2. Making Mistakes then Pressing Forward

Tuesday January 2, 2001

At the Rex Motel Tony and Marah enter their room and find it draped in leopard print. It is very cheesy. Tony apologizes but Marah says the room is not that bad. Tony tells her he can’t believe they are there, not at the hotel but at that point in their relationship. He tells Marah that even in a cheesy place like this, she makes everything else go away. He kisses her. Marah looks over his shoulder at her watch. Tony pulls Marah next to him on the bed. He says she is different and everything about her gets to him. He mentions her eyes, her
hair and the way she smells. He thinks she is perfect. Tonight is special for him and he wants it to be the same for her. She says it is. Tony takes his shirt off and they kiss. He laughs and says they are both shaking. In some ways it is the first time for both of them. They lie down on the bed and continue kissing. Marah sits up suddenly from the bed saying she thinks she hears a noise. Tony tries to relax her. She lies down and he unbuttons her blouse. They are kissing again. Marah asks him if he really likes her and tells him she likes him too.
They kiss some more and she stops him again. Tony asks if she is okay, he doesn’t want to rush her and promises her they have all night. He asks if she trusts him and if she is sure that is what she wants. Marah says she doesn’t know anymore. Tony asks what is going on with her and what is the matter? He wants to know if it is the place or if it is him. He asks why she keeps looking at her watch. She panics and runs into the bathroom and locks herself in. Tony tries to talk to her through the door and tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her. She tells him that she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. This just isn’t what she expected. She says she is sorry. Marah dials the phone in the bathroom and gets Reva’s cell phone. Tony hears her and goes to pick up the other phone. Reva asks Marah if the wedding is starting soon. Marah says she is at a motel with Tony, he is mad and she is scared. Reva is worried when she hears Tony on the other line asking Marah what she thinks she is doing. He gets angry and yanks the phone cord out of the wall. Marah is disconnected from her mom and tells Tony through the door how sorry she is. He is very upset and doesn’t understand why Marah is acting like this and making him look like a rapist when he would never hurt her. He throws things around and asks if God hates him and why he can’t have a relationship with someone who trusts and loves him for himself. Marah tells him that she really wanted to be with him and she loves the way he touches her. It was just too much too fast. He doesn’t understand why says she called her mother and acted like he was attacking her. He repeats he would never hurt her; he just wanted to love her. Marah sits on the floor and cries. Marah says she made a big mistake and just wants to go home. Tony breaks through the bathroom door and tells her that she is right; she did make a really big mistake.

Wednesday January 3, 2001

At the Rex Motel Tony breaks through the bathroom door and starts throwing things off the walls. He tells Marah that he just wants to make it look good for when the police get there. He is very angry and asks why she called her mother and told her she was scared. She apologizes and he tells her that she tried to set him up. After he takes a breather, he approaches Marah again. He asks her what she was doing there with him. She tells him that she wanted to be with him but she got scared when it got to a point that it wasn’t supposed to reach. Tony doesn’t understand and asks her why she kept looking at her watch all night. She tells him she doesn’t know but he knows she had some sort of plan for the evening. He asks her if she was trying to set him up and get him in trouble. She tells him that wasn’t her plan, she only wanted to stop her dad’s wedding but apparently he didn’t get her note or he would have been there by now. Tony starts to realize what was going on and asks Marah when her dad and the police busted in, what was supposed to happen to him? She said she didn’t think about that. He asked if she even cared. She said she only wanted to get her dad away from that witch he was marrying. She apologizes to Tony again. Marah tells him that her family is falling apart and she had to do something. She starts to cry, telling Tony about Reva being missing all those years and only having her dad around until Reva came back and everything was great for a while and she hoped they could be right again. She had to try to stop her father from marrying Olivia. She says, she never meant to hurt him and she really cares about him. She tries to reach out to him but he tells her not to touch him. Tony leaves and Marah is crying.

Josh comes in and sees Marah. He talks to her about the police and that she told them it was all a mistake and she refused to press charges. He wants to know what she didn’t tell them. He asks if Tony hurt her. She says she is fine. Josh tells her that Reva called her and said she was being attacked. Marah is surprised and gets a glimmer or hope in her eyes. She asks Josh if Reva called him during his wedding. He tells her that she did. Marah acts like she is so sorry and apologizes for interrupted it. Josh realizes that she is faking and tells her to get up; he is taking her home.

Friday January 5, 2001

At Infierno Danny is in his office when Tony walks in. Tony is out of sorts and Danny asks if he is okay. Tony says no and asks why he gets no respect no matter how hard he tries. Danny asks what he has done now. Tony says that is the attitude that ticks him off. He did everything right and still things went wrong. It was about Marah. He tells Danny he took Marah away for the weekend and it was her idea. Danny asks about Josh’s wedding and Tony says it was all a set up to mess up the wedding. Tony says Marah told him this to his
face. Danny wants to know what he was thinking. Tony says he cared about Marah, but now he feels like a chump. Danny says he is sorry but he should have known he was being set up. Tony says he just wanted to be with her and have something like Danny had with Michelle. Danny says that dream doesn’t happen for guys like them. If he learns that now, he will save himself a lot of grief.

Outside the office, Tony is sitting at a table when Marah arrives. He gets up to leave and she tells him not to go. She tells him that she is sorry that she used him and hurt him. She wants to make it up to him. Tony asks what makes her think he wants her to. He tells her she has a lot of nerve. She did him a favor by showing him her true colors and letting him know that she really thinks he is dirt. Marah denies that and says they care about each other. Tony says he won’t be fooled twice and asks her to leave. Marah leaves.

Monday January 15, 2001

At Infierno Marah arrives and Catalina wants her to talk to Tony. She says he is ready to forgive her. Marah isn’t sure. She sees him come out of the office and notices he tries to look away. Marah goes over to him and tells him that she is wearing his gift to her, the St. Anthony’s medal. He tells her to keep it as a souvenir. She tells him that Catalina taught him a prayer to St. Anthony for lost things. She tells him that she has lost a lot in her life but nothing hurt as much as losing him. Tony walks away from her but she follows him into the office. He asks her if she is going to follow him around all night. She tells him that she remembers when she first saw him and she knew he was different. She tells him that she sees more in him that other people see. He tells her that he sees her as more that a pretty face as well. She admits to him that she didn’t know how he cared and she used him. She realized after they got to the motel that he cared a great deal for her. She then realized she had made a mistake and locked herself in the bathroom because she was scared of wanting something she wasn’t ready for. Tony tells her not to feel bad about holding out; it is what girls do. He kisses her and she apologizes again. Tony kisses her and asks what he will do with her. He can’t stay mad at her and can’t make love to her. He wonders what he should do? She tells him to kiss her again.

Thursday January 18, 2001

At the Lewises’ Marah calls Tony. She tells him that she can’t stop thinking about him and wants to see him. Reva comes in the room with Marah and tells her that she better not be talking to Tony Santos. Marah lied and said that it was a girlfriend. She tells Tony she has to go but she would like to see him later. Marah hangs up and Reva tells her that her girlfriend has already applied to over 5 colleges and thinks Marah needs to be doing the same thing. Marah tells her that she isn’t going to college and will support herself by being a model. Shayne comes down and tells Marah she will have to stop eating if that is her goal. Reva tells them all to sit down and listen up because there are to be some changes in the house. She announces that Noah will be moving in. The kids can’t believe it and ask her what is up. Reva tells them Noah will only be there for safety reasons and will be sleeping on the couch. Shayne asks if it wouldn’t be a bit crowded for two on the sofa. Reva tells him not to be fresh and assures them that Noah is just moving in to “make sure” they are okay.

Marah is alone in the house when Tony arrives. Marah kisses her and Tony backs off. He says he needs to talk to her. She thinks he is going to tell her that he doesn’t forgive her but he tells her that isn’t it. He says when she kisses him like that he can hardly breath and it kills him because he knows it isn’t going to go any further. So he thinks if it isn’t going to go any further they shouldn’t even go that far. That way he isn’t frustrated and she doesn’t have to worry about saying no. She smiles at him and sits on his lap. Tony asks if they are alone and she says they are. He kisses her again but tells her that he doesn’t want any trouble with her parents.

Outside, a thug is walking around the house trying to peer in.

Wednesday January 24, 2001

At Infierno Catalina says Marah didn’t have to drive her there; she could have taken the bus. Tony comes out to see the girls and kisses Marah. Olivia calls looking for Marah and gets Catalina. Marah asks Catalina to lie for her but she tells her that she can’t. Marah grabs the phone pretending to be Catalina and tells Olivia “no esta aqui?” Olivia knows it is Marah and tells Josh she found her and will be right back. Marah and Tony go into Danny’s office. She asks if he is in charge while Danny is away. He tells her that he is and they kiss. Tony says he is nervous about Olivia and asks Marah if she has spoken to her mother. Tony tells Marah that Ray tried to intercede with Reva for them, but had no luck. Olivia enters the office and says “no esta aqui?” Marah is surprised to see her there and wonders why Olivia is not in Hawaii. Marah tells Olivia to get lost. She thinks Olivia wants to ruin her relationship with
Josh. Olivia tells her about Shayne’s accident. Marah is upset. Olivia offers to drive her to the hospital or let her go on her own. Marah asks Olivia not to say where she found her. Olivia and Marah argue but Olivia finally agrees not to volunteer any information about where she found her. They leave and Marah says goodbye to Tony. Tony says they were unlucky. Catalina says Shayne was unlucky too.

Thursday January 25, 2001

Tony calls Marah and asks about her house arrest and Shayne. She tells him that Shayne may be coming home today. Tony says he is glad she told her parents about them but worries because even Ray couldn’t help them. Tony compares them to Romeo and Juliet but Marah doesn’t like the comparison. She thinks they are smarter than they were and will able to live and love each other both. Tony is happy that she is not giving up on them.

Friday January 26, 2001

At the Lewis’s’ Reva, Josh and Marah bring Shayne home. Josh tells them that he and Olivia are leaving that evening for Hawaii. Marah apologizes for him having to miss his trip and he tells her to stay out of trouble. She tells him that she wants to but she wants Josh and Reva to let her continue seeing Tony. Reva tells her no and Josh asks her why she thinks things would be different today. She tells them that everything at the Rex motel was her fault and she doesn’t want to punish Tony as well. All he wanted to do was be with her. They tell her no. Josh says it doesn’t matter who is at fault because Marah uses bad judgment when she is with Tony. Marah leaves for school.

At Infierno Tony tells Ray not to try to help him next time. Ray tells Tony to be patient; it has only been one day since he talked to Reva. Marah walks in and tells Tony he is banned for life, things couldn’t be worse. Ray asks why she is there. Marah says she had to talk to Tony. Marah says her parents found out about yesterday. Tony offers to go talk to her parents. Ray thinks it is a good idea, but Marah says no. Marah tells Tony it would only make matters worse. Tony and Ray think it would show respect to her parents if he stands up and talks to them. Marah doesn’t think it will work. Ray tells Marah that it can’t make things any worse and it is good for Tony to stand up for things he believes in. Tony leaves with Marah as Ray wishes them good luck.

Back at the Lewises’ Tony and Marah arrive at the Lewis house. Reva is not at all happy to see them together. Tony talks to the Lewis’ very respectfully and pleads his case for them to reconsider. Reva asks Josh if he wants to handle it. Josh says he thinks Tony cares about Marah and that he does want to protect her but Josh doesn’t want Marah to be put in a situation where she needs to be protected. Josh mentions the Rex motel. Tony apologizes for that and tells Josh that was poor judgment. Tony asks for the chance to prove he can be good for Marah. Marah tells Tony to stop, that they don’t care about them. Tony agrees to leave and tells Marah he is sorry. He hugs her and leaves. Josh gets ready to go home. He tells Marah to be responsible about this. He leaves. Marah says she is going to school. Reva reminds her that the last time she said that, she came back with Tony. Marah says she doesn’t want to hear it and leaves the house. Tony is waiting outside and apologizes to her for messing up. Marah kisses him, tells him he was perfect and asks him what they are going to do now. Tony tells Marah he can’t take this. He thinks he is in love with her. He says he has never felt like this before. Marah tells him not to worry, her parents will come around. Until then she tells him they will just have to keep a low profile. Tony kisses her. Two thugs arrive with knives. They beat Tony and drag him into the bushes and take Marah with them.

Monday January 29, 2001

At Infierno Catalina and May hear a noise, then see Tony tumble down the stairs bleeding and unconscious. They get him into Danny’s office and try to take care of him. May tells Catalina to cover Tony with a blanket, while she gets on the phone. She calls Danny and he says he will be right there.

Danny is wiping the blood of Tony’s face while trying to get him to come to. Ray, Catalina, Michelle and May are in the office too. Tony wakes up and asks, “Where is she?” Danny asks him who did this. Tony looks around and says he can’t tell him. Danny asks the ladies to leave them alone a moment. They leave and Tony tells Danny that the goons grabbed Marah. He tries to get up saying he has to find her but he cant. He tells Danny and Ray how they were at the Lewis’ and one of the men grabbed her and the other started beating on him. Ray and Danny are concerned and Ray thinks they should call the cops. Danny thinks the only way to protect Marah is to deal with it themselves. He thinks the whole situation was a ploy to get his attention. Some of the families don’t like what he is doing and want to bargain with him. Danny says he just has to figure out how to get her back. Ray insists on calling the police and Danny finally agrees, deciding to ask Frank to be discreet. Danny asks Ray to take Tony to the
hospital while he contacts Frank. Catalina goes with them while Michelle waits for Danny. Michelle asks Danny what happened. He tells her when they couldn’t get to Michelle, they snatched Marah. Michelle says the danger is not from him but from his work. Frank arrives. Danny wants him to keep this information to himself. He tells Frank about Marah’s kidnapping. He thinks he knows who did it but needs Frank to be restrained. Frank agrees as long as Danny levels with him. He says he will handle the Lewis’s while Danny goes to look for Marah. He wants Frank to tell the Lewis’s that Marah is safe and they are trying to get her back. Frank tells Michelle he wishes she wasn’t in on this and Danny agrees. Frank leaves and Danny calls Carlos. He asks him what he knows about the situation. Danny tells Michelle he may have a lead on who has Marah. She asks what he will do. Danny says whatever it takes.


Tuesday January 30, 2001

At the Lewis House Frank repeats that Marah had been kidnapped. Reva tells him that she is at school. Frank tells her that Tony and Marah were on the front porch when four thugs came up and kidnapped her and beat Tony pretty badly. Reva realizes that she was in the kitchen and Shayne was asleep. Reva thinks Perdita may be
responsible. Frank asks who Perdita is. Noah and Reva are talking about Perdita but Noah doesn’t think she would do it. He will talk to her but thinks Frank should follow other leads. Frank tells Reva that thugs were following Michelle last week. He thinks Marah may be thought of as a Santos woman. Reva is angry and wants to take Danny and Tony apart. She wants to go on TV and demand Marah’s return. Noah and Frank try to calm her. They tell her to let Danny try to get Marah back. Frank wonders if there is anything he can do and Reva says she needs a big favor. She gets Frank to call Josh and break the news and he does. Afterwards, she thanks him and tells him that with the way things have been going he would have never believed her. Reva thinks a moment and asks Frank if Tony and Marah staged this. Frank tells her that Tony was hurt pretty bad and he doesn’t think it was staged. Reva is upset and wonders why this is happening to her daughter. Frank says the thugs want to bargain with Danny and he is sure they won’t hurt Marah. Noah says if they wanted to hurt Marah, they would have left her with Tony. Frank tells Reva to stay home in case someone tries to call her. She asks Frank to keep in touch. Frank tells Noah to tie her down if he has to. Reva tells Noah to get out his spy book and do something. Noah says if this is mob related, his contacts can’t help. He tells her to take deep breaths. She asks Noah to check on Shayne. Noah tells Reva to stay put while he goes upstairs. She gets her coat and leaves.

At Infierno Danny is waiting for Carlos to call. Michelle is with him and says she wanted to spend time with him but didn’t expect this. Danny says that he wants her to
leave as soon as someone can take her. May comes in and says Tony has some cracked ribs but will be okay. She asks if Michelle wants something to eat. Danny encourages her to go with May. They talk about Tony and May asks Michelle if it makes her crazy when she doesn’t know what is going on. Michelle says it is worse sometimes when you do know. May wonders if it was the same thugs from last week. She starts comparing it to a movie but Michelle stops her.

Frank comes in and asks if Danny heard anything. Frank says Reva is very upset. Danny says Reva is a lose cannon and her being anywhere near this situation is a big problem. Frank offers to take Michelle home and then will contact his sources. Michelle doesn’t want to go but eventually agrees. Tony arrives with Ray. Michelle wonders what Tony is doing there. Tony asks Danny about Marah. Tony thinks Danny needs to hit back hard at Johnny Machado. Danny says what if it isn’t him. Tony says if it is him, he (Tony) would like to deal with him. Danny wants to handle it and tells him it will be better for Marah. Reva arrives and says she holds each of them responsible for Marah’s life and wants to know how they are going to find her daughter.

Wednesday January 31, 2001

Reva is in the office with Danny, Tony and Ray. She asks where her daughter is. Danny tells her that he is trying to find out. Reva is not satisfied with that and tells him she wants to know something now. Tony tries to tell her what happened but Reva doesn’t want to hear from him she only wants to know where her daughter is. She tells them all that if Marah is hurt in any way they each will have to pay for it. Danny tells Reva that he is the best way to get Marah back and if Reva interferes it will only be worse on Marah. Reva tells him that she isn’t leaving; she will be sticking to Danny like glue. He tells her that isn’t a good idea. He tells her that the man he thinks has Marah wants something from him and he will have to be the one to negotiate with him. Reva asks who has her but Danny tells her that he isn’t 100% yet. She asks when he will know. He tells her that is should be by that evening. She tells him that she will back off until then because she trusts Danny but after that and after Marah is home safely, she is going to tell the world how and why her little girl was abducted. She leaves. Danny yells at Tony for getting Marah into this mess, telling him that if he had listened to him and not seen her in the first place she would have never been taken. The phone rings and it is Carlos. Carlos confirms that it was Johnny Machado. Tony is angry and wants to kill Johnny. Danny sits him down and tells him that he has to listen to him. If he doesn’t he will never see Marah again. He tells Tony that violence only begets violence and they do not need a blood bath on their hands. Danny tells Tony that he and Ray are going to take him home where he can’t get into any more trouble.

At the Lewises Noah, Sam and Shayne are pacing in the living room. Reva returns and Shayne asks if she talked to Danny. Reva says that they don’t know anything yet. Noah says they are using Marah to get to Danny. Josh bursts in and wants to know what is going on. Josh is asking Reva how Marah got kidnapped. She tries to explain and says Tony must have been hiding when Josh left. Josh argues with Reva and tells Reva she was supposed to take care of the kids. Noah defends Reva to Josh. Josh admits that he is upset and Olivia tries to calm him. Josh doesn’t want to sit around and wait; he wants facts. Reva agrees. She says they need someone with a cool head and that person is Josh. Noah said he will make some calls and Olivia offers to talk to Danny. Reva doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize Marah. Shayne says Marah is tougher than she looks. Josh says Shayne is right and it is not the time for people to be lashing out. Reva agrees and starts to cry. Josh tells her they will get their girl back. They all hug while Olivia watches.

At the Santos House Tony, Ray and Danny see Abuela. She is embroidering. Ray wants to offer himself in exchange for Marah. Tony wants to go after Johnny Machado but Abuela tells him to sit down. Danny says if Tony uses violence he can kiss Marah goodbye. Danny says any hostile move will blow up on them. Ray agrees. Tony says he wants to make the punks know who they are disrespecting. Tony appeals to Abuela but she says her grandson doesn’t respect her opinion so she is staying out of it.
She sits and embroiders handkerchiefs for her grandsons. Danny wants to know if she has some advice. She is playing hard to get, but finally says she can help. Abuela says she can give them some information. Abuela knew Johnny Machado since he was a bagman. He is a hands-on man who wants to know all the details. He is directing the whole operation and would know where the girl is. Danny says that Marah is probably at a remote location and the kidnappers keep in touch by using a cell phone. Danny will demand to talk to Marah and maybe they can catch the frequency of the phone. They will monitor Johnny’s calls and try to find Marah’s location. Abuela thinks it is a good plan. The guys get together and set a scanner up. Tony is working on it while Danny goes to get the word out that he wants to talk to Machado. Tony gets on his knees and prays to St. Anthony to bring Marah back to him. Danny tells Ray they will need more than prayers. Ray tells him not to knock the power of prayer.

At the lighthouse Marah is tied up and blindfolded. She is sitting on a chair and begging for someone to let her go. She is crying and says she wants to go home.


Thursday February 1, 2001

At the Santos Compound Tony, Ray, and Danny are waiting for a call from the kidnappers. They are worried about Frank and Reva interfering. The phone rings and Danny tells Abuela to answer it. She hands the phone to Danny; it is Johnny Machado. Danny taps Tony on the shoulder to tap the frequency. Danny tells Johnny they got the wrong girl. Johnny thought she was Tony’s girlfriend. He tells Danny that he doesn’t want to hurt her, just talk to Danny. He asks for a meeting. Tony is listening on the scanner. Danny says he will meet with Johnny after he talks to Marah to make sure she is safe. He hangs up. Tony and Ray wonder if Marah is all right and Danny says he thinks so. Tony tries to think of ways to get to Johnny back. Ray and Danny try to calm him down. Abuela tells Tony to be patient. Danny answers the phone and motions to Tony to get on the scanner. Marah says “Tony?” Danny tells Marah it is Danny. She asks about Tony and was worried he was killed. Danny reassures her. Tony grabs the phone and asks how she is. He tells her they will get her out of there and to be brave. He wants her to answer yes or no to his questions. He wants her to tell him where she is on one breath. She tries to say it’s a small room that echoes, but the call is cut off. They got her on the scanner. Danny tells Tony to monitor the frequency and assures him they will get her back.

The guys sit by the scanner monitoring Johnny’s cell phone. They are listening to all his calls but don’t get much information. Johnny calls Danny again and asks if he is satisfied and he will call to make an appointment tomorrow night. Danny wants Marah at the meeting. Johnny says okay but Danny won’t get her back until he agrees to Johnny’s terms. Danny says he won’t rescue Marah in daylight, which leaves tomorrow night. Tony wants to help with the rescue. Danny tells Tony to monitor the scanner so they can find her by tomorrow.

Friday February 2, 2001

At Olivia’s Olivia, Sam and Josh are waiting to hear about Marah. Sam is very nervous and wishes he could help. He paces around and apologizing to Josh and Olivia for
being so nervous. The phone rings and Sam answers it. It is Danny. He tells Sam not to let anyone know he called and come to 10 High Ridge Road. Danny will meet him there. Sam pretends it is a friend inviting him to snowboard and Olivia encourages him to leave and have a good time.

At the Santos Compound Danny and Tony are listening to Johnny’s conversations on the scanner. Tony tries to run out when he hears something about the lighthouse. Danny tries to stop him and Ray agrees. Danny thinks he and Marah will both get shot. The only way to get Marah back alive is to keep the police and the guns out of it. The
phone rings. Frank tells Danny they have a problem; Danny has been holding out on him. Danny tells Frank he knows everything Danny knows. Frank mentions the
meeting with Johnny. Danny says he was planning on filling him in once he had more info. Frank asks questions about Marah and is not buying Danny’s story. Frank is threatening a SWAT team and tells Danny he can’t promise him anything unless Danny tells Frank everything. Frank wants 45 minutes notice to get the police in place. Danny tells Ray and Tony that Frank knows about the meeting. Danny decides to get Marah out first before the meeting and the police arrive. Tony says he knows how they can get Marah out. He tells them about Sam and Danny calls him.

Sam arrives at the Santos house. He tells Tony this was bound to happen to Marah and wonders why he couldn’t leave her alone. Tony and Sam are yelling at each other and Ray and Danny try to break it up and get to the point. Danny finally asks Sam if he can climb the lighthouse. Sam says he can and asks if that is where Marah is being held. He asks why they don’t call the police. Danny says it will make things worse. He explains that they have to get Marah out of the lighthouse by 11 PM. He asks if Sam can get her out without being seen. Tony wants to come but Sam says he has to do it alone. Ray reminds Tony of his broken ribs. Danny says the guys have to put aside their differences or the plan is off. They both agree.

Back at Olivia’s Olivia asks Josh if he is sleepy, but he says he is numb. He is worried about things he has said and things he shouldn’t have said. Josh says he should have tried harder to keep Marah from Tony. Olivia says kids are kids and you can’t control them. They have to learn from their own mistakes.

Sam arrives home and everyone is in bed. He goes in his room and tries to sneak out with his climbing gear. Olivia comes out of the bedroom. She tells him he isn’t going
climbing. Sam has to tell her he is doing it to save Marah. He wants to help. Olivia tells him she can’t let him do this and will call the police. Sam says mobsters have Marah and she has to keep his secret. Olivia doesn’t want Sam to risk his life. Sam insists and says both he and Marah will wind up dead if Olivia tells anyone. She reluctantly lets him leave.

Olivia is at the window in her robe when Josh comes out of the bedroom and up behind her. He thanks her for letting him sleep. She is looking at the lighthouse. Josh says it
is supposed to be the coldest night of the year and he wouldn’t want to be stuck out there.

Sam arrives at the lighthouse and Ray hands him a rope. Danny and Tony are with him. Sam ties the rope around him and starts to free climb.

Monday February 5, 2001

Sam is climbing the lighthouse and is almost to the top. Tony says he looks like Spiderman. Sam slips and falls to the ground. Tony and Danny go to check on him and he is holding his side. Sam tells him that he is fine; he just had the wind knocked out of him. He tries to get back up and found that he had sprung his ankle. They don’t want him to try again but he wraps his ankle and gets back up. He tells them that sometimes when it freezes the mortar will crumble and that is why he slipped. Tony tells him he has more guts them brains and Sam makes a little joke about Marah arguing with them when they get her back about taking their time. Sam starts climbing again and Tony looks worried. Tony asks Danny how many people he thinks Johnny has up there.

Sam is back nearing the top and is struggling. He stops, takes a deep breath, and keeps climbing. Tony asks Danny if he can be the first one in. Ray thinks he wants to be macho for Marah but Danny doesn’t think so. Danny asks him what the real reason is. Tony tells him he doesn’t want anyone else getting hurt for something that was his fault. He tells him he doesn’t want anyone else taking a bullet. He rationalizes that Danny can’t because he has a wife and a baby. Ray tells him that he is expendable and no one will shoot a priest. Tony tells him that his brother is not expendable. Ray tells him that his brother isn’t either. Danny tells Tony he can lead them in.

Sam reaches the top and is securing the rope for the guys to climb up. One of the guards comes up to the observation deck and Sam hides. Sam gets up and goes over to the guy, introduces himself and asks the guy if he is stargazing?

Tuesday February 6, 2001

At the Lighthouse Marah is sitting blindfolded and tied. She is talking to the goon who is watching her and tells him she must be very intimidating to them to be kept tied up. She complains about having to go to the bathroom, being dehydrated and then of some pains she has. She begged the guy to untie her for only a moment. The guy comes over and says he would rather put duct tape on her mouth. Marah says her boyfriend will save her but the goon says with her mouth her boyfriend may have decided she isn’t worth it.

On the observation deck the other goon is surprised when Sam comes over and starts talking about the stars. The guy wonders how Sam got up to the top of the lighthouse. Sam starts telling him about free climbing and how great it is except when it is freezing and the mortar cracks. Sam keeps the guy distracted while Tony climbs the rope. The guy pulls a gun on Sam and Sam asks him what his problem is. He just wanted to look at the stars and now he has a gun on him. Tony sneaks up over the railing and behind the guy and taps him on the shoulder. When the guy turns, Tony knocks him out. Sam starts tying the guy’s hands behind him as Danny and Ray climb up the rope. Tony tells them that they got one of the men and there should only be one more. Danny tells him not to get overconfident. Tony and Sam are ready to go on to part two of their plan. Ray huddles them all together and they pray for the safety of Marah and themselves.

Marah is still complaining as Danny, Tony, Sam and Ray arrive outside the door where she is being held. Danny’s cell phone rings and the guard goes out to check. Marah screams as she hears a shot. Tony comes in and unties Marah and she tells him she knew he would come. She was afraid he was shot. She thinks he is amazing but Tony admits Sam is the one who did the climbing. She thanks both of them. Sam thought they were toast when Danny’s phone rang. Danny says it was the cops. Danny returns Frank’s call and tells him he will bring Marah and Sam home. Frank says he will be waiting. Danny and Ray tell them that they all are going to the Lewis house.

The Santos’ and Sam come in with Marah. Reva is hugging her. Frank confronts Danny and wants details. Danny tells them how Sam and Tony staged the rescue. Marah stands up for them saying they were hero’s but Josh says Tony is the reason that Marah was kidnapped in the first place. Ray says he is proud of Tony but Josh says he has had enough of the Santos family. They get ready to leave and Marah tells Tony that she will never forget what he did. Sam tries to stand up for Tony and Danny, but Reva and Josh start in on him working with the mob instead of the police. Sam says Danny’s plan worked and he is glad he could help. Reva says, “If you were my kid…” Olivia stops her and Josh suggests she take Sam home. Noah tries to make peace. Marah apologizes for ruining another honeymoon. Josh and Olivia are going to go home and Marah thanks Sam again. Josh hugs Marah. Josh gives the keys to Sam to go to the car. Olivia asks him if he understands why she withheld information. Josh tells her that he is angry.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-HtwzCvprw (Part Two of Operation Lighthouse Rescue)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwtGWDiXNyw (Part Three)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYZOQ1my2M4 (Part Four)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSURWEE4Cuc (Part Five)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4Y71HUQg_8 (Part Six)

(If Reva and Josh hadn’t already had reason to disprove of Marah and Tony’s relationship Marah’s kidnapping drove that point home. This event would always be Josh’s “go to” evidence of why getting involved with Tony was bad for Marah’s health.  Nevermind that Marah had ALREADY been kidnapped when she was a baby by Josh’s best friend Will Jeffries!   Josh’s concern for Marah’s safety is understandable, but Josh never did let go of his belief that being with Tony was dangerous for Marah~ even AFTER Tony left the life behind.)

Friday February 9, 2001

Important Marah and Michelle Conversation:

At the Lewis’s’ Michelle comes in and scares an unsuspecting Marah. She says she didn’t expect anyone to be there. She apologizes for being jumpy but says she has been that way since the kidnapping. Michelle tells her it will get better. Marah tells her that she is probably the only person she knows who truly understands. Marah says Tony told her that she was being followed earlier on by the same thugs. Michelle says the thugs go after anyone that Tony or Danny care about it. Michelle tells her that it hasn’t scared her off and she is staying with Danny anyway. Marah says Tony is funny and exciting but wonders if falling for a Santos will lead to disaster. Michelle tells Marah that she wouldn’t change anything and she truly believes Danny is worth it. She knows they belong together. Marah is impressed that Michelle can still say that after everything that has happened. Marah tells Michelle she makes it all sound so easy, but they are different. Michelle is not wasting her time wanting something she can’t have. Marah says she is not Michelle and Tony is not Danny. People look at Danny and say he is a nice guy, trapped in a bad family. They think Tony is a thug. She says Tony is really sweet even though she has hurt him repeatedly. She would like to be the person that he sees her to be. Michelle says that Marah is the person Tony sees. She asks if Marah loves Tony. Marah doesn’t want to say, she isn’t sure she really knows what that means, but she
thinks about him all the time and wants to be with him. The problem is her parents won’t let her see him. Tony tried to convince her parents to let them see each other the day she was kidnapped. Michelle asks how about her? Marah doesn’t see any way around her parents. Michelle offers to take her to Infierno with her to ‘see Catalina’. Marah doesn’t want to get grounded again and tells Michelle that she has already used that excuse. Michelle says the best way to break her heart is to deny her feelings. Michelle goes to leave and Marah hops
up and decides to go with her.

(Is loving a Santos really worth the danger that comes with it?  To Michelle there is no question, she loves Danny and will take him even with all the risk.  Marah still has doubts.  This will be a continuous thread in their friendship as they are both the only two women to truly love the Santos men.)

At Infierno Tony is working on the books and notices Marah. He is surprised to see her. Tony tells Marah he is worried about seeing her. Marah says they need a less public
place to meet. Marah suggests the lighthouse as a meeting place and Tony wonders if she is sure. She says yes. He said he would find out the caretakers schedule.

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