Short Stories

A Fan Fiction section dedicated to the Short Stories I write that are not officially part of a series.  Not all stories are specifically about Marah and Tony and could be about any of the many citizens of Springfield.


Making New Traditions: Marah and Tony’s First Christmas in their new home

Merry Christmas Danny Santos (Part One) : A retelling of some old classics with Danny Santos as the center figure. Set in the same time as the Making New Traditions.  Plenty of Marony included 🙂

Merry Christmas Danny Santos: (Part Two) : A continuation of the story

You Save Me- A Shayne and Dinah Short : Shayne travels to Europe to track down Dinah.

Coming Home- Alan-Michael and Lucy Spaulding : Alan-Michael and Lucy drive through Springfield, decide whether to move home or not.

Prelude to Love- A Robbie Santos and Sarah Randall Short Story: Where Robbie gets some advice from his dad and uncle, and makes a decision about whether girls are lame…particularly one named Sarah Randall

A Bright Light- A Marah and Tony Short Story : Marah and Tony decorate the nursery while deciding on a name for their baby

Just Breathe~ A Marah and Tony Short Story: Where a little subterfuge from Danny, Josh, and Reva bring Marah and Tony together for a night of deep breathing

Holding On~ A Tony Santos Short Story:   Tony’s POV during the time Marah was unconscious at the end of What Matters Most

One More Santos~ Danny and Michelle tell the kids there is another baby on the way

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One thought on “Short Stories

  1. I am loving this Marony site. I loved Lindsey and Jordis chemistry as Marah and Tony. I miss Guiding Light I loved when I was kid and as a got older

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