7. Getting Burned

Tuesday August 21, 2001

Catalina asks Tony why he has been so miserable since he returned from SC. She asks what Marah did to him this time. Tony tells Catalina that Marah didn’t do anything to him. She asks if he ran into Marah and he tells her that he did and she is fine. Danny goes over to Tony and tells him about his interview. He suggests they get Tony out of Infierno and into another job. Tony tells Danny that just because he doesn’t want to work in the family business he cannot tell Tony not to.

Tuesday August 22, 2001

At Infierno: Catalina is pressing Tony to talk about what happened in SC. Tony tells her that he isn’t interested in talking about that; he is trying to concentrate on how to get Danny to sell him the club. Romeo comes in manhandling Sam and asks Tony what he wants him to do to him. Tony tells Romeo he didn’t want him to treat Sam like that, he only wanted to talk to him. Catalina leaves and Sam yells at Tony for Romeo jostling him. Sam tells him that ever since they met things have been heated and he knew it would come to this. He yells at Tony that he wants to settle things now. Sam baits Tony telling him to go ahead and rough him up if that is what he wants. Tony tells Sam that he only wanted to talk to him. Sam is furiously screaming at Tony. Tony tells Sam that he can have Marah, he doesn’t want her anymore. Sam wonders why Tony is through with Marah and asks if has anything to do with finding them together in SC. Tony is upset and tells Sam that he and Marah are from two different worlds and Marah isn’t heading in the directing he is heading but if Sam hurts her he will answer to him. Sam tells him it will never work out because Marah doesn’t want it.  He tells Tony that Marah loves Tony so wherever she goes Tony is with her. Sam says he has only been fooling himself about being with Marah. He likes Marah enough to let her have what she wants and she wants Tony. Tony tells Sam Marah can’t go where he is going; she is better off with Sam. Marah walks in and tells Sam and Tony they cannot decide her future. Marah yells at Tony that he can’t trade her in like a baseball card. She tells him that she is fine and doesn’t need their help. Sam tries to explain but she doesn’t want to hear from either of them. Marah tells them she doesn’t want anything to do with either of them and she leaves. Sam follows her and leaves Tony very emotional and upset.

Catalina asks about Marah. Tony tells her that he wanted to go after her but he couldn’t, Marah doesn’t belong there in the family but he does.

(Around this time Olivia is in the middle of the San Cristobel Harbor Project, which the mob needs to launder money.  A photo is uncovered that makes it appear as if Josh is taking bribes.)

Wednesday September 5, 2001

At Company Marah and Sam are talking about the newspaper article concerning her dad. Buzz calls them over to see Vreeland on television. Marah is angry but Buzz tells her that everyone knows her dad is innocent. Sam tells Marah that someone had to have dummied up the photos and since it was a digital camera that would be easy to do. He thinks Alan is the only one with enough pull to do it and tells Marah he will see what he can find out.

Tony comes in and tells Marah he heard about her dad and he is sorry. He offers his help and Marah acts sarcastic. Tony gets upset and tells her to forget it and leaves. Tony is upset outside Company while Marah is upset that she said that inside Company.

Tuesday September 18, 2001

When Romeo reveals he’s got his hot little hands on the photo disk, Tony guesses that Sam changed his mind about saving Josh in order to protect his sister. Tony advises Romeo that while he’s going to save Josh’s neck, he doesn’t want Marah to know that he was behind the clearing of her father’s name. He then doctors the photo, replacing Olivia’s picture with Felix Finger’s, one Carlos’s mobsters. Thanks to Maria, Catalina is thrilled to learn that she’s ben accepted into Springfield U. Marah’s upset when she watches Tony congratulate Catalina with a hug.

Wednesday September 19, 2001

At Infierno Romeo tells Tony he should have told Marah how he was helping her dad. He should go and collect his reward from her. Tony tells him that he cleared Josh for business purposes only. Romeo doesn’t buy it. Tony tells him that whenever he does something good and right, Marah goes further away from him. Tony goes into his office. Reva comes in and gets a glass of wine and calls Richard. She tells him to take care of Cassie while she is out-of-town. She has to get away from everything.

Romeo tells Tony he saved a copy of the original photo just in case Tony needs it. Tony puts it in the shredder and then breaks the disk with the original picture on it. Tony tells him they don’t need it and leaves. Romeo pulls out a second copy and says to himself that the truth comes in handy sometimes and he has to watch Tony’s back. The press conference
comes on the television and Romeo goes out into the bar with Tony. He sees Marah kiss Sam in the background and tells Tony that it appears Sam is reaping the benefits of all Tony’s hard work. Tony tells Romeo things are just as he wanted them.

Carlos calls Tony and tells him that things went as they planned. Tony tells him they did what they had to do and hangs up. Tony looks sad.

Monday September 24, 2001

At the Springfield University Dorm Josh and Olivia are helping Marah move in to her new digs. Josh is upset that his daughter is growing up but Marah is excited about the change. Josh is glad that the mess with Vreeland isn’t putting a dark cloud over Marah’s festivities. Marah tells him that he was innocent and that is why the Harbor Project mess is over with. Marah sends Olivia to get a registration form while she goes to get the last of her things from the car. Josh starts unpacking Marah’s things when a guy dressed only in a towel comes in and hands him a paper inviting Marah to a kegger that evening. Josh is shocked at the naked teen that tells Josh the coed dorms are the best. Marah comes back to find Josh talking to Remy. The boy tells Josh he is on the orientation committee and there to help Marah. Marah introduces them and Josh tells her he doesn’t appreciate the naked boys coming in there. Marah thinks its funny but Josh tells her it isn’t. Olivia comes back with the forms and she and Josh wish Marah well and leave. Marah and Remy talk about her CD’s and his athletic pursuits but he insists he is really interested in the arts; singing and acting but does the football thing for his dad. Remy takes Marah to register. When they get back, Marah’s things are moved and she is excited that her roommate has arrived. Remy leaves and Marah goes to put things in the closet when her roommate walks in, it is Catalina.

Tuesday September 24, 2001

At the University Dorm Marah and Catalina learn that they are new roommates and right away start arguing. The arguing turn to Tony and Marah tells Catalina tells Marah that she and Tony are friends and Marah hates her for it. Catalina tells her that she was wrong for the way she strings people alone and use them. Marah wants to go to student housing and ask for another roommate. Remy comes in and introduces himself to Catalina. They tell him they want to change roommates and he tells her his history with roommates and how it is better just to leave things as they are. Remy talks to Catalina about her freshman bio and seems to be very interested in all that she has to say. He mentions the party to Marah and asks Catalina to come. Marah tells him that isn’t Catalina’s scene, which makes Catalina all that more interested in it. Sam comes in and learns about the roommate situation. He is glad to see “Cat” and hugs her. Remy leaves. Marah tells Sam about the party and asks him to be her date. Sam is shocked and tells Catalina that she is his witness; he is now officially dating Marah Lewis. Tony comes in and tells him congratulations. Tony walks by Marah and Sam to see Catalina, who tells him about the living arrangements. Marah and Sam leave. In the hallway Marah tells Sam that Catalina probably invited Tony over to make her jealous. Sam tells Marah she was doing the same thing asking him out to the party. Marah tells Sam that it was more than that. She really likes him; he is sexy and dependable as well as a good friend. She kisses Sam. Inside the room, Catalina asks Tony to go to the party with her. He doesn’t want to and tells Catalina that she will be the life of the party and will soon be running the school. She asks him again and he agrees to help her out. She hugs him just as Sam and Marah come back in the room. Catalina tells Marah and Sam that she and Tony will be at the party as well. Sam tells them it will be great and Marah mentions to him that she will give him more that the party to be happy about. Tony isn’t amused.

Thursday September 27, 2001

At the University The kids are drinking and Marah is making rude comments to Catalina. Remy and Catalina go off to talk as Sam comes in and greets them. He hugs Marah and they dance. Tony comes in and Catalina runs to him and asks him to dance. Later, Tony and Sam have a few words while a couple of dorm guys are whispering about Tony being, “Mr. Soprano.” One of the guys is really drunk and approaches Catalina. He touches her arm and Tony throws him up against the wall. He whispers something to the guy while the guy’s friend tries to explain that the boy just had too much to drink. Tony tells Catalina he has to go and he leaves. Catalina follows. Sam and Marah go back to her room for a break. She is
a little drunk and tells Sam how great she is. He mentions Tony and she hasn’t a clue what he is talking about. He is impressed that her mind isn’t still stuck on Tony. Marah tells Sam that she was a fool to waste time on her silly crush with Tony when Sam was there all along. She is glad he didn’t give up on her. Sam kisses Marah.

At Infierno Catalina comes in and tells Tony that she didn’t want to be at the party without him. He apologizes for his actions but Catalina tells him that she isn’t ashamed of him and never will be. He tells her that she was beautiful and in her element at the school and he will never fit in. Catalina tells him that she only wanted to be with him, not those school people. Tony touches her cheek and tells her that she is always there for him. He asks if she will always be and she tells him she would. Tony kisses her.

Friday September 28, 2001

At the University Sam and Marah are kissing. Sam keeps seeing himself telling him that he is bad for not being honest about clearing Josh. Sam ignores it and continues to kiss Marah. Things heat up and he starts to pull up her shirt. Marah tells him she wants to go slow and make things right. They kiss some more. Sam tells her that he doesn’t want her to feel she owes him anything but Marah tells him she does owe him.

After Sam leaves and Marah gets in the bed, Catalina returns to the dorm room. Marah is happy and asks Catalina how her night went. Catalina tells her it was fine. Tony calls and Marah answers the phone. She hands it to Catalina and listens as Catalina tells Tony how special he made her feel.

At Infierno Tony and Catalina kiss. He apologizes and tells her that he doesn’t want to mess things up between the two of them. Catalina tells him that they should see where this would go but whatever happens he will still be her friend, her best friend. They kiss again just as Maria comes in. She tells them that they have her blessing even if they don’t want it. Tony gets a call and leaves. Catalina starts to head back to the dorm but Maria stops her and tells her she likes her style. Catalina tells her that she will not manipulate Tony; he is free to see whomever he wants. Catalina leaves

Monday October 8, 2001

Catalina insist on throwing Tony a birthday party. Tony gives Catalina a ride back to the dorm.

Marah continues pressuring Sam to tell her how he cleared her Dad. Feeling guilty, Sam changes the subject. Marah senses something’s wrong with him. Sam says he is feeling guilty because he feels he has rigged it to make her feel grateful to him. She explains that she really likes him. They kiss and Olivia comes in with a plant for Marah. She tells Marah she is proud of her. They hug and as she goes to leave Sam stops her at the door and tells her they need to discuss his papers for college. Sam tells Marah goodbye and leaves with Olivia. Catalina and Tony walk in while Marah is studying. She notices them holding hands. Someone comes in and asks to meet with Catalina for a minute. While she walks in the hall she reminds Tony they need to plan his party. Marah and Tony talk and as Catalina walks back in she overhears Tony inviting Marah to his party. Catalina kisses Tony and Marah leaves. Tony thanks Catalina for thinking of him.

Olivia tells Sam to relax. He is upset about lying to Marah she assures him telling the truth will only cause problems for everyone. Sam leaves. Vreeland overheard Olivia and Sam talking. He warns Olivia either Sam leaves town or he will find another way to keep his silence. Sam goes back to see Marah. She had bought him a stuffed dog with a collar that read HERO. He kissed Marah.

Tuesday October 9, 2001

Realizing that Tony was responsible for saving Josh’s reputation, Olivia decides to approach him. Tony meets with Carlos who orders him to “take care of” Sam. Sam confides to Catalina that Tony is Marah’s hero, not him. Hoping to keep Marah away from Tony, Catalina convinces Sam not to tell Marah the truth about clearing Josh.

Wednesday October 17, 2001

Marah and Sam are about to leave for Tony’s party. She suddenly gets a chill. She tells Sam that she has a bad feeling and that they should skip the party. He convinces her to go. Later, Marah and Tony dance as Catalina and Sam look on. Cat tells Sam that he is right to keep quiet about him not being the one who saved Josh’s reputation. Later, as Romeo and Marah are dancing, he tells her that Sam didn’t save her daddy; he did. He dares her to go ask Sam about it.

Thursday October 18, 2001

At Tony’s birthday party, Romeo tells Marah that he is her hero, not Sam. She doesn’t believe him. She tells Romeo that Sam wouldn’t lie to her. He challenges her to ask him. Marah interrupts Sam dancing with Catalina, and asks to speak with him privately. She tells Sam that she has been told a lie about him, and she needs verification that it is untrue.

Tony explains to Romeo, that he had to let Marah find out about Sam’s deceit so that Sam would leave town alive. Meanwhile, Marah pushes Sam for an answer. Just as he is about to tell all, Ray comes in with the birthday cake for Tony. Tony makes his wish and blows out the candles. He says he hopes that wish comes true.

Sam does admit, with tears in his eyes, that what Marah heard was true. He explains that he tried many times to tell her the truth. That he only did it because he wanted to be with her. He says that he is not a hero, he is just Sam, and Sam screwed up. He swears that he will never keep the truth from Marah again. Marah asks Sam, if the hero wasn’t him — who was it? He says it was someone who didn’t want her to know. She pushes him and he admits that it was Tony. Catalina is horrified that Sam told Marah. Marah looks over at Tony, who is standing in the doorway.

Friday October 19, 2001

Sam tells Marah that he is not the one who saved her Dad, Tony is. Marah leaves upset. Catalina goes over to Sam and they argue about why he told Marah. Tony comes in between them and Sam punches Tony. Tony warns Sam to leave while he can. Olivia gets involved and asked what’s happening. Sam tells her that she ruined his life and that he really loves Marah. Carlos goes over to Tony and said, “I thought you were going to take care of Sam.” Tony assures Carlos that he did take care of him and there would be no more problems. Carlos tells Tony that if Sam does not disappear then they will have to do it the old fashion way. Marah goes back to the dorm. She throws a fit and starts knocking things down. Sam cries as he watches.

Monday October 22, 2001

As Catalina listens from outside the dorm room, Tony explains to Marah why he lied to her and to himself about helping Josh. Realizing what Tony is going to do, Catalina rushes back to the Santos home where she comes on to Tony and starts kissing him passionately, whispering to him all the wonderful things he does to her. Meanwhile, Tony encourages Marah to give Tony another chance and go to him. Marah finally dons an overcoat and rushes to see Tony but finds him in bed with Catalina, making love to her. She runs off but not before Catalina sees her.

Tuesday October 23, 2001

After making love, Catalina hides her feelings of guilt from Tony. She confesses to her startled lover that she was a virgin until last night and assures him that she wanted this to happen. She agrees when he suggests that they become a couple.

Friday October 26, 2001

Marah confronts Catalina, but pretends that she never saw Catalina and Tony together. Catalina attempts to make peace with Marah, but Marah wants nothing to do with her.
**Tony and Marah are being manipulated from all sides.  Sam and Catalina are teamed up to keep Marah and Tony apart and Tony’s grandmother Maria is urging Catalina on Tony.  Marah was basically dating Sam out of gratitude and to get over Tony.  Tony is using Catalina in the same way even though Catalina hopes Tony will grow to love her.**

Monday October 29, 2001

Finding Marah upset, Clay suggests to his student that she put her pain into writing in an effort to understand her grief and herself.

Monday November 5, 2001

Josh confronts Tony with Romeo and accuses Tony of clearing him of the charges against him to impress Marah. Tony laughs at the idea but Josh claims to have talked to the imprisoned fall guy. When Romeo moans that the guy should have kept his mouth shut, Josh smiles and admits that he actually never talked to Chavez but now knows the truth. When Tony hints that Olivia was involved, Josh decides it’s time to call Reva.


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