8. More Manipulations

Tuesday November 6, 2001 (Lindsay McKeon’s first appearance as Marah)

Carlos confronts Tony about Sam’s new job at the newspaper and blasts him for failing to run him out of town. Catalina arrives and overhears Carlos order Tony to silence Sam permanently. She runs to the Journal’s office and learns that Tony urged Sam to get out of town. Catalina finally admits that she fears his life is in danger. Sam decides to confront the mobsters.

After a fight with Sam at his new job, Marah accidentally leaves behind at Company her essay on being a virgin. Sam admits to Holly that he accepted her job offer so that he could remain in Springfield in hopes that he might have another chance with Marah.

Wednesday November 7, 2001

Ignoring Tony’s demand for the name of the person who clued him in, Sam assures him, Carlos and Romeo that he has no reason to tell anyone about the truth behind the photo. He assures Catalina that he had it out with the mobsters and then runs back to the newspaper and announces to Holly that he’s going to write an expose on the mob in Springfield. Holly warns him about the danger he’ll face if he does so.

Catalina blasts Marah for flaunting her virginity essay in her face all the time. Catalina decides to email it to Tony but accidentally sends it to a mass mailing list.

Tuesday November 13, 2001

Marah and Shane come home and find the portrait of Olivia (Regina). Shane recognizes the painting as the one he ruined when he spilled nail polish remover on it. They speculate that Reva is not over the earthquake and Noah leaving. Shane wants to stay at the house until Reva comes home from the hospital; Marah tells him he can’t stay alone.

Catalina looks at the computer and Marah’s story and realizes that she really did send it out across the internet. Buzz warns her that what goes around comes around, even in cyberspace. Back at the bar, Sam tells Buzz that he wants to write an expose on the mod just as Tony walks in and goes to Catalina’s table. After apologizing to Cat for being angry with her for telling Sam that the mob was after him, he invites Sam to go outside.

Tony tells Sam that Carlos wanted to put a hit out on him but he (Tony) got him to back down. They discuss the trouble Olivia is in and this being the reason Tony is sure that Sam will keep his mouth shut. Tony tells Sam that he cares about Catalina. Sam insists that Tony is still in love with Marah. When Tony leaves, Sam tells Catalina that she has Tony but it might blow up in her face. Cat says that Marah is not an issue anymore that she made sure of it.

Marah leaves Shane at home after she gets a promise from him that he will return to Josh’s. Shane sees Marah’s story on the internet. Marah arrives back at school to find a group of other students at a computer, laughing. She questions them about what they are laughing at. She asks to see the article on the internet that has them so amused and is shocked to see it is her story.

Tony returns to drive Catalina to class. Catalina returns in time to hear Marah ask aloud, “Who would do such a thing to me?”

Wednesday November 14, 2001

Marah tells the other students she did not send her ‘Virgin Pride’ story out on the internet. She turns to see Catalina looking guilty and says that she has a pretty good idea who did. Marah confronts Catalina and accuses her of putting the story on the internet. Catalina denies it but Marah says this is all about Tony. Marah and Cat argue and Cat lies about stealing the essay and sending it out on the web.

Marah and Catalina continue to argue and Marah tells Cat that she knows she is lying. Marah says she is not ashamed, but proud, of what she wrote and gets a hand from the other students. Three boys plan for the downfall of Marah Lewis. They make bets on who will be the one to whom Marah will loose her virginity. Enter Ben Reade. His wager is $5000 which, he says, bought him the right to go first.


Monday November 19, 2001

Tony comes to see Catalina and runs into Marah. She thanks him for what he did for her father and they talk. Catalina overhears Marah tell Tony what a good guy he is. Tony notices Cat and makes an excuse for talking to Marah and she leaves. Catalina has Tony check his email on her computer and he sees Marah’s essay. At school Marah is approached by Ben Read who has been reading about her in the newspaper. Catalina has Tony check his email on her computer and he sees the Marah’s essay. Marah finally recognizes Ben and they catch up on mutual friends. Ben asks her to go for a cup of coffee but Marah refuses.

Later at Company, Marah runs into Tony again. He tells her he saw her essay while back at the room. Tony is unhappy with what she has written about him. Catalina has a conversation with Ben about Marah. He tells Cat that he has always had a thing for Marah. Cat sees this as a good omen and says suggests he ask Marah out. Leaving Ben to wonder why.


Tuesday November 20, 2001

Ben asks Catalina why she cares if he goes after Marah. Catalina says she doesn’t but Ben thinks it has to do with a man. Meanwhile, Tony is angry that Marah wrote she was glad she didn’t spend a night with him and then emailed it to the whole campus. She tries to explain but he won’t let her. He lashes out by telling her she is not the only one who’s glad they didn’t sleep together. He says it would have been a huge mistake. Marah is stung by his words. They continue to talk and Tony says that what they had was nothing special. He says
Catalina is good to him and she knows what’s private. Tony admits that when he worked for Josh, he was ashamed of whom he is and Catalina helped him to see that. Marah says that virtuous Catalina is trying to make him see that Marah’s family is terrible. Angrily Tony tells her that she will be a virgin for a long time because there isn’t a guy who is good enough for her. Marah leaves crying and Tony looks like he is sorry for what he said to hurt her.

Catalina is not very nice to Ben, telling him that just because he is rich, he can not buy her trust. Ben adds that is too bad because he was going to suggest a partnership, of sorts. He now has Cat’s attention. Ben adds that he hopes Cat can be counted on to be discreet and leaves as Tony shows up to take her to lunch. When they are gone, Ben returns as Marah arrives. She still refuses his offer of a coffee. She says she has sworn off the male species for a while and Ben adds he hopes she won’t punish the nice guys, of which he is one. After Ben is gone, Marah starts to think about Tony. Outside, Ben tells one of the students with which he has the wager, that he will have Marah within two weeks.


Maria comments to Catalina that someday she might become part of that happy family.

Wednesday November 21, 2001

Sam tells Catalina that he heard she was the one who put her essay on the web and that she had no reason to do that unless she still felt threatened by her.  Sam warns Catalina about how far she should go to get Tony. His advice is not to push it, to look before she leaps.

Thursday November 29, 2001

Sam asks Marah for help writing his expose on the Mob. Marah refuses to help him and Sam leaves. Ben soon arrives and smooth talks his way into getting Marah to join him for a cup of coffee. He tells Marah how impressed everyone is with her stance on virginity.


Tuesday December 4, 2001

Ben takes a blindfolded Marah to Inferno and feigns surprise at the news that Marah used to date the owner, Tony. When she sees Catalina, Marah decides that they will stay. When Marah introduces them, Ben gets Catalina to play along with his ruse that the two have never met before. Once they’re alone, Ben denies to Catalina that he’s up to something, but then tells her that the “offer” for them to help each other is still open. Catalina tries to cut him off at the knees, but Ben doesn’t give up. When Marah and Tony bump into one another, Ben and Catalina can’t help but notice that they can’t keep their eyes off each other while exchanging pleasantries. Ben tells Catalina once again that she needs him to help keep Tony and Marah apart. Ben and Tony start off on the wrong foot when they come face to face. Ben brings up the incident of Catalina publishing Marah’s essay on the Internet. When Tony defends Catalina, Marah tells Tony that Ben is telling the truth…Catalina was the one who did it. Tony continues to defend Catalina. As he’s leaving, Ben tells Catalina “I did my part, now you do yours.” When Marah returns to Inferno to retrieve her coat, she spies Tony and Catalina kissing.


Tuesday December 11, 2001

When she runs into Tony at the Towers, Marah discovers it was he who saved her father’s name. The two finally admit that they loved one another. Meanwhile, over at Inferno, Ben and Catalina are at odds once again. When Ben’s fraternity brother, Greg arrives, Catalina overhears the two talking about “the bet.” Catalina buys Greg a beer in an attempt to get information from him – it works like a charm. Thinking that Catalina knows about the bet, Greg spills the details.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErArs3y4PzY (Part One)

Over at the Towers, Marah and Tony realize that had they expressed their feelings sooner, things may have turned out differently. While Marah and Tony are agreeing to be friends, Catalina arrives at the Towers. Before she goes to talk to her former friend, Catalina stops to have a few words with Ben, who is waiting for Marah. Catalina tells Ben that she knows about the bet, that she thinks that it’s the most horrible thing a man could do to a woman, and goes on to say “I don’t care if Marah was my worst enemy – I’m not going to keep this
from her.” Ben tells Catalina to have a look at Tony and Marah before she goes over to warn her adversary. Ben suggests that if Marah finds out what he’s up to, she’ll dump him and go back to Tony. Hearing that, and seeing the former couple talking and laughing with one another, Catalina changes her mind and leaves the Towers without a word.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swms2zXioFE&feature=related (Part Two)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWynJvMLWzk&feature=related (Part Three)

**Poor Marah and Tony, first they had Sam and Catalina teaming up against them and now Ben has joined the mix. **


Tuesday December 18, 2001

Ben drops in on Marah hoping to make an impromptu skating date. Insisting that she must finish writing her paper, and adding that she has nothing to wear, Marah turns down Ben’s offer. Not one to take no for an answer, Ben finds a cocktail dress in Marah’s closet and suggests she wear that, and change their plans to dinner at the Towers. A teasing Marah begins to change her clothes in front of Ben, who stops her. Before she can zip her sweatshirt back up, Tony and Catalina arrive and get the wrong idea about what’s going on in the dorm room. Ben invites Catalina and Tony to make a double date out of it. Although the girls aren’t eager to make the dinner a foursome, the boys insist. When Tony and Ben go out to the hall to wait for the girls to change, they face off. Ben suggests that Tony wants to keep an eye on Marah, but Tony assures his new adversary that it’s Ben he will be keeping an eye on. When Tony brings up the essay, Ben begins to have second thoughts about this double date. Tony puts Ben on notice: “Tony Santos protects his good friends, so you watch your step.”


Wednesday December 19, 2001

When an upset Catalina admits to Tony that she saw him with Marah, he eases her anger with a few tender words and some kisses. Ben urges a determined Marah to forget about her paper for school and go out to ice skate with him around the town Christmas tree. He then offers her a dress he bought for the occasion and teases her into getting dressed in front of him. However, he stops her when she starts to disrobe and claims he wants her to adhere to her standards. Tony and Catalina arrive in time to find them together with Marah’s shirt unbuttoned.


The Double Date


Wednesday December 26, 2001

After surprising her with a holiday pendant, Ben urges Marah to go away with him to Whitehorn Mountain on a weekend getaway and though she declines to travel with him, Marah changes her mind in front of Catalina and Tony and agrees to go with him.


Thursday January 3, 2002

Ben arrives at Marah’s bearing gifts of ski equipment and clothes. Although she is reluctant to accept the expensive items, she agrees to keep one sweater.When Shayne walks in on the couple, he assumes that Marah is giving Ben a ski lesson. Unaware that his sister has led Ben to believe that she cannot ski, Shayne lets slip that Marah has numerous trophies won for skiing. Marah explains to Ben that she lied about her abilities because she was afraid to go away with him for a weekend. Ben and Marah are becoming closer, and the couple wish they could spend some time, just the two of them, when they go on the group ski trip. When Ben mentions the Bauer cabin is near their ski destination, Marah suggests that they spend an afternoon there. Just after leaving the Lewis home, Ben’s cell phone rings. He informs the caller “tell the boys they’re gonna owe me a lot of money come Monday – Marah and I are going away for the weekend.”

 (Part One)

Tony has a new assignment for Romeo – he wants the bartender to keep an eye on Ben and Marah when they go on their ski weekend, and report back. When Cat overhears the plan, she is upset. She tells Tony’s grandmother that she knows Tony still loves Marah. The elder Mrs. Santos tries to assure the young woman “you’re the woman for Tony – are you willing to fight for him?” Catalina vows “whatever it takes.” When Tony suggests to Catalina that they go skiing at the same lodge where Marah and Ben will be, she agrees to go. After Tony leaves to make the travel plans, a visibly upset Catalina throws her purse, spilling the contents on the floor. As she’s picking up the contents of her purse, she pauses. Holding her birth control pills she says “I’m the right woman for you Tony, and I’ll do anything I can to make you see that.”

(Part Two)

Tuesday January 8, 2002

Marah and Ben arrive at the Bauer cabin. When the kissing starts, Marah decides to slow the inside action down and hit the slopes. While they’re skiing, Ben hurts his ankle, forcing the couple to return to the cabin. While Marah is trying to treat Ben’s injury with a cold pack, he tries to turn up the heat on their relationship. Just when they’re about to take their kissing to the next level, Ben’s phone rings and startles Marah to her senses. When Marah goes outside to get more snow for Ben’s ice-pack, he answers his phone. Catalina is calling to warn Ben that she and Tony are on their way to the cabin – she wants to make sure that Ben gives Tony “something to remember.”

Part One

Part Two

Wednesday January 9, 2002

Ben is in the Bauer cabin and Marah enters the room. He asked her if she is ok. She said yes. He said he is afraid he has upset her and put too much pressure on her. She said she likes him, but was afraid they would go too far. She apologizes and said it is too soon. He said his mind is telling him to be a gentleman, but the rest of him is saying something entirely different. She told Ben that he is so nice to her. He said he likes her and wants to be with her. He pours on the compliments by saying how beautiful, funny, and smart she is. She calls the ski patrol to rescue them. She told Ben there would be no kissing. He said absolutely no, but then kisses her passionately. Marah said she can’t and she stopped kissing him. She said it was getting too hot in the cabin. Ben asked Marah what was there to do without heat or a radio. Marah said they had cookies and cider. Marah gives the bottle of cider to Ben. While she has her backed turned, he shook the bottle. As she turns around, Ben opened the bottle and it splashes on both of them. Ben said they needed to change clothes.

As they are on their way to the Bauer cabin, Catalina said she is ready to ski. She wants to know why they are going so fast and asked Tony to slow down. She thinks it would be fun to go to the lodge with the kids. He said they have the Bower cabin and that it is secluded and romantic and she will love it. Catalina remembers the conversation between Romeo and Tony. Tony said he wants to show her a good time.

Tony and Catalina are near the cabin, and Tony says someone is in there. They enter the cabin to find Ben and Marah dressed in robes. Marah told Tony that nothing happened and that Ben hurt up his ankle. Tony told Marah that Ben is after one thing. Marah told Ben to leave them alone for a moment. Catalina and Ben exit the room. Ben told Catalina that Tony would push Marah into his arms. Marah asked Tony if he was spying on Ben. He said she is lucky he stopped by and he called Ben a creep. Tony said that Ben is going to take advantage of her. Marah replied that maybe she wants to be taken advantage of. He told Marah that because he is with Catalina doesn’t mean he does not care about her. They heard the ski patrol outside and Ben said that it was time to go. As Tony is checking the fire in the fireplace, he turned his head and found Catalina in a negligee. He asked her how he is supposed to think about skiing when she is dressed like that. They end up on the floor exchanging passionate kisses.

Part One

Part Two

Thursday January 17, 2002

Catalina and Ben are at it again – sparring over Tony and Marah. Catalina tells Ben that he needs to face the truth and admit that Marah is still in love with Tony. Furthermore, Catalina tells Ben, she doesn’t like his chances of getting Marah into bed. Armed with that knowledge, Ben can’t help but wonder why Catalina is so confident. “Tony is gonna forget all about Marah sooner than you think” Catalina tells Ben. Ben suddenly realizes that Catalina plans to trap Tony by getting pregnant.


Meanwhile over at the mall, Tony and Marah run into one another. Marah is still mad at her former flame for checking up on her during her ski trip with Ben. But Tony thinks Marah needs his protection. Tony tries to tell Marah that Ben is playing games, but she defends her new beau’s ankle injury as real and insists he wasn’t faking. As their talking, it becomes more and more obvious that Marah and Tony miss one another. After a particularly close moment in their conversation, Marah confesses “I wish we were always like this.”

Monday January 21, 2002

Marah enters her dorm room with a stack of books, reminding Catalina that she needs the room tonight so she can study. Catalina says she was supposed to work but that the schedule changed, though she wasn’t aware she had to clear it with her roommate first. The phone rings, and both run to answer it. Marah gets there first. It’s Ben. Marah tells him she has a paper due, but that he can come over and help her. When she hangs up, she asks Catalina if she minds or is she waiting for Tony to call (she’s been staring at the phone since Marah came in). Catalina insinuates that Marah is the one waiting around for Tony. Marah reminds her that she is over Tony. Catalina says she doesn’t believe her even if she’s with Ben now. Catalina can’t believe Ben and Marah are together without sleeping together. Marah asks how she knows so much about their private love life. Ben arrives and Marah asks him how Catalina knows so much. Ben jokes with Catalina about “reading Marah’s diary again.” They both laugh, and Catalina leaves for the library so he and Marah can be alone. Marah didn’t know that Ben and Catalina are friends. Ben admits that he has befriended Catalina in order to talk about Marah and Tony. He discloses that he is insecure about their
relationship – he wants to be a “real couple.” Ben doesn’t want Tony to come between them but he feels like he needs to get the dirt on Tony through Catalina so that he can get him out of the way. Marah is attracted to Ben’s sensitivity and honesty. Marah takes a break from kissing Ben, insisting she has a paper to do. Ben leaves as the phone rings. An excited woman asks for Catalina, but before Marah can get out that she is not Catalina, the woman on the phone says she is Nurse Stevens with Catalina’s test results. A curious Marah asks what they were. The nurse tells her “congratulations, Catalina, you’re pregnant.”

At Company, Maria and Tony discuss Catalina. Maria asks if she hears wedding bells. Tony looks taken aback and says that Catalina is great and he likes her a lot, but that he doesn’t love her. Little does he know, Catalina is eavesdropping from the doorway. Maria insists that it is love and that Catalina is “the one” for him. Tony says he and Catalina have a good time, but he doesn’t miss her when she not around – that’s not love. Catalina walks in, a bit frazzled. Maria gets up to leave, insisting Catalina stay. Catalina says she has to go to the library, but Tony convinces her to share dessert with him. Maria leaves, telling Tony to remember that she “is never wrong.”

After dessert, Catalina says she has to go to the library. Tony offers to drive her to the dorm. She says Marah and Ben are there. Tony says he doesn’t like Ben; “he only wants one thing.” Catalina says Marah can take care of herself. Tony says sometimes Marah can be hurting inside without showing it. Catalina says she knows the feeling.

Part One

Part Two

Tuesday January 22, 2002

Marah is shaken by the news of Catalina’s pregnancy. When her roommate returns to the dorm, Marah confronts Catalina and gives her the news. Marah is sure that Catalina is trying to make Tony love her by trapping him; but Catalina thinks Marah’s suspicions are nothing more than jealousy. Crushed, Marah admits that she is jealous, but she tells Catalina, she knows she must let go now.

Reva agrees to go to San Cristobel with Josh. After nailing down the details of the trip, the two agree they need to tell the children about their renewed relationship. The couple picks up Shayne and the trio heads for Marah’s dorm. Although their children are happy to hear about the change in their parent’s relationship, Marah is clearly distracted. Shayne tells his parents that his sister has Ben on her mind; this is the first Josh and Reva have heard about Ben being Marah’s new boyfriend. Still, Reva can sense there is something more going on with her daughter. When she leaves, Reva tells Marah to trust her heart – Marah wishes
she had, but now knows it’s too late for that.

Tony has been talking to Romeo about his relationship with Catalina. It seems that his grandmother’s encouragement that he marries Catalina has made Tony realize that she is not the girl for him. Although he doesn’t love her, Tony feels badly about his plan to break up with Catalina none the less. Tony goes to see Catalina at the dorm and finds an upset Marah instead. When Tony suggests that the two make a date for coffee, Marah becomes visibly agitated and rushes out in tears. As she’s leaving, Marah tells Tony she hopes things work out for him. “What things?” Tony wonders.

Catalina is glad to see Tony, but he isn’t up for small talk – he wants to tell her something. Before Catalina can tell him that he is going to be a father, Tony breaks it off with her. A devastated Catalina tells Tony to leave, and assures her now ex-boyfriend that she will be fine.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Tuesday January 29, 2002

Tony goes to see Marah and tells her the news that he’s broken up with Catalina. While Tony is trying to rekindle the relationship with Marah, she realizes that Catalina has not yet told him about the baby. Marah urges Tony to go talk to Catalina – there is unfinished business, she tells him. Tony is confused and is hard pressed to understand why he and Marah can’t pick up where they left off, but agrees to go talk to Catalina.

Realizing that she didn’t tell Tony about her pregnancy, Ben chides Catalina for keeping it a secret. Although she planned the pregnancy as a means to keep Tony, Catalina tells Ben it’s her pride that’s keeping her from telling – she doesn’t want to get him back that way. Ben devises a plan to get Tony’s attention while letting Catalina keep silent. The two agree that they will arrange for Tony to hear about the pregnancy from someone other than Catalina, and lead him to believe she intends to terminate it. They are sure that when he hears the news, Tony will rush to Catalina’s side to keep her from terminating the pregnancy.

Ben’s gambling buddies put him on the hot seat for taking so long to bed Marah. When he goes to her room, Ben finds Marah crying. He does his best to romance the heartbroken girl.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Thursday January 31, 2002

Catalina has a plan. She feeds Father Ray enough information to let him catch on that she’s pregnant, then lets him believe she plans to terminate the pregnancy. Realizing that Tony is unaware of Catalina’s delicate condition, the priest rushes off to find his brother so that he will stop Catalina.

Tony tells Marah that he’s finally free to be with her. Believing that he knows about Catalina’s pregnancy, Marah lets him back into her life. Tony tells her he loves her, and Marah replies that she never stopped loving him. She wonders aloud “is this really happening? Are we really getting a second chance?” Tony assures her, “nothing is gonna stand in our way this time, nothing.” (Famous last words in Soapland) Marah tells Tony that she is ready to take their relationship to the next level saying “I’m ready and I want you, Tony. Make love to me.” In the throes of intimacy, the couple is interrupted by Father Ray.


Friday Febuary 1, 2002

Father Ray arrives at Marah’s dorm and tries to tell Tony that Catalina needs him but refuses, as a priest, to betray her confidence. He only says that Catalina has to make a difficult choice now. Tony doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Marah realizes Tony doesn’t know the truth – she tells him Catalina is pregnant. Tony doesn’t understand – he talked to Catalina and she didn’t say anything. Marah says she thought he knew, or else she “never would have considered…” (sleeping with him). Ray says there isn’t much time, “Cat’s not
thinking clearly.” Tony realizes what he means, “The baby?” Ray nods. Tony calls Catalina’s doctor but gets nowhere. Ray tells him that the doctor is not going to give him that information over the phone. He suggests Tony go look for Catalina. Tony is angry and confused. Ray says, “It’s your decision…I know you’re gonna do the right thing.” He leaves.

Through her tears, Marah says “I thought you knew.” Tony apologizes as he bangs the door in frustration. He can’t believe Catalina lied to him. “This is crazy!,” he screams. Marah asks him, “Are you going to stop her?” Tony is visibly upset as he tells Marah that everything he told her was true – he wants to be with her and wants nothing get in the way. Marah says Catalina’s condition changes things. Marah tells him that she realized Tony was the only one she loves when Sam told her about the picture of Josh and how Tony was responsible for saving him. She says she went back to Tony’s birthday party that night to tell Tony how she felt, but found him in bed with Catalina. Then she thought it must really be over. Tony holds her as she cries, then lets go and says he has to leave. Marah cries alone in her room.

At the Springfield Women’s Clinic, Catalina fills out paperwork as a counselor, Jane, tells her there are some formalities they have to discuss first. Catalina says, “No offense, but I want to see a doctor, not a counselor.” Jane tells her there is no reason to rush, and that she has many alternatives. Catalina says she has no alternatives.

Later, Tony barges in asking Jane if she’s seen Catalina. He describes her, desperately, begging to see her. Jane says he can’t just come barging in like this. She threatens to call the police. Tony grabs the phone from her and insists on seeing Catalina. He calls out her name. Jane tries to quiet him, “Sir, we have patients here.” Tony panics, “Patients?” He again
calls for Catalina, rushing past Jane and into the doctor’s office, screaming her name.


**Catalina manipulated Tony into getting her pregnant and is now manipulating Tony into staying with her for the baby.  Tony is being torn in different directions.  His heart is firmlywith Marah where it has always been but there are forces pulling him towards Catalina.  Not only is he is a strict Catholic but has been raised with the belief that family is everything. **

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