot of growing up to do.

Danny:”Her father, and her uncle, and her cousin will tear you apart if you look twice at her.”

Tony:”What if she looks at me first?”

Danny:”Look the other way.”

And the Danny/Tony/Marah exchange at 5:21 is excellent.  With Danny telling Tony that his flirting sounds like a “One way ticket to Chicago“.


-Danny reiterates the “Stay Away from Marah” message.


Though we don’t get to see Marah and Tony’s first kiss, at 2:17 you get to see Marah’s reaction.  She is so dazed she runs into Danny and is giggling, Danny knows  what’s up and once again uses Chicago as a means of making Tony stay in line (though it won’t work, Marah and Tony cannot stay away from each other).


Tony keeps trying to convince Danny he did nothing wrong by kissing Marah.  Love Danny in the final minutes of this clip, “What? You don’t want to meet Reva?” Classic Santos cousins!

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