The Carriage House


While writing I Believe in the Mystery I had to find a place for Marah and Tony to live.  Unlike in the final years of Guiding Light I wasn’t going to have them live at the Beacon for eternity so I went house hunting.  And I thought, how about the Carriage house?  Origionally the Marler home, Marah had already lived there with Bill, Ben, and Remy when they all attended Springfield University and it suited their long-term needs in that it had four bedrooms.  So the Carriage House became the Marony House.

The Carriage House-The Bloss Years

Some Screenshots of when Bloss lived in the Carriage House before the remodel when the doorway was moved and shelves were added.  The furniture is more typical of what you would find in a carriage house.  Very traditional, almost country-classic in design, with masculine touches with the leather chair and dark wood.  A similar style of furniture can be found in the master bedroom.  It had a very old charm feel about the place..

Carriage House the bloss years

The Carriage House-The College Years

When Blake and Ross rented out their home Bill, Marah, Ben, and Remy moved in.  And well you can tell by looking at it that Marah decorated the space.  It is full of vibrant color which is a trademark in her decorating choices.  She likes to surround herself with color.  But there are some subtle touches of the boys here (besides the pizza box).  Where Ross’ desk once was is now a foozeball table, which will follow them to the Museum.   In the second screencap you can see the living room fireplace which is of course a soap staple, all houses must have fireplaces.

Carriage House the college years

The Carriage House-The Marony Years

These are my personal ideas of what I think Marah would have done with the carriage house after her and Tony moved in.  The bedroom is both modern and sophisticated and not too far off from how Marah decorated their bedroom at the Museum.  And the living room furniture is modern and colorful (which once again fits Marah’s stype perfectly) but also has a comfortable and welcoming feel to it.  Great for a growing family.

The carriage House the Marony Years

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