14. Healing

Friday December 6, 2002

Maria and Tony had Carmen convinced that she shouldn’t show up at the memorial service for Danny but then Gus told Tony he had to make sure Carmen DID make it to the Memorial. Tony went back and told Carmen that the “families” are upset because they think she killed Tony to gain control of the “family” again and were not happy and that if she didn’t go to the memorial they would think she was guilty.

Tony brought Carmen to the memorial service. Rick tried to get her to leave but Michelle stepped in and told him to let her stay. Marah talked Reva and Josh into coming and Gus and Harley were there. Danny was hiding in the confessional. When Ed stood up to give the eulogy, Michelle stood up and told her Dad to sit down that SHE was going to give it. You could see how nervous Ed and Gus was. She stood up and said “My dad always told me that if ever in doubt, tell the truth and that’s what I’m going to do.”


Monday December 9, 2002

At Danny’s memorial service, Michelle told how Danny IS alive but in Robbie and her heart. She said that Danny loved his mother more than anything else. She went on to say how when it came down to it that Danny always chose his mother over everything else and Carmen should be the one to stand up and talk. Tony urged her to do so saying that it wouldn’t look good if she refused. Carmen spoke and said that Danny’s death was all her fault but left without saying she actually shot Danny.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvQ9UjvPt2o&feature=related Tony speaking at the memorial.

(Love Tony’s speech here because it applies to Tony and Marah just as much as it does to Danny and Michelle. When he talks about love he says, “That’s not something that we learn real well in the Santos family. See when there’s love, real love, in front of us sometimes we don’t know how to handle it and we mess up bad.”  As we have seen throughout the Marah and Tony journey they have made plenty of mistakes along the way…and they will continue to make more until their unfortuante ending.)

Thursday December 12, 2002

Tony learns that Danny is alive.  Carmen is arrested and tries to tempt Tony with leading the family.  Tony rejects Carmen’s offer in favor of the life Danny was willing to die for.

Josh asks Billy for help in dealing with Tony…which leads to them inviting Tony on a hunting trip after the holidays.



Friday December 13, 2002

Carmen called Eden to the jail to tell her that she knows the truth….that Eden killed Tony’s father.

Though not a Marah and Tony scene it is important for their story, especially in regards to Tony.

Wednesday December 18, 2002

At Cross Creek Tony and Marah enter. Marah talked about making hot chocolate and sitting in front of the fireplace. Tony began to make a fire. Marah brought in a tree for them to decorate. Tony explained that his family put lit candles on the Christmas tree when he was little. But Marah said they were going to decorate the tree themselves. They began to look for things to hang on the tree. Marah wanted to know if Tony was serious about Eden. He explained that he kept Eden around to find out things about Carmen. Marah said there couldn’t be anyone else for her because she couldn’t stop caring about him. Marah wanted to know about Tony’s dad. Tony said that when he was six years old, his dad taught him how to play baseball. Marah made hot chocolate. They put a blanket on the floor in front of the fire and make love.


Tuesday December 19, 2002

At Cross Creek Tony pulled away from Marah as they were kissing. Marah said it was ok. Tony told her that this was all he ever wanted for her. They began to kiss again. Tony told her he loved her. On the radio was a snow broadcast about roads being closed. Tony said they were doomed. Marah said she needed to call her parents. When she called, it was static and she couldn’t get dial tone. Marsh said her parents couldn’t expect to hear from her every single moment. Then she remembered that it was the day of family tradition when the tree was decorated. They decided to leave since they could feel Josh’s presence in the room. When Tony went outside, he found the car was completely buried.

At the Lewis house Josh and Billy brought in a Christmas tree. Josh said there was something missing. He wanted to know where Marah was. Reva said she would probably be there because she wouldn’t miss the event for the world. Josh said he was worried about Marah. She suggested he call the carriage house, but Josh he did and they told him that Marah was with Tony. Josh said Marah was probably at the cabin because that was her favorite place. Reva tried to get in touch with Marah on her cell, but it said she was out of range. Josh said that she was stuck at the cabin and he was going to go get her. Josh asked Billy if he had chains for the truck. Reva said nobody was going anywhere. Billy and Josh got ready to leave. Tony and Marah were standing at the door when Josh opened it. Tony said they took a snow mobile since the car was buried under the snow. They wondered where he got the snow mobile. Tony said he got it from the neighbor. Josh said that meant that he stole it. Tony said he left a note for the neighbors with cash to cover the usage of the snow mobile. When Josh answered the phone nobody answered on the other end. Josh said since they had their number changed, it was probably a wrong number. But Reva’s expression showed worry. Josh wanted to know what was wrong. Reva said that it was during the holidays when she missed her mother and family. As they were singing, Reva answered the phone. A voice made a threat.



Friday December 27, 2002

Danny had a talk with Tony at the Beacon too and told him that they needed to think of a way to make money legitimately. Danny wants to have a plan for the future to show Michelle security. He recommends bringing music into the night clubs him and Tony own.

Tony went to go see Carmen because she said she had information about his father that would change his life. When he got there, Carmen told Tony that Eden is the one who killed his father. She went on to tell Tony that his father killed Joe August and Gus and Eden found out about it and lured his father to the roof then pushed him off. Tony was in total disbelief and left. He called Eden and told her that her last paycheck was ready and to come pick it up. A guard showed up to take Carmen to the Federal Prison but he was no guard at all! He was going to get Carmen out of the country but Carmen said she had to make one stop before they left…..to pick up her grandson!



Thursday January 2, 2003

At Inferno Marah told Tony that she was proud of him. Danny said that this night was an important night for him and Michelle. Tony told Danny what Carmen offered him in exchange if he would help her get out of prison. Danny exits. As they were kissing, Eden walked in. Tony asked Marah to give them a moment. In the office, he took Eden to give her the paycheck. He suggested they go up to the roof and talk because that was where she did her best work. He told her he talked to Carmen. Tony grabbed her wrists and told her she should have stayed in Chicago. She admitted that she hated the Santos family. Tony told her that Carmen expected him to kill her. But he said he wasn’t his father. Eden exits. Tony began to teach Marah how to dance.



Great/cutesy Marony dialog in this scene:

Marah: He’s acting like a schoolboy on his first date.

Tony: I don’t think he ever loved anybody but Michelle. We Santos guys, we’re really good at that one woman thing.

Friday January 3, 2003

When Ray and Danny showed up at the Beacon they told Tony and Marah what happened with Carmen. (Escaping from jail and trying to take Robbie.) Danny left to go see Michelle before Tony told the news about Eden killing his father. Tony told Ray and Marah that he forgives Eden and that she was a kid when it happened and that his father killed her father. He understood and is not going to seek revenge.

Tuesday January 7, 2003

Josh and Billy have fun giving Tony a hard time on their hunting trip, but are impressed by his dedication and commitment to Marah. Josh and Billy voice their fear about Marah and Tony’s relationship, which leads to an understanding between the three men.

Marah implores Reva not to be so protective of her, which prompts Reva to disclose that she is receiving threatening phone calls. Later, Reva receives a call on her unlisted cell phone.

Wednesday January 8, 2003

At Company Marah hugged Ben. Ben told bill that Michelle said they could use the Bauer cabin. Bill told him that he and Beth were ancient history. Ben suggested this could be a rebound for Bill. Bill said he was going to play the field for a while. Marina enters. She asked Ben if he found a place to stay. Bill wondered how Frank would agree to the trip.

Bill explained Ben’s plans to Marah. She explained where Tony was. Bill was shocked. She said she was tempted to see how they were doing. Bill said he needed to check on someone else. Before he had to explain he decided to leave.

At Cross creek Since Tony hurt himself, Josh suggested they get an ice pack. Billy said Marah would be on the warpath when she finds out. Marah enters. She asked Josh before entering the cabin how everything was going. He told her he didn’t need her help. When he said they just got back to the cabin, she wanted to know why they got back so early when there was still daylight. When she tried to go in, Josh stopped her. He told her that he and Tony had a few nice chats. He felt it would be best if she leave so he could continue to do some bonding. Marah goes in the cabin and heard Tony moan from pain. Josh admitted that he set the tension on the bow a little high. Josh and Billy agreed to meet Tony and
Marah at the hospital. Josh and Billy exit.



(Quite possibly the funniest clips EVER!  I am a big fan of Billy Lewis (Marah’s Uncle) and he is great in these scenes. “You really stepped in it this time.” and “You busted her boyfriend”  Just a really good scene)

Tuesday January 14, 2003

Josh and Reva are each trying to figure out who is making the prank calls to Reva. Marah feels left out by her father, but Tony tells her that Josh is only trying to keep Marah separate from Reva’s drama. Marah convinces Tony to help her figure out how the calls are being made.


Wednesday January 15, 2003

Tony enters. Tony told Marah that the person making the calls was making it seem as though the calls were coming from inside the house. Marah couldn’t understand why someone would do this. Tony promised her that nobody was gong to hurt her or her family. Marah was trying to convince Tony that she needed to drop out of school. But he told her she couldn’t drop out because he was also going to the University. Tony found out that if a person had a type of equipment they could out in close to her house and make the calls.



Some great Marony dialog in this scene:

Marah: Yeah, but lots of people make it without a college education.

Tony: Yeah. Okay, fine. But you’re not dropping out of school.

Marah: Well, I can do whatever I want. And if you’re worried about my parents, don’t be, because they can’t stop me.

Tony: I’m worried about me. Who’s going to walk me to class?

Marah: What?

Tony: You can’t drop out now. I just started school.

Marah: You’re going to the university?

Tony: Yeah. Yeah, I just started. So you can’t give up on me now.

Marah: What? But why? Why? Why would you go to school?

Tony: Because everything is changing. I have you now.

Tuesday January 21, 2003

Marah and Tony explain to Josh that the caller planted a device to reroute the calls made to the Lewis house. Marah gets an e-greeting card expressing condolences for her mother’s death.

Wednesday January 22, 2003

At Company Reva and Josh enter. They told Marah about the call. She showed Reva the email she received giving sympathy on the death of Reva. Josh explained to Frank about the current phone call and the email. Frank said it wasn’t a death threat and qualifies as harassment. Josh was furious that the police couldn’t do anything. (Inside the Lewis house, the burglar picked up the Lewis family photo). Tony exits. Frank said she had to get a physical threat before he could help. Reva and Josh exit.

At Lewis house Marah wanted to tell Frank about the threat that was made. But Tony said the threat was not a crime because the cops wouldn’t do anything. Tony said he would take care of it.


Friday January 24, 2003

The stalker was looming at the Lewis. They found an envelope sitting outside their back door and inside was the family picture that had been taken from inside their home and Reva’s face had been blacked out. Josh asked Tony to use his connections and get some protection for his family. Marah told her mom she wanted to use the computer and lure the stalker so they could find out who he is. Tony overheard this and insisted she not do it but Marah was determined. When Tony and Marah took a walk outside so Tony could check the property and make sure nobody was lurking, Tony was looking very suspicious. Then, while Marah was standing on the front porch alone, somebody came up from behind and with a black, gloved hand, reached out to touch her…


Monday January 27, 2003

At the Lewis’s, Marah is outside her house when someone came up behind her and touched her shoulder. It was Olivia. She had scared Marah and when she screamed everybody came running. They accused Olivia of being the stalker but later learned she just stopped by to tell Reva she had been to see her sister. Her sister sent Jonathan to Switzerland to boarding school because her husband had become abusive. She gave Reva the information on how to contact him. Tony surprised Marah by taking her to the lighthouse where he had fixed it up so they would have a place to be together and get away from all the excitement.


Tuesday January 28, 2003

Marah is perplexed as to why the picture frame from her house is under Tony’s blanket, leaves Tony’s without an explanation and encounters Michelle at Company. Marah confides in Michelle that she questions Tony possibly being the stalker. Tony, who followed Marah to Company overhears her suspicions and storms off. Marah comes to the conclusion that she should just ask Tony why the picture was in the lighthouse.



Wednesday January 29, 2003

At the Lighthouse Marah went to see Tony. He told her he saw her at Company with Michelle and that she thought he was the stalker. She said that she thought he wanted to be a hero for her parents. She showed him the picture frame that she found at the lighthouse. He told her to put it down because there might be fingerprints on it. Tony called the police.

Frank enters. They showed him the picture frame. Frank said that it seemed as if someone was setting Tony up as the stalker. Marah asked Frank to tell her parents that she was ok. Frank exits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEmhbnrKe-M&feature=channel_video_title

When Marah asked Tony if he was ok, the look on his face said it all. Marah apologized for accusing him and running out on him. Tony hugged Marah. Tony reassured her that nobody was going to mess up their relationship. When Tony closed the blind, he told Marah that he was making the world disappear for both of them. Marah said she would like to go to an island thousands of miles away. She would like to lie on a beach with white sand. With her eyes closed, she pretended they were on that island. She turned to Tony and suggested they get some sun as she started to unbutton his shirt. He told her that she is all he needed. She asked him to make love to her. After making love, Marah told Tony that she felt as if every cell in her body was alive. She said it felt like her first time.


Thursday January 30, 2003

At the Lighthouse Marah woke up to find Tony touching her face. She said she was starving, so he brought her a fruit tray. They decided they would like to stay at the lighthouse for the rest of their lives. Marah said she wasn’t going to give up on their relationship. Reva asked Marah to stop by the lighthouse and check it out to see if the stalker left anything behind. Marah agreed and they hung up. Tony and Marah began to look for evidence the stalker had been there, but couldn’t find anything. Marah took Tony’s shirt off. They began to kiss passionately. They made love. Reva called Marah to tell her the news about the stalker.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID3Rt6HgcMc&feature=relmfu (Clip also extends to next day)

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