6. Playing with Fire

Monday June 18, 2001

At Company Josh and Billy are having lunch and talking about Tony. Josh wants to give him another chance. He thinks he showed responsibility at the prom with Marah and everyone in town would like to deck Vince Russo. Billy thinks it is a good idea. Josh goes on to tell Billy that Russo has named him a witness to the assault and he is going to help Tony out there as well. Just then Tony comes in. Josh asks him to sit with him and Billy and tells him that his job is still there if he wants it. Tony sits down and Josh tells him that he realizes he was under a lot of pressure when Russo came in, Reva told him what he did after the prom. Tony was embarrassed and asked Josh if they called a family meeting about it. Josh tells him that he respects him and what he did. Tony is still hostile and tells Josh that he didn’t do it for him; he did it because of the way he feels. Josh tells Tony again that he respects him. Tony asks him if he would want him for a son-in-law. Josh tells him that Marah isn’t ready for marriage but he doesn’t mind at all if they continue to date. Tony tells him it is a little late for that. Josh tells him he can come back to work in the morning and Tony tells him that he is only offering him a chance to be someone he isn’t. He tells Josh that since he has taken the job he has had nothing but trouble. Tony starts to leave and Josh calls him back. He tells him that Russo is going to press charges and has called him for a statement. He tells Tony that he intends on telling the police that Russo provoked Tony into hitting him. Tony tells him not to go out of his way for him because the cops will do what they want to him because he is a Santos. Tony walks off and over to sit with Catalina. Josh tells Billy that he is going by to see Marah and then to meet Olivia.

Catalina asks Tony if he is alright and he tells her he just burned his bridges. Tony tells her what happened and Catalina says he and Marah looked so in love at the prom. Tony says from the outside two people can look like they feel the same way even if they want totally different things. Tony tells Catalina that Marah is the one a guy waits for. “The girl.” He says he has never put on the brakes with a girl before. Catalina says what he offered Marah was a dream. Tony says that’s the way it should be for someone like Marah. Isn’t that what Catalina would want? She tells him that is exactly what she wants. Catalina tells Tony that Marah didn’t mean to hurt him, she wasn’t thinking. Catalina thinks that Marah just can’t understand Tony because she has had an easy life, unlike them. Tony says up until now all he thought about was Marah and now he doesn’t know where to go from here. Catalina says the next step will come.


At the Lewis House Sam is with Marah reading a timetable Marah has developed illustrating her and Tony’s relationship from the beginning. She tells him it was just a way to help her put things behind her. She just can’t seem to figure out what went wrong. Sam offers to help her figure it out but she tells him to play nice. She says things started slowing down in February and then when her dad gave him a job, things started falling apart. Sam tells her that the popular opinion is that once Tony was on the straight and narrow and no longer a junior mobster, Marah would find him boring. Marah tells him that isn’t it at all. Marah says he wasn’t boring but he started treating her like something porcelain to put on a shelf. Sam tells her that he thinks Tony may be the kind of guy who wants to protect her. Maybe he doesn’t realize that she is capable, fun and beautiful and that she needs to be appreciated, celebrated, and loved. Marah says that is what Tony needs to see. Sam says maybe Tony can’t see it and that would be his problem. Sam hugs her. Josh comes in and tells Marah that he fired Tony earlier because he decked a lawyer in the office but he was provoked and he realized that after he talked to her mom so he offered Tony his job back. He tells Marah that Tony refused the job. Josh leaves to see Olivia and Marah seems happier now. She tells Sam that if Tony isn’t working for her dad, they finally have a chance. Sam looks like he is losing his best friend. Marah puts on her shoes and tells Sam that the only problem they had is now gone so all she has to do is show up and remind Tony how great they were together. Sam asks if she thinks that was all that was wrong. Marah thinks her dad was just getting in the way. She is going to go over to Infierno to find Tony.

Tuesday June 19, 2001

At Millennium Danny is telling Tony that he would be in jail except for Harley. He had to put up the Santos house as collateral. Tony asks if he should move out but Danny doesn’t think that is necessary. Catalina offer to help Danny with babysitting and extra hours if necessary. She goes to check on a customer and Danny tells Tony that Catalina is a good person. He is thankful to have someone working for him that he can trust. Tony agrees. Marah comes in and asks Tony if he has a minute. Danny leaves and Catalina tries to stop him. She tells him not to leave Tony alone with Marah. She is no good for him and she continues to hurt him. Danny says he doesn’t babysit and goes about his business.

Marah tells Tony she heard the good news and is glad he didn’t go back to working for Josh. Tony says that is more in character for him. Marah says it is and she thinks it is silly and he should stop making things so serious. She wants to start over. She puts her arms around Tony’s neck and says she wants him to take her to Chicago and stay out all night. Tony wants her to leave him alone and he walks away. Catalina confronts Marah and tells her to stop hurting Tony. Catalina tells Marah if she can’t love him than she should let him go. He deserves better. They argue and Danny comes over and breaks it up. Marah leaves and Catalina apologizes to Danny for arguing with Marah. Tony is a good guy who needs encouragement and real friends. Tony comes back and Catalina tells him she owes Marah an apology. Tony says he would like to have watched the argument. She goes to wait on a table. Danny tells Tony that Catalina is a good friend to him. He wonders if Tony has ever known a girl as a friend before.

Friday June 22, 2001

At the Lewis House Marah is dancing around the house when Sam gets there with a big box. He tells her it is their first summer project for “Project Forget Tony.” Sam tells Marah along the way she may just find him a little addictive. Marah asks what is in the box and he gives it to her to open. It is a little scale model of a plane. She likes it and asks about it. Sam tells her that it is only a prototype of the much bigger one they are going to build this summer. Marah is excited and he tells her that it will be big enough for two to fly over the lake at sunset. The only thing is, they should build it away from anyone’s view. Marah suggests the pool house and Sam thinks that will work great. She tells him she thought it was going to be a dull summer and now she can’t wait and can’t wait to tell Tony. Sam tells her not to tell Tony yet. He tells her if she doesn’t say anything to him, he will know she is keeping things
from him and it will drive him crazy.

Tuesday July 3, 2001

At Company Tony is bringing boxes of his things through Company into the boarding house and Buzz is staring at him. He tells Tony not to play his stereo too loud and not after a certain time. Tony hands Buzz his security deposit and Buzz tells him that he better give him two months security because of his rough neck friends. Catalina comes over and asks Buzz if she is one of those roughnecks. She asks Buzz not to give Tony a hard time. Frank comes in and asks Tony how he got Catalina to help him move in. Tony and Catalina go on to move the boxes and Frank tells Buzz that Tony isn’t a bad kid. Buzz tells Frank he is pretty naïve and Gus, who has just walked in, agrees with him. He tells Buzz he is there for dinner but Buzz tells him that the kitchen is closed.

Tony is in his room and asks Catalina if she would like to go to the Bauer barbecue with him. Michelle asked him to invite her. Everyone goes and he tells her about the party. Catalina sees an action figure in one of Tony’s boxes and asks if it is for Robbie. Tony tells her that his dad gave it to him for his birthday right before he died. Catalina says it takes a big man to have such big feelings. They unpack some and Tony tells Catalina she doesn’t have to stick around if she doesn’t want to; it is her night off. Catalina enjoys his company and it will be fun to have him across the hall. There are boxes all over the room and Catalina asks Tony where he will sleep. He jumps on the bed on top of everything and tells her that it is quite comfortable. Catalina lies down beside him and agrees the bed is comfortable. Just then, Marah and Sam walk in. Catalina offers to get some lemonade and Sam goes with her. Marah asks Tony if he is going to the Bauer barbecue. He is bringing Catalina and she is bringing Sam. They are bound to run into one another. She tells him she doesn’t want him to be uncomfortable and she is glad they cleared the air.

Downstairs, Sam tells Catalina that he outsmarted himself by telling Marah guys think it is sexy when you allow them to date other women. Catalina realizes that Marah is setting Tony free. Marah comes down and hugs Sam and she tells him he was right. Tony’s eyes almost popped out of his head when she talked to him. Marah can’t wait for the barbecue.

At Infierno Sam and Marah are having dinner but Marah is looking around wondering where Tony is. Sam tells her just to have fun and not worry about him. Marah tells Sam that Catalina isn’t there either. Danny walks through the club and Marah tells him that she is surprised he is there after being indicted for murder. She asks where Tony is and Danny tells her that he gave him the night off so he could move. Sam talks to Danny and learns that Tony is moving into the boarding house. Marah doesn’t know if there idea will work. She wonders how can she remind Tony how much fun she is if he isn’t paying attention. She should have realized Catalina would jump right in. Sam says maybe they should call off their deal and he will take her home. He wants to spend time with her but she is not there. He tells her that if she is only interested in making Tony jealous, Sam is not her guy. Maybe he should have gone backpacking around Europe. Marah says she is counting on him. Sam tells Marah to go over to Tony’s and watch him if she wants but it is a turnoff. The key is to have self-confidence; it’s sexy. Marah tells Sam that she can’t keep asking Danny where Tony is or think about Tony when he is having dinner with her. Marah asks Sam to take her to the boarding house.

Wednesday July 4, 2001

At the Annual Bauer BBQ Rick is bossing everyone around the kitchen and tries to get Danny to put on a “kiss the cook apron.” Harley comes in and tries to help out but Rick doesn’t want her lifting heavy things. Rick tells her to sit down and relax. She says she hates it when he is nice to her. The Lewis family walks in and Harley runs to hug Cassie. Harley is glad that Cassie is okay and Cassie notices Harley is pregnant. Marah asks who else is there and Meta tells her that Tony and Catalina are outside. Marah says she will go find Sam.

Outside, Sam and Tony are talking about Tony’s new room. Tony tells him and Marah that it is fine and that Catalina has been helping him a lot. Rick comes out and notices that Danny has set the food afire. He takes over and tells Danny to go work on the slaw. Rick hands the BBQ reins over to Tony.

Harley comes over and asks Tony for some chicken. He isn’t happy to see her and she tells him to at least give her a drumstick and he could beat her over the head with it. He gives her something that was burnt to a crisp. He tells her that is for burning his cousin.

Marah talks to Sam in front of Tony and Catalina about their plane. Sam tells the others that they will be building their own plane. Marah leans over and kisses Sam on the cheek and Tony and Catalina leave. Marah giggles and thinks they did perfect. She asks Sam if he saw Tony’s reaction. Noah arrives at the barbecue and goes over and kisses Reva. She tells him he doesn’t know how happy she is that he is here. He tells her he wants to find out and they take their private party into the kitchen. Reva tells Noah that she thought about him while he was in SC and she is glad he is back. Noah believes her. She tells him she was hoping to set a date but thought he might think it was a ploy. She wants him to know she is committed to him and wants him.



Friday July 6, 2001

Marah is looking around for Tony and Sam tells her that he has already left. She tells him she wasn’t looking for him but Sam knows better. Sam tells her that he doesn’t really like being kissed for show. Marah tells him it was only partially for show. Sam tells her to prove it and kiss him now that Tony isn’t around.

Thursday July 12, 2001

Sam brings Marah a gift, telling her it goes with a proposal he has been thinking of. She opens it and it is a red bikini. She asks about it and he tells her that he wants them to go for a little trip to San Cristobel. Marah didn’t think Sam wanted to go back to SC but he tells her that now that the dark prince is no longer in power, SC is again the tropical paradise that it was when he was growing up. He tells her that she needs a vacation anyway. Marah asks about where they will stay and he tells her that Olivia will have a place down there so she can oversee the Harbor project and they can stay with her in separate rooms, of course. Marah asks if that is a way to get her and Tony away from each other. Sam tells her that once Tony learns they are in paradise together he will probably be on the first plane out to follow them. He tells her that even if Tony doesn’t come after her, they will have a great time.

Monday July 16, 2001

At Infierno Tony is on edge and yelling at Catalina for following him around. She tells him that he is trapped inside his own heart and mind and he needs to let it out so he can go on. Tony tells her that she is the only one who talks to him like that everyone else wants him to stay away from the trial. Catalina assures Danny that Ross with help Danny but Tony isn’t sure. He thinks the jury has already made up their minds. The deck is stacked against Danny. Catalina asks if he thinks it is the same for him. Catalina tells Tony anything can happen and the deck isn’t stacked against him. He tells her she is new in America but in a way it is a lot like Cuba. Catalina is offended. Tony says nothing would happen here like what happened to her dad. She asks if he has heard the expression that behind every fortune is a crime. There are people who are respectable now whose grandparents committed those crimes to gain that fortune. Tony says Danny did everything to go straight for Michelle and he is still in trouble. Catalina says it can be different for him; he is reacting this way because it didn’t work out with Marah. Tony doesn’t think it has anything to do with Marah; he has his own life and his own goals. Catalina thinks the club is good for him. Tony says she thinks Marah didn’t understand him and she does. This club is who he is. Catalina says that is part of it but what will he do after that. Tony says he has to make sure people know he is in charge and put this club on the map. Maria walks in and tells Tony that she likes the way that sounds. Tony wants Maria to leave. She tells him that she was just at Danny’s trial trying to help him. Tony is angry and Maria tells him that she likes his attitude. She has to make adjustments just like he did. He asks her to leave but she asks for some coffee first. She tells him it is good to see him in charge. Tony tells her not to forget that.

Tuesday July 17, 2001

At Infierno Danny comes in and sees Maria and gets angry. He asks Tony why she is there and tells her to get out. Danny tells Tony that he is already on edge since Michelle is out trying to help him with his case. Tony tells Danny that he thinks she is right; sometimes you have to take action. Tony says he has had nothing but hassles since he moved to SF but Danny says his thinking like is what gets him into trouble. Tony says going legit hasn’t done much for Danny but he was a man to give it a shot. Tony tells Danny that the day job scene doesn’t work for him. He lost his girl, his job and ended up being the scapegoat for everyone else’s problems. He assures Danny he won’t make those same mistakes again. He is going to stick where he belongs. Maria interrupts and asks Tony to move back to the house with her. Danny tells her to leave and she finally does. Danny asks if Tony is considering the move and he tells him he is. He doesn’t like living alone in a boarding house; it isn’t for him. Danny says if Tony wants to go back to that life he may get himself killed. Tony says the real world gave him more trouble then the “Santos way” ever did.

The place is full and Tony introduces Catalina who tells everyone they are having Karaoke night. She introduces the first singer, Sam, who sings bad to the bone. The second singer is Marah who sings a song called, “I believe in the mystery” directing it to Tony who is uncomfortable.

Tuesday July 24, 2001

Catalina and Tony are talking when Marah arrives. Romeo asks Catalina to take him and show him the kitchen. Marah tells Tony he is the only one she wants to be with and she is sorry. She was just trying to make him jealous and she wants to go back and fix things because she loves him and always will. Tony tells her to go home and be Daddy’s little girl. She doesn’t listen. He gets louder and tells her to go back to Sam and her safe little world. She tries to talk again but he screams at her to get out now.

At Company: Sam is talking to Marah about SC. Marah keeps talking about Tony moving out of the boarding house and she hopes she didn’t drive him back to his old life; she just wanted to make him jealous. Sam says after they return from SC it won’t matter. Marah wishes he would follow them to SC. She sees Ray and tells him Tony needs his help.

Buzz asks Sam if he can read lips. Sam says no, he reads minds and Marah’s is flashing “Tony!” He hopes taking her to a romantic island will change her mind. Marah is telling Ray about her plan to make Tony jealous and about his fight with Buzz.

Ray tells Marah that Tony tried to be the perfect boyfriend for her and she wound up with Sam. She should stop playing games and tell Tony the truth and that she loves him. She says that is a good idea and leaves to fix everything.

Thursday July 26, 2001

At Infierno Marah and Sam are getting ready for their trip to SC and talking loudly so Tony can hear their plans. Tony goes into the office and Marah is offended, thinking he didn’t even notice them. Marah and Sam talk about their trip and surprising their parents. Tony comes out of the office and Marah stares at him. Sam asks Marah if she has her bathing suit and she takes a small bikini out of her bag. Catalina comes over and tells them that she would love to come with them, it is very hot in SC this time of year and she asks if Marah burns.
Marah says she has Sam to cover her in sunscreen and they are leaving in just three hours. She loudly tells everyone that she is ready for the best vacation ever.

Catalina offers Sam and Marah free tropical fruit drinks courtesy of Tony. Sam thanks him and asks him to join them but Tony tells him he is too busy. Marah daydreams about Tony jumping over the counter attacking Sam and whisking her away with kisses telling her that he loves her. Sam wakes her and she asks where Tony is. Sam tells her that he left.

Tony returns and Catalina asks if he is alright. Tony says he had to work, unlike some people. Catalina says he means Marah and she understands why he would be upset. Tony says he tried to fit in Marah’s prom princess world but now the old Tony is back. Marah is better off with Sam. She has all the questions and Sam has all the answers. Tony has a daydream about Marah in a bikini massaging Sam’s back and kissing him asking him intellectual questions. Catalina tells Tony that someone is there to see him. Tony looks up and sees Bernardo and Johnny Machado. They come in and tell Tony that they have a new associate. Just then Edmund walks in. Edmund thought he would be dealing with the senior members of the family. Tony says he is in charge now and if he wants the Santos he is it. Romeo asks Catalina for a tour and she refuses but he makes her leave. Edmund asks if Tony has been promoted. They ask if he has dealt with Tony before and Edmund says not on this scale. Edmund goes on to tell Tony that this deals with the SC harbor project and a great deal of cash. Machado says they will take money from the Spaulding Spire project and shift it to SC. They know Tony worked at Lewis and knows how it operates so he should be a good inside man. They ask him if he can do it in spite of his feelings for Marah? Tony tells them Marah was just a good-looking girl, a diversion; the Santos family is in.

Wednesday August 1, 2001

At Infierno Tony is talking to Romeo. Romeo thinks Tony is still stuck on Marah and he should just go down to that island and get her. Tony tells him he is busy at the club. Romeo says he will watch things for him. Tony is worried about running money through Lewis construction. He says Josh was always honest with him. Romeo says either he is in or not but he has to make a decision with these guys. Romeo tells Tony he will cover the club. Tony says it is too soon to make a move; Marah still thinks she owns him. Romeo says Sam looks like he is moving in on her fast. Tony says he has everything just the way he wants it.

The San Cristobel Earthquake Storyline:

Monday August 6, 2001

In San Cristobel The walls are coming down all over the place and Cassie, Reva, Noah and Richard are caught in the thick of it. Reva and Cassie are worried about the kids and want to look for them. They take a step and more walls come crashing in. When the shaking finally starts the women go to look for the children. Cassie has a guard take Tammy and RJ to safety while Reva still searches for Marah and Sam. Reva comes back and they learn that Marah and Sam never left the palace so they are there somewhere.

Tuesday August 7, 2001

At Company Ross is meeting outside with Doris. Blake comes up and asks if that is the meeting he had to leave her for. Ross tells her that it was and Blake is a bit perturbed. Ross finally has to ask Blake to leave so they can finish their meeting in private.

Inside Company, Tony comes in with Romeo and Catalina. He leaves them at the bar and goes over to meet with Danny. Danny tells him he needs his help. He thinks Carmen is alive and he wants Tony to use his connections to see what he can learn. Danny tells Tony that he knows he is back in the business and he hopes it works for him but he wishes he wouldn’t go that way. Tony is hostile and tells Danny he can no longer boss him around. Danny tells him he understands how he feels but if Carmen is alive someone will end up dead soon and it could be him. At the very least she will turn him into her own personal gopher. If Carmen is alive, she had to have help and that help is either Maria, Carlos or Bernardo, Tony’s new friends. If that happened they weren’t up front with Tony, which puts him on Carmen’s list too, just like he and Michelle. He warns Tony that Carmen plays for keeps. Again, Danny asks for Tony’s help. Tony tells him he will help him. Danny goes on to tell Tony that Carmen’s henchman Lucas knows something and he may be able to get him to talk. Tony says Lucas has a gambling problem and owes a lot to Infierno; he may be able to use that. Danny asks Tony not to tell Michelle anything and he says he won’t.

In San Cristobel Marah and Sam are walking in the rubble of the palace. The ceiling starts falling and Marah is worried about her mother who she still believes to be blind. Sam promises not to let anything happen to her.

Everything is shaking and Reva is calling out for Marah and Sam. Dax comes through looking for Richard and is glad to find him okay. Dax says it is chaos out there and Richard orders crews sent to the factory area. He says to send people to the football stadium for safety and to keep people off the beaches. Cassie wants to go to the children but Richard wants her to stay in the palace for now. He asks her to stay with Reva to keep her calm. Reva tells Noah she has to find Marah. Just then Marah yells out and Reva hears her and calls to her. They run toward each other when the floor opens up even more. They finally get everyone to safety and Marah realizes Reva can see. Reva asks about Josh and they tell her that he and Olivia are on another island. Noah wants them all to get out of there. Reva asks Cassie if Olivia engineered the earthquake to cover her tracks. Cassie asks Reva if she has the tape and Reva pulls it out of her pocket. They all start to head out when Marah realizes she lost the necklace Tony gave her and she runs back to find it. Reva goes after her. There is another tremor, which breaks the ground open, and Reva falls into an abyss.

Wednesday August 8, 2001

In San Cristobel Marah finally realizes that her mother has fallen into the earth and it is all her fault for having to locate a stupid piece of jewelry. She cries out for help. Noah and Richard start going through the rubble but cannot locate Reva. They will have to dig. Richard tries to get a signal on his cell phone to call for help but is unable to. He wants Cassie to get out of there before something else happens but she refuses to leave without Reva. Marah is worried that her mother is going to die, she has been under all that debris for quite a while and they aren’t even sure there are air pockets in the mass. Marah tells Sam that her dad would be able to help; he would know just what to do. She asks him to help her find him. Sam tells her that there is no communication on the island he and Olivia are at. No phones, cables, nothing. Marah pleas with him and he tells her that they will find a way to get out of there and the two of them with find her dad. She thanks him. Sam tells her that they can manage a boat if she doesn’t mind “borrowing without permission.” Marah is all for it. They go back over to Richard who is still trying the phone.

At Company Catalina asks Buzz if she can have a job working at Company. She tells him she can handle two jobs and they won’t conflict with each other. He gives her the job and she starts to work right away. Tony and Romeo come in. Buzz asks Catalina how things are going with her and Tony. She tells him Tony isn’t interested in her like that. Buzz says Tony is a bigger fool that he thought.

Catalina goes over to Tony and Romeo. Tony is surprised she is working there too and asks if she needs a raise. She tells him she doesn’t want charity, she will work for what she has. She asks what they would like. Romeo comes on to her while Catalina is telling them about the desserts. They order and Catalina leaves. Tony tells Romeo not to treat Catalina like that. She is a good person who deserves respect. He tells Romeo that Catalina isn’t interested in him so he should leave it alone. Romeo thinks Tony is interested. Catalina brings the cake out and leaves. Tony talks to Romeo about a job he has for him. He wants him to find Lucas and learn who paid him to lie at Danny’s trial.

Maria comes in and she and Buzz greet each other. She heads over to talk to Tony but he tells her he will talk to her when he is through talking business. Maria goes to the bar and sits while she talks to Buzz. She asks Buzz to get Catalina to come over there. Catalina comes over and Maria tells her that she wants something from her. Maria tells her that she is the woman for Tony, she knows it and she wants her to act on her feelings and not be so shy. Catalina tells her that she is the woman for Tony, she knows that too, but when she and Tony do get together she is sure Maria won’t like it. She will make sure Tony knows that he is powerful and important without the family business. Maria tells Catalina that will be perfect. Tony will want to succeed for Catalina. She says if Catalina wants to she can try to change Tony but no matter how loudly anyone protests, people do what they want to do. Tony is here because he wants to be. She wishes Catalina good luck. Catalina is upset because she believes Maria thinks Tony will want her as a mother figure. Maria tells her it is better then nothing.

Romeo leaves and Tony goes to Catalina and asks her where Maria is. He asks if she left any messages for him. Catalina tells him she did and she goes and kisses him. He is surprised. Catalina asks if that felt grandmotherly to him. He tells her it didn’t. Catalina smiles and walks away.

Monday August 13, 2001

In San Cristobel Reva is yelling for help but no one hears her. She takes a piece of wood and begins to bang on a pipe hoping someone would hear but no one does. Noah and Josh are trying to move the debris but more keeps falling. Noah thinks he hears something and tells Josh that Reva is sending them a signal; she is alive. Just then, Tony comes in and sees what is going on. Tony is upset, thinking Marah is trapped and soon learns that it is Reva. Josh asks what he is doing there and he tells him he has business and he wanted to see Marah. He asks where she is and no one answers. He asks again and Josh tells him she is safe with Sam. Olivia comes in and tells Richard she was at the Harbor and it is all but destroyed. She goes to Josh and tries to apologize for her words earlier. Noah calls Josh over to find a way to talk to Reva. Josh suggests walkie-talkies. They put one on a rope and start lowering it down the hole while Noah talked into it. Noah hands Josh the walkie-talkie and tells him to talk while he gets the rope down further. Josh calls out to Reva to talk to him; they know she is down there. He continues to talk and Reva hears him. She reaches out for the radio and whispers into it, “I hear you, Bud.” Everyone applauds and Richard leaves to tell Cassie.

Tony asks Olivia where Sam and Marah are; Olivia tells Tony to try Marah on her cell phone. Tony calls Marah’s phone but she doesn’t answer. Eventually a maid picks up the phone and tells Tony that the people who were there have left and must have forgotten their phone. Tony realizes that Marah may be trying to get back to her mom, which means her life is in danger.

Sam and Marah are lying unconscious on the remains of their boat. Sam finally comes to and realizes the boat had beached and he really isn’t sure where he is. He goes to Marah and checks her over and tries to wake her. He seems very upset and when she finally comes to he is grateful she is alive and he tries to make sure she is alright. She has a cut on her forehead
and Sam thinks she may have a slight concussion but promises to take care of her. He tells her to rest and he will find out where they are. He goes outside and tells her that they are on one of the small islands outside of San Cristobel. Marah is still worried about her mom. Sam says they have to concentrate on getting out of there. He finds bottled water and some food. He gets some flares and tells Marah he is going to set them off and build a signal fire that someone will see and they will be back in San Cristobel before they know it. He leaves.

Sam comes back and tells Marah the fire is doing well and things will work out. They are lying in what is left of the boat’s cabin. Marah tells him she is scared. He tells her that he is scared too.

Tuesday August 14, 2001

Marah and Sam are still stranded on the island. Marah is worrying about her mom. Sam tells her that she is the one that got Josh to her; Reva will be fine. He holds Marah cuddled up under a blanket but they are still cold and wet. Marah hopes they get through this alright. Sam tells her that they just have to get through the night and when daybreak comes they can do more. They start playing around asking each other their favorite meals and favorite vacations, etc. Sam apologizes for bringing her down there during an earthquake. She tells him he saved her; he shouldn’t blame himself. Marah tells Sam he is the best friend she could ever have. She tells him she notices everything he does for her. She kisses him and the kiss continues until Marah hears something and runs out to see Tony calling out for her. He hugs her and kisses her until Sam comes out of the wreckage with no shirt on. Marah asks what Tony is doing there. Tony tells her that he was worried and he saw the fire from the beach. Marah realizes he came there through a storm in a speedboat for her. Sam is flippant with Tony and Tony gets hostile. He starts to leave and Marah asks Tony to help them, they are stranded and her mom was in an accident. Tony tells her that her mom is alive. Marah is happy and runs and hugs Sam, which makes Tony upset. She asks him for a ride back to SC and he tells her that he will wait for them on the beach. He leaves and Sam tells Marah that Tony did what she wanted. He came all the way to SC and risked his neck to get to her. Now she has everything she planned on. Marah tells Sam the only thing she can think about now is her mom. She doesn’t want to be selfish and think about her love life right now. She tells Sam they need to go. Sam follows her to the beach.

Thursday August 16, 2001

Richard assures Cassie that the children are physically okay; he sent them to the north wing of the palace, which is stable. He tells her that they are probably scared though. Cassie can’t wait for Reva to come up and everyone is safe. Just then Sam, Marah and Tony come in. Josh is angry with Tony for bringing Marah there but Sam covers and tells Josh that Marah was intent on coming and Tony’s boat was the fastest way. Olivia pulls Sam to the side and asks him what really happened. Sam tells her about the accident and tells her that everything was fine until Tony showed up. He hates that out of all the people in the world to see his signal flare, it had to be Tony. His appearing put an end to anything that would ever happen between he and Marah. Olivia tells him to stop fighting it; he has no idea what it is to have to compete with the mere thought someone. Sam tells her he is finding that out. Meanwhile, Marah thanks Tony for saving her and he tells her that he is going to leave now that she is safe. He wishes her mom luck and he leaves.

The San Cristobel Earthquake Clips:








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