18. Broken Hearts and Regrets

Wednesday August 6, 2003

Springfield residents prepared to attend Ben’s memorial service at the Country Club. At the museum, Marah, Tony, Remy, Michelle and Danny gathered to attend the funeral. Danny pulled Tony aside to remind him that Eden has been cleared and things should get back to normal. Tony agreed by saying that Bill is responsible for Eden now.

At Eden’s apartment, Bill prepared to speak at Ben’s funeral. Eden went into the hallway to retrieve the newspaper. Inside the newspaper, Eden discovered an envelope. The envelope contained a note and photos. On the note was written that a picture is worth a thousand words; Some candids of your new friend from your old friend; Signed Vinnie Salerno. The photos displayed Tony being violent towards a woman. Eden kept the information secret from Bill and they left for the funeral.

At the Country Club, Tony approached Eden and told her that nothing can stop her from starting fresh. Eden grasped the envelope containing the photos of Tony while she pondered this thought.

Back at the Museum, Tony, Remy and Bill went into the kitchen to search for food. Marah told Eden that she spent the previous night at her parent’s house because she was feeling unsafe. Marah admitted to Eden that Ben’s violence towards Marina had brought up stuff from her own past. Then quickly told Eden to forget she said anything. Curious, Eden questioned if something had happened between Marah and Tony. Marah weakly reassured herself and Eden that Tony is not the same violent person. Eden again grasped the envelope containing the violent photos of Tony.



Thursday August 7, 2003

At the museum, Eden pulls out the photographs of Tony seemingly beating a woman. Interrupted by Marah, she stuffs them back into her black bag. Eden questions Marah about what she meant earlier about being hung up on violence. Marah tells her that there was a time when she had a choice between Ben and Tony; and Ben seemed like the safe bet and probably the one her parents would have chosen for her. She goes on to tell Eden that violence always surprises her, and it surprises her more when Tony is not surprised about it. Marah tells Eden that what happened with Ben has nothing to do with Tony. She explains how good Tony has been to her, especially while her mother was being stalked, but sometimes she just wants to run away. She wants to run away from all of it, not just Tony. Bill comes in to see if Eden is ready to go. They head for the door. Eden seems to have forgotten her black bag with the photographs, but Marah spots it and rushes it over to her. After they leave, Marah pulls out her sketch pad and starts to draw up some new designs. Tony seems puzzled that she didn’t tell him that she was drawing up new designs for the designer that Eden put her in contact with. Marah tells him that he called when things were going down with Ben Reade, and it wasn’t on her thoughts for discussion. Their conversation is interrupted by a radio host, “The Mole” and another announcer. The announcer said that he was at the funeral today. The Mole said that Ben Reade was a psycho killer. The announcer said that Ben was a good guy until some teacher messed up his life. The Mole sarcastically said that we should just ignore that Ben killed all those people then. Tony gets upset and turns off the radio, saying that someone needs to kick that guys …. ! Marah blows up at Tony and tells him that she has had enough with the violence.

Eden calls Tony and tells him that she needs to see him right away at the country club. Tony tells Marah that Eden invited the both of them. Marah seems a little to involved in her sketches, but Tony tells her they need this night out. Tony shows up at the country club to meet Eden. Marah came along too, but she’s waiting at the counter for the valet to bring her cell phone to her because she left in her car. Eden doesn’t notice that Marah is there yet. She tells Tony to remember that she invited him there tonight as a friend and not to hurt him, and she pulls out the envelop with the pictures in it.


Friday August 8, 2003

Also at the Country Club, Eden prepared to give Tony the envelope containing the violent photos of him with an unknown woman. Marah walked in and Eden quickly substituted another group of photos. Marah was saddened to see the photo of Ben at the Gala. Marah and Tony hugged and professed their love for each other. A conflicted Eden ran off and Marah followed. In the Ladies Room, Eden was giving herself a pep talk reminding herself that she wants Bill, not Tony. Marah, thinking that Eden was upset about Ben, comforted her. While exiting the room, Eden accidentally dropped her purse and the photos scattered across the floor. Marah was shocked and sickened by the violent photos. Eden explained that the photos were from Salerno and must have been faked. Marah panicked and ran out. Meanwhile, Tony and Danny were again discussing Eden and Marah. Tony thought Danny was too concerned about how others perceived them because of business. Jeffrey was eavesdropping on their conversation. Eden rushed in and explained why Marah ran off. Eden gave Tony the photos. For once, Eden seemed to be genuine about helping Tony and Marah now that she has feelings for Bill. Marah was back at the museum when Tony entered with photos in hand. Marah apologized for running out and said that the photos must be a set up. Tony replied by telling her the photos were not faked.



Monday August 11, 2003

At the museum, Marah is drilling Tony about the pictures of him and another woman who had been beaten. Tony says that he knows the woman, but he doesn’ t remember hurting her. Marah tells him that she doesn’t understand and demands an answer. Tony tells her that this happened last summer when they weren’t together anymore and during the time that he nearly killed Romeo with his bare hands. He explains that when he saw her that night, he drove and drove until he was at the west side of Chicago at a dive. There was gambling, girls, etc. He had too much to drink, and the bartender came up to him and told him that a girl at the other end of the bar offered to buy him a drink. Before he knew it, they ended up at her place. He said that he recognizes the window in the picture because the girl had opened the curtain and he remembers thinking that it was strange. He remembers feeling angry thinking that she was setting him up the way that Eden used to set people up. Tony claims that’s all he remembers. He tells Marah that maybe they put something in his drink because he doesn’t even remember leaving. He woke up the next morning in a hotel room. Marah tells him that she can understand how he would want to forget something like this. Tony tells her that Vinnie is behind this and tells her that he can only hurt them if they let him. Marah tells Tony that this is not about Vinnie and she doesn’t care about him. What matters is what the pictures show. Tony tells Marah that the pictures do not show his hand hitting the girl. Tony tells Marah that whatever this is, it is not them or nothing like them. Marah tells him that it isn’t them, but it like is him. Tony tells her not to overreact. Marah tells him that this has all taken her by surprise, and she doesn’t like surprises. Ever since she was a little girl when her mother left, she doesn’t do well to unexpected stuff.

Marah tells him that she is not going to feel better and maybe if this would have happened a month ago, she might have reacted differently. She said that she watched Ben go through what he went through, she saw what made him tick, she saw his past, and his impulses that were in him. It was a part of his nature. She tells him that maybe Tony did not do this, but it is in him to do it because you just don’t wake up one day and decide that your not going to be violent anymore. Tony tells her that it is crazy because people do change. Marah tells him that she used to believe that, but after what happened with Ben, that proved her wrong. Tony tells her that this is not about Ben. Marah tells him that this is about her not pretending anymore, and she tells him that she can not do this anymore and it is over. Marah walks out and Tony bursts into tears.

Reva calls Christopher over to her home for a meeting about the show idea. When she explains that she wants Arthur to be the recurring guest psychic, Christopher tells her that he thinks that she should do the show herself. Reva tells him that she is not an expert, and she is just brand new. Christopher tells her that Arthur is talented, but so is she. Christopher tells her that maybe they should meet tomorrow and discuss this further. Just as Christopher was heading out, Marah comes in crying. Reva asks whether Tony did something. Marah tells her that she did it to herself and asks to move back home. Reva wants to discuss what happened, but Marah asks to be alone for a while to think.



Tuesday August 12, 2003

At the Lewis home, Marah is trying to sketch but seems too distracted. Reva invites her to come to the club. Reva tries to get the facts, but Marah doesn’t want to discuss it. She tells her mom that she needs to take time away from Tony the way that she needed time away from Josh. Their conversation is interrupted by a visit from Eden. Reva tries to send her off, but Marah tells her that it is okay. Eden tells Marah that she is making a big mistake by leaving Tony. Eden tells her that the pictures are fake, and she should have just ripped them up, and tells her to not let a dirt bag like Vinnie come between her and Tony. Marah wonders why Eden is making such a big deal about something that doesn’t involve her. Eden tells Marah that she and Tony have something special, and she doesn’t want them to lose that. Marah tells Eden that she needs to think about her life and what is best for her. Marah mentions Ben Reade again, and Eden tells her not to compare Tony with Ben. Marah tells her that she will not bury her head in the sand. Eden tells her that’s exactly what she’s doing. Eden tells her that if Bill wasn’t in the picture, she would make a pass on Tony herself. Marah questions why she would say something like that. Eden reminds her that because
someday someone is going to come into the picture and not care about Marah or Tony’s past, and she asks what she would do then. Eden walks out.

Tony is at the gym taking his frustrations out on a punching bag. Just as he pours cold water over his sweat covered body, Eden walks in. She tells him that she talked to Marah, and Tony questions how she is doing. Eden tells him that she is putting on a front. Tony tells her that it is not a front, because that is the way she wants things. Eden tells Tony that she should have burned the pictures and blames herself for Marah seeing them. Tony tells her that it is not her fault, and he is the one in the pictures. He tells her that he is the problem, and he can’t control his temper. Tony continues hitting on the punching bag. Eden tells him to stop it. Tony grabs her aggressively, and asks her why she cares and if she wanted Marah to see the pictures. He holds her a little closer and asks her if this is what she wants. Eden tells him NO! She tells him that she wanted him to want her, but he is in love with Marah, and she is in love with Bill. Tony tells her that he doesn’t see Bill here. Eden tells him that she used to chose what was bad for her, but she doesn’t anymore. Tony tells her that he didn’t ask what was good for her, he’s asking what she wants. Eden tells Tony that she wants him to be with the woman he loves. As Tony is still holding Eden by both arms, Danny walks in.

Danny tells Tony that he is a hard man to find, but maybe it was because he was following the wrong scent. Eden grabs her things and leaves. Tony tells Danny about the pictures Salerno sent to Eden. Danny thinks that Eden showed the pictures to Marah on purpose. Tony defends Eden’s intentions.


Wednesday Auguest 13, 2003

In the Beacon lobby, Danny informed Michelle about Marah breaking up with Tony. They briefly discussed Bill and Eden. Michelle said goodbye to Danny as he headed out of town on business. Before leaving town, Danny went to Eden’s apartment to confront her. Danny was convinced that Eden was still scheming for Tony. Eden denied the accusations andpledged herself to Bill. Danny told her to back off Tony. Danny promised to take care of Tony and Salerno. Danny arrived in NY to visit Salerno. Danny warned Salerno “If you mess with my cousin Tony, you are messing with me.”

Michelle and Bill stayed behind and she told him about the Tony/Marah break up. They debated about the evolution of their respective partners, Danny and Eden. Michelle and Bill made a deal to try to keep their work and personal lives separate.


Thursday August 14, 2003

Vinnie and Danny have a meeting. Danny shows Vinnie the pictures and asks him whether amateur photography is his new hobby. Vinnie tells Danny that Tony is a bad boy. Vinnie tells Danny that he understands why he is protecting his own because that’s the way he feels about Eden. Salerno starts talking about Danny’s family, and Danny turns the table on Salerno. He tells Salerno that he knows where his family lives, where the kids go to school, and what time they go to bed. Salerno tells him not to go there. Did Danny go to far? They both stand up and get in each other’s faces, and Danny tells him that he doesn’t like to do business this way, but if this is how he wants to play yeah, he’ll sink to his level. He tells Salerno that it is in his best interest to see that his cousin stays very healthy.

Bill and Michelle start to tackle their new project. Eden shows up to visit Bill. Bill tells her that he knows Tony and Marah broke up and asks her to clear the air and tell them that she had nothing to do with their break-up. Eden’s speechless at first, but as Michelle starts to leave the room, she opens up and tells them that their break-up was her fault. She explains that Salerno didn’t like that Tony was trying to help clear her name in the murder investigations, and photos were sent to her showing that Tony had beaten a girl to a pulp. Marah
accidentally sees them, and that was that. All accidentally she says, but Bill doesn’t believe her and neither does Michelle. Seeing how tense Bill is, Michelle decides to leave. Bill asks Eden what she wants now that Tony is free, and tells her that he will not share her with anybody. Eden tells him that he will not have to, and they share a kiss. Bill pulls away, and tells Eden that he wants her to take a little time to think about what she just said, and if she wants to be with him, she knows where to find him.

At the Lewis home, Marah comes home to find Tony inside alone. Tony told her that Shayne gave him a key because he was having car trouble and needed help. Marah admits to Tony that she still loves him, but she can’t live through each day of her life wondering what might set him off. Tony assures her that it won’t happen. He reminds Marah that he was trouble when they met and she knew that. Marah tells him that she was looking to rebel against her parents. Tony tells her that she found the good in him, and he changed his life because of her and asks whether she was happy when they were together. Marah tells him they were happy and they share a brief hug before she pulls away, and Tony leaves. Marah gets a visit from Danny. Danny tells her that she and Tony have been through a lot, and he knows that they probably don’t want to fight anymore, but they have to fight for their relationship. When Marah refuses to fight, Danny tells her that must mean that Eden wins. Marah tells him that maybe Eden understands Tony in a way that she couldn’t. Danny tells her that she is looking for a darkness in Tony that isn’t there. Marah assures him that it is there and has always been there, and she will not look the other way anymore. Feeling he’s done all he can, Danny leaves.

Some great dialog in these scenes:

Tony: Do you remember me, marah? Do you remember that guys that walked through the door of that club and fell for you the second he laid eyes on you? That guy was trouble. And that’s what you were looking for.

Marah: I was looking for a way to rebel against my parents and there you were.

Tony: Yeah, but we found something more. You found the good in me. I mean before you my life as just one big fight, but you showed me there was more to it. I changed because of you.


Tony: Listen, after i hurt you my life was just… Was a mess, okay? But I fought my way back. And I fought my way back to you.

Though some of my favorite dialog is between Danny and Marah

Marah: It’s not just the pictures. It’s where you come from. It’s a place that I don’t understand and i don’t want to understand and it’s a part of tony that I just… I can’t handle. I can’t live my life wondering if he’s going to snap from day to day and i won’t.

Danny: Well, you don’t have to. Tony’s changed. He’s not the same messed up, angry kid that we all knew. He’s not. He’s grown into a good man. And a lot of that is due to you.



Wednesday Auguest 20, 2003

Later, alone in the apartment, Marah listened to the Sandy and Mole radio show. They announced it was their last show, as ordered by the college dean. On-screen, there was an image the back of a DJ’s head and then the camera panned over a large bulletin board filled with newspaper clippings of Springfield residents and their misdeeds. The Mole went on a rant about the bad behavior of the folks of Springfield. Sandy and Mole urged their listeners to call in.

Marah picked up the phone and anonymously called in. She agreed with the Mole about people being dark inside. She admitted that she is still in love with someone despite how dishonest and dark he was. The DJ questioned her identity, but she answered only that they’d hurt her family in the past. As the radio program ended and a haunting love song played, Marah stared at a drawing of Tony.

Later, Marah answered a knock at the door. It was a stranger she assumed to be a seamstress for her fashion show. The stranger introduced himself as Sandy and explained that he had figured out she was the caller.

Outside the Beacon, Tony and Danny discussed Danny’s meeting in New York with Salerno. Danny continued to push business, the 5th Street project and outsiders’ perception. Tony was distraught over loosing Marah and frustrated with Danny’s arrogance.

Tony: I didn’t ask you to go to New York, Danny. This is my battle to fight.

Danny: Tony, anyone messing with this family is my fight, too. You know, you are not alone in this life we’re creating for ourselves. Just like you are not a free agent in our old life.

Tony: What the hell do you mean free agent?

Danny: Tony. Tony, the fifth street project is moving forward and our new found respect in this community comes from our good deeds. Not fear.

Tony: You see… You see this, this is the talking down to part.

Danny: I’m not talking down to you.

Tony: My soul has been ripped out, Danny. Don’t you get that? I don’t give a damn about our newfound respect. All I care about is proving to Marah that I would never hurt her again.

Danny: Tony, where did this hurt come from? Salerno. Not you!

Tony: Would you just stay out of this one? Can you do that? You know, maybe for you everything is about business. But for me, this is personal. Okay, this is me. This is my life. My pain! My heart!

Danny was surprised at Michelle’s knowledge and relieved that she supported him. She questioned if the encounter had gotten physical. Danny assured her it was only warnings, not beatings. Michelle admitted her worries that the mob and violence would get between them like it had for Tony and Marah. Michelle told him about the Pennsylvania psychiatric seminar. Danny encouraged her to attend. They both continued to worry about Tony, remembering how crazy he had gotten during the previous breakup with Marah.

Eden called Salerno and sweet-talked him. She claimed frustration at being an outsider to Springfield. She said she missed her old self, old life, and old friends. She told him that she was on her way to New York, and they agreed to meet at her favorite spot. Salerno welcomed her back into his world.

Later on a NYC rooftop, Eden was already waiting for Salerno. He happily greeted the seductive Eden. Suddenly, Tony grabbed Salerno and pushed him to the edge of the rooftop. Salerno quickly deduced that Eden had set him up. Tony explained the special connection that he shared with Eden; she had pushed his father off a rooftop similar to the one they were on.

As the threats went back and forth, Tony held Salerno at the edge of the roof. Tony blamed Eden for loosing Marah. Salerno admitted that he, not Tony, had beaten up the woman
in the photos. Salerno taunted Tony about being nothing more than Danny’s pet. Eden brushed off Salerno, and he left.

Tony was furious about loosing Marah and his issues with Danny. Eden reassured Tony that Salerno was scum. She proclaimed, “I’m the only one who knows who you are; I always have.” Tony forcefully kissed Eden and at first, she resisted. Then Tony persuaded her to let it happen. Eden returned the kiss and told him she felt like she was in a dream. They continued to kiss passionately.

***Let’s try to forget for a minute that Eden murdered Tony’s father.  This singular act changed Tony’s life so much that he was filled with anger and rage that no one could save him from….until Marah.  Eden has been trying to undermine Tony and Marah’s relationship since day one and the photos worked, Marah was reminded that Tony is capable of violence.  But would Tony realistically sleep with Eden if not for Salerno’s tauntings? Doubtful.  Because Tony still had hope.  Tony and Marah never fully gave up on one another before even in the worst of times, hell Marah didn’t even stop loving Tony after he assaulted her!  But then there was Salerno putting thoughts into Tony’s head that reinforced all his greatest fears. 

Tony: But i didn’t do what happened to her in those pictures.

Salerno: That was me. Feel better? Doesn’t matter. Nothing’s going to change with that little country club girlfriend of yours. You’re a thug. No different from me! And here’s a news flash, too: So is that smooth talking cousin of yours.


Salerno: Tony, you don’t get it do you? You are nothing to nobody unless you’re danny’s partner. Nothing.

So after losing Marah and being made to feel as if he will always come second to Danny, Tony reached out to Eden.  He says they both knew it would happen if they would have let it but when Marah and Tony were happy Tony never gave Eden a second glance.  Eden gives a big show of resisting but she finally is getting what she wanted.  But the thing about getting what you want, Tony is immediately filled with regret for now he knows his chances with Marah are truly over.*** 



Thursday August 21, 2003

Danny assigned someone to protect Michelle while she was away. Michelle still has hope for Tony and Marah. Marah told “all-knowing” Sandy that Tony had moved out. Marah wanted to help Sandy fight to get the show back. She was eager to protest the cancellation of the show and stand up for free speech. Sandy was trying to start a revolution. Marah rallied support for her cause.

Eden started to say how much she had wanted Tony. He husheed her and they continued to get intimate. Tony and Eden both knew that what they were doing was wrong, but they couldn’t help themselves. They gave in to their passion. Eden admitted that she had wanted Tony all along. Tony accused Eden of lying and only pretending to be friends with Marah in a plot to be with Tony. She denied it. He finally believed her.

Eden and Tony reached an understanding and agreed to stay away from each other and not speak of that night. Later, Tony and Eden awkwardly avoided each other. Eden told Marah they needed to talk. Tony partly blamed Danny for his losing Marah.



Friday August 22, 2003

At Michelle and Danny’s house, Tony arrived home from New York. He recapped his visit with Salerno. Tony continued to be frustrated with Danny’s attitude about business. Tony confessed that he’d had sex with Eden on the roof in New York. Danny tried to convince Tony to work things out with Marah. Tony, frustrated and angry, was more convinced than ever that he would always make the wrong and violent choice.

Some great Santos cousins dialog:

Tony: Not ours. Yours. This is your plan, your business, your family, your dream. None of this was ever really mine.

Danny: Really? Well, that’s news to me. What about marah? Wasn’t she yours?


Danny: Tony, I’ve been where you are. I mean, how many times have michelle and I hit rock bottom? But we made it through because when one of us gave up, the other one didn’t. You can’t give up on marah.


Tony: She was. She was the one thing that i really gave a damn about in my entire screwed-up life. But I lost her. And you know… You know what the best part about salerno sending those pictures was, the pictures that ruined my life? The pictures that took marah away from me? It wasn’t about me. It was just like salerno said; it was just like you said. It was about you all along, danny.

A surprise knock at the door revealed Bill who claimed to want to speak with a sleeping Michelle about a hotline idea. Bill apologized to Tony about Eden. For a moment, they thought Bill knew about the roof. Bill was actually talking about Eden’s role in Marah breaking up with him. Tony defiantly told Bill that Salerno and Eden had done Marah a favor; they had saved her from the biggest mistake of her life.

Tony stormed out. Danny warned Bill to stop dropping by so often and encouraged his relationship with Eden — mostly to keep Tony away from her. Danny challenged Bill to spend less time with Michelle and more time with Eden.

At the museum, Eden arrived to speak with Marah about Tony. Eden told Marah that Marah and Tony belonged together. Eden told Marah that the photos had indeed been faked by Salerno. Eden had a thought: a black and white flashback of her recent sexual experience with Tony on the roof. She ignored it and continued to plead Tony’s case to Marah.

Marah questioned if Tony had dangled Salerno from the roof to get the truth. That cemented Marah’s determination that Tony would always be violent. Eden experienced another flashback of her and Tony’s romp on the roof. Eden insisted that Tony loveed Marah and urged her to call him. Marah thanked Eden for her friendship. Eden exited, and Marah began to rehearse what she would say to Tony about missing him.

Marah began to dial the phone, but had a change of heart and phoned someone else about her designs. Tony, standing outside the door, considered approaching Marah but eavesdropped on the conversation. Marah declared that she was focused on work, with nothing holding her back. Tony sadly retreated after hearing that. Marah glanced at the sketch of Tony but then walked away.

At Eden’s apartment, Eden was dressed for bed in sexy red lingerie. With tears in her eyes, Eden began tearing pages from her precious scrapbook and ripped them to pieces. She stared at a page filled with Tony’s photos and said goodbye. Still conflicted about her feelings, she hesitated. Then she decided against tearing the page and closed the book.

Later, when Bill arrived, Eden greeted him with a long embrace. They debated if they were meant to be together. Bill had doubts about her lingering feelings for Tony. Eden had doubts about her ability to change and be trustworthy. She has found in Bill someone to be safe with. He reassured her than he wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt her. Eden told him the real worry was not what was out there, but what was inside of her. They kissed, and Bill began undressing her. Eden began making love to Bill just hours after she’d had sex with Tony on the roof in New York.



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