5. Not All Hearts and Flowers

Monday April 30, 2001

At Lewis Construction office Tony is working when two construction guys come in and tell him they thought the Santos were out of business. Tony tells them he is just working for his girlfriend’s dad. They don’t believe him and think he is there to cause trouble and revive the Santos business. Tony tells them he isn’t there for that but they don’t buy it. Tony tells them he doesn’t want to get in to this with them and doesn’t want to cause any trouble on the site. They shove him up against the wall and say they want to take Tony
for a ride. Tony says they don’t have to leave to settle the problem. He isn’t trying to do anything but make an honest living. The guys aren’t buying it and think that Tony is working there to infiltrate the business. Tony gets away from the wall and turns to punch one of the guys just as Josh enters. Josh asks what is going on now. The two men tell Josh and Billy they were just getting acquainted with Tony. Josh tells the guys to leave and asks Tony if it is possible for him to stay out of trouble. Just then Marah calls Josh and she tells him about the doctor’s visit. She wants Josh to come comfort her mom. He tells her he can’t do that and asks her to come over to the site alone after she drops her mom off with Noah. Josh tells Billy that Marah is coming over and Billy suggests Josh go talk to Tony’s new buddies before Marah gets there. Josh leaves. Tony tells Billy he won’t fit in there. Not with the pillars of the community, Billy laughs. Billy tells Tony that the greatest thing about Josh is that he is very forgiving. He was holding out his hand when he offered Tony this job. Billy assures Tony that the love of a woman can take you places, but Tony is the only one who can make the change. Marah arrives and Billy asks her if Reva has seen the doctor. Marah tells Billy she has and will probably need a call from him. Billy says he will call her later and he leaves to go outside. Marah apologizes to Tony for her tantrum. Tony says he didn’t believe a minute
of it; he knew she found him irresistible. Tony kisses her and asks about her mom. Marah tells him about the doctor’s visit and says Reva is dealing with it by not dealing with it; instead she is planning her birthday party. Tony offers to help out but Marah tells him Sam is planning it. Tony is annoyed that “Puppy Dog” is helping and wonders why she doesn’t want him to help. Marah tells him that she would rather Tony concentrate on her and not her party. She tells him she is jealous about the job to, she wants him all to herself and now she has to share him with her dad too. Tony says he took the job so he could be with her. The job isn’t going perfectly but he will try to see it through. Marah tells him she doesn’t want him to get hurt and her family can be cruel. She tells him she just wasn’t ready to share him with anyone. He kisses her again just as Josh walks in. Tony leaves to take some papers to Billy. Josh and Marah discuss Tony and then her mom. Marah tells Josh she is upset because of what is going on with Reva. She is putting on a brave front and needs comfort from Josh since he knows how to help her. Josh says Noah is right about setting boundaries but tells Marah she should try to make Reva see she is the same person. Marah is upset that Josh won’t help and Josh asks she should give Tony space at work as well. He thinks her being there will only make it harder for him to succeed.

Wednesday May 2, 2001

At Millennium Sam meets Catalina and asks her if he can have her insight into the Latino mind. He wants to learn more about Tony. He can’t understand the makeup/break up thing with Tony and Marah. Catalina says that Tony and Marah don’t understand each other. Sam realizes Marah wants her bad boy and Tony wants to reform for her but Sam wants Marah. He had a moment yesterday with Marah where they connected and it felt good. If the image of Tony is something made up, it is so frustrating. Sam wishes Tony would go back to
Chicago but Catalina says then Marah might go to Sam on the rebound and he wont want that. If Marah and Tony are meant to be, it will work for them. You can’t make a person love you, no matter how badly you want them to. Catalina looks sad and Sam realizes that she is talking about herself as well.

(Not a Marah and Tony scene but it shows where Catalina is in regards to her feelings for Tony.)

Monday May 7, 2001- Marah’s Birthday Party

At the Lewis House Blake arrives at Reva’s with a gift for Marah. Marah opens it and it is a red teddy. Reva is a little skeptical. Blake says if Marah wears it under her clothes it will make her feel like she has a secret and is in charge. Marah thinks that this will be a feminine bonding moment between her and Blake. Reva finally consents to let Marah keep it. Marah invites Blake and Ross to the party and asks Blake not to mention the gift to Josh. She is still holding the teddy in front of her as Tony enters. Blake tells Tony to put his eyes back in their sockets. Reva offers Blake coffee and they leave the room. Tony thinks the teddy is nice and Marah says it will be better when it is on her. Tony asks about the party tonight and is not happy that Sam is throwing the party. Tony tells her that he had planned dinner for two by the lake and Marah tells them they can do both. First the party and then the dinner and now that she is 18 maybe she will wear the teddy to a private party with him. Tony says that would sink him with her dad. Marah wonders why Tony has to bring her dad into everything. She says she is 18 and it doesn’t matter. Tony says they have to be careful if they want to get where they want to be. Marah says maybe Tony is scared. Tony wonders why she keeps antagonizing her dad. He dreams about being with her but it’s not right yet. He wants to make something out of himself and asks him how long she would stay interested in him if he doesn’t make something of himself. He asks her to be patient. Tony says nothing will happen until it is right and she will just have to get used to it. He leaves and Marah
storms upstairs.


Wednesday May 9, 2001

At the Lewis House Everyone is getting ready for the party. Josh and Sam are dragging in a mattress, Blake and Reva are hanging balloons and Catalina brings in food. Sam tells them all that he has brought incense and some relaxing sounds of the blue whale mating calls. He thinks it will help everyone get in touch with their senses. Tony comes in and he and Sam spar a little. Marah hugs Tony and he gives her his gift. Tony greets everyone and tells Josh that Billy told him about the time he blew up an oilrig and was hauled off to jail. Everyone is laughing and having a good time and Blake tells Reva it is because they are enjoying the company. Ross gives Marah his gift, a diamond necklace and she loves it. Tony gives her diamond earrings and she tells him they match perfectly. The doorbell rings and Sam tells her that is his present, Yves, a masseur for the evening.

Everyone takes their turn with Yves and Tony passes saying he doesn’t like men rubbing on him. Marah goes next and is really getting into it until Tony blows up and tells the man to get his hands off his girl. Marah tells Tony she is just having a simple massage but Tony doesn’t like the sounds she is making and the way she is smiling. Tony knocks the incense off and a blanket catches fire. Sam throws some punch on it and puts it out quickly. Sam asks Tony if he is happy now.


Thursday May 10, 2001

At the Lewis House Tony and Sam are arguing about the fire and how Tony ruined the party. Sam tells Tony that there was nothing wrong with a masseur touching Marah but Tony tells him that no one has a right to touch her like that. Reva is asking what is going on and Blake tells her there was a little fire but it is out and everything is fine. Sam and Tony are sparing and Josh breaks it up. Tony apologizes and tells Josh that he is trying. Josh tells him to try harder. Tony apologizes to Marah for messing up her party but she tells him he didn’t. He tells her the only way to explain his actions is that he must be in love. Marah tells him that is the best present he could give her and they kiss. He tells her to change her clothes and they will go out to celebrate. She does and Tony invites everyone down to Millennium for dessert and dancing. The oldies decide to stay at the house, while Sam, Catalina, Tony and Marah leave. Reva and Josh talk about how great they both are as parents and how their little girl is now 18. Blake and Ross stay awhile and then head home. Reva
wonders when Marah will get home. Josh says there comes a point when you have to let go and trust that you did a good job raising your kid.

At Millennium Marah and Tony are at a table and Sam says maybe he and Catalina should leave. Tony agrees but Marah wants everyone to stay. She asks Tony if they can change the music. He tells her the tuner is behind the bar and she can change it to whatever she wants. After she changes the station, she grabs a bottle of rum and pours it in to her glass. She says it is okay since it is her birthday.

Marah is happily drunk and dancing around Millennium. She is all over Tony asking him to dance with her. Sam makes a comment and Marah tells him that he will be next. Catalina tells Sam Marah likes him and she enjoys stringing him along. She says Marah was born to flirt with men. Sam asks Catalina if she isn’t and she tells him that her mother was a professor and she never learned how to flirt with men. Sam asks if she likes Tony too. She tells him she doesn’t want Tony to get hurt. Marah jumps up on the bar to dance and
Tony tries to get her down. He tells her she is making a scene. Gus has come in and sees Marah and calls the station and tells them to send someone down to make
an arrest for drunk and disorderly.

Marah is still on the bar when a cop comes in. Gus The police officer asks Marah if she has been drinking and arrests her. Gus tells Tony he is also under arrest for serving a minor. Tony tells him that he doesn’t work upstairs so he wasn’t serving anything. Gus tells Tony to call Danny to post his bail. Marah uses Tony’s cell phone to call Ross. She tells him that she has joined the club and needs him to meet them downtown. Ross asks her if she is drunk and says he will be right there. Marah and Tony are escorted out. Catalina says her father will kill Marah. Sam says her father will kill Tony and he goes to make a call.


Monday May 11, 2001

At the Police Department Ross calls a judge trying to get Marah out of her jam. He promises parental punishment in a severe form if they would drop the charges. While Ross is talking, Tony rubs Marah’s head and tells her that Ross will help her. Gus and Harley come in and Harley asks Gus when the FBI decided to get involved in teenage drinking. Ross thanks the judge and hangs up. He tells Gus and Tony to play nice. Ross hands Gus a photo of him and the FBI director, Gus’s boss, telling him that he is a personal friend of his who owes him and he will call in a favor and have Gus shipped back to Washington if he doesn’t straighten up. Gus takes the photo and rips it in half. Ross tells Marah that it is time to go. Ross tells Gus that he liked him from the start but he will take him down for harassment if he doesn’t stop. They leave. Gus asks Harley where you can get a dog cremated. He thinks if they get that information and they talk to Claire they can start to really build their case.

Monday May 21, 2001

At Infierno Tony tells Ray all about how he messed up Marah’s party and then how Marah got drunk and they spent the evening together at the police station because of Gus. Tony thinks Gus is out to get their family. Danny walks into the office and tells Tony Gus is out to get them. They talk a bit. Ray asks about Tony’s job at Lewis. Tony tells them he is worried because some of Machado’s men are on the crew. Danny tells Tony to stay away from them; he doesn’t want to give Gus any excuse to use against them. Danny tells Tony to let Josh deal with Machado’s people. Tony promises and goes out to see Catalina. Marah is sitting at the bar and he kisses her. Tony asks about Marah’s parent’s reaction to her arrest. Marah says it was okay because they were all really upset about Cassie. There is another plan to rescue her now but her arrest didn’t make it on the Richter scale because of that. Marah doesn’t want Tony to get blamed for her mistakes. Tony tells her to shut up so he can kiss her. Catalina comes out and sees them and isn’t happy.

Ray comes out and asks Catalina why she is sad. She talks about Marah and Tony. Ray says he thinks Marah is good for Tony. Catalina thinks Marah is bad for Tony and she needs to grow up. She had things being too easy. She tells him that Marah likes attention and that Marah plays Sam against Tony. Ray asks her if she likes Tony. She admits that she does. She asks if that makes him uncomfortable. He tells her he is used to hearing confessions. Ray says it is usually best to be honest in these situations. They look back over and Marah and Tony are kissing.

Tony tells Marah he likes being in public with her. Marah tells him she likes sneaking around and being alone with him. Just then Sam comes in and asks them if they are going to get in any trouble tonight. Sam thinks they should all go to Chicago. He wants to be a little bad because his sister has sold out. Marah wants to go but Tony thinks it is a bad idea. She says Tony is acting like her dad. Catalina says maybe next time. Marah agrees with Sam about blowing off steam. Sam leaves. Marah asks Tony why he was so unsympathetic to Sam and tells him he is their friend. Tony says Sam wants to be more than a friend to her. Tony tells her he is working two jobs and just wants to spend his free time with her since she is the one he is doing all of this for her. She wonders how she can thank him and leans over to kiss him. Catalina wonders how Marah does it.


Wednesday May 23, 2001

Marah goes over to the table and talks to Sam. He is ignoring her. She apologizes for not going to Chicago with him saying he has always been there for her but Tony was jealous and she doesn’t like his little scenes. Catalina says she thinks Marah likes them a lot. Marah is shocked but Catalina goes on to tell her that she plays Tony and Sam off each other. Marah denies it. Catalina tells her that she encourages Sam just to make Tony jealous. Marah says Sam is her friend but Catalina thinks she is friendlier to him when Tony is around. Sam
tells Catalina not to worry about it that Marah doesn’t understand. Marah gets angry and leaves. Catalina apologizes to Sam for speaking the truth. Sam says Marah will get over it. He pays for breakfast and Catalina starts to leave. Josh stops her and asks Catalina why Marah is upset. Catalina tells him that Marah plays Sam and Tony off each other all the time but it isn’t going to work anymore. She leaves. Olivia overhears and is not happy, saying to herself that Marah is becoming more like her mother.


Monday May 28, 2001

At Company Tony brings Catalina home. She thanks him and he tells her that he has to get up in 5 hours to go to work. She is impressed at how he is handling things. Tony tells her that is what happens when you’re in love. Sam comes up and talks to them. Sam asks him if he is going to the prom with Marah. Tony doesn’t know about it and Sam tells him that no one waits until the last-minute to get a date. Catalina asks who Sam is taking and Sam sits back and talks about the stars and Virgo the virgin. Sam tells her that he isn’t going to the prom. He tells her that people think too much of the little things and that may be why Marah hasn’t asked Tony to go, since he is an outsider. Sam and Catalina talk about how they are both outsiders as well. Catalina wonders what it would be like to be Marah for one day. Sam tells her that they can do it. He thinks they should do it, dress like who ever they want, act like them, do all the stupid things they do as kind of sociology experiment. Catalina agrees to go with Sam to his prom. They think it will be fun. Tony is angry and tells her she doesn’t have to go. Sam tells him that they can double if Marah ever asks him to go. Sam and Catalina go into Company. Tony calls Marah to say goodnight and she asks him to meet her at Infierno for lunch.

Tuesday May 29, 2001

At a dress shop Marah is shopping for a dress when she runs into Catalina. Catalina is also looking for a prom dress and tells Marah she is going with Sam. Catalina learns that thedress she is looking at is $350 after they take a 50% discount. She says she will go to check out a thrift shop instead. Marah tells her that is a bad idea; she can’t wear a thrift store dress to the
prom. Catalina wonders what it matters if it is a nice dress and she walks away. Marah asks the saleslady for the best dress she has. She tells the lady money is no object. Catalina says an expensive dress is not always the best choice. Marah ignores her and goes to try on her dresses.

At Infierno Tony comes in, sweating, wearing his hard hat. He goes into Danny’s office to change clothes. Ray comes in and Tony tells him he is meeting Marah for lunch. He tells him that he thinks she is going to ask him to the prom. Ray teases him but think that it is a good thing. He thinks Tony is making good changes. Tony says he is doing what it takes to hold on to Marah. Ray wants him to keep staying on the straight and narrow. Catalina comes in, upset and asks Ray and Tony if they have a sewing machine she can use. They ask her what she needs and she tells them that she thought she could make her a dress to go to the prom. She doesn’t want to look like a loser. Tony has the perfect solution and he grabs the phone.
Catalina tells him she doesn’t want his money but he says he will help her another way.

Geraldo comes in and Ray, Tony and Catalina go into Danny’s office. Geraldo has brought all the dresses and shoes from Carmen’s party closet. Tony tells Catalina that she should pick what she wants and just keep it, since Carmen wont be using it. She hugs Tony and thanks him for being such a good friend. Tony says it is fashion show time and he and Ray grab a seat outside the office. Catalina comes out modeling all the clothes. The last one she tries she can’t get the zipper to work on. Tony offers to help her and while he is working on the zipper, Marah comes in and asks if she is interrupting anything. Tony explains to Marah about Catalina wearing one of Carmen’s dresses. Marah finally asks Tony to be her date and he tells her he would love to go, he missed going to his own prom. Marah wants to have lunch but Tony has to get back to work. He leaves. Marah goes to Catalina and says she guesses Catalina does care what she looks like. She is glad Catalina sees that prom is a big deal. She asks Catalina how often you get to go to one. Catalina says if Marah had her way, she would never get to go. Tony has come back around the office and overheard the conversation.

Wednesday May 30, 2001

At Infierno Danny asks Tony if Catalina did okay with Carmen’s dresses. He tells him that she looked great in all of them. He goes on to tell Danny how Catalina and Marah were fighting over him and he is surprised that he isn’t getting off on it more. He feels sorry for Catalina even though it is Marah he wants. Catalina comes over and thanks Danny for the dresses. Danny tells her it is alright and he goes into his office. Tony asks Catalina if she is okay and she says she is. Tony tells her that he saw Marah come after her yesterday and he wanted to check on her. Catalina says it is not Tony’s fault that is what Marah does. Marah arrives and asks Tony if he has time for lunch today. Tony says he does and that he has ordered the limo for prom. They sit down and Tony asks Marah why she went after Catalina; he saw her yesterday. Marah says when she sees him touching another girl she loses it. She knows how it makes her feel when he touches her. Tony says he is crazy about her and they kiss. Bernardo Sandoval walks in and Tony is on guard. Marah asks who he is and Tony tells her he is a very bad man. Marah giggles and Tony tells her it isn’t funny the man is dangerous. Catalina walks by and Bernardo asks if Danny is there. She tells him she will check and goes into the office. Catalina tells Danny that Bernardo is there, alone wanting to see him. Danny tells her to send him in. After she leaves, Danny takes his gun out of his desk. Bernardo comes in and tells Danny that he has a kiss for him from Carlos and his Abuela.

Tony sits back down with Marah and a waitress comes by and flirts with him. Marah is upset and starts to leave. Tony tells her she isn’t leaving and he pulls her into the office. In Danny’s office, Tony is trying to reason with Marah. Marah is upset because Tony spends too much time away from her since he is working two jobs. Marah says she just wants to be with him. He tells her that after prom he will tell Danny to cut his hours so that he can have more free time to spend with her. HE tells her he won’t have much cash but she will have
his attention. She is happy and tells him she just wants a great prom and every day after with him. They kiss.

At the bar, Sam is laughing at Tony’s predicament. Sam wonders who the waitress was. Catalina says that women like Tony because he is charming and passionate but the waitress isn’t a threat to Marah. Sam says guys like Tony won’t wait forever for a girl. Catalina believes Tony would wait for Marah for as long as it took. She reminds Sam that Marah has broken up with Tony and treated him badly on a number of occasions but Tony truly loves her and takes her back.

Sam comes in and asks Catalina if she is ready for prom. She tells him she got the dress, which was complicated enough.

(This is basically why I am not a fan of the Laura Bell Bundy Marah years, as a teenager she is prone to just as much jealousy as Tony.  She may not resort to violence like Tony but she flies off the handle at every little thing.   Meanwhile Tony is doing everything in his power to prove to her, and her parents, that he can be the guy Marah needs and she is busy throwing tantrums like a child.)

Wednesday June 6, 2001

At Inferno Tony and Catalina are talking about the prom. Tony says that going to the prom with Marah is freaking him out. He says that he can picture himself at the Lewis’ and stabbing himself with the pin as he tries to pin on Marah’s corsage. He tells Catalina that he has been practicing pinning on the corsage. She tells him that he’ll never get it right unless he uses a real woman. Tony starts to pin a corsage on Catalina and she tells him to look the girl in the eye. Tony fumbles and says that he can never take this long. They start to laugh. Marah walks in on them. Catalina leaves and Marah closes the door behind her. Tony asks if she’s mad. She says that she’s trying not to be but it’s kind of hard to see him with his hands on Catalina again. He says that he was practicing with the corsage because he’s no Prom Pro. They begin to laugh. Tony tells her that he just wants her prom night to be special and everything that she ever dreamed it would be. Marah says that she knows a way that it can be and that she hopes that he agrees with her. Marah wants to get a hotel room. Tony protests the idea. Marah wonders if he wants to be with her. He explains that things are complicated now and that he is trying to prove himself to her father. It would be better if they wait. Marah says that her dad would never give him permission to sleep with her. She begins kissing Tony.

Friday June 8, 2001

At the Prom (Country Club) Marah and Tony are dancing and Marah asks Tony to make love to her. Tony wants to know if she’s sure. She says that she’s been ready for a long time. They start to kiss as Catalina and Sam watch. Sam tells Catalina not to look. Tony and Marah leave. Catalina wants to know if the prom is over and if they’re going home. Sam explains that Marah and Tony are NOT going home.

At the hotel Tony puts the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Marah says she’s dreamed of this night for so long. Tony says that the night will be magic. They talk about when they met and how they have fallen in love. Tony says the feels like he’s dreaming because girls like her don’t usually end up with guys like him. They kiss and start to undress. Marah leads him to the bed. Tony gets up and starts to get dressed. Marah is hurt and asks what she did wrong. He tells her that she’s to good for this. She tells him that he has been with many women and doesn’t understand the problem. She thinks that she is a turn off to him when she takes off her clothes. He tells her that she’s different because he loves and respects her. He tells her that he can’t make love to her unless they’re married.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL8bd93mPpo&feature=related (Marah coming down in her dress)

**This is where Tony calls Marah “Mi Corazon, Mi Vida, Mi Esposa” meaning my heart, my life, my wife.  Tony has honorable intentions, Marah just doesn’t want to hear them.**

Monday June 11, 2001

At Company Tony is still in his prom tux but it is the next morning. He is having a cup of coffee and waiting. Ray comes in and tells him that he got his message and came as soon as he could. He asks Tony what happened and Tony tells him nothing happened and that seems to be the problem. He goes on to tell Ray about the hotel and how Marah was upset. He tells Ray that he never felt like this before and found himself preaching to Marah about how they should wait and she was offended. He thinks he made a big mistake. Ray tells him he thinks he did the right thing. He tells Tony that he shouldn’t take his commitment to Marah lightly by jumping into bed with her. Ray believes Tony’s control shows how he deeply his feelings go for Marah. He reminds his brother that they were brought up to see women in two different categories, the virginal type you marry and the loose women you party with. Tony is upset and tells Ray that he finally did something right and it has lost him everything he ever wanted. Ray tells him that Marah will realize he was right when she thinks it over but in the mean time, Tony should go to her and show her that he loves her with flowers or a poem. He tells Tony that now that he has had time to think about things he will
be able to express himself better. Ray asks Tony why he came to him and not Danny. Tony says he gives okay advice for a priest and in some ways he was blaming God and him for his religious beliefs where Marah is concerned.

At the Lewis House Reva is sleeping in a chair by the door when she remembers seeing the fireflies and wakes up and sees nothing. She thinks the whole night was a dream. Just then Marah comes in and Reva asks her how the prom was. Marah tries to cover and tells her mom that she will remember it always but Reva hears the pain in her voice and asks her to talk to her. Marah tells her everything and tells her that Tony made her feel ugly by rejecting her when she was begging him to make love to her. She can’t believe she ever thought Tony loved her. Reva tries to talk to her to tell her that women are like fine bottles of wine and they need to be appreciated and respected. Marah tells her that sounds like what Tony said. She asks her mom if she wanted to be respected when she was her age. She knows she wanted to be desired and loved more than anything and tells Reva that is how she feels. Marah tells Reva that Tony thinks they should wait until they are ready to get married. Reva asks if Tony wants to get married. Marah says she thinks he was just making excuses because he was turned off. Reva doesn’t think that was it. She tells Marah that Tony knows Marah isn’t experienced but Marah keeps whining about Tony not loving her; he only respects her. Reva doesn’t think that’s a bad thing. Marah says Josh still treats her like a little girl and Tony is doing anything he can to get on Josh’s side. Reva tells Marah she doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes she did. Shayne walks in and overhears what happens and makes a comment about Tony the stud really being Tony the dud. Marah was humiliated and ran upstairs. Reva made Shayne promise not to say anything to anyone about what he heard then she went on to ask him about his evening.

Tony comes to the door with flowers. Marah comes and asks what he wants. He tells her that he brought her daisies because they mean loyal love and innocence. He thought the flowers would say it better than he did and he wants her to know he really loves her. Marah asks why she should believe him. Tony asks Marah what she wants him to say but she says there is nothing left to say. Tony starts to explain about last night but Marah stops him. Tony says he did everything wrong, it was his fault. Marah accepts his apology but says she doesn’t want the flowers. Tony asks if she still wants him. Marah thinks he is trying to make a sick joke. Tony wonders if she meant what she said about never wanting to see him again. He thinks she may think he is only good enough as a boy toy but not for anything more. Marah asks him if he met someone better at the prom. Tony says he didn’t look at anyone else. Marah thinks that he may want Catalina. Tony says Marah is the kind of girl he wants to marry. Marah says she deserves better than this. Tony starts getting upset and almost shaking. He tells Marah that he poured his heart out to her and all she is thinking about is losing her virginity. He doesn’t know what she wants. He has done everything for her to the point of not even recognizing himself anymore. They are shouting and end it by breaking up. Tony leaves, Marah is crying and throws the flowers on the floor.


Wednesday June 13, 2001

At Company Marah is sitting at the table reading when Sam comes in. He asks her if she had a good time at the prom and she tells him that she and Tony broke up. Sam asks her what happened and she tells him that she is legally an adult but physically she is still a kid. She goes on to tell him that Tony doesn’t want her and rejected her. Sam tells Marah he is sorry and Marah gets up to go home. Sam thinks to himself that Tony is an idiot.

At Lewis Josh asks Tony how the prom was. Tony says it should be a dream come true for Josh. Marah went to the prom happy and gorgeous and now she thinks he is a loser and has dumped him. Marah decided that who Tony is and what he has to offer is not for her. Josh doesn’t know what to say. Tony says Josh should give him his hard hat before he does the happy dance. Just then, Russo barges in the office and tells Tony not to threaten Claire again or he will never see the light of day. Tony says he didn’t threaten Claire but just made an observation about her type winding up dead. Russo and Tony trade insults and Tony punches Russo. Josh tells Russo to leave. After he leaves, Josh asks Tony what happened. He tries to tell the truth but starts exaggerating the story and Josh fires Tony telling him to get out. Tony tells him he never wanted anything from him in the first place as he storms out.


At the Lewis House Josh comes over and tells Reva he fired Tony for punching out Russo in his office. Reva thinks Josh should have rewarded Tony with a raise since she has always wanted to punch Russo herself. Josh tells her that Tony needs to learn self-control. Reva feels bad for Tony and tells Josh he will end up eating his words. Reva tells Josh that Marah and Tony had a disagreement about how prom night will end. Josh thinks he needs to sit down to hear this. Reva thinks he has forgotten what he was like when he was a kid. She tells Josh Marah wanted the night to be “The Night”. It was Marah’s idea and she made all the plans. Tony went along with it at first but then he had the self-control and told her no. He said he couldn’t make love to her because he wanted to respect her because she was the person he wanted to marry. Josh is stunned. Reva says that Marah took it as an insult and ended it. If someone had said something like that to Reva as a teenager, it may have changed her entire life but she may have not wanted to hear it either. Reva was glad she was blind during that conversation because she could feel and hear that pain in her daughter’s voice. She tells Josh she knows that pain and wished her daughter didn’t have to experience it. Josh thinks Tony handled himself better than either he or Billy did at his age. Reva tells him not to go back there; it’s not about them. Josh wants to know what happened. Reva says Marah is still mad at Tony and they broke up. She feels bad that Tony lost his job too. Marah walks in and says “Oh, no.” Josh tells her to wait. Josh tells Marah he heard her prom night didn’t go well. Marah is angry that Reva blabbed. Josh says he is sorry she was hurt by what happened. He says she is beautiful, intelligent and loving. All the guys at the prom were crazy for her. Marah doesn’t want to discuss this at all. She thinks Tony wants different things and they are moving on and maybe now they will find what they want. Josh says Tony looked miserable. Marah gets tearful and walks out. Reva says she doesn’t feel good that Tony is miserable, does he? What more could they want for Marah than a guy who thinks so much of her? Josh thinks that maybe Marah was right about Tony’s motives but Reva tells Josh that she believes Tony. She thinks Tony would be a good boyfriend for Marah. All he did was hit a slimy lawyer. Josh agrees to talk to Tony.



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