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Flashback: Clone Reva


Arguably one of the most bizarre (not to mention what I think is completely dumb) storylines to come out of the 90s had to have been Clone Reva.  Written by James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten this story was universally panned by critics and went on to make Guiding Light something of a laughing stock of the industry.  This storyline is very polarizing with Guiding Light fans; some look back on this story with a grimace and others seem to like the campy feel.

So here’s a flashback to what I personally consider a groan-worthy storyline.  Included within are links to various clips in order to relive the story that Guiding Light fans wish they could forget and here is a playlist of Clone Reva clips.

To begin this storyline you have to start with the exit of Annie Dutton.  Annie Dutton has lost everything.  She had Josh and his love, but that ended with the return of Reva.  She plotted and schemed to no avail.  Josh’s love for Reva would be the victor in that triangle.  Annie “moved on” with Alan only to have Reva ruin her wedding.  Enough was enough, Annie was going to take Reva out once and for all.

Drugging Reva one night Annie brings her aboard a plane.  Taunting Reva with her plan Annie video records her distress before calling Josh to taunt him with Reva’s predicament.  Then Annie Dutton bids Springfield adieu (for now) by parachuting out of the plane, leaving Reva to die.

When Josh arrived in Florida, he searched desperately for Reva until the Coast Guard stopped him.   Distraught over the death of Reva (again) hired Dr. Michael Burke to clone his supposedly dead wife from the eggs she’d left. Within two weeks Josh is holding a cloned Reva Shayne baby.

Meanwhile, Reva washed up on a deserted island and soon discovered that she was not alone. A man named Sean McCullough was sharing the island with her.  She attempted to build a raft to get home but it sank.  Sean being the altruistic gentleman he is, then showed her a boat he had stored away and agreed to take her home.

With an aging serum Josh was rapidly aging his Reva Clone.  Soon she was a free-spirited teenager played by Bethany Joy Lenz (which was the only real bright spot in this tale).  Though Josh should have prepared for this after all he and Reva were high school sweethearts and Reva was spirited even back then.

Calling home Reva hears a voice on the other end of the line, and she suspects something is going on.  Once back in Springfield a shocked Reva thinks Annie changed her appearance to look like her.  Instead she meets her double, who knocks her out and locks her in the lighthouse.


In her absence Dolly had fallen in love with Josh and Reva’s return was not happening! Reva convinces her clone to let her teach her how to get Josh to love her.  Though Josh does sleep with the clone he cannot bring himself to love her since she lacks “Reva’s spirit”.

The clone eventually locks Reva up in the pool house at the Lewis home, and Josh resigns himself to marrying the clone. Reva, realizing that the clone was preparing to leave her to die, talked the clone into bringing her a camcorder so that she could watch tapes of the kids. Reva made a videotape telling Josh that she was locked up in the pool house.

The clone returned to the house and popped in the tape, stopping it just in time to realize that Reva had conned her. Josh overheard a part of the tape, but it didn’t really hit him what he was hearing. On the way to Cross Creek, the clone began to ask Josh how it felt to starve to death. Her guilt was getting the better of her and as she asked more questions.

Josh began to put the pieces together and remembered hearing Reva’s voice on the videotape. He turned his car around and sped home to save his dying wife. Running into the pool house, Josh was shocked to see two Revas! After saving Reva from the clone Josh tenderly bathes his Reva, happy to have the love of his life back. They had to figure out what to do with the clone. After the excitement of their reunion began to settle, Reva had a lot of unresolved anger with Josh for cloning her, and for giving up on their love.

Reva bonded with the clone out of pity and made her over into her long-lost cousin, Dolly. With her new identity, the clone finally had a name of her own. She began to settle into her new identity, and Josh and Reva decided to give her a new life in Italy.


Dolly, still very much in love with Josh, decided to take a different route. She overdosed on the aging serum so that she would die, and Josh and Reva would be able to move on with their life together. On their way to Italy, she asked Josh to take her to Cross Creek one more time, so that she could say goodbye to the memories. After Dolly’s death, Reva forgave Josh.


And thus the ending to one of the worst storylines in Guiding Light history.  Though like I said, there was one bright spot: Bethany Joy Lenz was certainly fun to watch as teenage Reva.  She was spirited and fun, like a teenage Reva would be.  Bethany Joy Lenz was so good as Clone Reva that she was brought back as a recast Michelle Bauer in the fall of 1998 and whose romance with good-hearted mobster Danny Santos was one of the most popular stories (and romances) from that era.  And the Manny romance continued to be popular until the end of Guiding Light itself.



A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Tony stood so quickly the patio chair fell backwards, “Separate?  You can’t be serious!” He raked furious hands through his hair as he paced back and forth across the patio before finally coming to a stop in front of Marah, “You don’t think I’ve learned my lesson?  My God Marah I have fought for us from the moment you woke up in the hospital with years missing from our life together.  I let you hold me and our daughter at arm’s length and I did all that while trying to make you see that our life together was worth remembering.”  Tony punctuated each point with a thumb towards himself.

Surprisingly calm Marah just shook her head softly, “It’s not about teaching you a lesson Tony.  It’s about both of us.  Our relationship hasn’t been easy from day one.  There have been ups and downs, miscommunication, rash decisions, and lies.  I just think we need to take a step back and regroup.”

Tony had to admit to himself that Marah had a point, their relationship had never been easy.  But nothing worthwhile ever was, and what they had together was worth all the struggle and pain the world could dish out. “So you think that to help our relationship we should separate?”

At the sad and dejected tone in Tony’s voice Marah questioned her choice.  It wasn’t the first time, she had rethought her decision at least a million times between coming home from Michelle’s and now.  But it all came back to one single point of contention for her, that Tony didn’t trust in her love.  Not to handle the truth and not to be strong enough for the both of them. “I just think that we need to regroup and decide if this marriage is strong enough.  We have been through a lot in the past couple of years and maybe we need a time out to see if we can just…be.”

Tony righted the chair that had fallen and sank into it.  Lowering his head into his hands he tried to calm himself, and it took every ounce of his self-control to not take Marah in his hands and shake some sense into her.  But above that he wanted Marah to be happy and if this would make her see that what they had was what mattered most than he would do what he could to make her see that. “Fine.  I don’t want to do this but I will, for us.”  He raised his head and looked sad eyes towards the only woman he had ever loved, “And how do you suggest we do this?  We have an infant daughter we need to think about.”

Wringing her hands in her lap Marah had to admit she hadn’t thought this far ahead.  All she knew is that she needed a time out to gather her thoughts. “Well, maybe you can stay at Towers for a little while-”

“Absolutely not!” Tony’s face and voice took on a furious note, “Just because you woke up today remembering you are Lanie’s mother doesn’t mean you get to push me out of her life.  I have been the one to change the diapers.  I have been the one to walk the floor with her on nights when she wouldn’t sleep and wonder what I was doing wrong.  I have been the one who did the midnight feedings without a clue as to what I was doing.  Me.  Not you.”  At Marah’s wince Tony wanted to take his words back.  he knew they were harsh but damn it, she would not deny him their daughter. “Sorry, but it’s true.”

“I know it’s true.  And that is part of the reason I think we need a time out.  We need a chance to deal with the pent-up anger we have.  At each other and everything else.”  Marah thought about it for am moment and conceded, “I can move into the extra bedroom.”

Tony laughed humorlessly, “So you want to separate into separate bedrooms?  And we are supposed to coexist yet we are technically separated.”

Marah shrugged, “It’s the best I could come up with.  You don’t want to leave Lanie and I don’t blame you.  You a great father Tony.  And I don’t want to leave the daughter I just remembered I wanted more than anything in the world.  I want to be there for her now in the way I should have been from the beginning.”  She shrugged again, “I don’t want to hurt you Tony. I just have to do this.”

“Fine.  I’ll agree to this asinine plan of yours but just remember this.” Tony stood and walked over to where Marah was sitting and leaned down.  Reaching out he cupped his wife’s face and his hands and pulled her lips towards his.  And after a searing kiss he look into her eyes, “I have fought for you and the life we could have together for most of my life.  And I would fight until my dying breath to make you see what we have is beautiful and forever.  But when you see it, well I just might make you fight for me for a change.”  Standing up he began walking towards the house but not without calling out over his shoulder, “I am your soft place to land Marah.  And you are mine.”

Marah watched Tony enter the house before lifting her fingers up and touching them to her lips.   That kiss was like electricity that shot off sparks like a live wife through her.  And there was a secret part that wanted to just say ‘the hell with it’ and just go on living as they had been before.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t the same person she had been before the accident.  But damn if Tony didn’t call out to every single molecule in her body.

Marah picked up the phone and pressed the number for the one person who knew about time outs more than a baseball umpire.  “Mom.  You busy?”


Reva hung up the phone and turned worried eyes to Josh, “Our daughter and Tony are separating. Well kind of.”

Josh dropped the magazine he had been reading, “What do you mean kind of?”

“Well they are living together but technically taking a time out.” Reva couldn’t help it, she smiled, “Bud that is the most ridiculous thing I have head in awhile.”

Josh shook his head, “Do you think she has any idea what she set herself up for?”

“Nope.” Reva joined Josh on the couch and snuggled into his side, “But I have a feeling it is going to be interesting to watch.”


Danny hung up the phone and turned to his wife in their bed, “Tony and Marah are kind of taking a time out.”

Michelle sat up in bed, clutching the sheet to her chest, “What do you mean?  I just saw her today and she said that she has always loved Tony.  Hell, we know she has always loved Tony and vice versa.”

“They are separated but still living in their home”, Danny smiled slyly to his wife and slowly pulled the sheets from her hands and kissed her deeply, “How long do you think before one of them cracks?”

Michelle wrapped her arms around Danny and sank back down on the pillows, pulling him with her, “Not long.  You Santos’ have been known to be charming when you want to be.”

Danny gave his wife a wolfish grin, “And I am about to show you just how charming I can be wife.”

A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Fourteen

Tony walked into the house and shut the door behind him.  It had been awhile since he had spent an entire day at Infierno and he had to admit to himself that he had missed it.  The camaraderie with Danny and Rafael, the business demands that broke up the monotonous parts of the day,  the constant stream of people coming and going….yeah he missed it.  Rafael had been staying at the Beacon while Marah and him figured things out, but he had to admit he missed the older man more than he cared to admit.

“Hello Mr. Santos.” Tristan walked down the stairs holding a bottle in one hand and a blanket in the other, bare feet hardly making a sound on the soft carpet.  Her toes were painted a pale pink Tony noticed, than mentally slapped himself for noticing.  Refocusing he realized she was still talking, “I just fed and changed Lanie.  She just went down for a nap.”

Tony put his keys in the bowl on the side table, “Was she any trouble?”

Tristan laughed, “Not at all.  She’s a cutie, and loads easier than the patients I deal with at the hospital.”  She walked over to the couch and began gathering her things.

“I bet.”  Tony scratched his chin, his five o’clock shadow sounding like sandpaper, “I never did get around to asking how being a nanny will interfere with your job at Cedars.”

Tristan looked up from putting on her shoes, “I am used to having more than one job.  Besides, I mostly work weekends at Cedars.”

“well that’s good, I wouldn’t want us to interfere with your job.”

Standing, Tristan put her bag over his shoulder and headed towards the door.  Stopping in front of him she looked up and smiled coyly, “No worries, I never let much interfere with plans.”


After a quick stop at her apartment Tristan looked fresh and dressed for her date.  Walking into Towers she scanned the room until her eyes landed on just the man she was looking for.  Sitting at the bar with his back to her she took the time to run her nervous hands along her dress.  She couldn’t believe she was actually nervous about a man.  She was almost like a virgin on her first date, but it had been a long time since she actually indulged in a personal life.  For so long she had let Richard rule her life.

“But he’s not here now.” Tristan said to herself.  She slowly strutted across the restaurant and when she was just a few feet away Jonathan turned and saw her approach.  She noted the appreciation in his eyes and the sexy as sin smile that crept across his face.  A smile she gladly returned.

Jonathan stood when Tristan reached the bar, “Well hello gorgeous.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek sweetly, mentally patting himself on the back for not mauling her right there in the middle of the restaurant.

“Hello.” She looked him up and down appreciatively, “You clean up well.”

Jonathan gestured to his outfit dismissively, “This old thing?”  He gestured towards the Maître D’, “Shall we eat?”

Tristan linked her arm with his, “Ready when you are.”


Marah slammed the front door momentarily forgetting there was a baby in the house.  When she didn’t hear a cry she let out the breath she was holding.  She threw her keys on the side table and called out, “Tony?  I really need to talk to you.”

And surprisingly she did.  She couldn’t believe she had another brother that no one told her about.  A younger brother fathered by a man she had actually had feelings for.  He was the first guy she felt free to be herself around after Tony and her crashed and burned for the hundredth time!   Just thinking about it made her want to retch, and it had made the day drag on endlessly.

Her mother and her had spent the majority of the day on pins and needles, any of the easiness in their relationship replaced by awkward silence.  But just as surprising was that she wanted to talk to Tony about it, to share her feelings.  She wasn’t a psychiatrist but she would consider that a break through.

“Marah you home?”

Marah heard Tony’s voice coming from the open kitchen door.  Heading that way she stopped in her tracks when she saw the candles burning, the table set for two.  “Did you make dinner?”

Tony came out of the kitchen carrying a bottle of wine in one hand and a large pizza box in the other.  “Sadly no.  I couldn’t boil water on my best day.  But I figured your return to work deserved some celebration so I got your favorite.”

Marah’s mouth practically watered from the aroma coming from that cardboard box.  Yummy melted cheese and…”You got pepperoni?”

Tony scoffed as he placed the box on the table, “But of course! ”  He came around to the other side of the table and pulled out her chair, “Now won’t you come dine with me Mrs. Santos?”

“This is sweet Tony, “Marah sat while Tony pushed her chair in like a gentleman.

Returning to the other side of the table Tony sat and began pouring the wine, “So you said you wanted to talk to me about something.”

Taking a sip Marah looked at her husband, at all the effort he had gone through today to make her day a bit brighter.  The flowers, the pepperoni pizza….she didn’t want to ruin it asking questions about her messed up family.  “Yeah but it will keep.  How was your day today?”


“So why Tristan?  I always thought that was a boy’s name which obviously you are not.”

“Are you sure about that?”  When Jonathan paused in cutting his steak Tristan laughed as she sipped her wine, “Just kidding.  Yes Tristan is typically a boy’s name.  It actually means “loud one” and my mom said I screamed so much when I was born that the name fit.”  Placing her wineglass on the table Tristan began cutting into her chicken, tonight’s date had been going well.  “So tell me, what do you do?”

Jonathan finished chewing his bite of steak before answering, “I am a foreman at my stepfather’s construction company.  Working alongside my half brothers can sometimes be a pain.  Hell they can be a gigantic pain in the ass.  But for a long time I was an outsider, I actually feel like a member of the family.”  He cleared his throat nervously.  He never revealed that much about himself to, well, anyone really.  Safer to change the subject, “You said you were a nurse at Cedars.  Do you like it?”

“I love it actually.  I can honestly say not two days are the same, there is always something new.  And I recently started a part-time side job as a nanny for the Santos family.”

Jonathan’s ears nearly perked up in interest, “Really?  Marah Santos is my sister.”

“Really?  Small world.” Tristan brought her wineglass to her lips and took a long sip.


“You should have seen her Bud, she was horrified.”

Josh looked up from checking Collin’s homework.  Not that second graders got much but he thought it best to be involved as much as possible. “Well Reva you had a child with her ex-boyfriend, fling, whatever he was to her.  I am sure she was just shocked.”

Reva supposed that was true but Josh hadn’t seen the look on her face.  It was enough to make her cringe, even hours later. “She didn’t even react that strongly when she found out the first time.”

Josh leaned back on the couch and motioned for Reva to join him.  When she was seated comfortably by his side he curled his arm around her and held her close, “Like I said, she was probably in shock.  She has lost so much then to have a sudden sibling foisted in her life was just unexpected.  She’ll come around.  Plus who could resist that little guy?” Josh motioned with his other arm at the boy playing with Legos on the floor.

Reva hoped Josh was right.


“So continuing tonight with your favorite things why don’t we go watch your favorite movie.” Tony stood and collected the plates, “I will clean this up and meet you in the living room.”

Marah walked over to the large television mounted on the wall, and at the large array of movies in the cabinet underneath.  “Um Tony, what is is my favorite movie these days?”

Tony entered the room and smiled sheepishly, “Sorry I forgot.  Your favorite movie is the Notebook.”  He walked over to the cabinet and picked up the all too familiar DVD, “As many times as I have sat through this one I could almost recite it line by line.”

He put the movie into the DVD player and pressed play, “I am just going to check on Lanie.  Don’t get too cozy without me.”


An hour later Tony nearly jumped when he felt Marah move hesitantly into his side.  He slowly lifted his arm in invitation, an invitation she responded too by curling into his side just like she used too.  Like she couldn’t stand to be apart from him for too long.  Tony sighed softly as he curled his arm around her.  And for the first time in weeks he felt almost completely happy.

A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Ten

The tires on Tony’s car squealed as he pulled into the driveway.  He hadn’t meant to be gone this long, an hour at the most, but he had needed that extra hour at the church gym.  He had needed to release the tension that seemed to weigh him down day after day.  And he had needed that talk with Ray.  But he still hadn’t expected to be gone this long.  His car had barely stopped when he threw the door open and rushed into the house, barely missing running into Josh.

“Woah Tony! Where’s the fire?”

Tony lifted an eyebrow at his father in law, “Is everything okay here?  I didn’t mean to be gone this long.”

“You know I have taken care of babies a time or two in my day Tony,’  Josh patted Tony on the shoulder as he passed to get his coat by the door, “Everything is fine.  I fed Lanie about half an hour ago and she went down for a nap with little fuss.  I don’t envy you son, that Lanie is going to be a heartbreaker one day.”

For the first time in months Tony genuinely laughed, “Don’t I know it!  She’s already got me wrapped around her little finger.  So how did the rest of your visit go?” Tony tried to keep his tone conversational but one look at Josh’s face and he knew the older man recognized Tony was information fishing.

“Marah is a strong woman.  Growing up like she did, well she had to be strong.  I was a mess after Reva was presumed dead, I just sort of checked out in the dad department.  Out of the two of us Marah handled all the curveballs thrown her way much better than I ever did.  She will find her way Tony, and she will be a great mother to her little girl.  She just needs time.”

Tony dragged a hand through his already messy hair, “Time.  Not sure how much of that I have left.”

Josh frowned as he paused in putting on his coat, “What do you mean by that?  You thinking of doing something that is going to piss me off?  Because you do know that I still have that hunting cabin and plenty of shells.”

“Danny is running for Mayor.”

With a confused look Josh made a motion for Tony to keep going, so Tony elaborated, “Danny has been nice enough to let me work from home for the past couple of months., and it was great being able to help with Marah and the baby.  But this is Danny’s turn to do something he has always wanted to do.”

“And you are going to have to pick up the slack at Infierno.”

“With everything so up in the air with Marah and me it is not the best time.  But I have to do it, and I will do it, for Danny.”  Tony looked at Josh and sighed, “I waited years to come back to Marah, for us to have our happy ending.  And you know I would walk through fire for her and our daughter.”

Josh opened the front door but stopped before making his exit.  He turned back around and gave Tony a weak smile, “I know Tony.  But sometimes a dad just needs to be reassured from time to time.  You’ll see one day.”


Marah waited in the kitchen.  She heard Tony’s car pull up and she heard her father and him talking, but she remained sitting at the kitchen table.  Waiting.  And running through how she planned on telling Tony she wanted to try going back to work.  To try to rediscover the Marah that had been lost.  When Tony still hadn’t come in from talking with her father Marah nervously fiddled with the silverware on the table.  Then she got up and started bringing the food to the table.

For the past month Tony had been in charge of meals.  And they had become well acquainted with every fast food place in a ten mile radius of Springfield.  Marah had hoped that making a home cooked meal would set a different tone for the night.  Going over to the oven she removed the lasagna and brought it over to the table.  And she sat back down and continued waiting.

Suddenly Tony pushed the door open and stopped in his tracks.  And stared.  After a lengthy pregnant pause he cleared his throat, “You cooked dinner.”

Marah fiddled with the napkin on her lap.  “I did.  We need to talk.”


Tristan Daniels shoved the manila envelope across the bar.  “This is it Richard.  One last job and I am done.  Finished.  My debt paid in full.” Richard just smirked back at her.  Smug bastard.

“You think so?  You would still be hustling tourists out of their money if it wasn’t for me.”

She hated to admit it but he was right.  People who were born in their little slice of the American poverty typically never made it out.  It was a typical circle of crime, destruction, and death.  Richard and Tristan had been two of the lucky ones to make it out and never look back.  She knew she owed her life to Richard but she wasn’t going to repay him for eternity.  “Richard I mean it.  I can’t keep doing this.”

Richard finished his drink and stood. “Fine.  You finish this job and you can go out on your own.”  Throwing some bills on the table he leaned in and spoke directly in her ear, “But you’ll be back.  And if you try to cross me I’ll show you just how much of the boy from the borough I still am.”

Left alone Tristan plucked the toothpick out of her martini and bit into the olive violently.  She wished she could prove Richard wrong, but the truth was that he was right.  Richard always had a way of bringing her back into his orbit.  Sighing at that sad reality Tristan downed her martini with flourish.  She was still enjoying the burn when she realized someone had she was no longer alone, someone had sat in the seat Richard had vacated.

“What is a pretty woman like you drinking alone?”

Turning on her stool to greet the man she was momentarily stunned, which didn’t happen often.  Good looking with a hint of bad boy charm to boot.  She stuck out her hand in greeting, “Tristan Daniels.  And I guess I was just waiting for the right person to join me.”

The man smiled and Tristan felt it all the way down to her toes.  He shook her hand gently and signaled for the bartender, “Jonathan Randall.  And I guess I got here at the right time.”


Tony sat and tried to process what Marah was telling him.  But the words were coming a mile a minute, like she was afraid if she stopped she wouldn’t get it all out.  He held up a hand to pause her rant. “So let me get this straight.  You want to go back to work and you talked to Dr. Salas and he thinks it might actually be good for your memory recall?”

Marah nodded enthusiastically, “Basically.  He says that by doing things I normally do it may jog some memories.”

“But what about Lanie?  She is a too young for childcare.  And I didn’t get a chance to tell you but Danny is going to need me more at Infierno.  Seems he has decided to run for Mayor.”

Seems Marah had thought of everything.  She reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a slip of paper. “Dr. Salas gave me the number to a nurse at Cedars who does some childcare on the side to pay for her student loans.  Tristan Daniels is her name.  And I already called her and she is coming over tomorrow for an interview.”

Tony threw his napkin on the table and the harsh sound of his chair scraping on the kitchen tile was deafening in the silent kitchen.  Standing he pinned Marah with a harsh look, “Seems you thought of everything.  Guess now you’ll never have to be around your daughter at all. ”

Marah silently watched him walk out of the kitchen, and made no move to follow.  To explain her actions or try to defend his accusation. But she felt it.  That all the progress they had made in the past weeks was gone.

A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Eight

Josh looked at his daughter, at the fear and utter devastation on her face, and he couldn’t help himself.  Standing, he rounded the table and took her into his arms and held her tightly, and continued holding her as harsh sobs racked her body.  Placing a soft kiss on the top of her head he murmured soothingly,  “Honey you are putting too much pressure on yourself.  Both you and Tony were robbed of your daughter’s birth.  You were robbed of your memories.  And you keep expecting everyday that you will wake up and everything will be as it once was, but even your doctors say it is going to be a slow process.”

Marah sniffed as she sat back rubbing the tears from her eyes.  “What do you think I should do?  I can’t keep hurting Tony but I don’t know if I can be who he wants me to be.  At least for right now when I have more questions than answers.”

“Maybe you need to stop waiting for that magical moment when your life goes back to normal and instead live in your new normal.”  At her perplexed expression Josh continued, “Go see if Dr. Salas will clear you to go back to work.  Maybe getting out of the house, and the pressure of trying to remember surrounding you it will be easier.  Plus, like I said, maybe if you get back to what you love doing things will come flooding back.  But even if they don’t, what’s the harm in trying?”

Marah smiled at her dad, “When did you get so smart?”

Josh barked out a laugh, “I have always been smart Darlin’, but you have just enough of your mother in you to be too stubborn to see my brilliance for what it is.”  He picked up both mugs from the table and deposited them in the sink, “Now you go call your doctor and set up an appointment.  I am going to go visit with my grand baby.”


Tony kept waiting for Danny to get to the point.  He had been sitting here for the past twenty minutes while Danny had droned on and on about sales figures and profit margins.  Though he was thrilled that Infierno was still operating solely in the black, he already knew all that.  He got the same reports from Rafael, and it wasn’t like he was out of loop the past month he had been working from home.  And he knew Danny was well aware of that fact.  But he also knew his cousin.  He was getting ready to announce something big, he was just laying the foundation.

“Starting at the first of the year I feel we should begin phasing out the gambling portion of Infierno.”  Danny slid a report across his desk towards Tony, “I have been looking at figures and it wouldn’t hurt our bottom line.  The gambling was good at bringing in quick money when we first reopened but we earn substantially more from the restaurant and bar.  And since the Springfield Journal voted New Millennium as “Best Dance Hotspot” we have been making a killing on that front.  What do you think?”

Tony looked over the figures Danny had laid before him, “Sounds good to me.  You never have been too keen on the gambling anyway, it was just the initial money-maker.” Tony laid the report on the desk and smiled wryly. “Besides, the cost to legitimately run that particular venture costs a fortune.  No wonder we did things the old Santos way for so long.”

“Now there is the new Santos way, which thankfully doesn’t include threats of jail time every three months.  Less hazardous to our health.”

“True enough.”  Tony sat back in the cushy chair and casually placed his arms behind his head, “So you going to spit out what you really called me here for?  Not that it isn’t lovely to see your face but I have already seen most of these figures.”  Tony checked the watch on his wrist, “And I told Josh I would be back relatively soon.”

“How is Marah?  Any progress yet?”

“Well we traveled a few miles down memory lane, but as for any memories actually returning?  Nada.” Tony rubbed his hands down his face and sighed, “I am so tired Danny.  I love my daughter but I swear she never sleeps.  And as much I try, and trust me I try so hard, Marah hasn’t made any progress.”

Across the desk Danny looked uncomfortable, “Um, I have something to tell you that in light of what you are going through may not be the best timing.”

“I figured as much.” Tony sat up straight and motioned for Danny to continue, “Hit me with it.”

“Well there is no better way to say this but I have decided to run for mayor of Springfield in the upcoming election.”


The inside of the hospital room was white.  White walls, white blankets.  There were no cheerful balloons, not in the long-term care portion of Cedars.  Cheerfulness and balloons were reserved for patients that might actually see them.  Not ones that had been in a coma for over ten years.

But unlike the other patients in this wing there were no family photos, no sign that a family hoped their loved one would regain consciousness.  It was a bleak, solitary existence and it was completely fitting for the occupant lying in the hospital bed.

Carmen Santos.

Richard Salas peered down at the woman lying so still underneath the blankets.  The only indication that she were alive the steady rising of her chest due to the machines keeping her alive.  It was hard to see the viciousness that had resided in the woman, not the frail woman with the hair that was more salt and pepper than her sin black.  But he knew it was there, lurking inside.  He had seen it first hand.

Reaching into the pocket of his lab coat Dr. Salas brought out a syringe.  He stuck it into the IV port and pressed down on the plunger.  Capping the syringe he placed it back into his pocket.  He patted her shoulder mockingly, “Se you next week Mrs. Santos.”



A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Four

Tony flinched at Marah’s statement.  He already felt like he was treading in uncharted waters with no sign of land in sight.  Her quest for answers added a whole other level of danger, like sharks circling below the murky depths.   “The doctor warned us about taxing you with memories.  That it could actually be detrimental to your recovery.”

Marah crossed her arms across her chest and pinned him with an incredulous look. “Cut the crap Tony.  Right now I am married to man who the last thing I remember of him is that he broke my heart.  The man I remember then spent months, months, showing me that the love we had was indeed over.  Then I got the call from my mom telling me that you had died.”  She took him in from his dark hair to his feet, and every impressive inch along the way.  “You certainly look alive to me.  And those people,” She pointed behind her to the portrait on the wall, “They look happy.  So let’s start there.  How did Tony Santos rise from the dead?”

Tony took a deep breath and began. “It begins with Romeo Jones.”


Michelle was going over patient charts when she was interrupted by a brisk knock on the door.   Looking up to issue a greeting she was surprised to see her father standing at the door.  She quickly moved to the door and embraced him in a tight hug.  “Dad!  I am surprised to see you here.”  Surprised was really an understatement, her father never came over to the woman’s clinic, especially since he became chief of staff at Cedars.

Ed nodded absent-mindedly. “Can’t a father come visit his daughter at work?”

“Oh course he can.  You just never do.  So what is going on?”

Instead of answering Ed looked around the room, anywhere but at his daughter.  Curious.  “Dad?” Michelle prompted, worry filling her voice.

Finally Ed looked at his daughter and began, “I don’t know how to say this other than to just say it.  Dr. Salas visited me today.  He had some concerns about the treatment Marah Santos received last month.”

She should have known it would come to this.  That condescending windbag had the audacity to question her ability at administering care to her patients.  Her hate for him just rose to new levels.  “Dad I did everything in my power to save Marah and her child.  And they both pulled through.  There’s not much I could have done differently without risking either one of their lives.”

Ed nodded at her defense and continued, “I understand Michelle, and I can’t say that I wouldn’t have done things any differently.  But when one of my doctors calls into question the actions of another I take it seriously.  This time he came to me with his questions, next time he may call you before the board.  Just be advised that’s all I am saying.”

“Duly noted.” Inside Michelle was seething.  How dare that man go and tattle to her father like she was a child when she did nothing wrong.  Which she was sure was exactly his objective.  To see her get the talking to that he thought she deserved.  Well if he thought this would knock her down he had another thing coming. She calmly gathered her charts-clearly paperwork wasn’t going to be done now that this was laid at her doorstep.  “If there isn’t anything else dad I have patients to see.”

“Michelle I know you are upset just like I know you are a brilliant doctor.  You come by it naturally of course.”

Michelle knew her father was trying to lighten her mood and she couldn’t help smiling at his lame joke. “Fishing for compliments dad?”

“Just stating the truth.” He engulfed his daughter into another tight embrace. “Welcome to the life of a doctor.  Having everyone question your actions, even when you did everything right.”

Michelle supposed he was right, even if she hated it.  “Thanks for the pep talk dad.  I really do have patients though.  Babies don’t just birth themselves.”

After her father left Michelle thought about all her father had said.  Yes Richard Salas was a jerk but did he have a point?  Did she do everything right?  Her father seemed to believe in her abilities, but then again, he had once found her childhood artwork brilliant enough to display.  Not exactly the most unbiased opinion.  Then Michelle thought about the grateful hugs the Lewis family had bestowed up on her after Marah’s surgery.  They certainly thought she did the right thing.

Damn Richard Salas anyhow.  Making her question her abilities as a doctor.

The buzzing from the intercom interrupted her musings. “Dr. Santos your eleven o’clock is here.”

Ah yes.  Alan-Michael and Lucy Spaulding.  She picked up their chart and smiled.  She always did have a soft spot for her cousin Alan-Michael and she couldn’t wait to tell him and Lucy the good news.


The minute Reva crossed the threshold she was greeted by the hardened stares of three very anxious Lewis men.  “Marah is fine.  She is home with her husband and daughter.  We just have to give her time.  You know what the doctor said, we need to let her come back to herself naturally.  Not try to force her to remember.”

Billy threw down the magazine he had been pretending to read for the past couple of hours. “That damned quack!  Why are we even listening to him?  To him he is just a patient, we love her.  Marah needs her family right now.”

“I agree with Billy.” Josh looked so forlorn.  And Reva knew this was really getting to him, Marah was a daddy’s girl through and through.  “Surely we,” He indicated the family assembled in the room, “won’t be a detriment to her healing.  We love her and are familiar to her.”

“I know that but right now she needs to be with Tony.  To remember the life they had together.  Jonathan went to welcome her home and she had no idea who he was.  He looked shattered and the look on her face was just full of pain.  Hell Bud, she asked me if you were still married to Cassie.”

Shayne pushed off the wall he had been leaning against,  “Well to be fair, that is still a little hard to believe.  No offense dad.”

Time to change the subject.  “Like I said, we need to give her time.  And hope she comes back to us when she is ready.”

Josh and Reva-2006 Reunion

Jo59sh: All I’ve ever wanted my whole life is to be with you! Don’t you understand that?

Reva: In our house?

Josh: Yes

Reva: In our big BEAUTIFUL HOUSE! You don’t want to split our assets?

Josh: No

Reva: You don’t want to leave with that God awful leather recliner that you love so much? Huh?

Josh: Wait, wait, wait. *Josh reaches into his pocket and pulls out his handkerchief*

Reva: What?

Josh: Look, at that. *Starts to open the handkerchief revealing his wedding ring* It’s a sign, it’s a genuine sign. How about you, huh?

Reva: *reaching into her purse* It’s in here somewhere.

Josh: It’s okay, take your time. *Reva pulls her wedding ring out of her purse. They take each other’s rings* Okay, I promise, Reva I promise to always be there with you no matter how impossible you may become. You are stuck with me! *Josh puts Reva’s ring on her finger*

Reva: And I promise, I really promise that I will be grateful for you always and that my problems are exactly that, they’re my problems. And I got a big problem right now and they have nothing to do with you, they don’t!

Josh: You will let me help you work through your problems, okay? Say, I will.

Reva: I will! *Reva puts Josh’s ring on his finger*

Josh: Now we’re at the best part


Josh: How you doing Mrs. Lewis?

Reva: How you doing Mr. Lewis?

Josh: Okay

Reva: I wish we had that bouquet, you know, that Cassie left for us and the rice, we could just throw it over the side

Josh: How about confetti?

Reva: We don’t have any confetti.

Josh:*pulls out his divorce papers* Yes we do

Reva: *reaches into her purse and pulls out her divorces papers* Really? You’re sure?

*Both tear up the divorce papers and throws the shredded paper into the air*

Reva: Fly away! Fly! Go! Goodbye and fly! Fly, fly, fly… *Reva realizes she has a plan to catch to go see Marah in Paris*

Josh: What? *He realizes the same thing* Oh, your flight to see Marah!

Reva: I can cancel. I can just call, I can cancel!

Josh: No, no, no

Reva: I will, no, I want to cancel!

Josh: I would love it if you would do that but now we have all the time in the world so I want you to go visit our daughter and make her happy, okay?

Reva: I can make her happy!

Josh: Yes you can and when you get back I’ll be here. I’ll be right here waiting for you, I promise!

Reva: Always!

Josh: Always! Always!