13B. Can You Fix the Broken? (Part Two)

Monday September 23, 2002

Reva has a cryptic dream where Richard has her pointing out the word “murderer” on the communication board that he actually used to compel Reva to help him die. When she wakes up, Josh tells her that Ross has suggested she take a plea deal from the DA’s office. It would involve a plea of guilty to manslaughter and a sentence of 3-5 years in prison. Later, Marah tells her mother how much she admires that she always trusts her heart. Billy, Josh, Marah and Reva all discuss the pros and cons of taking the plea bargain. The entire family throws their support behind Reva and encourages her to fight for what she believes in – to stand trial and defend her action of turning off Richard’s life-support. 

Tuesday September 24, 2002

Cassie runs around with Tammy to get the Beacon ready for the arriving Baroness. Blake, Marah, Ben, Marina and Remy all pitch in to help Cassie out. Marah and Remy take care of preparing Olivia’s, the bar in the Beacon.


Wednesday September 25, 2002

In the Beacon Lobby Michelle and Bill enter. Cassie enters. Alex enters. They figured out it was Alexandra Spaulding. Cassie introduced herself. Alex told her she booked the entire hotel for herself. Alex told Cassie she went by her maiden name, Alexandra Spaulding.

Ben told Marina who this person was. He said she was a force to be reckoned with. Harley told Alex that Alan would be happy to see her. She told her it was in all of the papers about Alan. Blake introduced herself. When Alex asked about Roger, Blade told her Roger was nowhere near Springfield. Tony entered with a drink that Alex requested. Tony suggested they get a replacement for the bartender. Tony offered so Marah agreed.

Marina told Marah that she wanted to be like Alex some day. Marina wanted to set Alex up with her dad. Cassie thanked everyone for helping her. Blake told Cassie how happy she was for her. Blake said that Reva could use some good news now.

Marah told Michelle that she should stay and have a good time. Ben enters. He jokingly told them that he would dance with both of them.

Marah told Tony that there was only going to be one guest and if he wanted to leave he would. She told him that a part of him would always love him, but they weren’t good for each other. Bill, Tammy, Ben, Marina, and Michelle enter. They wanted to get the party going. Marina did a toast for them to have fun.


Wednesday October 2, 2002

At Inferno Tony and Carmen enter. Eden was sitting at the bar. Tony told Carmen to drop it about Danny. He approached Eden and wanted to know what was the deal. Eden told him the service was bad since his bartender quit. She said she stayed because she did offer to bartend for him. Tony said it was interesting that she showed up the day after his bartender decided to quit. Tony tried to call his bartender to see where he was. Eden said she knew where he was. She told him that she pretended to be Carmen and called the bartender to
give him the day off. On the phone, Tony told his bartender to get into work. Carmen enters. She wanted to know what was going on and if it had to do with the pretty girl that just left.

Harley enters. She said she came to see Tony. She told him if he saw Eden, he should go somewhere else. She told him to have a nice day. Harley exits.

Outside of Company Carmen told her that she was looking for a friend of hers. Carmen told her they have a lot in common. She told Eden that Tony liked her. Carmen exits. Tony enters. He asked Eden if she wanted the bartender job. She agreed.



Thursday October 3, 2002

Ben wanted to know what kind of apartment Bill was looking for in the papers. Ben said they could get a house. Bill said he would think about it. Marah enters. She informed Bill and Ben about Reva’s plea of guilty.

Marina watched as Ben catered to Marah. She was saying that she could return home to sleep well. Bill said they could get a place that has three bedrooms. Marah said she would think about it. But she decided she wanted to stay at home to be near her mom. Marah exits. Marina asked them if they see anything they like on the menu. They both said no and Bill exits. Ben told Marina that games are fun to a certain point.

Monday October 7, 2002

Tony asks Eden where she was the other day and if she is serious about the job.  He says a girl like her is good for business. She kisses him.

Later Eden calls and summons Harley to Infierno for a little chat.  When Harley gets face to face with Eden it’s just more of the same old threats and snarking. Except that Gus has followed Harley and overhears what’s going on. He cannot believe Eden is working at Infierno and tells her to quit right now and leave with them. She declines his offer of running her life.   Tony offers help getting her brother off her back, Eden says it isn’t her brother that’s the problem it’s Harley.


Tuesday October 8, 2002

A distracted Marah has lunch at Company with her annoying new roommate. She excuses herself from the table when Tony walks in. He heard about Reva, and offers to use the Santos family connections to get a mellow judge on appeal. Marah turns him down. She asks Tony to take a walk. They head for the beach. Marah asks Tony how bad prison is. Tony says Reva is no killer, but Marah disagrees. They reminisce about Reva and Josh’s wedding, remembering how happy everyone seemed. Marah thinks maybe it was all a dream, but Tony thinks that dreams can still come true. Marah disagrees; they must move forward. Marah leaves.

Tony, remembering Marah’s determination to move forward, pulls out Eden’s telephone number.

Marah calls Bill to inquire about moving in with him and Ben. Reva tries to figure out what to pack for prison, but Josh stops her. Cassie shows up at the house, angry that Reva changed her plea. Reva says it seemed like the right thing to do. Cassie asks if Reva is scared; Reva is terrified. Josh leaves them alone.

Wednesday October 9, 2002

At Company Reva interrupted Marah having lunch with her roommate, Sunny. Sunny wished Reva good luck in prison and said she would probably get a law degree. She exits. Reva said she was a little direct. Marah was upset that she brought up the prison issue. But Marah didn’t want to talk about Reva going to prison. Marah hoped that Ross could get her off, but Reva said what she did was illegal. Marah said if she would have been more supportive and not agreed with Cassie. But Marah said that Shayne and Josh supported her. Reva said one thing she had learned was to follow her heart. Marah said it before Reva had the chance. Reva told Marah that she didn’t want her live life afraid of loving. Reva told her to write her and tell her everything. Reva suggested they go home where they would feel better.

At Inferno A gentleman entered and wanted to meet Eden. Eden introduced herself, but he said the Eden he met had a cast on her arm. Gentleman exits. Eden asked Carmen if she could help her. Carmen wanted to know if Tony should be aware of her other friends. Carmen said that Ripley would be very upset to hear that. Carmen informed her that she knew what she did. Eden suggested she leave before Carmen fired her. But Carmen said she would ask Tony to give her a raise. Carmen said she liked her because she was different. Carmen said she never lied about the feelings for her family. Eden said she understood.

At the Lewis house Marah said she should move back home. Marah explained that Ben and Bill asked her to move in with them at Blake and Ross’ old place. They began to throw leaves at each other. Finally Reva told Marah that she won. Marah began crying. Reva held her in her arms.


Thursday October 10, 2002

Marina brought Gus two cups of cappuccino and asked if he was ok. Marina asked Ben if he needed any help. She heard Ben ask Marah if she was ready to move into the house. Ben asked Marina to leave so he could talk to Marah. Ben told Marah about rules. Jokingly, he wanted her to try to contain herself and commented that they were strictly friends. Marina interrupted and wanted to know what he needed done next.

Marina enters and wanted to talk to Michelle. She wanted to know what she thought about her moving into the house with Ben, Bill, and Marah. But Michelle said she didn’t want to be with older guys.

At Inferno Tony told Danny that since he came back to the club the profits had doubled. Tony thought that Danny was looking at a contract, but found out it was separation papers. Danny told Tony that after today Cassie would be making a payment. Cassie enters. She told Danny about the money and that Olivia took everything. She said Olivia used the money for the bar in the hotel. Danny said he couldn’t help her because his money was tied up in the club. Danny said he wouldn’t let anyone hurt her or the kids. He said he would find a way to cover for her.

Outside of Inferno Tony saw Eden making a phone call. But she said she hadn’t clocked in yet. He said that Millennium was going to be busy having a fraternity party.



Friday October 11, 2002

Tony and Danny discuss who sent the warning to Cassie. Eden interrupts them but Tony sends her upstairs. Tony hired Eden so he can keep their enemies close. Danny is skeptical, but Tony assures him she will eventually tip her hand. Eden returns and is formally introduced to Danny. Danny leaves the room, then returns to find Tony and Eden kissing. He tells her to get back to work. Tony says he can handle it.

At Ben & Bill’s, Marah, Michelle, Remy and Ben get ready to go to Ben’s frat party at Millennium. Ben can’t convince Bill go along; Bill and Beth are busy playing foosball. As the group leaves, Bill pulls Michelle aside and asks why she’s wearing her wedding ring. Michelle says the marriage is over, she received separation papers today, and she takes off the ring. She leaves, and Bill and Beth make love.

Back at Millennium, Marah approaches Tony, and tells him she is now living with Remy, Bill and Ben. Tony tells her to have fun. The trials of speed dating: Michelle spends three minutes with a Spaulding butler, a guy who can’t attend the Bauer barbeque because he’s vegetarian, and a man who hates children. Marah is similarly unsuccessful. She heads toward the wine room, where she sees Eden and Tony making out. Marah and Michelle agree that they bombed at speed dating, and they leave.



Tuesday October 15, 2002

Marah and Michelle are sitting in The Beacon lobby, talking. They wonder why they let Ben talk them into speed dating. Michelle says, to her “it sounded so ridiculous it had to be a little fun.” Marah tells her that Reva was actually the one to talk her into going. She wanted her to get her mind off of the sentencing hearing tomorrow. Marah also tells Michelle that her mother is throwing a “pre-sentencing” party. Cassie walks up and joins them, complimenting them on their appearance. They tell her about their speed dating adventure and when Cassie asks if they met some interesting men, they answer “my husband” and “my ex-boyfriend.” A surprised Cassie asks if Danny and Tony were speed dating too. Marah answers that Tony already has his next girlfriend all picked out and Michelle says that Danny is too busy taking care of business. Cassie asks if it is really over between them, then after Michelle answers she tells her how sorry she is for her. Michelle replies “me too.” Michelle wants Marah to stay for another espresso, Marah agrees, but needs to make it quick, she has to get home for the party. She invites Cassie, but Cassie makes excuses why she can’t go. Cassie, changing the subject, tells them that she bets it was Reva’s idea to do the speed dating thing. Marah says “Chapter 6 in the Reva Shayne Lewis Guide to Living, if your whole world is falling apart, you just go out…” Cassie interrupts, laughing and smiling “put on a good face, put on a sexy dress and have a blast!” All three decide that misery does indeed love company and say “let’s party” very sarcastically. Cassie gets a phone call and leaves them. The two of them are still talking, and have decided to now blame all of their problems on fairy tales. Marah states, “it’s like, you grow up believing in fairy tales and when reality his you in the face, where does it leave you?” Michelle responds “with a tan line where your wedding band used to be.” They take turns telling the other how much they actually have going for them The decide they must start being more like Reva.

Danny is on the phone in his office at Infierno. Tony walks in, seeing he has a bag packed and asks if he is finally sick of sleeping on the couch. Danny answers, no, he is sick of receiving black roses and so is Cassie Winslow. When asked if he is going to take care of it, he replies “You bet I am.” Tony wants to know where he is going and Danny let’s him know that the less he knows the better. When Tony protests “That’s not good enough” Danny answers, “It has to be.” In walks Carmen, he tells her he has to take care of a few things on his own. He leaves. Carmen starts questioning Tony as if he knows where Danny is going and exactly what he is doing. Tony tells her that Danny just left his wife and his kid, the big guys are breathing down his neck about this Cassie Winslow thing, so she can figure out what is wrong with Danny herself. Carmen reminds him that Danny is soft and needs to get over it. She wants Tony to help her by stepping in and save Danny themselves. She asks him if he thinks Danny is making a mistake protecting Cassie Winslow? Tony answers that it is not his place to question the Head of the Family. Carmen explains to Tony that family is the most important thing, and Danny needs to finish what he started. Before she leaves, she sternly tells Tony “Collect the debt from Cassie Winslow.”

Later as Danny is leaving The Beacon, he sees Michelle and is walking toward the door. He stops Marah, who is also leaving, and hands her the letter he wrote to Robbie. He persuades Marah to give it to Michelle and tell her not to give it to Robbie until he is old enough to understand. Marah asks if he is going away, he doesn’t answer her question, he just thanks her again and walks out. He goes to Millennium and ,while standing outside looking in, he removes his wedding ring. His driver suddenly appears and asks if he is ready to go, he is. Marah gives Michelle that letter and leaves. Michelle crying, takes her wedding ring off and throws it out the window saying “Goodbye Danny.”



Wednesday October 16, 2002

At the Lewis house Reva thanked Ross for everything he had done. Ross told her to hope for the best and have a good time at her party. Marah enters. She told her that she wanted to be at Reva’s party. Reva got everyone’s attention and said that they were not going to be alone. She played the song ‘jail house rock’ and they began to dance. Reva thanked Mindy for coming so far to be with them. Blake enters. Ross told her to turn on the personality and join the party.

Outside Josh told Reva that she had somehow managed to turn the evening to something that the family and friends would remember for a long time. He said she would be coming home with him tomorrow. He reminded her about the agreement they had of never being apart. Josh and Reva embrace. She suggested that he return to the party. Josh exits. Reva prayed to keep her family safe. Cassie enters. She wanted to know if Reva gave her the money. But Reva said it wasn’t her. Reva said she would use the money to pay off the debt. Reva suggested she join the party and let the family help her. Cassie joined the party. When she entered, Marah ran to her and hugged her. As Cassie left, she ran into Josh. Josh wanted to let her know that he said some tough things to her. He said that Reva wanted them to be a family and he would like to give it a shot. They embrace and rejoin the party.


Friday October 18, 2002

Reva and Josh wake up in bed on the day of Reva’s sentencing. Mindful that Christmas is Reva’s favorite holiday, Josh and the kids have set up a tree. Marah gives Reva a Bible containing letters from Josh, Shane and Marah. Shane gives Reva a CD player approved by prison officials. Josh gives Reva a wedding band made with braided horse hair from Hawk’s Palomino. Reva improvises, giving Shane her SUV, Marah gets Sarah’s opal ring. They have a group hug and head for the car.


Monday October 21, 2002

Ross, Marah, Shayne and Josh accompany Reva into the hearing room. Edmund taunts Reva about her future behind bars and is furious when the DA requests that she serve the minimum sentence. Ross, Josh and Reva all plead with the court for leniency and are shocked when Cassie arrives and requests to speak. She claims that while she doesn’t think Reva did the right thing, she does think that Reva was acting in Richard’s best interest. The judge listens and then hands Reva her sentence to serve two years in prison. She is escorted into custody without getting to say goodbye to her family.



Tuesday October 22, 2002

Marah, Shayne and Josh are in the Courtroom upset because they didn’t get a chance to tell Reva goodbye the way they wanted. Out in the hallway, Frank escorts Reva away from the bailiff, apologizing but he has to start processing her immediately.

Josh gives the kids a “Lewis” pep talk. They come to terms with the fact that they have survived without their mother before and they will do it again.

Marah and Shayne arrive home and are discontented with the quiet. He tells her to turn on the radio, and just as she is about to the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it, with Shayne yelling “If it’s a reporter tell them to leave, okay?!” Marah opens the door to Cassie. She want to know if she can come in and if they are okay. Shayne tells her that Reva always says “Better late than never.” Cassie says she knows that this has been hard on everyone, and Shayne interrupts “But we all have to take that first step.” Cassie agrees and says well here is the second step: “I am going to get your mother out of this mess. I don’t know how, but I know it starts with me.”



Friday October 25, 2002

Danny meets with Agent Miller from the FBI in a hotel room. Gus arrives, and Danny asks that he help put Carmen, grandma and their associates in prison, but give Tony immunity. He believes Carmen will attempt to kill him, and Danny wants Gus to arrest her for murder. Gus is skeptical but agrees to consider it.

At home, Tony and Carmen count the interest payment that Cassie made. Carmen praises Tony for his non-Danny like qualities.

At the hospital, Eden leaves a message on Gus’ cell asking about Harley. She calls Tony and asks him to pick her up since she is afraid the bad guys will hurt her. He hurries to the hospital, where Eden convinces him to take her to the Santos house for safe keeping. Tony pulls the car around, and Gus shows up in Eden’s room and breaks the news that Harley dumped him.

Later, Carmen taunts Danny, surmising he was off licking his wounds about Michelle. Danny says she was a good mother when they were young, until their father died. Carmen gets a call from her banker informing her that a large amount of cash she was to receive has disappeared.


Monday October 28, 2002

Gus tells Eden that he and Harley are officially over. She sees this as an opportunity and invites him to join her in her vendetta against the Santos family. Gus refuses and tries to warn her off that path.

Danny calls Tony to come home. Tony shows up with Eden, making Danny suspicious, but he reluctantly agrees to let her stay at the house. Carmen asks Eden to spy on Danny for her.


Wednesday October 30, 2002

Marah enters the Beacon. She told Josh to go see Reva without her. She wanted to stay and find out about Cassie. Josh exits. She asked to speak to the manager of the Hotel. Ross enters. He wanted to know why she wasn’t visiting her mother. He said that Reva needed to see all of her family. Sarcastically, Marah said they always needed to do what Reva wants. Marah exits.

Tony asked Eden if she thought that her dad would be disappointed with her. She wanted to know what his dad would think of him. He said he was the person that his dad would want him to be. Tony began to tell Eden about his dad and how people were afraid of him. When she said she was cold, he tried to put his arms around her.

At the Santos house Eden enters and asked Tony what was for breakfast. She told him that Carmen loaned her some clothes. He told her that she looked beautiful. She kissed Tony passionately and Danny walked in. He turned and walked away. Danny called Gus and told him they had a problem. He asked him to meet him at the Santos house. Danny told Tony that he is getting too close to Eden. Eden enters and said that she needed to get some rest. Danny told her that she needed to get some rest somewhere else. Gus enters. Danny told him that Eden was living there. Gus wanted to now how she managed to stay there. She said she wanted to get the Santos family. He told her he was handling it. He mentioned that their dad wouldn’t be proud of her and she needed to get out of the Santos house. She exits. Tony exits. Gus told Danny that he didn’t think that Eden was walking out. Gus and Danny couldn’t figure out why Carmen asked Eden to stay. Gus said it was getting messy. Gus said he would try to get her out of there and warned Danny to watch his back. Gus exits.

At the Jail Ross told Reva that she didn’t have to be in a good mood all the time. But she said she wasn’t putting on an act. Reva said the prisoners looked at her like a murderer. Ross said he needed to get the appeal going. Ross exits.

Josh told Reva that Marah and Shayne would be there later to see her. Josh talked about the kids and what a slob Shayne was. The guard told Reva that Marah wasn’t on the list because she called and cancelled. Reva mentioned to Josh that Tony told the guards that she was to be taken care of. Reva tried to convince him that Tony does have a good side. Josh said he would bring Marah with him the next time. Josh exits.

Marah enters. Reva thanked her for coming. Marah said she took Shayne’s slot. She said that Shayne would have to miss a class or a game and it was now all about Reva. She told Reva that she didn’t think about the family, but gave the world another Reva story. But Reva wanted to hear about Marah’s day. Marah said she didn’t make it to her classes after doing the work in the house and answering calls and emails regarding Reva. She said she saw the look on Shayne’s face when he looked in the stands expecting to see Reva. Then it hit him that she isn’t there, and Marah said she screamed and shouted for him to make him feel good. She slammed the phone down and exits.



Tuesday November 5, 2002

Eden asks Tony if he is going to the cemetery. They start talking about what they take to their father’s graves. Gus walks in and she blows him off. He grabs his sister and after Tony walks outside, asks her what she is doing; doesn’t she know what day it is?

Outside Marah walks up to Tony and says she owes him.

Marah is thanking Tony for setting Reva up in jail, she knows that her mother is receiving preferential treatment because of him, the guard told her. They talk about how this is Reva’s shining moment, she gets to be brave and strong for her family. Tony defends Reva’s courtroom confession. Marah retorts that “she is doing just what you did when you thought I killed Catalina. Yeah, that turned out well.” She immediately says she is sorry and tells him about blowing up at Reva. He tells her to apologize. Marah asks if he is alone and he tells her that he is with Eden.

Eden tries to leave but Gus grabs her and her things and takes them to a booth. He asks her “What is the matter with you? Tony Santos isn’t just ANY Santos!” Eden strikes back “What do you think I am falling in love with him or something?” Gus starts painting worst case scenario pictures about her having a glass wine or talking in her sleep, spilling the secret they have kept for all these years. He says “Eden, you did not just cross Tony’s father, you murdered him.” He reminds her that Frederico Santos wasn’t the one who put out the contract, he was the trigger man. Miguel Santos was the one. They talk about the night, how they lured Frederico Santos onto the roof to get a taped confession. Eden went to far and pushed him off the roof. Gus refreshes her memory that the only reason they are alive is because of the police cover up. He asks if she is going to tell Tony? She says that Tony will find out when she wants him to and he will know why his father deserved to die! She gets up and storms out.

Tony explains to Marah that he isn’t dating Eden, they are just friends. He tells her that Eden is living with them because of her injury, and they came to grab a cup of coffee and they are going to stop off at the cemetery to visit his dad, Eden understands him, her father died a brutal death too. Marah then feels guilty for going on and on about her mom when he doesn’t even have that. She holds his hand as Eden walks out and sees them.

Eden comes out and makes forced casual conversation with Marah. Marah excuses herself to get something to eat. Eden asks if Tony is ready to go home. They discuss going to the cemetery. Gus comes out and tells her they aren’t finished talking yet. She responds later and walk away with Tony.

Marah sitting alone at Company, types “TONY” into her cell phone. She puts the phone down and asks herself “What am I doing?”

Thursday November 7, 2002

At the jail Bill and Marah were talking outside of the jail meeting room. Marah said the last time she was there she was hard on Reva. But Josh suggested that she make things right. Marah enters to talk to Reva. Marah apologized for how she acted, but Reva understood. Reva realized that Marah said what she was feeling. Reva remembered when Marah called her selfish with what she did. Reva agreed that she didn’t thing, but acted instead. They both agreed that they wish they could take a pill to make everything better. The guard said the time is up, but Reva kept talking. They finally parted. Marah exits.

At the Lewis house Bill told Marah that relationships were not easy. Marah knew he was referring to Beth. He said that things got going too fast for he and Beth, and he got more than he bargained for. Marah was shocked that he was having second thoughts. But Bill said he wasn’t afraid of commitment because he did marry Beth/Lorelei. He commented that Beth was so intense compared to Lorelei. Marah suggested that when he talked to Beth it might be a good idea to just listen. Marah wanted Bill to call Beth. Bill said he would never doubt Marah again.



Friday November 9, 2002

Tony meets with Danny who is cryptic about what his plans are.  Carmen orders Eden to get Tony home and to keep him occupied for some time. Eden calls Tony, pulling him away from Danny, and pretends to not be feeling well so that he will come home to her.  Danny tells Tony is proud of him and to go be with Marah. 

At the Lewis house Cassie explains about Richard’s “living will”.  Ross says Reva is free, at least for the moment.  Reva and Marah talk about what Tony did for her in prison.

Tony is furious that Eden lied to him, but allows her to seduce him,  but her plans are interrupted by Gus and Harley.



Monday November 11, 2002

Michelle and Marah discuss what loving a Santos boy involves.

Meanwhile, Tony is surprised to learn that Danny and Gus were working together. When he realizes that Eden was preventing him from helping his cousin, he is furious.   They all set out for the beach. Harley blames Eden for her involvement in Carmen’s scheme, and Eden defends herself. Carmen searches for signs that Danny may have lived, but when she hears Gus and Tony approaching, she hurries off.

After Gus and Tony don’t find what they are looking for on the beach, they go the mansion to confront Carmen. Gus leaves and Tony demands that Carmen come clean with him.

Meanwhile, Eden runs into Marah and taunts her that she and Tony were becoming intimate. Marah goes to see Tony and walks in as he is threatening Carmen.



Tuesday November 12, 2002

Tony stops himself before he becomes violent with Carmen. Marah comforts him and he confides in her that he blames himself for what may have happened to Danny because he was letting Eden sidetrack him. She tells him how proud she is of him for not letting the situation get out of control.


Wednesday November 13, 2002

At Ed’s clinic Reva enters. She brought Marah some lunch. She thanked Marah for being at the party and wanted to know why she left early. Reva was persistent and said she was worried about her. Marah said she needed to see Tony the night before. She told Reva she didn’t want to talk about it. Reva wanted to know why she was concerned about Tony. Marah explained what she heard at the Santos house about Gus. Marah said that Danny was missing and Tony thought that Carmen had something to do with it. Marah said that Tony stopped threatening Carmen on his own, but Reva said a person couldn’t escape who they are. Marah thanked her for the concern and went back to work. Reva decided to take a walk on the beach. Reva exits.

Michelle enters. Marah called Ed to let him know that Michelle wanted him to look at Robbie. Marah asked if something happened after she left the Bauer house. Michelle wanted to know what was going on. Marah told her she went over to the Santos house and it seemed as if there was trouble. Marah informed her that it wasn’t about Tony. She told her that Tony told her something. Marah apologized for upsetting Michelle.



Thursday November 14, 2002

At the Gym As Father Ray was working out, Tony reminded him that there was no sign of Danny. Ray said there was no redeeming of Carmen. Tony realized that Ray knewsomething. Ray said if Carmen confessed he couldn’t say anything. Tony begged him to tell what Carmen said. Ray said it wasn’t easy for him either and he loved Danny too. Tony wanted to know why he was talking in the past tense. Marah enters. Marah said she wanted to make sure he was ok.

She wanted to know if they had heard anything about Danny. Tony said from now on he wanted the truth. Tony said that someone may have heard something, but they were not telling. Marah said she wanted to be there with him. Ray told them to leave and he would call them if there were any news. Ray had a flash back and remembered that Carmen had confessed to shooting Danny.

At the Beach almost in tears, Tony asked Marah where Danny was. He wanted to know if Danny was alive. He wished Danny would have trusted him, but Marah said that Danny wanted to protect him. Tony said everyone he ever loved had died on him. Marah said, “Not everyone.” Marah said that Michelle thought Danny was out of town on business. He said Michelle probably would want to know about Danny. Marah agreed they should tell her. Marah said she would go with him if he wanted her to. They replied that he wanted her to go with him.



Friday November 15, 2002

Gus found Tony and Marah at the beach and informs them that they found bullet fragments and blood and are having it tested to see if it’s Danny’s. Tony blames Gus for Danny’s death and accused him of being involved with the disappearance.

Tony and Marah agreed that Michelle needed to know Danny is missing but when they arrived to tell Michelle, Billy was there. Michelle told Tony that she’s afraid of Carmen but Tony assured her he will “take care of Carmen.” Tony and Marah left without telling Michelle.




Wednesday November 20, 2002

At Inferno Carmen was drinking and talking to herself about men. Michelle enters. She asked Carmen where Tony was and she said she wasn’t leaving until she spoke with Tony. Carmen said Danny was gone. Michelle wanted to contact Danny. Michelle said Danny signed the separation papers to get away from Carmen. Michelle warned her to stay away from Robbie. Carmen said, “Don’t tempt me.” Michelle told her to tell Danny she was looking for him. Michelle exits. As a drunken Carmen was singing, Eden enters. Carmen reminded her who the real power was in the family. Carmen instructed Eden to stop Tony from getting involved with Marah.

At Company Tony enters. Marah wanted to know if there was any news. Tony said they were working on tests from the dirt at the cliff. Marah asked when they were going to tell Michelle. Tony said when they found out something they would tell her. But Marah said what if a body never showed up. Tony said he would like to have a new life from start to finish. Marah reminded him that he wasn’t a quitter. But he doesn’t want Marah caught in the crossfire if Carmen comes after him. Marah answered her cell phone and Josh told her about the surprise party. She jumped in Tony’s arms.

At the Lewis house Doris Wolfe and Edmund enter. Ross said it was a family meeting. Doris said that Edmund had some new information. Reva said she would not be bullied. Edmund said he was dropping the civil suit. He continued to say that the law said the living will was valid. But Reva said he still needed money. On behalf of his dear brother, he told Reva he forgave her. But Reva said do not presume to forgive her because she didn’t do anything wrong. Edmund gave her a copy of the letter to drop the civil suit. Josh asked Doris if she had talked to the judge and there had been a pardon. Josh asked Edmund to meet him outside. Josh asked him why he was really there. Edmund aid that Richard’s living will is s forgery. Edmund exits. Reva hugged Josh. Josh decided to get a bottle of champagne. Cassie enters. Cassie said she needed her and Reva was the only person she could trust. Reva and Cassie moved to the porch to talk. Cassie said she couldn’t ask any questions and she couldn’t tell Josh. Cassie wanted her to tell Josh she needed to run a few errands with Cassie. Reva told Josh that Cassie was waiting for her to give her opinion on a color for some furniture. Reva exits. Ross enters. Josh suggested a surprise party for Reva. Marah invited Tony to go with her. He agreed. Josh wanted to know why Tony was there. Marah said she invited him since he helped Reva.



Thursday November 21, 2002

Michelle told Marah and Tony she thought Carmen was on to her. Tony said he would take care of it. Michelle said she got the impression that Carmen knew where Danny was. Michelle told Tony to tell her where Danny was. Tony said he didn’t know where Danny was. Michelle wanted to know if they would tell her if Danny was in trouble. Marah decided she and Tony were going to leave.

At Inferno Carmen told her guards that she wanted everything checked and she would check the wine cellar herself. Eden enters. Carmen told Eden to come with her.

Tony told Marah that he had to do something about Carmen. Tony said that Carmen was definitely coming unglued. Tony needed to find a way to keep the lid on Carmen, and then he needed to find a way to tell Michelle about Danny. Tony said he was all that was left. Marah apologized for her dad. But Tony said he understood. Marah wanted to know if there was some way to make that night to go away. She suggested they sit down and talk about it. Tony said that every time he is in the office that night was replayed in his mind. They talked about what had happened. Marah reminded him to not forget the good things he had done. Marah said she would like to try to start over. Eden overheard Tony and Marah planning a date for that evening.



Monday November 25, 2002

Michelle called Tony over and demanded he tell her where Danny is because Carmen is out to get Robby. Tony is forced to tell her Danny is dead and explains his plan to take down the Santos Family. She was angry that Danny didn’t tell her of the plan but then gets very upset and almost faints. When Tony left Michelle, Marah was waiting for him and comforted him.



Tuesday November 26, 2002

A traumatized Carmen admits nothing and Tony kicks Gus out to make Carmen believe he is on her side. She is skeptical of Tony but her neediness leads her to accept his support. Later, Tony tells Gus he wants to help bring down Carmen but Gus rejects his offer.


Tuesday December 3, 2002

Reva tries to keep the peace between Josh and Tony after Marah invites Tony to the house. Afterwards, Reva helps Cassie cover when Josh and Tony find her at the pool house.

Meanwhile, Marah is hopeful that Reva and Josh will accept Tony in her life but Josh remains opposed to their relationship.



Wednesday December 4, 2002

At Inferno Eden smiled as she read the front page of the newspaper about Danny. Tony enters. He wanted to know why she was there since she didn’t work at Inferno anymore. Eden said she could comfort him and she was sorry. Tony said she was sorry because she was half responsible for Danny’s death. She wanted to know who else was to blame. Tony said he didn’t feel anything for her even though she persisted. He yelled at her to leave. Marah enters. She said when she saw in the newspaper about Danny’s death, she decided to come to see him. They embraced. Tony told Eden to not be there when he returned. Marah and Tony exit.

At the beach Marah wanted Tony to return to where Danny died. Tony said he thought he knew his family, but there were rules. He thought he knew most of them, but now Carmen shot her son in cold blood. He said he never thought he could hurt someone like he did Marah. But Marah said that a moment like that couldn’t define his life. Tony realized how the world looked at the Santos, and he didn’t want to be a part of that anymore. Marah said she brought him to the beach so he could say good-bye to Danny. Looking up at the sky, he said that he would try to go to the places that Danny didn’t get a chance to go. Tony and Marah kiss. They walk away hand in hand.


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