19. The Long Goodbye

Monday August 25, 2003

At the museum, Marah arranges a protest. The group plan to protest the Dean insisting that the Mole be taken off the college radio station. Marah questions Sandy, the Mole’s assistant, why the Mole didn’t show up. Marina tells Marah that it is probably because the Mole has made a living bad mouthing people, and now those same people are defending him. It’s probably embarrassing for him. Remy reminds the crew that his dad, the Dean, rarely changes his mind about anything unless it’s an act of God. Shayne feels that Marina dragged him along for the protest because she is trying to avoid making a decision regarding Ben’s trust fund. Shayne tells Marina that taking the money means she would not have to worry about financial concerns with college tuition. Sandy talks to Marah about Tony. He tells her that he thinks Tony is a pretty good guy. She immediately changes the conversation and makes a speech to the protest crew. She tells them that it is not just about free speech, it is about making a difference. She tells them that without working together and taking action, nothing changes. Marina stands up and tells Shayne that she knows what she is going to do with the money and leaves. Sandy suggests that they do the radio show on the top of a billboard outside campus and refuse to come down until the Dean surrenders. Sandy tells them that the Mole is afraid of heights. Marah tells them that she is not afraid of heights at all. She offers to do the show herself, and tells him that she expects that they will promote her fashion show on air.


Wednesday August 27, 2003

Eden and Bill woke up tangled in their satin sheets. They had some pillow talk about their feelings. Eden reassured Bill that she wanted him, not Tony. Later at Company, they ran into Gus. Bill invited Gus to join them, but Eden was still angry for the way he treated her during the investigation. Eden told Bill that he is the only one who has stuck by her. They shared a kiss as Tony walked in. Bill left to get the car and Tony approached Eden. He questioned her about how they are going to deal with what happened in NY. Eden said that NY was forgotten. Tony described their encounter as two alley cats on a filthy rooftop. This statement offended Eden. Tony, hurt and apparently determined to stir up trouble, challenged Eden with “Life finally gives you want you want and you can’t have it.”



Tuesday September 1, 2003

At Company, Marah runs into her mother, Reva. They discuss Marah’s plans of protesting for the college radio show that the dean wants off the air. The protest is on top of a billboard. Reva questions whether Marah is standing up for something she believes in or if she is just trying to avoid something else. Marah assures her that this has nothing to do with Tony. She tells Reva that it is difficult not being with Tony anymore, but she took that step and she is not going back now. As Marah is hugging her mother goodbye Tony walks in. Marah heads for the door, walking right past Tony as though she didn’t even notice him standing there.

Reva approaches Tony and asks him if he is going to give up so easily. He tells her that he is not giving up, he is owning up. He tells her that Marah is a class act, she is smart, beautiful, and she has it all together and doesn’t belong with a guy from the streets. Reva wonders whether he feels that two people from different backgrounds shouldn’t be together. Reva joins Tony for dinner. Reva tells Tony that before she married to Josh, she was Reva Shayne – A wild child, a poor daughter to the Lewis family housekeeper. She explains that she was the party type of girl, and she was the kind of girl that no one ever really expected to be married to a Lewis man. She tells him that she married all three of the Lewis boys, but only had one true love Josh. Tony interrupts and tells her that he knows what she is trying to do, but he explains that with him, and Marah it isn’t really about what side of the tracks they grew up on, it’s about who they are. He explains that because of the way he grew up, he will always be edgy, and even dangerous. He thinks that it is best for Marah to stay away from people like him. Reva tells him that the Tony she sees is above all of that. ***This Reva and Tony scene is fantastic and goes a long way in showing why Reva was always more forgiving of Tony than Josh***

Marah arrives at the billboard for the protest. She seems a little scared as she is 30 feet above ground level. Sandy tells her to pretend she is at a picnic on a mountain. She starts to relax and unpacks some of her things. Marah pulls out a shirt that she designed herself for the protest. Sandy tells her that the Mole would have loved it if he would have come. Marah tells him that she understands that the Mole is afraid of heights, but he could have been part of the ground crew. Marina, Shayne, and Remy are with the ground crew. Marina seems to be running the show on the ground. Marina tells Shayne that they need to attract attention to what Sandy and Marah are doing. She feels that applying pressure will keep the dean on his toes, which may make the dean a little uncomfortable. Marina claims that she already has a plan. Marina has arranged for a local radio station to come to their protest. Airing the protest through a local radio station has brought several people out. Marah and Sandy talk about the turn out. Sandy, thinking that Marah can’t handle protesting all night, tells her that she can go home if she wants to. He feels that she put in her time. When Marah agreed to help, she felt that the protest would be over in a few hours. Sandy tells her that it might take days. She tells him that she is not a princess who can’t survive some quality time on a billboard. Sandy tells her that he knows that, but she might not be used to roughing it. He mentions that where he lives, if you come home in one piece it’s a banner day. He tells her that he has a place on Fifth Street. Marah reminds him that she lives on Fifth Street as well. Marah tells him that she can be as tough as he is. Sandy asks if she would like to thumb wrestle. Marina sends up a walkie talkie to Marah and Sandy so that they can easily be in contact with the local radio station. The D.J. asks Marah and Sandy when they are coming down, and Sandy tells them they’ll come down when the dean surrenders and gives them what they want. The dean shows up with a loud speaker and tells them that he can hardly wait to hear what that is. The dean tells them that this gathering is only adding fuel to the fire. Marah takes the walkie talkie from Sandy and asks the dean who put out his fire when he was part of the sit-in at the deans office at Columbia. She tells him that they are proud
to carry on his torch. The D.J. announces that Marah has 2 pts, the dean 0! The dean spots his son, Remy, at the protest and tells him that this is beneath him. Remy reminds him that he is the one who taught him to stand up for what you believe in. Everyone seems to have went home for the night. Later, when almost everyone has gone and after Sandy has fallen asleep on the billboard, Marah spots Tony standing amongst the flyers on the ground looking up at her.  **Tony’s look of longing at Marah is so damn sweet it makes my Marony heart melt just thinking about it***

Wednesday September 3, 2003

At Springfield University, the rally for Sandy and Mole radio show continued. Marah and Sandy were still perched high up on the billboard. Sandy urged Marah to reconsider her break up with Tony. They discussed safety within relationships and Mole’s fearlessness. Dean Boudreau arrived and climbed the ladder to discuss the situation. The dean remembered his role in protests during his college years for equal, civil and womens rights. He expressed concerns that they were demanding rights to make mean spirited jokes about murderers and victims. He urged Sandy to reign in his partner and Sandy replied that he couldn’t promise that. Ultimately, the Dean gave in and reinstated the radio show. Marah smiled,
but Sandy quickly reminded her that they didn’t play it safe and it still paid off.

At the Santos house, Danny and Tony were surprised to find Nico. Michelle had bailed Nico out of jail. Michelle insisted that Danny allow Nico to live in the room above the garage and help with house renovations. All three men were resistant to the idea. Michelle convinced Danny to give Nico a chance since the Santos family was to blame for his parents’ death. Reluctantly, they all agreed to Michelle’s solution. Nico questioned if Danny would force him to do illegal jobs. Danny insisted that he was clean and Nico must stay clean also. Marah
arrived looking for Tony, but he had already left for the Beacon. She said her goodbyes to Michelle and then went looking for Tony. Michelle and Danny shared a touching goodbye as she prepared to leave for her P.A. Psych program. Danny promised to bring Robbie for visits frequently. Michelle kissed Danny goodbye with tears in her eyes.

Later at the Beacon, Marah was determined to talk to Tony. Tony was on his way out, but she urged him to wait.

Thursday September 4, 2003

Marah was looking for Tony has found him just outside the Beacon. She tells him that while she sat on the billboard, it gave her some time to think about things. She tells him that she was wrong about him. Marah explains that with everything that happened with Ben, her old room was the only place that felt safe. She understands that she should have ran to him. Tony feels that Marah was scared of him because of the pictures. She explains that being on the billboard, she felt happy and on top of the world. The first thing that came to her mind
was wishing Tony was there with her. She remembers how happy they were. Tony tells her that he can’t take her apologizing to her right now because it’s not right. Tony tries to walk away, but Marah stops him and tells him that she loves him. She wants to get back together, and she feels that he wants that too.

Tony explains to Marah that Ben was trying to pretend to be okay, just as he has been trying to be the guy she wanted him to be. He tells her that he is a man who acts before he thinks. Marah tells Tony that he is the man she wants him to be. Tony tells Marah that he told her things that he thought she wanted to hear, but he wasn’t lying to her, he was lying to himself. He tells her that he liked the way she looked at him, and that he has come so far for her. He did it for her, not him. Without Marah, that stuff doesn’t matter. The real Tony doesn’t care what he does or who he hurts. He tells her that he should have let her go a long time ago. He feels that she compromised herself by wanting to take him back, but now it’s his turn to do the right thing for the both of them. Marah tells him that she has made a mistake by misjudging him, and asks for his forgiveness. She tells him that none of what he says makes sense because just a few days ago he told her that he would wait forever for her. She wonders what could have happened to make him change his mind. He tells her goodbye and walks away.

Monday September 8, 2003

Marah shows up at Eden’s. Eden tries to comfort Marah in regards to her and Tony’s breakup. Marah tells Eden that Tony wouldn’t fight for her. No matter what she said, Tony wouldn’t change his mind. Marah doesn’t understand why he put up a wall. She suggests that she just give up on Tony. Eden tells her that Tony is crazy about her and questions whether Marah is a quitter. Eden apologizes for being so strong with Marah. She tells Marah that her temper is related to her issues with her brother. Eden still continues to apologize for letting Marah see the pictures. Marah seems to understand. Marah just doesn’t understand Tony’s change in attitude toward their relationship, and questions whether Eden knows what it might be. Eden tells Marah that she pushed Tony away, and saying sorry just isn’t going to work. She tells her to do something that he won’t expect that would prove her love for him because she hurt him big time, so she needs to apologize to him big time. Their conversations is interrupted by a visit from Harley. Marah leaves to give Harley and Eden some time to discuss their issues.

Marah meets Sandy at Company. The Mole was supposed to show up as well, but he didn’t. Sandy explains that the Mole doesn’t show up for anything and mentions that the Mole doesn’t plan to host the fashion show per their agreement for Marah’s collection. Sandy tells Marah that he will take care of everything for her show. He wonders whether she patched things up with Tony. Marah tells him that she didn’t, so he isn’t the only one without a partner today. Inside, Sandy tells Marah that he just lost one of his jobs. She offers to pay him for his services, but he tells her not to worry about it because someone out there is bound to hire him with a business major with a lot of outside commitments and some local fame. Marah tells him to consider himself unstuck because she has an idea.


Wednesday September 10, 2003

At the Lewis house, Christopher came by looking for Reva. Reva wasn’t home, but Josh was still anxious to talk to him. Josh and Christopher had a tense conversation about Reva regarding her psychic talents and her impulses. Josh was concerned about Christopher’s advice to Reva to follow her impulses. Josh sees that as a threat to their family and worried that he’d exploit her. Christopher promised that he wouldn’t push Reva, but hoped that Josh won’t hold her back either. They came to understanding just as Reva arrived home. The threesome had a brief chat before Christopher had to leave. Also, he informed Reva that the Spaulding grant was approved and they can take their work to the next level,
Reva using her gifts for future prediction. Marah arrived just in time to see her parents smooching like a couple of teenagers. Marah asked Josh to give Sandy a job. Marah ran out before her dad had a chance to say no. Later at the Beacon, Marah encouraged Sandy to meet with Josh about a job.

Thursday September 11, 2003

Marah brings Sandy to the Lewis house for a job interview

Friday September 12, 2003

Danny and Nico are sitting at a table in Company with an obviously drunk Tony. Danny asks Tony if he gave any thought to the image he was conveying since Josh was in the restaurant. Danny decides to go talk to Josh and make sure everything is ok. Danny thanks Josh for his help with the 5th street project. Josh tells Danny about Shayne’s meeting. Danny hopes he can do half as good raising Robbie as Josh did with Shayne. Danny’s cell phone rings. As he leaves to answer it, the Cubs exec, John Walked arrives at Company.

Tony tells Nico not to look up to him, that he should try to be more like Danny. Nico scoffs at the idea. He says Danny is a fake. Tony explains that Danny has a great wife, a great kid, and people in town are starting to look at him in a different light. Danny has a good life and he’s happy. Nico still admires Tony because people are intimidated by him.

Tony continues to drink by himself. He sees a girl across the bar and thinks it is Marah. When she starts kissing the guy she is with, Tony jumps up and grabs her arm. When he realizes it’s not Marah, he apologizes. The girl’s fiance and his two friends decide to teach Tony a lesson and Tony tells them to bring it on.

Tony explains to the guys in the bar that even if they take him down, he will take at least one of them to the hospital with him. Tony starts swinging. He hits one in the stomach and one in the face before the third catches Tony square in the eye. Bill shows up to break it up.

Bill tells Tony that he was able to talk the three guys down, and he also called Cassie so Tony doesn’t have to worry about the police. Tony doesn’t want Bill’s charity. Eden walks in just as Tony is about to tell Bill why he can’t work things out with Marah.


Monday September 15, 2003

Tony is on the verge of telling Bill about sleeping with Eden. Eden panics, as Bill calls Marah. Later, a concerned Marah starts to clean up Tony’s wound and he doesn’t pull away. Eden stammers when Bill asks her why she didn’t want him calling Marah. Meanwhile, Marah tries to convince Tony not to give up on them. They kiss. Marah learns about Shayne’s accident, and she and Tony race to the hospital.



Tuesday September 16, 2003

Marah, and Tony arrive at the hospital. Marah questions the whereabouts of her dad, Josh. Reva explains that he is filling out papers, and prepares her in regards to her father’s cuts and bruises. Marah and Cassie don’t seem to understand. Reva explains that Josh was the one who hit Shayne’s car. Marah goes to check in on the CAT Scan that Shayne is having.

Marah finds her parents and tells them that Shayne is back in ICU. Reva heads to his room. Marah stops her father, and tells him that she knows about the accident. She gives him a hug, and tells him that she is sorry. Reva and Josh look in Shayne’s room through the window as Marina is visiting with him. Reva tells Josh that they need to give Marina some time alone with Shayne. Reva remembers the time when Shayne was in the hospital a couple years ago. Shayne’s heart had stopped when he was hit in the chest while playing Lacrosse. Reva remembers feeling that all she could do is just wait and watch, and feels that’s all she can do now as well.



Thursday September 18, 2003

Shayne remains unconscious at the hospital while Josh sits outside his room in a corner on the floor.  Reva and Marah are comforting each other in the waiting room.

In the waiting room, Reva and Marah have a discussion about Josh’s feelings toward the accident with Shayne. Reva tells Marah that her dad needs her right now. Marah thinks that her dad needs Reva as well. Marah wants Reva to tell her that she’s not blaming her dad. She tells Marah that she and Josh want the same for Shayne to open his eyes, get up out of the bed and come back to them. But, she believes that she needs to be here and Josh needs to be there. Marah tells her that Shayne would not want her and Josh fighting over this.

Marah feels that her family is falling apart. Cassie tells her not to put too much stock into what they are saying and doing right now. Emotions are crazy right now. Marah starts to cry just as Sandy walks in. Cassie gives them some space as Sandy tries to comfort her. Sandy tells her that he noticed Tony was there. Marah explains that he was there to hold her hand, but he really wasn’t there. Marah feels that he is holding back because of the way she hurt him. Marah begins to talk about the good times when her parents were getting along, her and Tony were a couple, and Shayne was pitching. Marah wonders whether Shayne realizes what a good man she thinks he is and how much she loves him. Sandy tells her that he knows.

Monday September 22, 2003

Marah is still at the hospital with Shayne.

In the waiting room, Marah catches up with Tony. She wants to discuss the reasons for their continued separation. She feels that things are not working out because of her. Tony continues to explain that he is a dangerous man. When Marah tells Tony that he has changed, Tony tells her that he hasn’t changed enough. He continues to explain that he has already done something to hurt her. Tony cuts the conversation short, and he leaves.

Tuesday September 23, 2003

At Company, a waitress is flirting with Tony. The waitress asks Tony whether he wants anything else on or off the menu. When Tony tells her “no” , the waitress tells him to let her know if he changes his mind. Sandy, Marah’s friend, shows up at Company. Tony begins to question him about how Marah is doing. Sandy explains that it is a tough time for her, and if he wants to help, he should stop avoiding her. Sandy tells him that Marah is over at Danny’s house. Tony tells Sandy that he has already told Marah that it is over for them. Sandy reminds Tony that he might have told her, but she didn’t hear it. Sandy leaves, and the waitress approaches Tony again wondering if there is anything she can do for him.

Danny and Nico fight after Nico makes a reference about what family diners at the Santos house were like.  He pushes Nico up against the wall and explains that dinners at his family were quiet because the place was probably bugged; and when they did talk, they didn’t know who to trust. The taste of what a real family was like came from Michelle’s family. Their argument was interrupted when Josh walks in on them.

Josh starts to head out, but Marah rushes in and urges him not to move out because they all need him. Danny invites them to come on it, and he gives them some privacy.

After Josh leaves, Danny comes back in and invites Marah to stay for dinner. They begin to talk about Tony and his behavior but are interrupted when Tony  walks in with his date ­ the waitress from Company.


Wednesday September 24, 2003

After Tony shows up at Danny’s with a waitress from Company, an emotional Marah bursts into tears and leaves. Danny convinces Tony to stay for a family dinner, and tries to keep the peace. Nico points out that Tony loves Marah, which is why he paraded around his date in front of her. Tony admits he wanted Marah to see him with another girl so that she will move on. Meanwhile, Marah joins Josh at Shayne’s bedside. Nico tells Danny that music is good for drowning out silence. Tony stands alone and adrift, looking out over the lake. Ed examines Shayne and Marah and Josh keep vigil.


Thursday September 25, 2003

At the Lewis home, Marah confronts Reva about her letting Josh move out. Reva tries to avoid the conversation, but Marah doesn’t let her off the hook. Marah tells her that they need to be sticking together through this because they are all going through the same kind of pain. Reva mentions that it is not the same. Marah agrees and tells her mother that her dad’s pain is worse. Marah tells Reva that it’s her dad’s turn to be in trouble, and it’s her turn to help him through it. Marah wonders if she misses Josh. Reva admits that she does miss Josh, but she has been missing him ever since he signed that contract behind her back. Marah is surprised that she is holding on to this mistake. Marah reminds Reva that it wasn’t easy for the family to forgive her every time she messed up, but it was worth it because they got their mother back. Marah tells her that it must not work both ways and tells her that Shayne isn’t perfect anymore and wonders if Reva plans to throw him to the curb too.

Reva notices that the conversation is appearing to be more about Marah and Tony. Marah tells her that Tony is seeing other people. Marah tells her mother that she lost Tony for good because she overreacted to something and feels that her mother is doing the same thing. Reva tells her that she wants to be fair to Josh. She needs time to let things settle down. The relationship talk seems to be getting to Marah, and she needs to leave.

Friday September 26, 2003

Marah went to see Sandy and the Mole at the college radio station, but instead she finds Sandy with a puppet Mole. Sandy is the Mole. Marah is upset at first for being tricked into supporting the Mole when he didn’t even exist. Sandy explains that the Mole got started when he was a young child. He was abused by his father, and one day while he was hiding in the attic, he found a puppet of a mole. As a child, he was always afraid to voice his opinions to himself or to his father about the way he felt. When he found the Mole, it all came out. He would sit in the attic and the mole would voice all of his frustrations. Marah begins to understand that Sandy was using the Mole to say all the things he was feeling but was afraid to say himself. Sandy thinks that it is dumb, but Marah assures him that it is not. She explains that some psychologists use puppets to get children to open up to them. Sandy continues to explain that as he got older, he began to have more stuff he wanted to talk about but he wasn’t comfortable voicing them out himself. When he saw an add in the paper about wanting someone for the radio station, he sent in a tape recording of him and the Mole.

Marah tries to convince him into telling the people about the Mole, but Sandy isn’t ready to do that yet. He asks Marah not to tell anyone about this. She promises not to tell anyone, and Sandy admits that it feels good to have finally told someone the truth. Sandy wonders why she came over in the
first place. Marah tells him that she wanted to thank him for what he did for Shayne. Marah begins to tell him that she was at Danny and Michelle’s house earlier, and Tony showed up with another girl. Marah wonders whether Tony even loved her. Since it was so easy to move on to another girl, she questions whether Tony cheated on her while they were dating. Sandy tells her that men handle emotions differently than girls. They get drunk or shack up with the first woman they see. Sandy tells her that if  Tony can forget about her this easily, then he has a screw loose. Marah seems to be feeling a little better. As she was leaving, she nearly opened a cabinet wondering whether he had a tissue. Sandy got a little jumpy, and he put his hand up against the cupboard and told her there was only equipment in there. Once she left, Sandy opens the cupboard where there was a picture of Reva. He begins to stare at it in anger. He shuts the cupboard door, and begins to try to calm himself down.

Wednesday October 1, 2003

Eden and Bill are all over one another in her room. Someone is at the door, but Eden doesn’t want to answer it. When Eden realizes that it is Marah, she lets her in. Marah soon realizes that she might be barging in on something and begins to leave. Eden tells her to stay. Marah came over to talk to Eden about Tony. Marah wonders whether Tony cheated on her with someone. Eden suggests that they go down to Olivia’s bar to discuss this a little more privately. Eden tells her that she didn’t even know what a friend was until she met her. She continues to tell her that is why she feels that she can tell her anything. She has something to tell Marah about Tony. Their conversation is interrupted when Bill calls her on her cell phone. Bill apologizes for interrupting the girl talk. Eden tells him that his timing is perfect. Marah wants to continue what they were talking about before the call. Eden tells her that Tony loves her and even if she knew he had been with someone else, that doesn’t mean that everything before that was a lie. She tells her to put herself in Tony’s place. If she were really confused and upset, and in a moment of weakness she might turn to someone else. Marah admits that she has done that before. Eden comments that even so, they found their way back to one another. Eden tells her to quit beating herself up about the what if’s and why’s. Just then, Tony enters the room.

Tony tells her that he stopped because he saw her car in the parking lot, and he wanted to talk to her. Eden offers some advice for the two of them before leaving. She tells them to stop making each other miserable, and get back together. Tony tells Marah that he is leaving town for good. He claims that he is fed up with being Danny’s #2. He wants to be able to make his own decisions. Tony tells Marah that she should think about getting out a bit herself. Marah remembers the time when they met, and the things they have been through. She
thanks Tony for all that he has brought into her life. She begins to caress Tony’s arm, and tells him good luck. Tony grabs her hand and tells her that he is not leaving because of business. He is leaving because he is in love with her, but he has to go. He thought that he could just walk in and tell her that he was leaving town but seems to be having a little trouble with it. He begins to explain the woman that showed up with him at Danny’s. He tells her that he knew she was going to be there, and he thought that she would let him go if she saw him with another girl. Tony admits that they make each other miserable. In addition, he knows that he scares her, and he can’t live with that. Marah tells him that if they can’t be together, that doesn’t mean that he has to leave town. Tony explains that he can’t be walking around town and seeing her. Tony tells her that this is the first decent thing that he has done, and tells her that he has to go. He starts to leave, but turns around with tears and hugs her. He begs her to please promise him that she will never forget that he loved her.

Friday October 3, 2003

Tony is packing his things for his trip. Eden shows up and calls him a quitter. She tells him not to do this because it is not what he wants. Eden explains that things happened between them, but she is not letting it come between her and Bill. Eden thinks the only reason he is leaving is because of what happened, and she doesn’t feel good about that. She wants Tony to have the life that he is supposed to have with Marah. Tony tells Eden not to hurt Marah. Eden tells him that Marah is her first friend, and she could not hurt her.   She also feels that telling Marah would risk her relationship with Bill, and she can’t risk that either. Eden tells Tony that she knows that he feels the complete opposite, but she wants to tell him that she will never regret what happened between them and she leaves.

Soon after Eden leaves, Danny shows up to try to get him to stick around. Tony explains that Fifth Street is Danny’s dream, not his. He tells Danny that he needs to go find his dream. Danny wants to know where he is going, but Tony doesn’t want to tell him. Danny tells him that he is a good man and that he has always had faith in him. Tony tells him that he needs to find his own way.

***I like how Eden says she could not hurt Marah.  She has already hurt Marah by sleeping with Tony.  Ignorance is bliss but had it not been for this one incident Tony and Marah would be together.  Eden had been trying to undermine Marah and Tony’s relationship for months.  Which is why she has to state that she will never forget what happened between them on the rooftop.  Their tryst has caused Tony to suffer while Eden has kept going with Bill.  Tony is so overcome with guilt he won’t even attempt to reunite with Marah for fear of hurting her.  That’s LOVE. ***


And thus completes the story of Marony, at least on screen.  Tony leaves town to find his own way…and comes back two weeks later a rather jaded character.  The Marah character floats around for a few years before being written off to design in Paris.  Such a horrible ending for a great couple.

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