3. Hiding in Plain Sight

Monday February 12, 2001

At the Lewis’s’ Josh arrives at the Lewis’s to talk to Marah. He tells her he didn’t like the way things ended with them and wants to speak to her. She says she knows he hates Tony, but Josh insists it is about what is best for her. Josh says if she insists on wanting to see Tony, there will be trouble. He wants a discussion without the fireworks. Marah says she is going to give up Tony. He doesn’t believe he heard her right. She tells him that she realized that she doesn’t love Tony, she just had a major crush on him and she has had help realizing how crazy she had been acting. Josh asks her if the therapist she had been talking to had helped her. She told him she had. She said that the doctor reminded her that she tried to see Tony right after getting kidnapped, knowing that he was the reason she was kidnapped in the first place. Josh is proud of Marah and wishes Reva could hear it.

Tuesday February 13, 2001

At the Lewises’ Catalina comes in and surprises Marah who is making a Valentine’s card for Tony. She hides the card until she sees that it is only Catalina. She explains that since the CD scam went down her parent have been watching her spending so she can’t go out and buy him anything. The card she made is shaped like a heart with a lighthouse on the front. Catalina hands her a gift from Tony and Marah is surprised. It is a bracelet with a lighthouse on it. Catalina asked about the theme gifts. She wonders why they would want to
memorialize a lighthouse where she had been held hostage. Marah admitted that she and Tony are secretly meeting there so that her parents won’t be on to them. Catalina said she doesn’t like helping perpetuate a lie especially since Reva has been so good to her. Marah pleads with Catalina and is interrupted by the doorbell. Marah opens the door to Sam. He is carrying a funeral wreath from the cemetery. He tells her that he was driving by the cemetery and saw them at the florist next door. They struck him as being perfect for her so he stopped. He commented that the red and white flowers on it are symbolic of fiery elegance just like she has. She tells them she is sweet but wonders why he didn’t take the ribbon off that says, “In Loving Memory.” He tells her that was his favorite part. She doesn’t understand. He tells her that the “memory is from this…” and he kisses her. She is taken aback and Sam tells her that he is going to leave. She asks why and he tells her that he wants her Valentine’s Day to be all that she wants so he is leaving so she can rendezvous with Tony. Sam leaves. Marah comes back in and tells Catalina that Sam confuses her. He is practically a relative. Catalina reminds her that he isn’t really related to her. Marah thinks that Sam is weird and he always does these things out of the blue. Catalina wonders how Marah feels for Sam. She insists she loves Tony, and asks Catalina to give Tony take him the card. She agrees to help her.

At Infierno Tony is looking at Marah’s homemade Valentine. Catalina says that Marah was afraid he would find it dorky. Tony says he hasn’t known anyone like Marah and loves his card. Catalina says she knows about the lighthouse. He tells Catalina he is gone on Marah and he wants everything to be right. It is different with Marah than any other girl he has known. Catalina realizes he wants to make Marah happy and asks if he is asking her for advice. Tony tells Catalina he doesn’t know what he can do for Marah. He wants something
special. She tells him that all girls love poetry. He tells her he doesn’t know any Spanish poems. Ray walks in and says he knows some. He says he won’t encourage the relationship, but will teach him the poems for educational purposes. Tony thanks Ray and Ray tells him that he thinks Tony is a better person loving Marah. Tony is skeptical about a priest knowing love poems, but Ray starts quoting Spanish poetry as Catalina translates. Tony is impressed and tells Ray he has hidden talent hidden underneath his collar.

Tony gets some hot chocolate for Catalina. He thanks her and tells her he would never hurt Marah. Tony thinks Catalina feels bad because of hiding the secret from Reva. He
assures her he loves Marah and Catalina says he is a good guy and that is the only reason she is helping him.

Friday February 16, 2001

At Infierno Tony is practicing his poem for Marah when Maria comes in. She tells him it is a beautiful poem and he speaks it with such feeling. She asks if it is for the Lewis Girl. He tells her that it isn’t, he has learned his lesson. Catalina comes in and Tony introduces her to his Abuela. Catalina leaves and Abuela assumes that she is the one he is practicing poetry for. Abuela tells him she approves of Catalina. Instead of explanations and denials, Tony thanks her for her support.

Abuela wonders what else is on Tony’s mind. He tells her that he is worried about Danny and his decisions. Abuela tells him to let Danny know what he is thinking. He thanks her and tells her that he has to go see Catalina. He goes out and tells Catalina to pretend they are an item if Abuela asks. She reluctantly agrees but only because she knows he won’t leave her alone until she does. He tells her he is going to meet Marah.

(Right now Catalina is being used as a cover for Marah and Tony’s secret meetings.  This will eventually come back to bite them.)

At the Lighthouse Tony is sitting up a picnic for them when Marah comes in. She thinks it is great. They kiss.

Monday February 19, 2001

At the Lighthouse Tony tells Marah he wants things to be different from when she was a prisoner. He tells her that it is their place now and starts kissing her. Tony offers her something to eat and then starts talking about Shayne’s hockey team. Marah wonders if something is wrong since he is changing the subject to hockey. He tells her that he is just trying to make conversation. He is trying to slow down and let them take their time. He tells her that she is making it very hard to do. Marah asks Tony if he is backing away from her because of what she did on New Year’s Eve. He tells her to forget about it because she has apologized enough. Marah says he even saved her from being kidnapped. Tony doesn’t want her being there out of gratitude. She says Tony always says he has changed because of her, but she has changed because of him too. He goes back to the food and pulls out all kinds of snacks.

They lie down on the blanket and are talking about her parents. She asks him about his childhood. He tells her about Ray and his relatives, saying no one was on his back too much; he pretty much raised his self. She says she wishes her parents would lighten up on her. She thinks they only want a preppie who will get 1300 on his SAT’s. She says those guys don’t respect girls at all. Tony says she shouldn’t take that from anyone. Marah says college is full of guys like that. Tony says college never seemed practical to him. He just wanted to survive. Marah wants to know what he really wants out of life. Tony says before he met her, he just wanted to stay two steps ahead of the guys on the street.

Josh and Olivia look around the exterior of the lighthouse and see that it is in a mess. Olivia wonders how Sam climbed it and feels bad about Marah being held there. Olivia notices the door is unlocked and Josh says he will call someone about it in the morning. Josh’s cell phone rings as they start to enter the lighthouse. He tells her that it is a business call and he has to go to the Spaulding Spires project. Olivia tells him she will stay there and takes some pictures until he gets back. She has her cell phone in case of emergency. Olivia enters the lighthouse.

Tony tells Marah he wanted to give her something, without just buying it. He is nervous and starts to recite the poem in Spanish. Marah is lying with her head in his lap, looking up at him. He is stroking her hair and she seems impressed with the poem. Marah pops up and kisses him. She says that was the most beautiful thing she ever heard, but she didn’t know what he said. He tells her it means she is beautiful. He starts to translate into English. Tony says she is beautiful no matter what and kisses her again. Meanwhile, Olivia is climbing the stairs and is taking pictures inside the lighthouse. Tony tells Marah they should listen to music and make conversation instead of making out. He puts some music on and they dance slowly. She reminds him she will be 18 next month. He says she is killing him but she says she knows what she wants and tonight is the perfect night. She helps take Tony’s shirt is
off and they kiss passionately as Olivia discovers them. Olivia calls out to Marah, who turns to look at her. Olivia has the camera in her hand pointing right at them.


Tuesday February 20, 2001

At the Lighthouse Tony and Marah are kissing when Olivia comes in and her camera flashes. Marah asks her if she is following her. Marah suggests that is the reason she is in the lighthouse at night with a camera. Olivia tells her she is working and that Lewis Construction is going to renovate the lighthouse. Marah asks if she is going to rat her out to her dad and Olivia thinks a moment and tells her that is the worst thing for Josh. It will only upset him. She tells Marah that she wishes she had never seen her with Tony but thinks a moment and tells her that it may just turn out to be a good thing. Tony tries to explain to Olivia that he and Marah are in love and only want to spend time together but are forbidden. She tells him that he is forbidden because of his life and family. Tony tells her that he was in a bad place and had a bad mindset until he met Marah, now he only sees the good in things. He tells her
that he feels he has a future now and good things are happening because of Marah. Olivia asks Marah if she thinks things are great when she has to sneak around and lie to her family. Tony tells her that they weren’t doing anything wrong. Olivia tells him that it would have eventually led there. Olivia tells them that they haven’t learned a thing from their mistakes. Marah apologizes but Olivia tells her not to waste her time. She tells Marah that it is obvious she likes to be the center of attention and Olivia is tired of the drama that pits
Reva and Josh together as always. Olivia tells Marah that she is in love too and knows how it is not to want the one you love hurt and she is hurting Josh by making him worry. Olivia says she doesn’t want Josh to have to worry about this, so she won’t show Josh the picture but Marah has to start paying her back now. Marah asks what she means and Olivia tells her that she is going to start behaving and treating her with respect. She said that she will be having a dinner party soon for Shayne and Marah is to be there going out of her way to make it a pleasant evening. Besides that Tony has to get out of the family business and stay on the straight and narrow. He tells her it isn’t that easy and she tells him that if he gets out, Josh and Reva’s objections to him will be gone. Tony is shocked and Marah is unhappy. Olivia tells them that they don’t have to agree to her terms, it is entirely up to them. Olivia starts to leave and Marah tells her to stop. They agree to her deal. Olivia tells them they have to hurry and leave before Josh gets back. Just then Josh calls out to Olivia. She gets Marah and Tony to hide and runs out to distract him. They go up on the observation deck while Tony and Marah sneak out.

Friday February 23, 2001

At Tower’s Olivia comes in to pick up a dessert she had ordered. She overhears the host taking a reservation for Tony Santos and a date that evening at 8. Olivia overhears the conversation and makes a reservation for five at the same time. She says to herself that Tony is taking someone else out and thinks that may help Marah see the light.

Tony and Catalina come in. They are being chaperoned by Abuela’s driver. Tony tells him to sit at the bar and he and Catalina talk about the ruse they are putting on acting as a couple. Catalina is impressed with the restaurant but knows Tony would rather be with Marah. Tony tells Catalina she is a good friend, but he would love to see Marah right now. Some Latin music starts playing and Tony realizes Abuela set it up so he asks Catalina to dance. They do and she suggests they have a good time and not worry about anything. Just then the Lewis
clan walks in and they all see Tony dancing with Catalina. Catalina and Tony sees them too and Tony stops dancing. Catalina tells him to keep dancing and let Josh see with his own eyes that he is with someone else. Marah is upset and Josh tries to cheer her up. Catalina tells Tony to sit down and she will explain everything to Marah. Sam tells Marah Tony is a fool and apologizes too. Catalina motions to Marah and they go to meet in the lady’s room. Marah goes by Tony on the way and glares at him. In the lady’s room, Marah is furious. Catalina tries to explain the reason for the date. It is the perfect set up so Abuela’s driver would watch them and report on their date to her. Olivia comes up to the door and listens as Catalina spills the plan to Marah. Marah realizes that this will work and the parents will get off their cases. Catalina tells Marah she did this for her and Marah says after this she should stay away from Tony. Catalina gets upset and says she will stop helping them, lying for them and passing notes between them too. Marah apologizes for being mean to Catalina just as Olivia
walks in. Marah asks Olivia how long she has been standing there and she says long enough.



Monday February 26, 2001

At Tower’s Marah, Olivia and Catalina come out of the lady’s room. Sam and Shayne are impressed that there was no bloodshed. Olivia tells them when she went in there Marah and Catalina were very civil to one another. Olivia pulls Marah to the side and tells her that she is buying the act she is trying on her dad and the others and she needs to stop seeing Tony. Marah calls Olivia mean and Olivia tells her she is just looking out for her dad. She reminds Marah that if Tony goes straight Josh might let her see him but until then if Marah sees Tony again, Olivia promises she will show Josh the picture from the lighthouse. Marah seems distracted and Josh asks if she is alright. She tells him if Tony can get over her that fast; he didn’t deserve her to begin with. Sam asks Marah to dance. Marah says the music is geriatric and tries to get out of it. Sam tells her he will lead and it will be great. At Olivia’s suggestion Marah goes to dance with Sam. They walk past Tony and Catalina and Tony wants to get Marah away from Sam. Catalina stops him and tells him that Marah is only
dancing with Sam for the same reasons they were dancing, to prove a point to those watching. Tony is jealous. All through the dance Tony wants to kill Sam. Catalina tries to get his mind off of it and finally kisses Tony. He and Catalina leave, reluctantly. Marah is really upset after witnessing the kiss and asks Sam to take her back to the table. Josh feels he must offer words of wisdom and starts by telling Marah that when a relationship breaks up, there is usually a flaw in it to begin with. He tells her that is what happened with he and Reva
and promises there is someone out there for her.


Later on outside the Lewis house, Tony is lurking on the porch. Marah spots him out the window and comes out to see him. He apologizes to her about Catalina. She tells him she understands everything. They kiss and make up. He said he was tempted to slug Sam. Tony wants to find a way to be alone with her and promises to get her a message.

Tony and Catalina come into Company. Catalina is trying to convince Tony that Marah was acting and loves him. He admits he is in love and thinks love is a curse. Michelle overhears and says love can be the most wonderful thing in the world. Catalina explains to Michelle why Tony is upset. Michelle says things aren’t what they always appear. Tony knows she is talking about Danny. Michelle says she is not giving up on Danny and he shouldn’t give up on Marah. They make a deal that they will fight for love. He thanks Catalina for the date and then leaves. Michelle asks Catalina what is going on. Catalina tells her about Maria. Michelle warns Catalina that Abuela is ruthless.

Wednesday February 28, 2001

At the Lewis house Tony kisses Marah. She tells Tony that Noah and Reva left for San Cristobel and she has to stay at Olivia’s. She thinks Olivia will turn her into a slave. Tony tries to make the best of it until he realizes she is staying in a small apartment with Sam. Tony is jealous. Marah says it is nothing; it is only Sam. She says Sam is the least of her problems. She is worried about Olivia. Tony is still upset about Marah staying in the apartment with Sam. Marah says Sam is weird, but harmless. Tony says she doesn’t see how guys look at her. Marah tells him to stop worrying and they kiss. Tony asks her how long they have. Marah says she is already a half hour late. Tony wonders if Olivia will come looking for her. He says they better leave and not get into more trouble. Marah kisses him again, and they leave.

Friday March 2, 2001

At Infierno Tony comes in angry. He goes to the bar and asks for a drink. Catalina comes over and asks him what is going on. Tony said Marah lied to him. Catalina says she doesn’t understand. Tony finally says he saw Marah and Sam kissing. Catalina says there has to be an explanation. Tony is furious and says he doesn’t want to see Marah ever again. It’s over. Catalina tells him to stay there. She goes into Danny’s office and tells him Tony needs him.

Danny comes out and takes the bottle away from Tony. He says drinking won’t help what Marah did to him. He asks Tony to talk to him. Catalina fills him in. Tony tells him he was willing to change for Marah, but he didn’t protect himself and now he is hurt.

Wednesday March 7, 2001

At Infierno Tony comes in and thanks May for opening for him. She gives him Marah’s message and he tells her to tell Marah not to hold her breath. \Abuela thinks Tony is better suited for the job than Danny. Danny has a soft spot but not Tony. He had a moment of weakness with Marah, but now is seeing Catalina who is more suitable. She asks how he feels about her offer. He tells her that is all he has ever dreamed of. Marah walks in and tells Tony she needs him. Tony and Abuela stare at her. Tony yells at her that he was talking to his grandmother. She apologizes to Maria. Marah tells him this is important and he tells her it isn’t as important as him talking to his Abuela. Tony tells Marah that he does want to talk to her and she should wait for him upstairs. He is harsh with her and says, “Go!” Marah goes upstairs and Abuela says Marah seems to think they are still a couple. Tony
tells her that just isn’t the case and Marah will know that after he talks to her. He tells Abuela he is honored by her offer and kisses her. She tells him to take his time to think about it. May comes in and asks if Tony is okay and he says he couldn’t be better.

Marah comes back down and tells Tony she is confused and wonders why Tony is acting this way. He tells her he saw her cheating on him at Company. She was in a lip lock with Sam. He is done with her and doesn’t want any explanations. Marah says Sam kissed her and then tries to explain. Tony says she kissed him back. Marah says Sam has feelings for her and
it is awkward. It didn’t mean anything. He asks if his kisses meant anything. She says she loves him and she proved it by coming clean to her dad. She says he is important to her and she knows he feels the same way. Tony says not anymore. Marah tells Tony the other day he was making plans with her. She will be 18 soon and they could move in together. Tony says no, he can go further without her. He is sick of having preppies and her family looking down on him. Their families were right; they are no good for each other. He asks her to leave and he goes into the office slamming the door. Marah is crying when Sam finds her. He tries to comfort her, but she tells him it is his fault.

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