17. The Beginning of the End

Friday July 18, 2003

Tony wants to help Eden prove she is innocent.


Monday July 21, 2003

Much to Eden’s frustration Marah returns from Europe.  Marah senses that Tony is still thinking about her negative reaction to the idea of marrying him. They agree that they are not ready for marriage now, but Marah wants to marry him someday. Tony is hurt when he realizes Marah didn’t come back for him.

While Eden comforts Tony, Marah encourages Josh to go to Milan to be with Reva.


Tuesday July 22, 2003

Tony helps Eden with her alibi.  Later, Tony tracks down Bill and guilts him about his fight with Eden.


Friday July 25, 2003

Tony is entertaining Eden again. He is going through her planner to find clues regarding the murder case. Tony finds a receipt where Eden had rented a car. Eden said that she used the rented car to go see a sick friend in Chicago. The receipt could prove that Eden wasn’t even in town when Renee Peterson was killed. But when Tony mentions that they will need to sick friend to give her an alibi, Eden seems dazed. Eden tells Tony that she lied again and that she really went to see Vinny in New York. Eden tries to explain herself, but Tony tells her that for someone who doesn’t like to lie, she sure does a whole lot of it. Tony demands the reason why she went to see Vinny. Eden said that she wanted to put an end to that part of her life. Tony tells her that they need to go to New York and see if Vinny will back Eden up on her story for the police. Eden seems pleased, but then Bill walks in and says, “what the heck, I’ll tag along too. So where are we going?” That pleased look is not there anymore. Tony then tells Bill that maybe he should be the one who goes with Eden, but when Bill finds out who they are going to see, Bill says that it would be better if the mobster went rather than the boyfriend. Tony agrees since he and Vinny talk the same kind of talk. Tony leaves to go tell Marah that he’s heading out of town. All alone, Bill starts kicking pillows around.

Josh gets an “urgent” message to met his daughter. Marah tells him she just wanted to tell him Bon-voyage. She tells him to go to Italy to be with Reva where he belongs. Josh asks her whether she has something better to do than nag her father. Marah and Josh go inside Company and Marah starts to share some pictures still trying to persuade him to go to Italy. Josh said that he needs to stay in town for Shayne. Marah reminds him that Shayne isn’t even there. Josh said that he’s not going because he’s worried that he would send Reva a message that he doesn’t want to send right now. Tony shows up to tell Marah that he is leaving, but Marah tells him there talk has to wait because she is busy with her dad. In trying to persuade Josh into going to Italy, Josh gets offended when Marah tells Josh that he is “an old stick in the mud who is world weary and doesn’t want to go on what might be the most amazing adventure of his life.” She tells him that he used to jump at these kinds of opportunities. Josh said he is not old. Marah tells him to go then.

Tony is steamed when Marah is too busy to talk to him, and just leaves. Eden is grinning again from ear to ear. As they arrive at the airport in New York, someone is holding a “Santos” sign. The man says that the Salerno family welcomes them to New York. Eden wonders how he knew they were coming, and the man briefly shows them that he has a gun.

Monday July 28, 2003

Tony and Eden arrive at a hotel that Vinnie provided for them. Tony whispers to Eden to be careful what they say because there has to be bugs and video camera’s in the room. Tony then asks Salerno’s man to show him to his room. He tells Tony this is his and Eden’s room. Eden explains that they are just friends. Tony demands another room. Tony explains that he and Eden do not share a bed. Salerno’s man tells him this is the only room that is finished. Tony said he’ll take it up with the boss in the morning. After Salerno’s man leaves, Eden tells Tony that Vinnie was the jealous type and would freak out when other men looked at her. Eden wonders whether Vinnie thinks that she and Tony are together. Eden tells Tony that she couldn’t date anyone for months after breaking up with Vinnie. Tony tells Eden that she can have the bed tonight and he will take the chair. Eden goes through the dresser drawers and finds a sexy nightgown. Tony sits to watch a ballgame, and Eden comes out dressed in the nightgown. Tony looks at her and suddenly feels the need to give Marah a call. The telephone doesn’t work, so Tony starts to go downstairs to use another phone, but the door is locked from the outside. Tony bangs on the door. Salerno’s man tells him that it’s locked for his own protection because the floors are being worked on. Tony grabs the man’s cell phone and calls Marah, but he had to leave a message. Eden apologizes for dragging Tony along. Eden takes off her robe and climbs into bed.


Tuesday July 29, 2003

Tony and Eden have spent the night locked in Salerno’s guest suite. Tony seems a little on edge. The door opens and in comes breakfast along with Vinnie Salerno. Vinnie greets Eden with a kiss. Tony demands to know why they were locked in. Vinnie said that it was for their protection and asks whether Tony appreciates his hospitality. Eden then tells Vinnie that she needs something from him, but Vinnie already knows that she needs an alibi.  Eden asks how he knew that. Tony tells her it’s because he bugged the room. Vinnie tells them there are cameras in every room because he likes to watch. Tony asks Vinnie if he thinks Eden is in danger. Vinnie said, “No, all things considered, Eden is more of a killer than a victim.” Tony shows Vinnie the rental receipt to the car, and tells him that all they need is for him to back up Eden’s story. Vinnie tells them that he can’t because he was out of the country, but tells Eden that he would lie for her. Vinnie said that seeing is believing, and Eden’s visit should be on tape, but he has to make sure that the tape is police friendly first. Tony asks what Vinnie wants in return. Vinnie said that he doesn’t want anything they are just friends and friends help each other. Tony tells Vinnie that friends don’t lock friends up. Vinnie tells him that he thinks Tony is bigger than Danny and wonders whether Tony is happy with the choice he’s made. Tony tells him that he likes it fine! Vinnie tells Tony that his door is always open to him and tells Eden the same. Tony leaves the room to book a flight home, and Vinnie tells Eden that she can fool Tony and the Springfield P.D., but she can’t fool him, and they both know that she had plenty of time to whack that girl. Eden claims that she didn’t kill anyone. Vinnie said that he’ll see what he can do about the tape. Eden said that he can double the interest on what she owes him. Vinnie said that her debt is almost paid, and an alibi is worth a lot more than that.

Bill goes to see Marah and asks if she has heard from Tony. Marah tells Bill that Tony called and said that he had to spend the night in New York on business.  When Bill mentions the word “they”, Marah asks who went with him. When Bill tells Marah that he went with Eden and why, Marah wonders why Bill didn’t go instead of Tony. Bill said that it is because Eden’s alibi happens to be Vinnie Salerno. Marah tries to call Tony but gets his voicemail. Bill tells Marah that he can be in New York in two hours. Marah tries to convince Bill that Tony seemed calm, but Bill wonders why they are not back yet. Marah wonders whether Bill is just jealous. Then she tells Bill that her and Tony did not part on good terms. Marah and Bill have a talk about Bills true feelings for Eden. As Bill and Marah are talking, Tony and Eden walk in. Bill and Eden leave together, and Eden whispers to Tony that she won’t tell anyone that they shared a room together.


Wednesday July 30, 2003

Outside Company, Marah and Tony arrive to meet Michelle and Danny to celebrate the Spaulding deal with the 5th Street Project. Tony tells Marah that he doesn’t think Danny will understand why Tony went to NY to help out Eden. Danny doesn’t trust Eden, but they are convinced that Eden is trying to be a better person. Marah tells him that Danny should believe in Tony, like she does. But she poses the question, “there’s no reason I shouldn’t, right?” Marah tells Tony that they have trust and that they can tell each other anything. She comments that Eden had a thing for Tony once. Tony assures Marah that Eden can’t compete with her. Marah, still feeling somewhat unsure, tells Tony that the next time he has to go rescue a damsel in distress she is going with him. She also advises him to be straight with Danny.

Marah and Tony join Michelle and Danny inside. Buzz joins them briefly in a toast and but then wonders off to fret about Marina. Michelle says that if the Santos boys can win over Buzz, they can do anything. The topic shifts to Tony’s emergency trip out of town and the girls excuse themselves to powder their noses. Tony admits to Danny that he had to go to NY with Eden to see Salerno about her alibi. Danny begins to give Tony grief. Danny reminds Tony that there are two things he warned him against: Don’t get sucked in by Eden; Stay away from Salerno. Danny claims that Tony is disrespecting him. This comment puts Tony on the defensive and he reminds Danny to stop acting like the Boss. Danny sarcastically says “Poor Eden”, she’s gotten herself in the center of a multiple homicide case. Danny also reminds him that Eden used to sleep with Salerno. Danny questions Tony about when Marah was clued into this trip. Tony admits that she didn’t know until they returned. Danny thinks Marah is being blind and that Tony is being an idiot. Danny questions whether they confirmed her alibi. Tony says they got a video tape and that Salerno always tapes the happenings inside his homes. Danny worries what else Salerno has on tape, namely whatever went on between Eden and Tony. Tony assures him that nothing happened. Danny wants to know what Salerno wanted in return for Eden’s alibi. Tony claims nothing, but then admits that Salerno gave Eden the seed money for her business.

Meanwhile, outside the ladies room, Michelle and Marah discuss Madam Eden. Marah wants to give Eden a chance because she’s gotten a raw deal. Michelle informs Marah about Eden actions while she was away in Italy. Michelle tells her about Eden being all over Tony at the baseball game, company, etc. She advises Marah to wake up and see Eden for what she really is before it’s too late. Michelle and Marah rejoin Danny and Tony at the table. Danny says that he doesn’t give a damn about Eden and warns that Salerno is always two steps ahead. Tony wonders why Danny thinks everything is about him. Tony boldly tells Danny that Salerno wants Tony on the payroll. Danny gives Tony a news flash that this has “everything to do with me.” Tony assures Danny that he told Salerno to shove the job offer, but Tony is hurt that Danny doesn’t have more confidence in him. Marah and Tony walk outside. Marah questions why Tony didn’t tell her about the job offer and baseball game with Eden. Tony claims that he isn’t hiding anything from her. They hug, but Marah’s face shows sign of concern.

Thursday July 31, 2003

Ben Reade is taken to Ceders Hospital where friends and family gather for the final goodbyes.

Marah and Tony go outside for some fresh air. Marah tells Tony that she needs to go see her parents  and Shayne to get away from the violence.  Tony says he understands but once again he is left alone.

Friday August 1, 2003

At the Museum, Marah, Tony and Bill entered. Bill and Marah were visibly depressed about Ben’s death. Eden came in from the kitchen and Marah jumped all over Eden about being happy that Ben’s deathbed confession cleared her of being the serial killer. Bill and Tony left the girls alone to work things out. Eden made Marah admit the real reason she’s upset: Tony. Marah was concerned about the unnecessary time Eden and Tony spent together while she was in Italy. Marah said she has faith in Tony, but was concerned about Eden’s interests. Eden reassured her that she wants Bill not Tony. Tony reentered the room and Bill and Eden leave. Marah debated with Tony if she can trust Eden. Tony admitted he sometimes understands the complicated Eden because they are from the same place. Tony reassured Marah that he wants to be the reformed Tony with her. Marah was having difficulty understanding what happened to Ben because they came from the same place. Tony was offended that she expects violence from his world, but not hers. She apologized saying that it came out wrong. Tony wisely said that abuse doesn’t have a zip code. Tony stood up for himself saying that he isn’t anything like Ben. Tony said that Ben was a time bomb and he almost didn’t have a choice. Marah states there is always a choice. Tony said that it’s not that simple, it’s not always good over evil. They realized these differences between them don’t have an answer that either of them likes.

Monday August 4, 2003

Josh and Reva throw a get-together at their home for Marina, Shayne, and their friends. Reva asks Marah whether Tony is coming over, but she tells her mother that Tony has things to do, and he grew up with violence so it’s not really a big deal to him.

Reva and Josh wonder whether there’s trouble in the romance department for Marah and Tony. Left alone, Josh and Reva discuss their differences. Reva tells Josh that it seems less important with everything that has happened. Josh asks Reva if she thinks that he should have gotten on a plane and came after her in Italy. When asked to define “come after,” Josh leans in for a kiss.

Tuesday August 5, 2003

Marah returns to the museum to pack her bags, and Tony is there waiting for her. Relieved to see her, he begins to question how her day went with her family. She tells him that being with them made her feel safe again. Marah, not wanting Tony to get comfortable, tells him that she is not staying because she wants to spend the night with her family. Tony assumes that it’s because she felt safe at her family home and asks if he should be wondering why she doesn’t feel safe with him. Marah tells him that staying home with her family tonight has nothing to do them. She explains that when something crazy and unpredictable happens, she gets this need to be smothered by her parents. Marah tells Tony that the things Ben did reminds her of what happened to Catalina. Tony tells Marah that he understands why she needs to be with her family. Marah tells him that she just wants to forget about things for one night, and Tony wonders whether one of the things she wants to forget about is him. Marah tells him that she could never forget about him. She gives him a small peck on the cheek and leaves.

At the Lewis home, Shayne discusses with Marah the anger he has toward Ben and everything he has put Marina through. Shayne feels that Marina is pushing him away and keeping things bottled up. Shayne asks Marah how she was able to get over the hurt that Tony put her through. Marah tells him that maybe you never get over it, and you just learn to live with it until it becomes a part of who you are. Done with the serious talk, Marah and Shayne share a childhood experience and begin to fight over the remote control.

Tony, feeling a little alone, calls Ray and Danny; but he had to leave a message with both of them. In the meantime, Tony sits all alone on the sofa and wonders what’s wrong with the picture.

Bill tells his dad that Eden means a lot to him. Billy tells him that Eden can be a roll in the hay for him, but just don’t get too committed. Bill tells him not to say another word, and Billy tells him that he’s the one dating a tramp. Bill didn’t take that so well and punches his father. Gus runs over to break the two of them apart. Bill tells Gus to occupy Eden while he finishes his conversation with his father. Gus tells Billy that he ‘s pretty sure what this is all about and his sister is as good as gold and if he can’t see that, it’s his problem. Eden tells Gus that his loyalty has come a little too late. Bill reminds his dad that he is an ex-con, alcoholic, and practically gambled his life away. Bill tells his dad that Eden made some mistakes, but she practically raised herself. He said that she is tuff, vulnerable, beautiful, and she’s smart; and the best thing about it is that she is his. Bill tells his dad that if he has a problem with his wanting Eden in his life, then he doesn’t want him in his life anymore. When Bill realizes that Eden, standing right behind him, has overheard everything, he turns to her and says that with everything she has been through with Ben Reade, she needs him now more than ever and he plans to be there for her. Billy tells Eden that he hopes she turns her life around because Bill cares about her and he is better than the both of them. Eden agrees, and Billy leaves. Eden tells Bill that only her brother has ever stood up for her like that. Bill tells her that now she has two people that stand up for her. Eden responds by saying that she only has one now because she let her brother go. Bill and Eden go back to Eden’s room and make love. Emotions seem to be mutual! Has she finally given up on Tony? After Bill falls asleep, Eden pulls out the scrapbook and kisses Tony goodbye.

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