16. Ignoring the Obvious

Monday May 19, 2003

Eden went to see Marah and interrupted Marah and Tony almost hopping in the shower together. Marah had news that Adrian Pascal wants to buy her design. Marah was jumping up and down with excitement. Eden seemed excited for Marah and took her and Tony’s picture together. When Eden left, Marah asked Tony if he would agree to be friends with Eden; that she needed friends and had helped her so much with getting Adrian interested in her purses. To make Marah happy he agreed. Eden went back to her place and looked through a scrapbook filled with pictures of Tony. She placed the new picture in and took a red marker and scribbled Marah’s face out!


Wednesday May 21, 2003

Danny and Michelle think Marah and Tony are crazy to go to Eden’s dinner party, but all four of them plan to go. Marah lets it slip about Danny and Tony beating up the drug dealers, and Michelle surprisingly justifies it. In her mind, Danny has left the mob and is doing something for the good of the community.


Thursday May 22, 2003

A skeptical Danny joined Michelle, Tony and Marah for dinner at Eden’s place. Bill also attended. The food was terrific, but dinnertime conversation was stilted and awkward. Eventually, Eden mentioned that she’d known of Salerno while living in Chicago, and Danny hit the roof, accusing Eden of being in cahoots with Salerno. Eden tearfully denied it, saying it was a coincidence they happened to know the same slimeball, but Danny wasn’t convinced. After Michelle stumbled across proof that Eden had the dinner catered, Eden became upset and left the table, saying she’d tried so hard to make everything perfect but that everything went wrong. Tony followed her out of the room. After being nice to her, empathizing and giving her a pep talk, he left to rejoin the others. Eden smiled slyly to herself. Later, they all continued having dinner and things seemed to smoothed out, when Gus arrived. He told Eden he was there on police business, and that, somehow, she’s involved in two murders….


Friday May 23, 2003

Gus took a picture of the dead girl over to Eden and asked her if she knew her. Eden gasped at the sight of the dead girl and Gus told her to tell him the truth about how the medical examiner and this girl died with her business card in their hand. He told her it was important to tell the truth or she could be next! She told him the girl’s name was Renee and worked for her but that she knew nothing else about her and that the M.E. was a client of hers. Gus vowed to let nothing happen to his kid sister. When Eden informed her dinner party guests (Bill, Danny, Tony, Marah, Michelle) about why Gus was there, Danny said he thought Salerno was behind it. They fear Salerno is trying to send a message to her and Bill told her she couldn’t stay there alone. Marah offered to let her move into the museum and oddly enough, Tony agreed because he wants to keep an eye on her. Eden of course, was pleased. Danny was not happy with the arrangement.


Monday May 26, 2003

Eden was getting settled in at the museum. Danny, Tony, Marah, Michelle, Eden and Bill checked out the place to make sure all the windows were locked and everything was safe. Danny snuck a call in to Salerno and asked him if he was the one who was stirring up things in Springfield. Bill overheard part of the conversation and asked Danny if the past was really the past. Danny said it was time to “respect and not protect” Michelle and told him to concentrate on Eden because that would be a job in itself.

At the museum, Marina and Bill left to go to the police station, which left Tony and Eden alone.



Tuesday May 27, 2003

Elsewhere, Eden is deeply shaken by the news of the murder and all too eager to use her shock to score points with both Marah and Tony.  Eden fantasizes about Tony loving her the way he does Marah.



***Eden is obsessed with Tony. And while she may be in a relationship with Bill she is really trying to get Tony.***

Wednesday May 28, 2003

At the old museum, Tony found out that Eden was about to head off to meet with Salerno. Tony was surprised that Salerno was in town and asked Eden if she was working with him, but Eden said Salerno called to meet her, that 3 people who were connected to her escort service have died and she had nothing to lose by meeting with Salerno. With Marah in agreement, Tony insisted on taking Eden to her meeting. As they left, a car tried to mow Eden down, but Tony pushed her out-of-the-way. Eden later told Tony and Marah that she recognized the car’s driver and that it was a man who worked for Salerno. Not able to reach Danny, Tony left a voice message instead. After Tony and Marah went to get some ice for Eden’s bruised knee, Eden slyly made a call from her cell phone, telling the party that the ruse with the car worked very well. “I owe you one”, Eden said, just before she ended the call…



Thursday May 29, 2003

Tony told Eden that, in the light of what’s been happening lately, he’ll be her very own personal bodyguard. Marah asked Eden if she’s still affiliated with Salerno in any way, but Eden said she wasn’t. Danny came by and Tony told him about Eden’s brush with death. Danny, in turn, told Tony about the visit Salerno made the night before. When Tony told Danny that he wants to be Eden’s bodyguard, Danny was against it, but Tony said he’d be able to keep an eye on Eden that way. Danny said the reason Salerno’s man waited until Tony was with Eden (when he tried to run her down) was probably because Salerno wanted to drag the Santos’ into whatever he’s concocting. After overhearing, Eden told them that she’s thankful, but Tony doesn’t have to be her bodyguard after all. After turning down Marah’s request to stay until her leg is healed, Eden got her things together and headed back to her own place.


Wednesday June 4, 2003

Reva showed up at the museum and gave Marah a purse she’d just bought her, then plunged in, telling Marah all about the acceptance letter Shayne had just received. Suddenly, Reva told Marah she felt bad, realizing she’d mowed-down Shayne with her exuberance and hadn’t asked what HE’d thought of his future plans. She asked Marah what she thought about the whole thing: whether Shayne should choose to go pro right away, or go to college and get an education at the same time as playing baseball. Marah didn’t come down on either side of the fence, refusing to take sides. When Eden entered the room and Marah introduced her to Reva, Reva suddenly had a vision of a con-type of card game which is played on the streets, a game where the dealer rarely loses. After Eden left, Reva told Marah about the vision and told Marah to be careful around Eden, but Marah said she’s only now just starting to understand Eden and told Reva that Eden’s been through tough times, but Reva persisted, telling Marah to be careful. Later, as Eden was out walking in an area of 5th street, Ben suddenly approached her. He was unusually calm, yet angry, telling Eden that he wished he’d never met her, that because of her, he’s lost everything that was ever important to him. He warned Eden, saying that he has nothing more to lose, which makes him a very dangerous man. And with that, he walked away, leaving Eden to ponder what he meant…


Thursday June 5, 2003

After a romantic morning, Danny had to head off to work on the 5th Street project, but Michelle wanted Danny to stay and continue their “exploits.” As Danny was leaving, Ed dropped in and seemed pretty amiable towards Danny. Alone with Michelle, she and Ed discussed wedding details and before too long, the subject of Maureen came up. As Ed was beginning to express his guilt towards the loss of Maureen, his beeper went off and he had to run, but he told Michelle they’d broach the subject again soon. Marah dropped in on Michelle and empathized with her about growing up without a mother during the early years. Michelle told Marah she’s been thinking about Maureen a lot lately, and that she wishes she could see her again. Meanwhile, at the old museum, Danny arrived and told Tony that Salerno’s become a threat to them and to 5th Street, telling Tony to contact some of their “former friends” to get an update on what Salerno’s up to. An angry Tony told Danny that he took orders from Danny when they were in “the business” together, but not anymore, since they’ve supposedly become legit, but Danny told Tony not to bury his head like an ostrich and realize that Salerno’s a threat and that they have to stay one step ahead of him in order to protect themselves and their families. Tony told Danny that although they’re supposed to be partners, he feels like he’s being left out, but Danny assured Tony that they are partners in every sense. After consideration, Tony agreed to help with Danny’s plan.



Friday June 6, 2003

Eden was left alone at the Beacon while Michelle and Marah went to see the psychic that was in town. Bill showed up and was furious with her. They argued over her way of making a living and how she set up his friend to “hook” for her and then left him hanging when he got into trouble. Eden defended her business to him but Bill wasn’t backing down. He was irate at the way she turned her head the other way knowing Mrs. Hinden was blackmailing Ben and paying him for sex. Eden stuck up for herself saying she was “no Marah Lewis or Michelle Bauer” and told him to leave. She was pushing him and screaming at him to leave when they started ripping each other’s clothes off right there in the living room of the museum! After they made love, Bill confessed how he felt about her. He really cares for her and asked if she would quit her business. Eden thought being with a wild woman was sexy and Bill said it was… before he started caring so much for her. She said she couldn’t quit now or they wouldn’t capture the killer but insinuated that she would when that happened.

Cassie, Reva, Marah, and Michelle were at Dr. Langham’s conference and there was a psychic channeling souls from beyond.

(The Psychic Reva storyline…enough said.)



Monday June 9, 2003

Gus went to see Danny. Danny wanted to talk to Gus about who he thought was behind the murders…Vinnie Selerno. He suggested that Vinnie was not happy with Eden and was sending her a message. Gus seemed to think that a more logical reason would be to get a message to Danny because Vinnie doesn’t like losing territory. While they were talking, Danny received a wedding present from Vinnie. It was a painting and Gus and Danny checked it out to see if there was a “message” to the picture. Gus called it a “butt-ugly painting” and told him to get rid of it. When Gus left, Danny called Tony and told him to watch his back, just like the old days.



Thursday June 12, 2003

Michelle joined Danny, Marah and Tony at Company and brought along a book about wedding ideas. Danny suggested he and Michelle go to Vegas to get married or take off to a tropical destination to do the honors, but those ideas didn’t interest Michelle. As the foursome discussed details for a more traditional wedding, Michelle shocked them by vetoing THAT idea as well. Danny and Tony had a beer at the bar area, where Danny told Tony that it didn’t matter how he and Michelle got remarried, that he’d be happy to have Michelle no matter what. Meanwhile, Marah told Michelle that the actual wedding ceremony wasn’t the important thing: it’s the fact that Danny and Michelle are going to reaffirm something they already believe in. When Danny and Tony rejoined them, Michelle told Danny she’d made up her mind: after telling Danny that they’re already committed to one another, she announced there’d be NO wedding ceremony.


Monday June 16, 2003

Marah and Shayne have a brother/sister talk about his future and relationships.


Tuesday June 17, 2003

Post lovemaking, Tony and Marah leave for the party. Once they’re gone, Eden sits in a corner of the bedroom, hugging Tony’s discarded T-shirt.



Monday June 23, 2003

At the museum, a reporter showed up and was snapping pictures of Eden who had answered the door thinking it was Bill. Tony showed up and punched the guy and grabbed him around the neck.  Marah pleaded for him to let go and he did and then he blew up at Eden for answering the door scolding her saying she could have been killed if it was the killer. When Marah left the room, Tony apologized for yelling at her and getting violent but Eden said he did the right thing. Eden told Tony that Marah doesn’t understand “the life” and how you have to protect yourself and the ones you love. She flew into Tony’s arms and cried how she hated living that life. Marah walked in stopped the act. When Marah and Tony went to bed, Eden sat on the couch and daydreamed of Tony making love to her until Bill tapped her on the shoulder. Bill was an alternative and they passionately kissed and went to bed.



Thursday June 26, 2003

Tony and Marah begin to make love. They talk about surprising Danny and Michelle with a wedding.

Later Gus asks Eden why the dead girl’s pin is among her things. Bill and Eden are both upset that Gus and Harley suspect Eden could be the killer. Eden refuses to answer any questions, and tells Harley and Gus to get out. Tony comforts a distraught Eden, assuring her that he and Marah are on her side. Tony believes Eden about the pin, and asks if there is anybody who might want to set her up. Tony offers to go with her to speak with Vinnie Salerno, but Eden insists she could never forgive herself if anything happened to him.

Bill wonders if it bothers Marah that Tony is tending to Eden. Marah says it doesn’t and it shouldn’t bother him, either.

Meanwhile, not only does finding the pin worry Gus, but also the way Eden reacted doesn’t bode well for her innocence.



Tuesday July 1, 2003

Ed suggests they all skip the annual Bauer barbecue this year. Marah wants to surprise Danny and Michelle with a wedding at the barbecue. Marah is horrified to learn that the Bauers are thinking of not having the barbecue. She offers to take over the event. Tony is hesitant about Marah’s surprise wedding idea.

Danny is glad to see Tony and Marah without Eden tagging along.



Thursday July 3, 2003

At Company, Tony wants to throw Ben out of the museum. Bill and Remy defend Ben, but Ben says he’ll move out anyway. He doesn’t want to be somewhere he is not wanted. They decide to let him stay. Marina enters, but Ben decides to lay off. Tony makes Bill and Remy promise that Marah will never be left alone with Ben.



Friday July 4, 2003

Reva’s suspicious of Tony and Marah whispering and keeping secrets. When she finds wedding-related evidence, she assumes Tony and Marah are planning to get married.



Monday July 7, 2003

Reva and Josh both jump to the same conclusion: Tony and Marah are getting married!

Marah and Tony assure the Justice of the Peace that the bride and groom will arrive any minute. Later, Reva and Josh are hugely relieved to learn that Tony and Marah are not getting married. But to Tony and Marah’s dismay, Danny and Michelle aren’t coming to the barbecue.



Tuesday July 8, 2003

Marah tries to reach Danny and Michelle but to no avail. Ed has no idea where they could be. Meanwhile, in a chapel, Danny and Michelle prepare to get hitched. The Justice of the Peace has to leave, which kind of ruins Marah’s surprise. Mel knows Jeffrey was once a judge and could perform the ceremony.

Danny and Michelle arrive at the barbecue and are surprised. They will get married after all. Jeffrey pronounces Danny and Michelle husband and wife.



Wednesday July 9, 2003

Marah catches the bouquet as Ben watches. The newlyweds thank Tony and Marah for giving them the wedding they didn’t know they wanted. Michelle teases Marah about putting her wedding planner skills to work again and embarrassed, Marah says that she and Tony are nowhere near ready for marriage. Tony is taken aback by this remark.

Gus orders Eden to come in for questioning and to bring the records she claims she doesn’t have. Eden finds a protector in Tony.

As the wedding festivities continue, Josh must accept the fact that Reva still can’t forgive him for deciding Shayne’s future. Christopher Langham arrives and informs Reva that he is leaving for the conference in Milan. He asks her to go. Josh takes issue with this arrangement. Josh explains to Marah what he did. Marah thinks that, as long as Shayne is doing what he wants, there is no problem. When Marah is gone, Reva says she disagrees with that. She thinks that she and Josh need time apart, and will consider attending the conference whether he likes it or not.

After being serenaded by Daniel Bedingfield, Danny and Michelle go to the Beacon for a one-night honeymoon. Danny insists that they have some elements of a traditional
reception, including champagne toasts and dancing. He pledges to make everything right for them this time. They make love.



Thursday July 10, 2003

Marina is upset about Ben, and takes it out on Tony and Marah. She thinks they should be sorry for how they treated Ben. Later, Marah decides to go to Milan with Reva. Although Reva is skeptical of Marah’s reasons for wanting to go, she agrees that they could have some quality girl time.  Marah tells Tony about her sudden plans to go to Europe. Eden is happy to see her leave. Reva writes a letter to Shayne, kisses Josh goodbye and departs.

Per a search warrant, Gus has collected some things from Eden’s apartment – among them her Tony scrapbook. Gus agrees not to look at Eden’s scrapbook if she provides him with her business records, which she does.

At Company, Tony comforts Eden.



Monday July 14, 2003

At Danny and Michelle’s, Eden suggests that she and Tony decorate the house with balloons, candles, etc. for the newlyweds’ homecoming. At the Beacon, Michelle learns about Ben’s attack. Danny and Michelle are surprised to find out that Eden helped Tony decorate the house.

Danny suspects that Eden decorated their house just to be close to Tony. Eden tells Danny that he doesn’t get to decide what Tony thinks or who he likes, as Tony overhears.


Wednesday July 16, 2003

At Shayne’s baseball game Eden talks with Tony about her days of playing stickball in Chicago. Tony reminds Eden of her blackmail and extortion days, and she says that’s a thing of the past.



Thursday July 17, 2003

Eden treats Tony to breakfast, and she gets a bit too close for comfort. Eden feels funny that Tony thinks she was hitting on him.

Tony confides in Michelle about Eden’s misunderstanding about the two of them, and he feels bad for coming down too hard on her.



***In early May of 2003 it was already announced that Jordi was leaving the role of Tony.  I can only assume that was why they made both Marah and Tony so incredibly stupid where Eden was concerned.  In the case of Catalina, Marah KNEW Catalina wanted Tony.  This time Marah ignored the obvious because she said that Eden deserved a second chance.   And Tony?  Just months before he was warning Marah about Eden and then he was completely oblivious about the fact that Eden was moving in for the kill.  It was completely unlike both the characters and the character stupidity was used to set up Marah and Tony’s eventual break up and Jordi leaving as Tony.***   

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