15. A Brief Time of Happiness

Wednsday February 5, 2003

Tony is shocked when Danny introduces Cassie as their new partner. Danny counters Tony’s doubts of the partnership by telling him that Cassie’s name will help them obtain their goal. Josh warns Cassie about going into business with the Santos family and Tony overhears. Tony tells Josh that he is tired of trying to prove himself to Josh. Tony reminds Josh that he and Marah are happy together and that he wants to be a part of the Lewis family.


Thursday February 13, 2003

Tony is playing handyman at Infienro when Marah comes in.  Marah asks if Danny is serious about getting rid of the place.  Tony said he’s going to lease it out if it passes inspection…which is why he was messing with the faucet when he’d rather be messing with her.  They are kissing when Danny comes in.  He makes a joke about the repairs but says “The world deserves more happy people“.   Tony wonders what’s up with Danny, he’s actually making jokes.  Danny says things might just be looking up with Michelle.

Michelle goes to the Beacon to reserve a table for Valentine’s day with Bill.  When Cassie says she’ll be working on Valentine’s day Michelle questions if she’ll be working with Danny.  Cassie wonders why Michelle cares.

Tony wants to know if there is a Danny and Michelle reconciliation in the works.  Danny is hesitant to talk about it.  Marah figures it is because of ehr being Bill’s cousin but Marah says that she thinks they are both on the rebound.  Danny says he noticed Michelle being jealous about seeing him with Cassie.  Danny heads out to meet Cassie for more business talk but not before telling Tony to call a real plumber.

Michelle defends her relationship with Bill (UGH) and Cassie says her and Danny are just business partners.  Michelle doesn’t believe that.  Cassie is defending herself when Danny comes in with news that they got the financing.  Michelle is obviously not pleased to see how close they are getting.  When Michelle leaves Cassie says she knows Danny is using her to make Michelle jealous and she doesn’t appreciate it.

Back at Infierno Marah and Tony are working on the faucet.  But when they turn it on it sprays everywhere.  As they are getting soaked Marah asks if Tony has ever made love in the rain.  Tony says it’s a first time for everything.


Thursday February 20, 2003

At Towers Tony and Cassie were wondering where Danny was since he was supposed to meet them. Tony told her that she was also Danny’s mouthpiece. Tony said that he used to work close to Danny before she came along. He commented that Danny was never late for meetings and used to be more focused. He felt that the reason was Cassie. Tony wanted to know if their relationship had gone beyond being business partners. He apologized for being so personal, but he wanted to know if the Towers job was going to succeed. She reminded him that she had invested a lot in the project. Cassie said that all Danny thinks about was getting Michelle back.

As Tony was leaving, Danny enters. Standing, Tony told Danny that he was an hour late. Cassie said they were worried about him. Danny said that this project was on his list of priorities. He apologized for being late. Cassie said they had the bridge loan. Cassie said even if they open tomorrow it wouldn’t help him get Michelle back. Cassie exits to make a telephone call.

Danny reassured Tony that he wasn’t keeping him in the dark. He wanted to know if the expansion ideas included Cassie. Danny said they needed her because her name wasn’t Santos. Danny wanted to give the Santos name a good reputation. Tony agreed to stay with him. Cassie enters. Tony said he was going to see if he could find them some seating options. Tony exits. Danny said he needed to leave to pick up Robbie at the sitters.



Friday February 21, 2003

Reva called a family meeting (Bill, Billy, Marah, Cassie) to tell them that they think the stalker got a hold of the phone numbers from her address book. She wanted everybody to change their phone numbers and not give her the new numbers until they catch the person stalking her. Marah informed them that she had just left the police station because she received a call from the stalker too and said that the person said, “Time is running out.”

Blake, Holly, and Ross were discussing a possible law suit against WSPR when Ross got a phone call from the police station asking if Holly can account for her whereabouts an hour before and explained that Marah got a phone call from the stalker. Holly was mad and was like “what do I do? I wish they would put me on 24 hour surveillance to prove I’m not doing this!” When Blake asked her to move in with them, Holly said, “to have a built in babysitter?” Blake said “NO” in a way that showed she doubted her mother’s innocence. Holly said “you think I did it don’t you?” and Blake tried to convince her that she didn’t but Holly flew out of there and went to Reva’s. There she swore to Reva that she was not doing all those horrible things and would never threaten Marah. She also informed Reva she had been fired from WSPR and Reva was shocked and upset. Josh walked in and made it clear hethinks Holly is guilty upsetting Holly all over again and she left saying “FINE!” Reva was mad at Josh then for thinking Holly is guilty and said she was going to make this creep come out in the open and vows it’s going to stop!



Monday February 24, 2003

Reva was trying to convince Josh that they needed to “smoke out” the stalker. She wanted to go on TV and Josh wasn’t real happy with the whole idea but Reva insisted. After Marah told Tony that the stalker called her, he insisted that she move in with him. He said they could get an apartment together. Marah thought it was a great idea and the two of them went to tell Reva and Josh right as they were discussing that Marah needed to move out of the carriage house. Of course, Reva and Josh were not real happy with the idea of them moving in together and JOSH offered that Tony and Marah move in with THEM! The deal was that Tony would sleep in the pool house and Marah and Tony agreed. They all wondered if aliens had abducted Josh for him to even consider such an idea. Reva teased with Marah that she should wear slippers at night to keep her feel warm when she sneaks downstairs to see Tony and said, “Make sure you have other PROTECTION as well.” Marah was shocked at what her mom said but laughed and told her mom not to worry and they hugged. Josh and Reva were happy to have Marah back home.



Wednesday February 26, 2003

After Shayne’s locker is broken into at school and a rock is thrown through the window a family meeting is called.  Reva wants to smoke out the stalker on her television show which the family is against, except Tony.  Tony agrees that it’s time to take an offenseive approach to the stalker and upset the balance of power.  Tony volunteers to be Reva’s personal bodyguard to ensure her safety which Marah is against.  After more arguing it is agreed that Reva will go live and smoke out the stalker.



Friday February 28, 2003

Harley and Gus were at WSPR making sure it was secure for Reva’s show. The audience was picked by Josh and Reva and was given yellow passes. Reva tried to give Holly a pass but she refused it and said they can all just worry and wonder where she was. Everybody working security had to exit WSPR and reenter through a metal detector and be searched and given a special pass. Anybody without a pass was to be apprehended. Tony was being Reva’s bodyguard for the night but when he tried to get in with a gun, Gus stopped him. Nobody was to carry a gun except the police.

Marah, Shane and Josh were very nervous and wondered if the whole thing was a very bad idea. While Marah and Tony were kissing in the stairwell, a figure was lurking, watching them. While the invited guests (audience) was arriving, Josh kept his eye on the monitors and Bill sat by Michelle and Father Ray and Danny sat together and to everybody’s surprise, Holly showed up. She met up with Ed and sat by him. When Josh found out, he told them to make sure a camera was on Holly at all times.

Then, all of a sudden, Tony yells “NOBODY MOVE!” and points to a yellow smile face on a bag and it’s TICKING! Tony picks up the bag, runs to the stairwell and throws it down several flights of steps and it EXPLODES!



Monday March 3, 2003

At WSPR the bomb went off that Tony threw down the stairwell. It shook the whole building! Danny comforted Michelle and Bill comforted Beth. It ended up being a flash explosive, not a real bomb. It was probably only meant to scare everybody. Holly and Blake got into an argument with Harley and Gus because they said that Holly isn’t off the hook. Anybody in the studio could have put the bomb there. Blake argued that Holly just got there but Gus said she could have gotten there ahead of time and put the bomb in place. Reva refused to let a fake bomb from a cowardly stalker stop her from going on with the show. She demanded that they get the set fixed back up so they could go on air. Gus wanted the studio cleared in case something else happened but the audience wouldn’t leave! The producer, however, refused to stay so Holly had to take over.



Tuesday March 4, 2003

Everyone waits at the television station to find out who, at the Spaulding house, has been stalking Reva.

Gus and Harley arrive and when they discover that Olivia’s cell phone log contains calls to the TV studio, Olivia is arrested.

Meanwhile, Michelle tries to talk to Danny at the TV studio, but he is too busy for her and leaves with Cassie. Danny expresses doubts to Cassie about Olivia’s guilt.



Wednesday March 5, 2003

Gus and Harley get confirmation that Olivia’s cell phone was used to make calls to Cassie and to Marah. Later, Harley allows Phillip to visit Olivia and although he reassures Olivia, he still has his doubts. Gus and Harley figure out that Regina’s bracelet has an “S” design on it, possibly for “Santos.” They plan on heading to Germany to find Roy Baker. Marah is surprised when Tony and Josh shake hands.



Thursday March 6, 2003

Tony and Marah’s romantic efforts are interrupted when Eden returns to make Tony a proposition she thinks he can’t refuse.


**Eden wants Tony to partner with her in her escort service.  Tony turns her down because not only has he been changing as a person, Danny and he have been making the Santos family legit.  They want the Santos name to be something to be proud of.  Eden says she came back for Tony.  This will become quite clear later on when it comes time for Jordi to leave the show.  But for now both Marah and Tony are in character and there is some great dialog in this scene from Tony.**

“Tony: You need understand something, right now, Eden.

Eden: What?

Tony: Things between me and you would never work. Even if Marah wasn’t around. There’s too much baggage.

Eden: Yeah, but we had a little fun.

Tony: Uh-huh. Not like it is with Marah.

Eden: Oh, what? Marah’s not any fun?

Tony: Marah’s fun. Marah’s everything. I’m in love, Eden. And that’s not going to change.

Tuesday March 11, 2003

Tony and Marah are looking forward to going back to normal life. Tony is focused on making his new partnership with Danny work. Meanwhile, Eden asks Marah for a truce, promising she is not after Tony any longer. Although Marah is wary, when Eden praises her artistic ability and offers Marah a job creating business cards for Eden’s escort service, Marah is flattered and accepts the offer. Later, Danny and Tony show up at the Beacon to celebrate with Cassie and are surprised to see Eden and Marah bent over a table, working side by side.



Wednesday March 12, 2003

Danny, Cassie and Tony celebrate the launch of their new project. Later when Tony talks to Josh about Lewis Construction joining the project, Josh admits he is still wary of Tony on a personal and professional level.


Tuesday March 18, 2003

Marah and Tony have a disagreement about the work she is doing for Eden. Later, Tony phones Eden’s business and pretends to be a businessman hiring an escort. Eden figures it out and doesn’t give Tony the proof he is looking for. Later, Marah and Tony run into Eden, who is very nice to them. Tony is still suspicious. Alone for the moment, Eden lets Tony know that she knew it was him on the phone trying to trap her. Tony concedes that Eden caught him, but also warns her not to hurt Marah, or else.


Wednesday March 19, 2003

Marah visits Tony on the site of an old abandoned museum. Danny has it set for demolition, but Marah is horrified because she wants to live there. Marah makes an impassioned pitch about the potential of the space, and in the end, Tony and Josh are convinced. Tony says he will live with Marah to keep her safe and Josh realizes there is nothing he can do to stop her.


Tuesday March 25, 2003

Escorting her to the rundown building on Fifth Street, Marah argues with Reva that this is her new home with Tony. Though Reva doesn’t think it’s safe and doesn’t like the idea of her living with Tony, Marah boasts that she has no choice and that Josh has given his okay. Reva’s caught off guard when she mentions a fashion show and realizes she only knew about it from “reading” Marah’s mind. She turns to Felicia for advice about her sixth sense and decides to go to Europe to see an expert Felicia recommends. Tony’s troubled when Marah talks about a career as a fashion designer.



Wednesday March 26, 2003

Shayne arrives with Marah and is amazed by the potential of the place. Eden is the next to stop by the Fifth Street building and takes a moment to warn Marah that she thinks Tony may not want her to be successful in the fashion business. Marah’s frustration grows when she hears Tony complaining to a sympathetic Eden about “sharing Marah” with the fashion biz.



Thursday March 27, 2003

As the roommates start to move into the Fifth Street building, the battle of the sexes takes place as the women argue about where the men want to put the pool table, gym equipment and foosball table. As they argue, Reva leads a cleaning crew consisting of Holly, Cassie and Felicia. Josh then arrives with a state-of-the-art alarm system. Though Marah resents the way her mother took over, Tony points out she’s being selfish.


Friday March 28, 2003

Having finished moving into the Fifth Street building, Tony and Marah celebrate by making love. Afterwards, Remy tells them both about the history of their new home and the curse that lies within the walls. When Marah worries, Tony decides to act and calls all the roommates together.

Monday March 31, 2003

After Tony and Marah have listened to Remy’s spooky tale of her new home’s history, Tony gathers all the roommates plus Ray, in order to stage an exorcism. An amused Ray gives them a standard blessing instead with a little prayer thrown in to keep the hobgoblins away. Danny and Michelle show up and announce they’ve agreed to remarry.

Later, Michelle recruits Marah to play a surprise on Danny, in part revenge for buying a house without even telling her.


Wednesday April 2, 2003

Marah takes Eden to Company after Harley is taken hostage.



Thursday April 3, 2003

As Marah and Eden bonded, Gus called Eden and told her Harley had been shot. Marina was shaken by the news and Shayne tried to comfort her.

Eden and Marah arrived at Cedars, and as Eden fussed worriedly over Gus, Marah received a call from Reva, who was in Vienna. Before Marah had a chance to tell Reva the news, Reva told her she “feels” that Harley’s in some type of danger.  While on the phone with Marah, Reva expressed a sudden, intense fear for Harley just as Harley went into cardiac arrest.


Friday April 4, 2003

Marina was in the waiting room and told Eden to leave. Ben and Marah calmed Marina down.



Wednesday April 9, 2003

Marah and the gang discover something unique, and spooky, about their new place.

Thursday April 10, 2003

After Marah, Shayne, Ben, Marina and Bill came through the secret entranceway into Danny and Michelle’s new place, they were all shocked that the tunnel spanned the distance all the way from the museum on 5th St. The group wondered about the history of the tunnel. Marah refreshed Danny and Michelle about the story of the curse from the Egyptian exhibit in the 1930’s. Feeling uncomfortable around Michelle and Danny, Bill quickly left. Michelle told Danny that she wouldn’t ever want to lose Bill’s friendship, but Danny told her that friendships sometimes suffer when intimate feelings have come into the picture. Marah pointed out to Michelle how the wooden molding in their house has the same sort of faces carved into it as the molding over at the museum. Danny told Marah, Shayne, Ben and Marina it was okay to investigate the rest of their house. Later that night, Michelle had a nightmare about the eyes lighting up in the carved face in the wooden molding, then seeing a cloaked figure. Danny held her after she woke up screaming.

Friday April 11, 2003

While Marah, Marina, Bill and Ben told Remy about the tunnel experience, they heard a noise in the house. Marina got a frying pan and stood behind the door where the noise was coming from. When the door opened, Marina hit the intruder in the head with the pan and knocked him out. IT WAS FRANK! They helped Frank up and put an ice pack on his head and Frank said he came in because the front door was left open. They didn’t tell Frank about the tunnel. Marina tried hard to get her dad to agree to her moving into the museum with her friends but Frank said “no way.” One reason is because of where it’s located and the other is because he said the museum was a dump and Ben living there was the biggest reason.

Remy told them he did some investigating at the Library to find out more information on the museum. His story was that when the owners were packing up and cleaning up the museum that there was a mummy missing. The mummy was supposed to be a child that should have been king. The mummy was worth money but nobody has ever come forward to claim money for the find. Was the mummy stolen or did he take up residence in the museum? Then they heard a scream coming from inside the museum!

Tuesday April 15, 2003

Reva is back from Vienna and Marah and Shayne are there to welcome her home.  Later Josh is surprised to hear that Shayne is going to a party with Marah.

Thursday April 17, 2003

Danny told Michelle he’s leaving town to attend a business meeting. After she asked to join him, he turned her down. She expressed fear of staying alone in their new house—secret tunnel and all—so Danny suggested she rent a room at the Beacon and invite Marah to join her, which she agreed to do. Later, Marah joined Michelle at the Beacon to have a “girl’s night.” They both happened to catch sight of Bill and Eden smooching in the lobby.


Tuesday April 22, 2003

Danny and Michelle tell Marah and Tony about their wedding plans and ask them to serve as maid of honor and best man. As the girls discuss the details, Tony suspects that Danny’s trip to New York marked his return to the mob. Danny convinces him the trip was necessary to bring a final conclusion to their old life, not continue it.


Wednesday April 23, 2003

Tony and Marah came by Danny and Michelle’s new house, and after Marah told them about the thug who threatened Marina, Tony pulled Danny aside and filled him in on the rest. After Tony told Danny about the thug’s (Ernie’s) message from Don Salerno, Danny made a private call to Rico in New York. Rico told Danny that Ernie’s still working for his “family” and that a “transition period” is needed before things smooth over, but Danny warned Rico to end ALL his activities in Springfield by tomorrow, and to stay away from his family—saying it’s non-negotiable. Later, after Michelle and Marah walked in on Tony and Danny, who were about to conduct a search of the tunnel at the museum, Danny and Tony eventually leveled with them about the entire situation. After Tony and Marah walked off, Michelle told Danny that she’s not naive, that she knows a person can’t just walk away from the mob without other people trying to drag them back in again. She also told Danny she knows he’s placed guards outside their house (camouflaged as gardeners). She eventually told Danny that she understands that it might be scary while he’s trying to break free from his old life, and makes Danny promise not to keep secrets—to keep her informed as things progress. In New York, Rico told his cohort, Roberto, about his call from Danny Santos and that he doesn’t enjoy being given ultimatums from anybody. Rico hinted to Roberto that he’s going to test Danny.


Friday April 25, 2003

Cassie is meeting Danny and Tony for the Fifth Street project.  She gets attacked as part of Salerno’s test but she fights back.


Monday April 28, 2003

Tony told Danny that he couldn’t go back to the mob life and wanted Danny to promise this time was the last time and Danny promised while he loaded his gun. When suddenly a thug showed up at Danny’s door, he flung the car door open and busted the guys nose and when Danny got out of the car he kicked and punched him till the guy was unconscious. There were 2 others and Tony and Danny beat the daylights out of them. Tony’s hand was bleeding when he got back to the museum. Tony didn’t want to lie to Marah so he told her the truth about his bloody hand. He promised it was the last time he would use his hands in a violent manner and explained that some people are mad about how easy it was for Danny to separate from mob life. She made him promise it would be the last time and kissed his wounds.

Ramona called Ben but not for “business.” She wanted to give him the keys to his new car. They were kissing outside the Beacon when Marah walked out and saw them! Ben swore to Marah that it wasn’t what she thought. He said his boss drinks and gets too friendly when she’s had too many. When Ben asked her to not say anything, she agreed but warned him not to hurt Marina.



Tuesday April 29, 2003

Sandy and “The Mole” talk about the college kids living at the museum all due to Marah Lewis.

Josh’s pressure on Shayne about his baseball hits a high point.   He comes to Marah to vent.


Friday May 2, 2003

Cassie wanted to write the newspaper about her attack to let the public know and Danny said, “NO” that he took care of it. She questioned him about what he meant by that and he told her that he sent a message to the drug dealers that they won’t be tolerated in their neighborhood but assured Cassie he was not going back to the old way of life.

Frank showed up at the museum and questioned Tony and Marah about the drug dealers getting beat up and noticed the scabby knuckles on Tony’s hand. Tony told him the cuts were from moving and Frank warned him that using violence to take care of the violence on 5th street is like putting a fresh coat of paint on rotten wood. When Marah made a comment about protecting ones self and property, Frank got the impression she knew more but Danny walked in and put a stop to the questioning. He told Frank that it was his fault because he had made calls to some “families” that drug trafficking would not be tolerated in their neighborhood and to get out. Tony was not happy with the way Danny is handling things and doesn’t like it that he’s in contact with the mob again. Danny tried to convince him that the worst is over.


(The arrival of Jeffery O’Neal who would be Marah’s next big “romance” after Tony left)

Tuesday May 6, 2003

Marah comes up with a new fashion design that, with Eden’s help, could be the “Next Big Thing” in fashion. But while Marah goes off to develop the idea, Michelle and Eden square off, with Michelle warning Eden not to break Bill’s heart.

Father Ray worries that Danny and Tony have returned to the bad old days with their interactions concerning 5th Street. Danny reassures Ray, but Tony thinks Danny has merely become adept at lying.



Wednesday May 7, 2003

The Gala in honor of Richard

Eden tells Marah a famous designer will be looking for her at the gala.


Thursday May 8, 2003

Eden succeeds in bringing a famous fashion designer to look at Marah’s purse creation.


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