1. The Beginning

For the purpose of this timeline I will be using SoapCentral’s daily recap archive and whatever clips I manage to find:

Friday Sept 1, 2000

Marah is at Company with Reva talking about how when Reva called Josh he came running to her side.  Marah suggests that Reva get in trouble more often (hoping that her parents will reconcile).  However Reva says that the divorce is still going forward.  Marah wants to know why there are no long periods of time when they can be a family without any disaster tearing them apart (a common theme in the Jeva relationship).

Tony comes in and goes over to the bartender. He is looking for Danny.  He tells Tony that Danny is out and won’t be back until later. Tony turns to leave and notices Marah and Marah notices Tony. They are both thinking about each other and how attractive they find each other. He walks over to her table.  He gives her a line and she laughs at him. She is thinking to herself that she is acting stupid; he does understand why she didn’t go for it. He tells her that the line went over real well in Chicago. Marah is trying to play hard to get and when Tony starts to sit down she acts like she doesn’t want him to. She gets up to leave and tells Tony that he isn’t in Chicago anymore and leaves. Tony says to himself that things like this don’t happen to Tony Santos. He goes over to the bartender and asks if he knows the blonde’s name. He tells the bartender that she wouldn’t give it to him. The bartender said, “smart girl.”

The dialog from this meeting is detailed in https://believeinthemystery.wordpress.com/when-they-met/

Monday Sept 18, 2000

At Millennium Danny is showing Tony the plans for the casino. There will be buttons to hide all the equipment in the walls in case of a police raid. Marah enters the place and Tony asks who she is. Tony is “in love” with her. Danny says that is Marah Lewis and her father; uncle and cousin will come after him if he tries anything. Marah is only 17 and he should leave her alone. Tony insists Marah wants him. Marah mentions Ray to Danny and asks about him. Tony wants Danny to introduce them but Danny refuses and Marah laughs. Marah introduces herself to Tony. She says that her cousin Bill is dating Pilar. Tony says Danny thinks he would be a bad influence on her. Danny tells Tony, “Let’s go” and pulls him away. Danny wants to know why Tony doesn’t understand him. He wants him to stay away from Marah. Tony agrees, but then walks towards the door when Danny leaves.

Outside the club, Tony calls to Marah. She is playing around and hiding from him. She is flirting with him. He says she is a little girl who likes to play games. She says that is his hang up. He tells her Danny wants him to stay away from her. Marah says that they could meet up at the movies and Danny wouldn’t have to know about it.

Tuesday Sept 19, 2000

At Cedar’s Olivia is feeding Josh. He is being ornery. He doesn’t like the food and is tired of being in that place. Olivia tells him if he isn’t going to eat they are going to exercise. She tells him to get up so they can walk down the hall. He groans and says he can’t get up. Olivia tells him she will give him an incentive and starts unbuttoning her shirt. Josh cheats and moves the bed up into a sitting position to kiss her. Marah stands in the window staring at them. Josh tells Olivia to smile and act normal. Marah comes in and tells them that there is a big window providing them with an audience. She asks when Josh is coming home and he says in a few days. Marah said she is going to get ahead in her assignments so she can move in with him and take care of him. Josh and Olivia look shocked. Josh tells her that it is a generous offer but he will be able to manage. Marah tells him that she will rearrange her schedule and will be there to help out. He tells her that she won’t do that for him. He tells her that she is welcome to come over and bug him any time but she can’t move in. Marah mentions Reva and Josh said that Reva hadn’t even had time to visit him. Marah tells him that Reva had been there yesterday for over an hour. Josh turned and asked Olivia why she said Reva hadn’t been there. Olivia tells them that she had to leave for a while that morning and maybe Reva was there when she was gone. Marah couldn’t believe that Josh doesn’t remember Reva being there. Josh tells Marah to go to school and be a good girl. Marah leaves. Outside the room she says she doesn’t want to be a good girl. She calls Millennium and asks if Tony Santos is there. She finds out he is there and leaves.

At Millennium Marah walks in and goes over to see Tony. He tells her that she can’t be there with him or Danny will get him. He tells her that she has to leave. She tells him that she isn’t going anywhere. He tells her that if she is there when Danny gets there he will tell him that she came there on her own and she better back him up. She tells him that he is scared and all talk and no action. He grabs her and kisses her. She walks out in a daze. Outside, Marah can’t stop smiling. Marah is still smiling when Danny gets there. Danny goes in and asks Tony about Marah. He laughs at Tony when he acts stupid about not knowing who Marah is. Danny hands Tony a one-way ticket back to Chicago and tells him that he is glad he held onto it.

(While there are a lot of parallels between the Marah and Tony relationship and Danny and Michelle’s there is also one big difference.  The Manny relationship started with Michelle’s reluctance.  She didn’t want to marry Danny but it was the only way he saw to save her life.  And Michelle fought her feelings for Danny until she could no longer deny the love between them.  In contrast, Marah was looking for some way to rebel and what better way then with a Santos.)

Wednesday September 20, 2000

Danny tells Tony to pack his things and he will take him to the bus stop himself. Tony asks to explain and tells him how Marah comes in and starts coming onto him. He tells Danny that he ignored Marah because of Danny and that she left and then Danny came in. Danny tells him that he will go take a look and look at the videotape. He pulls the surveillance tape out and puts it in the VCR. Danny plays the tape and sees the kiss. Tony says that it looks like he is kissing her but she is kissing him and is stronger than a wrestler so he couldn’t break the hold. Danny is buying it. Tony keeps talking and tells Danny that he couldn’t help it, she is beautiful. Tony promises it wont happen again and Danny gives him another chance. He picks up the ticket to Chicago and says he will hold on to it. Reva and Frank walk in, Danny points out Marah’s mom to Tony who leaves.

At the Lewis’s Tony is ringing the bell. Marah answers and he walks in. He tells her that if anyone asks, she kissed him at Millennium. Marah tells Tony that he is full of himself and a liar. He tells her that he only told Danny because he saw it on the club surveillance video. She agreed and tells her that he owes her. He asks her where they can go so she can collect. She tells him about a roadhouse down the road. She tells him that she would meet him there but he said he would take her and escort her like a gentleman. She goes up to get dressed.

Thursday September 21, 2000

At the Lewis’s’ Marah has changed clothes and is getting ready to leave with Tony. He thinks they should stay there awhile and get to know each other. Marah wants to leave but Tony says they have plenty of time. He strokes her arm and Marah asks what he is doing. She tells him that she shouldn’t be alone there with a stranger. Tony insists that he respects her and when she reminds him of the kiss he reminds her that she enjoyed the kiss. He mentions Danny again and shipping him back to Chicago. Marah tells Tony that she would tell Danny that she kissed him if he asked. He kisses her again and Marah seems to be enjoying herself. They heard police sirens outside and ran out the back door.

At the roadhouse Tony and Marah get to the bar and he orders them a few drinks. She is talking to him and he is staring at a guy across the bar who is ogling Marah. He says the guy is challenging him. Marah tells Tony to lighten up and tells him the guy didn’t say anything he is just looking over there. Tony says that in his world, it is all about respect. Marah says Tony doesn’t own her and she wants him to ignore the guy. He tells her that Tony Santos doesn’t back down. Marah laughs and doubts that he is related to Ray and asks if they get along. He says sometimes they do but he always loves him. Tony doesn’t know why Ray made some of his choices. He walks over to the guy across the bar to teach him a lesson. Tony goes toward the guy and Marah tells him to stop. He takes the guy outside. Marah is worried. Later, Tony comes back with blood on his hands. Marah asks what he did. She is upset and tells him she is leaving. Tony follows her out and asks her what he did wrong.

(Marah may be looking to rebel but the reality that there is more to Tony Santos than the handsome exterior is quickly becoming clear.  Tony is possessive and quick to violence which is unlike any man Marah has been around.)

Tuesday October 10, 2000

Tony appears at the window as Marah is trying to call Josh. Marah is flattered when Tony tells her he was only protecting her on their date, but she still rejects his advances. Tony leaves, certain that Marah won’t turn him down after challenging her to deny her feelings for him. Later, Tony walks in on Danny and May enjoying a romantic dance.

Wednesday October 11, 2000

At Inferno Tony comes back downstairs and tells Danny that he was coming in early for work. Danny tells Tony that he was in the middle of breakfast and he should go
straighten the inventory he messed up. Tony makes a comment about Danny getting May and he having to work. Danny suggests Tony has a problem doing anything someone tells him to. Tony tells him he will prove him wrong if he would let him see Marah. May comments that Tony may be bad for Tony. Ray comes in and sits down with everyone for breakfast. May tries to make excuses for her appearance and Ray tells her that he isn’t there to judge or listen to confessions. Tony tells Ray that May has been shacked up with a married man all night then he yells at Danny for waiting a whole second after his breakup before finding a new woman. Danny said he is moving on and that May knows everything and is ok with it. He tells Tony that Michelle is gone and he should show May some respect. Tony talks to Ray privately about seeing Marah. He tells him that he thinks God may have sent Marah to him to give him a reason to clean up his act. Ray tells him not to try to kid him. Tony and Ray discuss all of Tony’s broken promises about straightening up. Ray says, ” I know you better than anybody. You are smart and I love you bro and don’t ever think otherwise. Maybe you can change, but it will be by God’s good grace not because of someone else. Nobody expects you to be perfect.” Tony says he just wants the chance to see what will happen between him and Marah. Danny and May come back into the room. Tony apologizes to May about what he said before. May says everything is okay. Ray tells Danny that they should lighten up on Tony about Marah and let them see each other. Danny says Marah is off-limits. Ray says Marah is a big girl and can say no if she wants to. Danny points out that Marah is only 17. Ray says than Tony will have to be on his best behavior. Danny asks May her opinion and she says okay so Danny gives in and gives him a chance.

The clips of this discussion can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=natO1k0OqGM&feature=channel_video_title

Thursday October 12, 2000

At the Lewis’ Tony comes in and talks to Marah. Reva comes down and Marah introduces Tony to her. She tells her mom that he is from out-of-town and moved there for college.
She doesn’t let Reva know that Tony is a Santos. Reva leaves and Tony tells Marah that he would like to take her to the opening of Inferno. He tells her he wants her to feel safe with him so she can invite whoever she wants to go with them, her dad, brother, mom, cat or dog. She smiles and agrees to go with him as well as give him a second chance. Tony starts to leave and kisses her on the cheek as he goes out the door.

Wednesday October 18, 2000

At the Lewis’s Shayne and Josh are playing checkers. Shayne is winning. Josh tells him he is glad to be spending time with Shayne and Marah while Reva is gone. Shayne tells Josh that Reva is real good at her job and he is sure she has gone to track down a story and she will be fine so they shouldn’t worry. Josh is proud of his son and tells him so. Marah comes in wearing a very tight blue dress. She is ready for the Inferno opening. She asks Josh if she looks okay and he tells her she does and then reminds her that he and Olivia will be at the club also, chaperoning. He asks about her date and the doorbell rings. It’s Tony. Marah introduces him to Josh, who is a little uneasy about his being a Santos. She tells him that he is Father Ray’s brother and a good guy. Shayne tells Tony that all the Lewis men would be on him if anything happen to Marah. He tells Josh and Shayne that he will protect Marah. Josh asks him if he is involved in the family business and Tony tells him that he works at the club with Danny. Josh tells them he and Olivia will be at the club as soon as they can and will meet them there.

At Infierno Marah is talking to Tony. He suspects that her friends have warned her off him. He says he has never been “regular” people like her and her friends. She says they don’t always hang out together, but mentions their plan to sell the copied CDs. Tony is impressed. He asks her if they can be alone. She says maybe if they aren’t gone too long. They start to walk outside but Abuela catches them and asks to talk to Tony alone. She tells Tony to go and get that locket for her, NOW! Tony tells Marah he has to do something for his Grandma and will be right back. He escorts Marah over to her family and tells Josh to take care of Marah while he is gone. Marah is annoyed.

The clips of Infierno’s grand opening:




Wednesday October 25, 2000

At Company Sam, Susan and Marah are talking about selling their bootlegged CD’s. They are adding up the money they have made and turned it over to Sam for safekeeping. Tony comes in and Marah is upset. Tony goes up to Marah and tries to give her a present. She doesn’t want it or him there. Tony tells her that since Buzz isn’t there he thought he could help them with their CD project. He has a large box full of blank CD’s for them. He tries to talk to her but she is still mad that he left her alone at Inferno. He tells her that he had to help his grandmother. Marah is still angry and Sam comes to her defense telling Tony that she doesn’t want to talk to him and he should go.

Tony and Sam argue until Marah tells Sam she will talk to Tony. She walks away with him and tells him that she was worried that he would try to harm Sam like he did to the guy in the bar. He tells her he doesn’t like Sam’s prep school attitude. Tony insists that he was just doing a favor for his grandmother, and respects his grandmother so much, he would leave a sweet girl like Marah for her. Marah isn’t buying it. Tony says that he wants to make it up to her in any way he can. He says she must have a grandmother, but Marah says no, hers are both dead. He tells her she is interesting to him and he wants to know more about her. Marah is starting to listen to him. Marah tells him she thinks he is trouble. One minute he is very sweet, and the next minute he is ready to punch someone out. Just then, Buzz enters and screams at Tony to get out of Company. Tony gets up to leave and says, “Goodbye, Angel” to Marah. Buzz tells her not to waste her time with Tony.

**At this time Reva and Noah have rescued Catalina who escaped Cuba.  Catalina would go on to play a large role in Marah and Tony’s relationship.  But when Catalina first arrives Marah is jealous of all the attention Reva gives her.  Considering how many times Reva has disappeared from Marah’s life this makes sense.  She actually has her mother in her life and doesn’t want to share her with an outsider.

Wednesday November 15, 2000

Catalina returns with Reva to the house. Catalina wonders why it is so warm in the house and wonders what time they turn off the electricity. Reva tries to explain and Catalina tells her that in Havana they take turns using the electricity. She tells them they are very fortunate. Blake and Ross arrive and are introduced to Catalina. Reva wants to file an application for political asylum. Blake wants to hear the details, but Reva and Ross both try to stop her.

Later, Reva is straightening up after they all had a snack. Catalina is excited because she hasn’t slept in a bed in a long while. Shayne offers to show her to her room. Reva notices Marah’s rudeness and asks her what is wrong. Marah tells her that they never see her by herself anymore. Reva says that they have so much and can share their blessings with the less fortunate. Marah tells her mom that they may have food and water but when it comes to their mother’s attention, she and Shayne are starving.

Tuesday November 21, 2000

Reva is discussing Catalina’s legal status. Catalina is very grateful and doesn’t know how she will repay Reva. Reva doesn’t want to be repaid and Catalina tells Reva she is very generous. Catalina realizes Marah is jealous and says maybe this is not a good idea. Catalina tells Reva that she is too busy with work and family to help her. Catalina suggests she go and work for the Marler’s so as not to cause any trouble for Reva and her family. Marah apologizes to Catalina for being so selfish. Catalina understands and tells her that she has siblings too. Shayne apologizes to Catalina for Marah. Marah says she wants to help Catalina stay in America. Reva is proud of Marah and takes her outside to talk.

Outside, Reva says that she thinks Blake will hire Catalina once the immigration thing is settled. Marah says she doesn’t mind if Catalina lives with them short term.

In the house, Shayne is showing family pictures to Catalina. He asks about her family and she says she has older brothers but she can pretend he is her younger brother. Shayne doesn’t want to be a brother figure, but Catalina gently tells him she is too old for him. Shayne asks about her father. She tells him he is a journalist and is in prison for writing about Castro. Shayne is shocked that a journalist would be in jail for telling the truth. Catalina tells him he is lucky to be in this country.

Marah says that she and her friends will be leaving for Chicago after dinner on Thanksgiving. Shayne wants to go too and invites Catalina. Catalina is excited about the trip. The kids go up to bed, after Marah whispers to Shayne that he will pay for this.

Wednesday November 22, 2000

At Company Susan wants to cancel Turkey Day all together. She, Marah, Shayne and Sam are talking about their CD money and how they made reservations for a limo and tickets to the concert. They discuss how hard it was to copy the CD’s. Marah says they have another tag along and tell them that Shayne invited Catalina. Catalina walks in and they introduce her to the others. She overhears about the concert and tells them she can’t go. Shayne walks after her and she tells him that she cannot lie to Reva. Shayne convinces her that she will be helping Reva by being a sort of chaperone for the kids and protecting them. She says she will go, but only if they keep their word and visit the colleges. He promises. Susan has her arm around Sam joking with him when Max walks in. He sees her and keeps right on walking. Susan goes after him. She catches him outside and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he feels like a third wheel. She asks him if he is jealous. He tells her that he knows what he wants and wishes she could say the same. He leaves. Tony walks in and is being
watched by a man sitting in the back of Company. Tony sits with Marah and hands her the $2500. The guy in the suit looks up. Tony says he sold every CD he had in his possession. She is happy. He mentions going with them and is upset when she tells him he can’t. Marah tells Tony that they will get in more trouble if he goes. He tells her that he did all this to help her out but now he isn’t good enough to go with her. He leaves. The guy follows.

Tuesday November 28, 2000

In the Limo Susan and the others are in a limo, talking about the concert. Shayne is eating pizza, and Catalina is telling them about the block police in Cuba. Sam asks Catalina if life here is what she imagined. She says never would she think children would have so much money to do such things. The subject of Tony comes up, and Catalina asks who he is. Marah says he is a friend, they are not a couple. Sam starts talking about Tony and the CDs. He sold so many CDs that they were able to ride in the limo. Marah feels guilty about not inviting Tony but he makes trouble for her. Shayne and the others tease Marah that Tony likes her. Tony pops his head into the back of the limo; he was sitting with the driver. Catalina asks if this is Tony, and they exchange a few words in Spanish. Tony’s friend is the driver. He was eavesdropping and tells them to go on about how grateful they are to him for helping them. Marah is embarrassed but Tony tells her not to worry about it. He tells them he wants to show them Chicago his way. They wonder if they are going to get in trouble.

Wednesday November 29, 2000

Marah and Tony and the others are at the concert in Chicago.

Friday December 1, 2000

At Olivia’s Sam peers into the apartment and calls back to the others that no one is home. All the kids (Marah, Shayne, Catalina, Susan, Sam and Tony) come in and go into the living area. They are all surprised when Josh walks out and welcomes them home. He tells them that he can’t wait to hear about their trip. Josh tells them all to get comfortable and have a seat. Tony starts talking and tells them it was cool. He assures Josh that Marah had no idea he was joining them on the trip. They pretend they visited all these different colleges while they were there. Olivia asks if there is anything else they would like to tell them. They are all talking and Sam realizes Olivia is on to them and tries to tell them to cool it but the only one who understands what is going on is Tony. Susan keeps on and talks about the Spanish restaurant. Josh asks if they had enough money and she and Marah said they had plenty. He

Reva arrives with Noah and asks Olivia if she missed anything. She tells them to come in and offers everyone coffee. Reva sees her ring and says, “Nice rock”. Olivia smiles and Marah makes a snide remark about how she moved very fast. Shayne says he is not calling her mom. Josh goes to his children and tells him that they are going to need him on their side so they should shut up. Reva tells her children that she wants to thank them for introducing Catalina to the American teenage lifestyle. Reva, Olivia and Ross all tell them what happened with the FBI. Susan starts to talk but then Sam tells them he had the idea for this scheme. He goes on about the unfairness of the record companies and tells them the whole thing is bogus and is against their constitutional right for free speech not to mention being pure censorship. He tells them what they did is nothing compared to the record companies. Ross asks then how much money they made. Shayne says $3500 but Tony says they didn’t. He tells them he did not sell the 500 CDs he had. They asked him about the cash he gave them and he tells them he gave them his own money to impress Marah. Marah smiled. Ross tells them that he has talked to the attorneys for NuGround and they are going to press charges. He tells them that they have had CDs pirated before and want to make an example of the kids so they are going to prosecute. He tells them that the kids that are of age will be prosecuted as adults; the rest will be dealt with as juveniles with their parents also being charged. Ross tells them they really need God more than an attorney.

The clips for the Kid’s Chicago trip and the adult reaction:





Monday December 4, 2000

At the Lewis’s’ Josh and Reva are discussing the situation in front of the kids. Reva wonders if the adults will be charged too. Marah starts mouthing off and wonders what the big deal is. Reva says copying CDs is stealing, Marah doesn’t agree. Reva wants to discuss punishment for the kids. They take away the phones, CD players, TV’s, car keys and credit cards. They let Shayne continue with Hockey after he gets on his knees and begs his parents. They tell Marah that she will have no more mobster boyfriends. On top of those things they tell them that are to do community service starting at home. He tells them to get out to the garage and clean it out. Marah tells Reva she hates her and goes outside with Shayne. Marah sees Tony out by the gate and tells him she is not supposed to see him. Tony understands and says that everyone thinks they are bad for each other. He touches Marah’s face and notices she is cold. He takes off her jacket and puts it on her. He asks her to invite him inside but her parents are there. He wants to know when she turns 18 and is upset that they have to wait three whole months! But tells her that after that no one can tell them what to do. Marah smiles.

At Infierno Ray is yelling at Tony in front of Danny. Danny tells Tony the situation is serious, but Tony says the other kids were involved. He was a fool for love and was just trying to help Marah. Danny wants to know why unlabeled CDs were stashed at his house. Tony said that he bought the CDs to impress Marah. The truth is that the money was his. Tony says he borrowed it from the club. Danny grabs Tony by the collar and tells him he is busted. Danny let’s go of Tony. Tony tells Danny he left him an I.O.U. on the desk, but Danny can’t find it. It is a tiny scrap of paper under a pile of papers. Tony says he earned the money in one night and says he made $45,000 in loans. Tony tells Danny about the Rourke/Richard thing with the diamonds; Tony lent Rourke $10,000 in chips with Cassie’s diamonds as collateral. Tony gave the diamonds back to Richard so he wouldn’t get him angry. He says that Edmund bought Jim’s debt with $45,000 in interest for one night. Ray and Danny try to explain that $35,000 was principal. Tony lost $10,000 and then made $10,000, so the profit was $0. Tony still owes the money and Danny is out of patience with him. Ray tells Tony he loves him, but he needs to use his head. Danny starts yelling at Tony again. Tony says that Danny is so involved with Michelle; he doesn’t use good judgment either. Danny tells Tony he is in charge and Tony better know whose boss or Danny will throw him to the feds. He
warns Tony to avoid Marah. Tony leaves. Ray tells Danny he can’t keep Abuela under house arrest forever. He has to forgive her or he will explode. Danny says it is God’s job to forgive, not his.

Wednesday December 13, 2000

Marah and Shayne are at home when Catalina arrives and tries to bring money for Reva to pay for room and board. She had $1000 from the coyotes when she was
released. She spent $450 on a lawyer, $50 on travel and she has $500 left to give Reva for her help and hospitality. Marah tells Catalina she can’t be that naive. The lawyer must have cost thousands and Reva just let her pay some of it. Shayne is angry at Marah’s insensitivity but Marah thinks there is a double standard. She argues that Reva will pay for Catalina but is punishing her. Marah storms out of the house.

Shayne comes over to Catalina who is sitting on the couch. She is reading the Constitution and is very impressed and crying over its beauty. Shayne is surprised she would cry over the constitution. She says it was not that way in her country and tells him some of the terrible things she has seen. Shayne says those abuses won’t happen here. Shayne starts discussing the Constitution with her. He says the men who wrote this really knew what they were doing. He says he needs Catalina to stay there and she laughs. Reva comes in and is glad to hear laughing. Shayne says they had an intellectual conversation. Reva wants to know where Marah is and says she is in trouble if she left the house. Catalina goes to her room and Shayne tries to cover for Marah while Reva goes to put groceries in the kitchen. Reva catches Marah trying to sneak in the back door. Marah wants to know why she is the only one who gets punished. She says that Catalina gets her legal bills paid, Shayne gets to play hockey, Susan and Sam aren’t punished at all and Reva doesn’t realize all she does for her. Marah argues with Reva and says Reva has no idea how they protect her. She has been sick with rage all day and she had to get out. Reva asks Marah to explain. Marah says Olivia had the nerve to ask her to be a bridesmaid. Marah said that she told her no but that
Olivia tried to lay a guilt trip on her. Marah says she can’t do act like everything is fine when it isn’t. Reva tells her to take a bath and she will talk to her later. Reva kisses Marah and says she loves her.

At Infierno Marah comes in and Tony greets her. He asks her for ID. She says she is looking for trouble and he says that is his middle name. He takes her into Danny’s office. He says he is in charge tonight. It has been a long time since they were alone. He has been thinking about her and making plans for them. They sit on the couch and are kissing. Marah tells Tony to slow down. She is uncomfortable about doing this in Danny’s office. She says when “it” happens she wants it to be something special. Tony says she wants the whole romance thing and he will give her everything she wants. He wonders if they can get together later. She tells him to call her. He kisses her again. Marah gets off the couch and tells him he won’t regret waiting. She leaves the office.

Friday December 15, 2000

Tony arrives at the Lewis’s and starts kissing Marah. She asks him to slow down and she walks into the living room. He says they both want the same thing–each other. He can’t stop thinking about her and wanting her. He never felt like this about anyone. He kisses her again and is interrupted by the doorbell. Tony tells her to get rid of whoever it is. Sam arrives and sees Tony. Sam says he wants to take Marah to a movie to celebrate being ungrounded. Tony says he and Marah are having a private party. Tony then asks Marah out and she is put on the spot. Marah tells them both she already has plans with Catalina. Sam says he will work out at the gym then and see her later. Tony tells Sam he needs to work out and Sam gets defensive. Tony challenges Sam. Sam tells him for every hundred push-ups Tony can do, Sam can do two. Tony gets on the floor and does 100 push-ups. He gets up and Sam gets down and does 2. Tony realizes he has been conned and Sam heads out to the gym. Tony heads out to telling Marah that he doesn’t trust Sam. Marah answers the door for Sam. He says he thought he was with Catalina. He tells her he knows she was just trying to spare Tony’s feelings and he will see her later.

At St. Michael’s Ray is working on the sound system at St. Michael’s with Tony. Ray tells Tony he needs to get a steady job. Tony says he is in love with Marah and not like the other girls he has known, she is special. Ray asks if she is special enough to spring for a hotel room. Tony says Marah is “Julie Molloy” (Ray’s old girlfriend) special. Ray can’t believe Tony remembers her and he smiles. He says Julie is better off without him. Tony says Marah is worth it. Tony leaves.

At Infierno Tony enters the club and approaches Catalina. He asks her about her and Marah’s night out. He realizes she doesn’t know what she is talking about but she covers and tells him that she has to go call Marah to confirm their plans.

Tuesday December 19, 2000

At the Lewis’ Marah and Catalina are putting food into a carton to donate to the food drive. Catalina is happy to be able to donate to the less fortunate. Noah arrives to see Reva and asks her out for dinner. They leave. Catalina tells Marah she thinks she made some trouble for her with Tony. She tells Marah that she needs to warn her next time she is going to use her as an excuse. Marah says both Tony and Sam asked her out at the same time in front of each other. Catalina says then she can choose her for “girls night out”. There is someone at the door. Tony arrives and says “girls night” is a crock. Catalina says that Marah is going to give her a pedicure. Tony wants to watch. Catalina says she is Marah’s Duenna (protector) and Tony cannot come in until she says he can. Tony is stunned. Catalina asks Tony if he wants to see Marah. He says he was hoping to spend time with her if she will let him. Catalina asks if he likes her that much. Tony says he cannot get through a day without thinking about her. Catalina asks if he is worthy of her. Tony says that Marah makes it easy to be an honorable man and treat her well. Catalina is impressed and invites him in. Catalina hands Marah a votive candle and lights it. Tony can stay as long as the candle is lit. Catalina will go upstairs but will be listening. Marah tells Tony she was impressed with his speech. She reminds him that she has a duenna to keep her safe, but Tony asks why she would want to be safe and kisses her.

Tony and Marah are lying on the couch, kissing. Marah says they are supposed to be talking, but he kisses her again. Marah tells Tony she heard something and knocks him off the couch. He tells her to stop wasting her time with Sam. He says that Sam has a lot of idea and words, but all he needs are his eyes and his lips. He kisses her again. Marah says she has never met anyone like him. He says his father taught him to make it on his own. He wants to make plans. He reminds her of their conversation about being together for the first time. He wants to take her to an inn outside of town, one weekend soon. The candle finally burned out and Tony asks Marah when she would like to go away with him. He wants Marah to think about it. Catalina comes into the room and tells Tony his time is up. Tony says she is a tough cookie. Tony kisses Marah goodbye and Catalina tells him to leave. Catalina says Tony is in love. Marah thanks Catalina for saving her life tonight.

Tuesday December 26, 2000

At the Lewis’s’ Marah, Shayne and Catalina are decorating the tree. Shayne is telling Catalina a bit about their families Christmas tradition. Tony and Father Ray come over and Ray invites them all to Midnight Mass at his church. Tony gives Marah a present and she opens it. Marah pulls out the necklace and tells him how
beautiful it is. The charm is a “St. Anthony” charm and he tells her it is to remind her of him. Marah kids him about thinking he is a saint. Tony puts the necklace on Marah and is kissing her neck when Reva walks up. Tony gave Reva a box of chocolates.
Josh comes up to the door and is thinking back to he and Reva at Christmas past. Finally he knocks and Reva lets him in, asking if he came alone. He tells her he is having dinner with Sam and Olivia later. Reva says the kids will be pleased and they go into the living room. Josh asks how everyone is doing and if anyone has been over to see Susan yet. Reva tells him that they were going to but she is resting and the kids are kind of upset so she was trying to stay away from the subject at least for that evening. Josh gives everyone his gifts he brought and Reva opens hers, it is a toaster oven. She doesn’t look happy about it but he tells her that he noticed hers was broken. Marah talks about all the stupid gifts Josh has given her in the past and how she wonders what tragic mistake he has made this year. She opens her box and thereare some red high heels. She loves them and is real excited for a moment. Then she realizes that Olivia had to have picked them out for her. Josh admits that she helped but that he got them for her. Suddenly every other gift was perfect and this one was tainted. Marah flies off the handle and leaves the room. Josh leaves, Reva tells him it will take time but things will get better. Everyone goes back in the living room.

Marah come back down the stairs and asks if Josh left. Shayne is upset and asks her what she expects. She apologizes and says it won’t be Christmas anymore not like it used to be. Reva says they will make new traditions. She tells them they will go to midnight mass and be thankful for what they have because there are other worse off than they are, like Susan.

Tony gets everyone together to go to the church when Noah comes in. The kids go with Tony and Reva says she will meet them there. Reva tells Noah to go get the car and she will be out. She turns off the light and looks at a picture of her, Josh and the kids on the tree.

Thursday December 28, 2000

Tony arrives at the door to pick up Marah. They kiss and she tells him he is a bit early, her mom is still there. He tells her that he learned from his friend that the inn is all booked for the holiday weekend but he got them a room at another nice place. Marah yells to Reva that she is going for a walk before the wedding and tells her that she will go ahead and say
goodbye to her now. Reva tells Marah goodbye. Marah leaves a note for Shayne to find and tells Tony she will be right out.

In the Car Tony and Marah are talking about the place they are going. She looks very uncomfortable. He promises her that it is a classy place for a classy girl.


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