When they Met…

While searching for clips to make the Marony video I stumbled across this little website http://www.jordismagic.freeservers.com/custom.html dedicated to Marah and Tony.  Though the website has long ago been abandoned (much like the couple) it did have some interesting information.  Like the dialog from the first time Tony saw Marah.  It was Laura Bell Bundy in the role but from the dialog you can tell it was the start of something special.

Tony had never met someone like Marah.  He says it best himself, “this does not happen to Tony Santos”.  And that was true.  Marah was the only woman to ever really challenge Tony to be more than what he thought he was (similar to Danny and Michelle).

Unfortunately the clip is not available online but at least they have the dialog.  So for your reading pleasure…


September 1, 2000 when Tony first met Marah:

“Tony: No, that’s… Whoa, hot babe, 9:00. Well, maybe I will stick around for a while.

Marah: (To herself) Now, there’s trouble with a capital “T.” Where did he come from?

Tony: (To himself) She looked twice. Oh, yeah. She wants me.

Marah: (To herself) I bet he can have any girl he wants– and he knows it.

Tony: (To himself) Usually, I’d let her make the first move, but this One looks like she could be worth a little effort.

Marah: (To herself) Oh, here he comes. Why didn’t I wash my hair this morning? Where’s my lip gloss? Oh, forget it, too late.

Tony: (To himself) Hair flip. This boy is moving in.

Tony: Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I go out and come back in again?

Marah: (Laughs) that’s like, the lamest line I’ve ever heard. I can’t believe I just said that.

Tony: This is going to be fun. You think that line was lame?

Marah: Totally.

Tony: Well, it always goes over big in Chicago.

Marah: Chicago, oh. Is that where you got that lovely bruise? You look like you walked into a wall.

Tony: No, just a fist. But don’t worry, the other guy got it worse.

Marah: Did I say I was worried? Did I say that you could sit down? Could I possibly manage to shut up?

Tony: You don’t want me to sit down?

Marah: Yes, yes, yes. No, not particularly.

Tony: Oh, come on. Don’t make me follow you. Please, don’t make me. Listen, I’m new in town, okay? I’m just looking to have a nice conversation with a pretty girl.

Marah: A conversation, huh? Is that what you boys in Chicago call it?

Tony: Come on, sit down. I promise I won’t bite… Unless you want me to.

Marah: Has anybody ever told you you’re incredibly full of yourself?

Tony: Oh, yeah? Maybe I got good reason.

Marah: Yeah, like hot air.

Tony: Hey, don’t. Give me your phone number.

Marah: In your dreams.

Tony: Well, tell me your name at least.

Marah: Cindy Crawford.

Tony: Spell it. Come on, tell me your name. I bet it’s something exotic–exotic and sexy.

Marah: (Laughs) you just don’t stop, do you?

Tony: Okay, look, a nickname? Your initials? I can’t believe this. I come all the way here from Chicago, and you’re treating me like…

Marah: You’re not in Chicago anymore, Toto.

Tony: No. No, no, no, this does not happen to Tony Santos. Hey. Ron, you got a minute?

Bartender: I bet you want a ginger ale, don’t you?

Tony: The hot blonde sitting over there? Real knockout? Do you know her name? She wouldn’t give it to me.

Bartender: Smart girl.”

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