4. What Doesn’t Kill you Makes you Stronger

At this point Marah and Tony are broken up.  Maria is trying to lure Tony into taking over the family business because Danny has gone “soft” due to Michelle and Robbie.  Tony is tempted but doesn’t want to betray Danny and Michelle.  Meanwhile Marah is dealing with Reva’s accident which has left her blind.

Wednesday March 21, 2001

At the Church Tony is sitting in a pew at the church praying. He tells God he wants Him to protect Danny where he cannot. He wonders if that makes him as bad as the guy who will pull the trigger. Ray comes in and sees his brother praying. He approaches Tony and asks him how he got in. Tony said he picked the lock. Ray tells him he could have just called. Tony tells him he needed to be there alone and he didn’t want to see him. Ray asks him what is wrong and asks if it is about Marah. Tony tells him he broke up with Marah and that is all over. Ray doesn’t think he is over her and tells him he should give it a few days. Tony gets angry and says he doesn’t have a few days. Ray says he came there for help so he should open his heart and trust Ray. Tony tells Ray to back off. Ray says his job is to listen and not to judge. Tony says Ray judges him all the time. Ray agrees but says he wants to make it better. He wants Tony to trust him. He tells Tony if he tells Ray in confession, his confidence will be protected. Ray goes to the confessional and Tony follows. He tells Ray that he is going to be part of a murder. Ray asks who will be killed and Tony tells him there is a hit out on Danny and he can’t stop it. Ray asks Tony if he is sure and advises Tony to warn Danny. He tells him he owes Danny. Tony thinks Danny has to know people are after him. Ray insists that Tony tell Danny or at least Abuela. Tony tells Ray that Abuela can’t stop it either because she is in on it. Ray tells him he has to give Danny a fighting chance. Tony gets up to leave. Ray comes out and pushes him up against the wall and tells him to listen. Ray tells him he has to warn their cousin. He realizes that Tony must be thinking of taking over the family. He tells him that is no way to repay Danny. All he has done is decide to leave so he can give his child the father he deserves. Ray asks if Tony taking over has anything to do with why he broke up with Marah. Tony isn’t listening. Ray refuses to give Tony absolution. Tony tells Ray he can’t tell anything unless he is willing to take off his collar and walk away from the church. Tony tells Ray that the love and forgiveness act is a big crock. Ray says he will forgive him, but Tony’s heart is hardened. Tony says he lives in the real world and makes real choices. He doesn’t hide in a church when his father gets killed. He reminds Ray that he left his brother when their father died, leaving him for God. Ray asks if he is going to let this happen to Danny. Tony says it is what he has to do to survive and Danny should see this coming. Tony leaves and Ray falls to his knees to pray this won’t happen.  (I feel sorry for Ray during this time.  Ray was always torn between loyalty to his family and being a priest.)

At Olivia’s Marah is sitting on the couch holding her Saint Anthony medal and thinking about Tony. Sam walks into the apartment and asks how things are at depression central. He tells her cheap chocolate is the wrong way to go. He has a better suggestion. He gives her a present that she opens and smiles at. She has no idea what it is. He tells her it is a tuning fork. He shows her how to hit it and get the vibrations and hold it to her forehead. He tells her it will relax and dissolve her distractions helping her harmonize her feelings, aligning herself and centering her power. Marah thinks it is weird, but seems nice. Sam smiles and tells her it must be working since she hasn’t thought about Tony in 15 seconds. Marah tells him that she doesn’t want to forget about him.

Josh and Olivia come in and Olivia tells Josh the children are playing together nicely. Sam and Marah tell Josh about the tuning fork and are laughing. Olivia brings in the chocolates from San Cristobel and Sam goes for a piece. Marah comes over and tries some. Sam tells Josh they finally found something Olivia and Marah can agree on, chocolate. Josh thanks Sam for helping Marah get over Tony.


Thursday March 22, 2001

At the Santos CompoundTony is standing in the dark looking at a picture of Danny. Ray comes in and flips the lights on. He asks Tony if it is any easier facing things in the dark. Ray is still very angry about the hit planned on Danny. Tony tells Ray he can say nothing about it. Ray manhandles Tony and tells him he has to face up to things. Tony pushes Ray back and Ray tells him to go ahead and hit him. Tony backs off and Ray tells him that he knew he couldn’t hurt one of his own. Then he reminds him that Danny is one of them as well. Tony tells him he wished he never stepped into his confessional. Ray tells him that was the smartest thing he ever did. Tony tells him the whole thing is very complicated and Ray should leave him alone or things will be a whole lot worse. Ray wants an explanation, but Tony asks Ray to trust him. Ray says he will pray for him and walks out. Tony says, “You do that, you pray for me.”

Marah comes in and tells Tony she has to talk to him. He asks her to leave but she tells him she isn’t leaving. She apologizes again for the kiss with Sam but assures him she has no feelings for Sam. Tony tells her it isn’t only about Sam, he has changed and his mind is made up. Marah doesn’t understand and still refuses to leave. Tony doesn’t want to talk about it. Marah tells him she loves him. Tony says things are too complicated. She tells him they belong together even if their families don’t approve, she is sure they can make it work. Tony asks her to go home. Marah asks Tony to look her in the eye. Tony says she doesn’t understand. She asks Tony to talk to her. Geraldo walks in and tells Tony his Grandmother wants to see him. He tells him he will be there in a minute. Geraldo tells him not to take too long. Marah asks Tony if it is because of their families. She concludes that his family feels Michelle corrupted Danny and they don’t want Marah to do that to Tony. Tony finally admits it. She goes over and kisses him and tells him that if he wants it, he can tell his family to get lost. Doesn’t he want her? Tony says he doesn’t know what he wants anymore and turns away from her. Marah asks if his family is more important to him than her. He doesn’t want to answer. Marah says she is willing to ignore her family and asks if he is willing to do the same. He tells her he is not. He tells her that he has to see his grandmother and again asks her to leave. She insists he tell her he doesn’t care. She thinks they can work things out. He tells her that they cant. She asks if he is just going to throw them away. He tells her that there is no “them” and she is making too much out of this. Marah cries and starts to run out. Tony calls out to her and tells her he is sorry and goodbye. After she leaves, he goes back over to the mantel and takes Danny’s picture and throws it in the fire.

Wednesday March 28, 2001

At Company Marah runs into Tony coming into Company. He stares at her wondering whether to ignore her or say something. Marah speaks first and says hi. She asks him how he is. She asks him why he is so upset but he doesn’t answer. She tells him that she will be there when he is ready to talk to her. She tells him she isn’t going anywhere.

The Hit on Danny:





In the end Tony proves his loyalty to Danny and Michelle by warning them of the hit on Danny’s life.  He was tempted by Abuela’s offer but he couldn’t portray the family who truly loves him.  However, what he doesn’t realize is that he was shot during their escape.

Monday April 2, 2001

At the Bauer House Michelle comes in and Danny asks where she had been. He is nervous. She tells him that she went to Infierno to see Tony. Danny demanded to know what Tony said. Rick walks in exhausted and Michelle sends him up to bed. They get rid of Rick and Danny goes on to ask about Tony. She told him that Tony didn’t say much but that she did most of the talking. She tells Danny what she told Tony and that he was stressed out. She asks Danny what May and her boss said at the meeting. Danny tells her that there is a contract out on him and Carlos, Tony and Abuela are the ones behind it. Michelle can’t believe it. Danny tells her about finding out from Ray as well. He doesn’t understand why they would do this. He has always been taught blood is blood. Danny wants to call Abuela, he doesn’t believe she can do go through with it if she has to look in his face.

At Infierno Tony and Abuela are waiting for Carlos. Tony is nervous. Abuela tells Tony that she hopes he is just worried and not anxious. She doesn’t want him to doubt what they are doing. He tells her not to worry about him. He is in. Tony tells her how Michelle came by and talked to him about how much they trust him and he felt bad because he isn’t made of stone. Abuela tells him it is good he has a heart but business is more important and he can’t be weak. Carlos comes in and tells them that Danny will be eliminated by the end of the evening. Tony asks when it will happen. Carlos says very quickly, as soon as possible. Tony asks about Michelle and the baby. Carlos tells him that it will be only Danny. Tony is worried and he tells them that the baby is his godchild and that means something to him. Abuela smiles at Tony and tells Carlos she has one grandchild she can count on. Tony tells them he is going to go look over the books. He gets outside the office and leaves. Carlos makes his call.

Tony shows up at the Bauer’s and peeks in the window. He sees the two men in the woods with guns and then looks over to Danny and Michelle right inside the windows. He says something about the family being sacred and runs inside. He tries to get Danny out of the view of the hit men and tells Danny that someone is there to kill him. Danny tells him he knows and he is looking at that person. He grabs Tony and pushes him against the wall. Tony tells him that there are men in the woods with guns there to take him out. He tells him that he is there to warn him. He says they wanted him in on it but he couldn’t do it, he would never make Michelle a widow. Tony tells him that the men have high-powered rifles but he thinks they can get out. Danny lets Tony go and closes all the blinds and shuts off the lights. Tony tells him to leave with him now; he knows they can get away. Danny refuses to leave his wife and child. Tony tells him they won’t be hurt, Carlos said so. Danny doesn’t trust Carlos. Tony begs Danny to trust him then and get out. Just then Abuela comes in walking, without her wheelchair. Tony is confused and asks where her wheelchair is. Abuela tells him that the role of the old grandmother in the wheelchair served her well but she was in a hurry and had to do what she had to do. Danny tells her that he knows she wants him dead and wants her to say it to his face. She tells him the time for words is over and she pulls a gun on him.

Tuesday April 3, 2001

Danny is still confronting Maria, who is holding him at gunpoint. He tells her she looks very much like his grandmother but she isn’t related to him. He tells her that he used to trust her but now she and her buddy Carlos have been trying to turn Tony against him. Maria tells him that she tries to reason with the other families but Danny wouldn’t listen and insisted that he was leaving so the hit was inevitable and out of her hands. She tells Danny he should trust her now. He tells her that at one time he would have done whatever she said but there is no way he is going to trust her now. Maria asks him if he wants things to end like this, wasting his life. She turns to Michelle and tells her that now that she is a mother and a wife she will appreciate the loss that much more. She tells Michelle that she has lost her sons and lost her grandson to her. Maria tells Michelle that she won and now she will feel true loss. Maria tells Danny to enjoy what little time he has left and she leaves. She looks over at the hitmen hiding in the bushes.

Danny sends Michelle, Tony and Robert to the basement telling them that he will stay in the kitchen with Tony’s gun. Before they can leave the hitmen break in and a shot rings out. Danny yells out for Tony from behind the cabinets. One of the hitmen was hit. Danny runs out and grabs Tony and they try to get out. Then Danny is shot and Michelle runs to help him. She gets him on the couch just as Rick comes down. Rick tries to help him and asks Tony to call 911 but Danny tells him not to. Tony tells him the guys are still out there and they have to get Danny away. Rick puts Danny’s jacket on and starts to head out to buy them a little time. Rick tells Tony to go with him and that they should run for the car. They run out and there are a lot of shots fired. Inside, Danny tells Michelle to get away from the window. Rick and Tony make it to the car but the hitmen are following them.

At the Lewis house Marah is on the couch crying. Reva walks in and asks her why she is upset. Marah is amazed at her mother’s hearing. Reva guesses it is about Tony and asks her to talk to her. Marah says she has a sick feeling inside that something terrible might happen to Tony. Even if he doesn’t want to see her again, she would die if anything bad happened to him. She tells her mom that she was upset that Josh tries to stop her from seeing Tony but at least she knew Tony wanted her then. Now that he broke up with her and she isn’t sure why, she is scared for him. She doesn’t think it makes any sense. She knows Tony is as miserable as she is. She feels like she has a hot poker stuck in her chest and can’t see this getting better. Reva thinks it sounds painful and says she is sorry she has a broken heart. Reva doesn’t know anyone who hasn’t felt that way. She says it is one of the tougher parts of life. Marah wants to know how you can let go of someone you love. Reva says how to let go is a tough question and Marah won’t like the answer. Acceptance. Reva says she has fought her whole life, because that is the way she is. If she had just accepted things like they were, her life would have been a lot easier. Once you realize something isn’t working, there is a release and you are free to move on to whatever comes next. Tony is an appealing young man and she (Reva) understands that there is a sweet gentle heart underneath it all but he had to grow up too fast. She tells Marah she never objected to Tony just the world he lives in. She hopes he can get out before something bad happens to him.

Thursday April 4, 2001

Michelle tells Danny the bullet went straight through him and assures him that he will be okay. She tells him that Tony and Rick left to get the bad guys to follow them and that she and the baby are fine. She is applying pressure to the bleeding but wants to call an ambulance. He tells her they can’t call anyone, the cops will screw it all up. She promises not to call them but apparently one of the neighbors did because they hear a cop car outside. Michelle tells him they have to get him upstairs right away so they won’t see him. She helps him out of the chair and up the steps to her room.

In the car Rick and Tony have pulled over. They are outside the bus depot. Tony tells him to go get a bus ticket and maybe the bad guys will think he is Danny and leaving town. Rick agrees. He goes inside the bus depot and acts like a crazy guy. He is over exaggerating his mob lingo and accent being very loud. He buys a ticket to Chicago and is very rude to the guy. Then he goes to grab a paper and beats up the paper machine until he gets a paper out. Everyone is staring out him like he has some disease. Later, Rick goes back out to the car and tells Tony that he made sure the guy would remember him and he is going to make sure he also sees him get on the bus and then Danny should be okay. Tony asks him where he should ditch his car. Rick tells him not to worry about it just to help himself. He thanks Tony and tells him how great he was getting them out of the house. He is glad Tony was on the right side and tells him he trusts him. Rick gets out and Tony tries to fight off his lethargy. He rubs his shoulder and is shocked when he pulls his hands out to find it covered in blood. He presses a towel against the wound and when he looks again the towel was drenched in blood. Tony turns on the radio and hears that the police are looking for the car he is in as well as he and Danny. He decides he has to get out of the car and starts walking.

At the Lewis House Marah is blindfolded walking around the room trying to see what it is like for her mom. Josh comes in and sees her. She tells him she was just trying to understand. Marah tells him she couldn’t get across the room without hitting things and it scared her. Josh tells her that Reva will be fine; she has a lot of people to support her. Marah thinks she hasn’t been around enough and hasn’t been a good daughter. Josh tells her that she had to grow up fast when her mom left them and now she doesn’t have to worry about carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Marah tells him that her mom won’t let her do anything to help her. Josh tells her that Reva just wants to be normal and handle things for herself. He tells her to just treat Reva like she always has and everything will be fine.


Thursday April 5, 2001

At the Lewis HouseMarah is thinking of Tony and marking out where she wrote his name on her notebooks. She tells herself that she has to get over him. Sam comes over and tells her he was out on the beach with his telescope and saw her light on so he stopped by. She tells him she was working on some homework. He gets her to admit she was thinking about Tony and that she wants to move on. She thanks him for being her friend and not taking advantage of her vulnerability. He tells her that he would never do that to her. He tells her that maybe she should take all her mementos and build a pyre. He tells her she would have to do it in a special place though. Marah thanks him and he heads out.

At the Lighthouse Marah has a lot of the things that remind her of Tony as well as her St. Anthony’s medal. She places them on the floor at the lighthouse. She thanks Tony for everything, all the good and all the bad. She tells him she loves him but she has to leave him there. She says goodbye and starts to stand just as Tony stumbles in. He collapses on the floor.

Friday April 6, 2001

At the Lighthouse Marah goes over to where Tony collapsed and tries to get him to stir. She pulls her hand back and notices the blood and freaks out. She starts going over the first aide she had learned and remembers to apply pressure to the wound. Tony starts coming to and asks her what she was doing there. He thought she was an angel. She smiles at him and asks him who did this to him. Tony tells Marah everything about the hit and what his grandmother had promised him but that he couldn’t do it to Danny in the end. Marah swears not to
tell anyone and tells Tony that the respect he was seeking he should have because what he did was to protect the ones he loves. He doesn’t get it. She tells him that he loves Danny and he saved him and now she realizes that he broke things off with her because he loved her and wanted to keep her safe. Tony tells her that they have to leave the lighthouse soon, he is sure the hitmen will think of it eventually. He tells her to leave now so she won’t be caught with him. She tells him that he isn’t a mobster and she is going to take him home with her and help him. He tells her that he can’t let her do that; it will put him between her and her family. Marah tells him she is taking him home and helps him get up.

At the Lewis House Marah comes in and sneaks Tony into the house. She hears Shayne in the kitchen and gets Tony to a corner to sit him down until she can misdirect Shayne’s attention. She goes to her brother, who has his arms full of junk food. She tells him that she hid a piece of carrot cake in the fridge that he can have if he wants it. He is suspicious of her but doesn’t want to risk losing the cake so he goes to get it. As soon as Shayne was out of the room, Marah runs to Tony and helps him up to her bedroom. She gets him comfortable on the bed and starts tending to his wound. Tony doesn’t want to stay. He is scared he will get her in more trouble. He thinks he should go find out how Danny is. Marah tells him they will find out in the morning because he isn’t leaving, he is going to get some rest. She patches him up and wipes him with a damp towel and cuddles up beside him. He tells her that wasn’t exactly how he wanted their first night together to be but he does like it there. She tells him she likes him being there to. He isn’t sure he can get to sleep so Marah starts singing him a lullaby. Tony is just starting to snooze when Marah hears something break downstairs. Someone had broken the glass out of the door trying to get in.


Monday April 9, 2001

At the Lewis House Marah hears the window break and knows someone is in the house. She goes to peer downstairs and hears more movement. She goes back in and tries to wake Tony. Apparently, all the pain medication she gave him has totally knocked him out. She hears her mom calling out for her and going down the steps and starts to worry about her. She goes down quietly vowing to protect Tony. Meanwhile, Reva thinks Marah or Shayne made the noise and she is calling out for them. She goes by the door and feels the wind coming in the broken glass and realizes that someone had broken in the house. She walks around calling out to the stranger, asking what they want. The guy pounces on Reva and demands toknow where “the kid” is. Reva thinks he wants Marah or Shayne and she refuses to tell him anything. She struggles with him and gets her hands on the gun but the guy soon after gets it back. She tries to hit him with Shayne’s Lacrosse stick but that also doesn’t work. As soon as the guy backs up into the foyer, Marah comes out with an iron skillet and slams it over his head, knocking him out cold. Reva hugs Marah and tells her how worried she was. Marah tells her that she called the police and they are on their way. Reva asks her to get some ropeand help her tie the bad guy up until they arrive. Marah does and they wrap his wrists and ankles. The police show up and ask them what happened. David is in charge and he doesn’t seem to like any of the answers that Marah was giving them. Harley and Frank come in. They tell Reva about the break in and shooting at the Bauer’s and that there was a dead body there that they presume is the partner of the man lying in their foyer. Harley asks Marah what the guy was doing there and she told them finally that they were after Tony. She tells them about finding Tony and how he was shot. She brought him home and doctored him. Reva is furious. Shayne has by come down and overhears that Tony is upstairs. He asks if he is dead. Marah tells them that he is asleep because she gave him some of her mom’s painkillers. Reva tells her that she is very angry with her. Marah yells that she had to do something to help him. David tells Marah that she is now implicated in a homicide.

Tuesday April 10, 2001

At the Lewis House Reva tells Josh what happened the night before as the police come down with Tony and ask him what happened. He and Marah go on to tell them how they accidentally met up at the lighthouse and she helped him. Josh asks Marah why she didn’t just call 911 like any normal person. Marah tells him that she couldn’t lead anyone to Tony. Harley asks Tony about Danny and what happened at the Bauer’s. He tells her that he dropped Danny off at the bus depot and he left for Cincinnati. David yanks Tony around to talk to him and Marah tells David to back off. Harley tells Tony that there is a dead body at the Bauer’s and she wonders if he knows anything about it. He tells her that one of the hit men must have turned on their partner. They ask why he didn’t go to his grandmother or brother. Tony tells them he didn’t want to lead the killers to his family. Josh is ticked that Tony didn’t think of the Lewis family before he came into their home. Marah tells them that they happened upon each other and she made Tony come with her so she could help him. David is being a jerk again and grabs Tony telling him to fess up and tell them who the shooters were. Tony told him he had never seen them. David asked him who hired them but Tony  wouldn’t say. David tells him he was going down to the station to finish answering questions then. Tony tells them he wants to go make sure Michelle and his Godson are alright first and they agree to take him by. He tells Marah he will see her later but Josh yells out to him that he will not be seeing Marah.

That leaves just the family and Josh is fuming. Shane leaves to go upstairs and Marah calls him a coward. Josh says he wants to talk first. He lays into Marah about the situation and she tells him that she knows his point of view and she understands. He tells her that trouble follows Tony and he doesn’t know how to make her understand. She tells him that she does understand and explains why she went to the lighthouse in the first place. She said she went to the lighthouse to say goodbye and Tony showed up. Then she brought Tony there and, just as her dad said, trouble followed him. She understands but she loves Tony and she refuses to stop seeing him. He tells her that she had been hurt because he broke it off with her but now she knows he was just doing it to keep her safe and she loves him. Josh starts to protest again but Marah asks him what he wanted her to do, leave him at the lighthouse to die. She tells him there is nothing more to say. She knows they might not be able to respect him for keeping her and his family safe but she can. She leaves. Josh yells after her asking her where she is going. She tells him he doesn’t want to know and slams the door behind her. Reva calls after Josh. She tells him that Marah has a point. Reva tells Josh that they need to cut Marah some slack with Tony. She will be 18 soon and will be able to do whatever she wants. If they keep after her, she may leave them to live with Tony and they would never get to see her again. She doesn’t want her daughter leaving the house. Reva goes on to tell Josh that Marah did what she thought was right and she understands it all.



Wednesday April 11, 2001

Back in Tony’s hospital room, Ross tells Marah that Gus was just trying to upset her to get more information. He is on a fishing expedition and can’t touch her because of the Good Samaritan laws. He tells her not to worry about it. He goes to make some calls and leaves Marah and Tony alone. Marah asks Tony how he feels. He tells her he is upset that Gus was leaning on her. She says she stood up to him and called him a bully. Tony laughs. She tells him that he was calling her ‘the girlfriend’. Tony asks what she would call him but she just grins and doesn’t say anything. He tells her she knows she is crazy for him, head over heels. She smiles and doesn’t deny it. He tells her to come closer. She does and he leans up and kisses her.

Friday April 13, 2001

At Cedar’sMarah is still with Tony. He suggests she go home before her parents get upset. She says she is almost 18 and they will have to accept her choices. She thinks they will come around and see him as she does. Tony doesn’t know, he thinks they may only see a punk kid who is on his way to jail. Ray comes in and is happy to see his brother. He tells Tony he is proud of him. Tony tells Ray that Ross advised him not to tell the feds what he knows about the hit and if he talks against the families he is dead. Ray suggests talking privately but Marah tells him she knows everything. Ray asks if her parents know where she is and suggests she call them. She does.

Ray tells Tony it kills him seeing him like this. Tony says it could have been a lot worse. Ray is proud of Tony and says he did the right thing. Tony agrees but says he may feel
differently after doing time in jail. Marah thinks that Ross will help and Ray agrees he is a good lawyer. Josh comes in but the guards won’t let him go into the room. Ray tells him it is all right and Josh enters. He asks Ray and Marah to leave him alone with Tony. They reluctantly leave. Josh tells Tony he thought this is where he would wind up. Tony tells him he didn’t expect this; he was only trying to save Danny’s life. Josh asks him why he isn’t concerned about his daughter’s life. Tony tells him he tried to keep away from her but she just
happened to be at the lighthouse. He tells Josh he would never put Marah in danger. Josh says he believes him, which makes this so difficult. He knows that danger seems to follow Tony around. Josh says Tony has done a good job of hiding his dark side from Marah but he wonders how long he can keep up that façade. He wonders what will happen once he is back on the streets and ordered to harm someone. Will his violence come out? Tony tells him his family is out of the business and he is not that kid anymore. Josh is unconvinced. Tony tells him he has changed and he believes a good bit of that is because of Marah. Josh tells him you can’t change because of another person. He tells Tony he doesn’t believe he has changed at all and that is why he wanted to speak to him alone. Josh tells Tony that he knows he will break his daughters heart one day and that is why Josh wouldn’t care if they put him in jail and threw away the key. Tony tells Josh he may just get his wish. Josh says that his wish was for Marah to have a happy life and look forward to proms and dates and not have a broken heart because her boyfriend is in the federal penitentiary. Josh tells him the best he can hope for now is damage control. He asks Tony to stop seeing Marah. He tells him if he doesn’t the feds and the mob will pale in comparison to his wrath.


**It is around this time that Josh decides to offer Tony a job as Lewis construction.  Josh’s intentions aren’t exactly honorable.  He’s hoping that Marah’s love for Tony si wrapped up in him being the “bad boy” and that once he goes straight the allure will wear off.  But all Tony want is an opportunity to prove himself to Marah’s family.  See clip below.**


Wendsday April 25, 2001

At Lewis Construction Josh is showing Tony around the office. He shows him the paperwork on the union and tells him to keep track of overtime and union issues. He gives Tony a handbook to read to get accustom with. Tony tells him he thinks he would be of more use outside. Josh tells him he has to learn the inner workings first and he wants Tony to work inside for now. Josh tells Tony if he ever has to come out to the site he has to by law wear a hard hat. Josh leaves. Tony looks over the book and looks bored when two men come in arguing. They both want to work on different things at the same time but the two would conflict causing OSHA violations. Tony tells them to calm down. The guys ignore him and finally ask who he is. Tony tells him that he is Tony Santos and the other guys get quiet. Tony tells him that he doesn’t want Josh to have problems so he suggests the two guys work out their grievances. The guys back away, saying they will handle it. Later, Josh came back in yelling at Tony for handling problems with intimidation. He tells Tony not to be acting like a
junior mobster. He tells him next time Tony will have a problem. Josh leaves. Tony can’t believe how Josh reacted, he didn’t think he did anything wrong, since the problem was settled. Tony sits down and looks over the books again. He is still upset when Catalina walks in. She tells him she misses him at the club. He tells her he will still be working there at night. She tells him he can do whatever he wants because he is smart and a people person. Tony smiles, enjoying the flattery. Catalina is flirting with Tony and she touches his arm. Marah walks in and says hi to everyone. She kisses Tony and Catalina asks them both to come to Infierno and let her buy them some champagne. Tony and Marah agree and Tony leaves to find Josh. Marah tells Catalina that Tony is working for her dad so they don’t need her as a go between anymore and Maria Santos is out of the country so she doesn’t have to act like Tony’s girlfriend. She tells Catalina that if she is going to be a friend to Tony to do it from a distance or she will make sure there is a lot of distance. She glares at Catalina and walks out.



Thursday April 26, 2001

At InfiernoTony and Marah are having dinner. He tells her about his day and his little run in with Josh. Tony tells Marah that everything will be okay and he will eventually prove himself to Josh. Marah tells him that it is impossible. Catalina comes over and says she wants to talk to them. She tells them that she thinks Marah got the wrong idea about her feelings for Tony. Tony laughs and tells Marah he and Catalina are just friends. Marah doesn’t like that Catalina brought their talk up in front of Tony and Tony loves the fact that
Marah is jealous. He assures Marah that he has no feelings for Catalina except for friendship, nothing like how he feels for her. Catalina looks disappointed and tells them that she has to get back to work. Tony continues to laugh about how Marah was jealous and tells her he thinks she is the best.

Two men walk in and tell Tony that they have a message from Johnny Machado. Johnny is upset about what Tony did today. Tony tells him he was at a legit gig today. They tell Tony they know what he did at the construction site and because of their relationship and agreement with Danny they are there just to warn Tony to back off. Tony tells the guy that he will stay away from the site. Tony punches the guy. The guy tells him that if they have to come back again he will wish he hadn’t done that. Marah wants Tony to leave it alone but Tony is yelling telling the guys to get out and not come around Lewis again. They tell Tony to keep out of the Spires project or else. He tells them to get out and never to come back. The guys leave and Tony tells Marah that everything is okay. Marah tells him that everything is not okay and reminds him that these were the people that caused her to be kidnapped. Tony kisses her and tells her he will protect him. Catalina comes over and wants to know what happened. Marah tells her some guy was delivering a message and it won’t happen again.

Friday April 27, 2001

At Infierno Marah is upset that Tony had hit that man earlier. Catalina watches as they argue. Tony apologizes for ruining their evening. Marah hugs him and kisses his neck while she rubs his shoulders. Tony hates that he resorted to violence as well. Marah suggests they go somewhere private so she can distract him. They go into the office to kiss some more. Catalina can peer in until they shut the door. Tony tells Marah how he wants to do well on his job so Josh will cut him some slack with her. Marah gets Tony on the couch and straddles his lap. She starts kissing him and undressing him.

Sam and Josh come in. Josh gets a call from Olivia telling him she will be home in a few days. She tells him there is still no word on Richard or Cassie. Josh is still not thrilled about working with Edmund and Alan. He wants Olivia to come home before the coronation but Olivia doesn’t want to miss it. Josh ends his call and he and Sam are discussing Marah’s birthday. Sam wants to throw a party for her. Catalina comes over and Josh asks if she has seen Marah. Catalina tells him to try her cell phone.

Marah’s phone rings and she sees that it is her dad. She shuts the phone off and Tony tells her she should have answered it. Marah is angry that Tony seems to be rejecting her. She gets off him and starts to walk away with the half dressed Tony following her right into the dining area where Sam and Josh are sitting. Marah storms up to her dad and tells him not to worry she and Tony didn’t have sex and probably never will now. She leaves. Tony is left standing there. Josh says, “strike two” to Tony. He asks Tony what he was doing with his daughter, did his shirt just bust open by itself? Why was Marah upset? Tony wants him to trust them but Josh says trust is not a word he thinks of when he thinks of Tony. Josh notices Tony’s bruised knuckles and points them out to him as well as listing all the things he did wrong in one day on the job. He says he’d better try to shape up or he’s out of there. Catalina tries to comfort Tony. He gets up and walks away from her.

Catalina and Tony are at the bar. She is sorry about what happened with Josh. Tony says Marah was all over him; she has never been like that. Some girls like to see guys in fights but not girls like Marah. He doesn’t get it. Catalina walks around behind Tony and is touching his shoulders. She says he can get out of the mob life and be a better person. She thinks he is brave. Tony says this is from someone who mailed herself to the US in a crate. It is hard to stand up instead of just going along. She says Tony is starting small but will end up big. Once Josh sees what he can do, he will move up fast. Tony will find that he has talents he never dreamt of. Tony wants her to tell Marah that. Marah thinks working for Josh is a stupid. Tony really wants to do it, doesn’t know what Marah wants. Catalina says maybe it is just rebellion, maybe she likes the danger? Maybe she fell in love with a picture of you, not the real you?


**It is clear that Catalina has feelings for Tony that go beyond friendship.  She may not be completely in love with him yet, but she’s well on her way**

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