13A. Can you fix the Broken? (Part One)

Wednesday June 5, 2002

(Reva and Josh’s Dinner Party)

Inside the Beacon hotel Josh sees Vanessa. Billy told Vanessa that life agreed with her. Vanessa told Billy that she heard that he has been going on with Holley Reed. Buzz enters and tells Vanessa that Billy is concerned because Buzz is better looking.

Marah excuses herself to meet Tony. He told her that he wants to make peace with her father. Josh said that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Marah reminds Josh to not make a scene. Josh told him he feels way beyond anger. Tony continued to apologize. He gave Josh a wedding present. Tony told Josh that he wants to keep seeing his daughter and he wants
his approval. Reva enters and told Tony to stay.

Reva told Cassie that Tony is there with Marah. They discuss how hard love can be sometime. But Cassie reminded Reva that if the love is the real thing, people could get through anything. Cassie said she could never live without Richard and she cannot believe how much he loves her. They propose a toast to love.

Outside of Beacon Hotel Tony and Marah have a romantic moment outside of the Hotel. They kiss passionately and confess their feelings. Carmen enters. She told Tony that she wants a moment with Marah. Tony exits. She told Marah that she is not going to say a word about her and Romeo. Carmen wishes her and Tony luck. Carmen exits.

Tony told Marah that he should go, but he will be at the wedding tomorrow.


Friday June 7, 2002

Tony meets with Carmen who wants to talk about ways to improve Infierno.

Marah and the ladies have a pre-wedding brunch/advice session.  Marah and Cassie talk about Marah’s relationship with Tony.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PeIaNQ9RDM (Love Marah’s comment about Weddings being a great place to pick up guys.  Sweet and playful Marony scene)

Monday June 10, 2002

Josh and Reva’s wedding

The Marah and Tony Scenes:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fxbz-Gymsj8&feature=related (Brief shot of Marah and Tony during the candle lighting)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILkFs8CDJ_k&feature=related (Marah introduces Tony to the rest of her family)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoFbO6oMUAc&feature=related (Marah and Tony do the Virginia Reel)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qJR26LfJHs&feature=related (Josh pulls Tony aside)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_k1D74tf6I&feature=related (Josh and Tony’s man-to-man talk)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsEOv23J-g&feature=related (Marah reassures Tony)

Friday June 14, 2002

Warning that he’s being shipped off to prison today, Carmen insists that Romeo spill the secret to Tony today “or else.” Romeo refuses unless Carmen antes more money into the pot for him.

When Tony announces that he’s going to say a fitting goodbye to Catalina, Marah tries to tell him that she slept with Romeo. Ray’s arrival causes Marah to postpone her confession.

She advises Cassie about her fear that Tony will never forgive her and then leaks that she slept with Romeo to get back at Tony.

Cassie encourages her to be honest with Tony. Carmen interrupts Ray and Tony at the cemetery and tricks Tony into confronting Romeo. Romeo tells Tony that Marah slept with him.


Monday June 17, 2002

Romeo dishes out the details of his night with Marah to Tony, relishing the telling of every elicit detail. Needless to say, Tony is fuming and a breath away from all-out ballistic. Mara makes her way to the jail after being taunted by Carmen that Romeo was planning to bare all about their tryst. After hearing the news, Tony leaves the jail in a rage and Mara arrives to a gloating Romeo.

Marah proclaims to Romeo she is certain Tony will forgive her and their love will triumph. But she doesn’t look as sure as she sounds.


Tuesday June 18, 2002

At Infierno, Tony asks Marah point-blank if she slept with Romeo. She admits she did and that it was a mistake. She is sorry he had to hear it from Romeo instead of her. She was angry and drunk and didn’t know how to tell him without hurting him. Tony is too upset to let her hug him. He pushes her off violently, sending her to the floor. He screams for her to shut up. She gets up and accuses Tony of lying to her as well – said he killed Catalina and didn’t love her (Marah) anymore. She was heartbroken and confused and angry with him. Tony is disgusted, remembering prom night and how she was too “pure and perfect” to touch. He wanted to do right by her, almost went to jail and risked his life to protect her. He accuses her of playing him for a fool, all the while conspiring with Romeo behind his back. Marah explains that she used sex in order to get a better look at the St. Anthony’s medal around Romeo’s neck. She suspected he was the killer and needed proof. Tony claims that she never would have slept with Romeo if she loved him the way he loves her. He pushes her away and implies she deliberately hurt him. Marah admits that she was in pain and wanted him to feel it too.

Tony grabs her and begs, “Tell me how you wanted to hurt me,” he wants all the details. He pins Marah to the wall but she breaks free, reminding him that she forgave him for sleeping with Catalina; why can’t he do the same? He thought Marah was holding out for the “perfect guy” and after all they’ve been through, she didn’t wait for him. Marah explains that it didn’t matter who is was – it was always about Tony. Romeo told him otherwise, said Marah enjoyed it. Angry, Tony grabs Marah and rips off her shirt. He demands to know how she enjoyed her “perfect moment” with his best friend. He holds her down on the couch and takes off his shirt. Marah screams and breaks free, stripping off her clothes. Sobbing, she screams, realizing Tony thinks she’s a slut and only wants sex. She lays down and screams at him, “GO ahead! Take what you want!” Tony stares in shock, then picks up her clothes and tells her to leave “before I do something that I can’t take back.” Marah gets up, “You already did.” Everyone warned her about Tony Santos, and she always defended him. But she now sees he’s everything they said he was. Tony retorts that Marah Lewis isn’t all she pretended to be. On the other side of the slammed door, Marah cries.

**It was a scary scene to watch live and it’s still hard to watch.  Jordi Vilasuso gave an interview afterwards saying that Tony’s rage isn’t that Marah had sex with someone other than Tony (afterall HE is the one who jumped into bed with Catalina) it’s that Marah had fallen off the pedastal that he had put her on.  She was the image of goodness and virtue in his world and that image was shattered.**

Also at this time Richard was in a car accident and was put on life support.  Reva granting Richard’s last request and taking him off life support will cause major upheavel in the Lewis family.

Thursday June 20, 2002

At the office at Inferno Tony is looking in the mirror at himself remembering what he did to Marah. Father Ray enters and wanted to know what is going on with the broken furniture and his bandaged hand. But Tony told him to get out of his face. Tony screamed and said it was Marah. He told him that everybody was right about him. Ray got him by the collar and said he had better not had hurt Marah. Father Ray reminded him of his bad temper and he thought he loved Marah. Tony told him to leave God out of it, because he has never been there. But Ray kept asking him why. Tony told Father Ray about Romeo and Marah, and he found out it was true that Marah slept with Romeo while he was in jail. Ray wanted to know if there is a way to get past this. Tony told him that he wanted to hurt her and punish her, so he tried to rape her. Breathing heavily, Tony said he hated her as much as he hated himself. As they look at the messy office, Ray told Tony that what he did was wrong. Tony told Ray that he was going back to being bad where he belongs.

At the Lewis house Shayne was trying to call Josh because of Marah who was sitting on chair. After he hung up the phone, he was told that they have not checked in to the hotel in New York. He got a blanket to put on Marah and told her he wouldn’t leave her. Josh enters. He saw Marah and wanted to know what happened. He told Shayne he would take over from here. Shayne exits. Josh wanted to know who did this to you. He looked at the bruises on her body. She told him that he was right about everything and about Tony. She finally admitted that Tony did that to her. As she cried, Josh held her. Josh wanted to know exactly what happened. She told Josh that Tony was breaking up with her. Josh said that is no excuse and he was going to call the police. But Marah said no because it was over. Josh wanted Marah to go upstairs and take a hot shower and get some rest because he wanted to think about this. Marah exits. Shayne enters. Shayne told Josh that he knows that Josh isn’t going to let Tony get away with this. Josh told Shayne to stay there and take care of his sister and don’t let anyone in the house. Josh exits. Marah put all the clothes she had on in the fire in the fireplace. She burns all mementos of Tony. She noticed the necklace and thinks about it. As she cried, she threw the necklace in the fire.

Back at Infierno ss Tony is taking a drink, Josh grabbed him by the collar. Screaming at Tony he told him that he thought he would protect Marah even after he gave him a job. Josh told him he definitely was a Santos and always will be. He doesn’t want him to speak to Marah ever again. Tony wanted to know if he wanted to fight, and Josh said that if he gets started he wouldn’t stop until he was finished. He told him that he wasn’t worth it. Josh exits. Aloud Tony screamed Marah and wondered why.

Tuesday June 25, 2002

Reva and Marah talk about the night Tony attacked Marah and tried to rape her. Reva confesses she wants to kill Tony Santos. Marah tries to explain exactly why Tony was so angry, so out of control. She tells her mother about giving up her virginity to Romeo.

As Maria Santos is being released from the hospital, Tony is waiting for her. He tells her to admit that she has been a “bad girl.” He accuses her of letting him take the rap for her crime of planning Catalina’s death with Romeo. She assures him, she never intended for him to be blamed for the murder. She intended to tell him and the rest of the family everything, but the stroke silenced her. Tony tells her she had no right to take Catalina’s life away. But Maria defends herself and her actions, saying she did it all for Tony.

Tony is getting his grandmother’s medication and preparing to leave the hospital when Marah walks in. Marah puts her head down and tries to walk on by, but Tony asks her what she’s doing there. Before Marah can answer, Tony adds, “Like I care”, and walks away.



Friday June 28, 2002

Danny confronts Tony about what happened with Marah at Infierno. Tony says he’s got it under control, not to worry. But Danny is not satisfied and suggests Tony make some changes in how he lives his life, that he learn to deal with his temper. Tony says Marah is out of his life for good, that she was the problem, and it’s over, done, finished.

Danny breaks the news to Tony that he is going to be taking back the role of head of the Santos family. Danny tells Tony he is going to make the family and their businesses legit. Tony is not happy about this turn of events. He doesn’t think the family can go straight, and he doesn’t even think he wants to. Carmen walks in and Danny pulls her aside to let her in on the changes about to come. He reminds her that he told her long ago that if he ever came back to the family business, it would come at a cost — a cost that Carmen will have to pay.

At the beach, Michelle and the boys are discussing true love and how to find it when Marah comes out of the water and happens upon them. They chastise her for swimming alone and Bill asks what her boyfriend would think of her being so reckless. Michelle interrupts the teasing and sends Bill and Ben into the water to give her a chance to talk with Marah alone

Danny tells Tony he needs him to take a vacation. When Tony protests that he doesn’t want time off, what he needs is a job to keep him busy – Danny lets him know this is a job. He wants Tony to take Carmen away on vacation and keep her there for a while.

Marah tells Michelle that the guy Tony was that night, the one who almost raped her, was like a total stranger. Michelle says she can identify with how someone you love can turn into someone you do not feel you know anymore. Ben and Bill come back from their swim and put on some music to get the girls dancing. Danny is watching from the trees.



Tuesday July 16, 2002

At the beach, Marina desperately tries to get Ben’s attention, but he is only thinking about Marah. Shayne gets a call from Josh about Richard’s death. He and Marah try to keep Tammy occupied before Cassie gets there to break the news. After he has apologized for the bet again, Marah lets Ben comfort her when she is saddened by Richard’s death.


Friday July 19, 2002

Carmen and Tony show up at the Beacon, back from their “vacation.” Carmen is not a happy camper. Danny suggests she get a grip on her attitude, or her next vacation could be an even more extended stay. This shuts Carmen up. For a moment, anyway. Tony is sent to keep an eye on the Beacon foreman. He claims this will be a breeze compared to babysitting Carmen.

Once Tony arrives at the Beacon, he has some flashbacks to the night of Reva and Josh’s wedding when he and Marah were so happy.

Meanwhile, Marah shows up at Company. Blake expresses her sympathies concerning Richard, and asks if there is anything she can do to help. Marah assures her all is taken care of, and Blake reluctantly goes back to her conversation with Ross.

Carmen talks all tough with her usual arsenal of threats to Danny and Michelle. They manage to hold their own quite well against Carmen. Michelle tells Tony she’s sorry about the situation with Marah, and while Tony is telling her it is all for the best – Marah walks in.

Michelle leaves Tony and Marah alone for a moment. Tony tells Marah how sorry he is to hear about Richard’s death. She thanks him for that and walks away to wait for Michelle alone. Tony follows her and says he can leave if it will make her feel better, safer. He tells her nothing like “that” will ever happen again. She tells him, no, it won’t. And turns her back on him.

Marah and Tony each have separate little daydreams involving an apology from the other. The two versions couldn’t be more different. While it is clear they wish they could be together, their ideas of getting back to that place are miles apart.


Friday August 2, 2002

Tony stops by to speak with Cassie about her loan, but Marah answers the door. Marah is instantly wary about why Tony has come to see her and asks him for an apology. Tony tells her that he hates what he did but he can’t change who he is. Reva returns home, unhappy to find Tony there and kicks him out.


Monday August 5, 2002

Marah is upset to hear Tony discussing the Santos involvement at the Beacon. In an attempt to calm her down, Tony touches her arm, which sets Marah off. Tony tries to assure her that they are trying to help Cassie, but their argument turns into a conversation about their relationship and Tony walks away.


Thursday August 8, 2002

At Company, Marina tries to keep Ben away from Marah but fails. Ben and Bill join Marah for breakfast. Marina upsets Marah by talking about Tony. Ben gives Marah a ride home.


Friday August 9, 2002

Reva arrives home and Cassie lets everyone know that she does not require Reva and Josh’s assistance with her kids, or their hospitality any longer. Cassie takes her children and leaves. Marah and Shane are completely bewildered. Reva explains to them why Cassie is acting the way she is. Marah and Shane are astounded with the news that their mother helped Richard die. They understand that Reva did what she though was right, what she had to do. But they are finding it difficult to believe she actually flipped the switch that turned off Richard’s life support. Cassie calls Marah and asks for some help with the kids. Marah comes, and she tells Cassie that she’s sorry about the whole thing regarding the life support being turned off. Marah lets Cassie know that she wants to be there to help her through this.


Monday August 12, 2002

Marah runs into Father Ray and they begin to talk about Richard’s death. When Marah becomes hesitant, Father Ray encourages her to talk more about what is really bothering her. Marah evades by saying she’s not Catholic, but Ray reminds her that regardless of her religion, he is still a good listener and might be able to help her. Then, with a look from Marah, Ray realizes that it is more his status as a Santos, than a priest, that is keeping Marah from revealing her heart to him.

Ben shows up at the beach where Marah is still thinking over things – Richard and Cassie and Reva, Tony. When Ben offers to help her figure some things out – she tells him that it’s “too late.” He wants to know if she means it’s too late for them, or too late in regard to whatever she is struggling with. She comments that Ben is just like Tony when it comes to constantly bringing up the past. She mentions the talk with Tony that she had after Richard’s funeral. Ben wants to know if that means there is still hope for Tony and her, but she assures him that is not a possibility after what Tony did to her. Ben advises Marah to finally move on from Tony. To completely cut the ties. He suggests she stick with someone who thinks the world of her, and invites her to the Beacon opening, as a step forward, a step away from Tony Santos and the past. She accepts.


Tuesday August 13, 2002

On the beach, Marina talks to Tony about Marah and why all the guys think she’s so hot.

At the Lewis house, Bill arrives and he and Marah discuss the Beacon opening gala. She asks him if he’s going, but he says no. He makes a comment about a woman and Marah wants to know about the woman that he’s hiding, but he’s not telling. He tells Marah there are secrets about this woman and things she doesn’t know. Marah tells him he has to tell her, but Bill says they are things that could ruin her life. Marah tries to convince him that not telling her could ruin her life.

Back at the beach, Marina tells Tony that Marah is ruining things for her with Ben. She mentions that Marah and Ben are going to the gala together, and how she should be going with Ben, not Marah. Tony tells Marina if she’s looking for social status to forget it. Her grandfather owns a diner and her father is a cop and she’s not going to get the social status she’s looking for. He lets her know it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. He tells Marina to find a guy from her world, that he knows that crossing over just doesn’t work.

At the beach, Marina asks Tony why he and Marah are no longer together. She says they just seemed to belong together. Marah shows up and asks Marina to leave. She needs to talk to Tony. Marina isn’t happy about this, but she leaves. Tony asks Marah why she did that and wants to know if Marah thought he was going to hurt Marina. Marah admits that she was jealous seeing him with someone else.


Monday August 19, 2002

Marah runs into to Fr. Ray. She has been remembering all of the best and worst times with Tony. She is unable to hide her tears and distress. She tells Ray her life is falling apart, that she doesn’t know right from wrong anymore, she doesn’t understand anything. Ray tries to help Marah understand that she and her family have been through a lot and she is just reacting as anyone would under the same stress and grief. He encourages her to believe in herself and her ability to be strong, to follow her good instincts.

When Marah leaves, she goes to Tony who has just closed down Infierno for the night. Marah says she needs his help -a recommendation for a lawyer, for her mother. They are talking in darkness due to rolling brownouts, the cause of the hot weather and high electrical usage in Springfield. When Marah is brought to tears over her mother’s situation, Tony is compelled to come closer to comfort her. He tells her he really misses her. Of all people, Eden comes walking in the door asking, “What’s a girl got to do to get a drink in this town”?


Tuesday August 20, 2002

Eden shows up at Inferno as Marah is getting Cass Winthrop’s phone number from Tony. She wants the best lawyer for Reva. Tony tells Eden the club is closed, but she heads to the bar and makes herself a drink. Marah is about to leave and Tony tells Eden it is last call, she makes herself another drink as she observes Tony and Marah. After Marah leaves, she asks Tony his girlfriend’s name. He tells her he and Marah aren’t together, but she says she could see how he feels about her. She tells him she’ll pay for her drinks, wouldn’t want him getting in trouble with the boss, then tells him she doesn’t have her wallet, but she could work it off. He tells here where the stairs are to leave and comments that he’s the boss. She acts impressed, and Danny walks in and introduces himself, as Danny Santos. Eden flashes back to her conversation with Gus about getting even with the Santos family.


Wednesday August 21, 2002

At the police station Ross told Reva that it would be good to find Josh. He said he told Shayne to keep trying to get in touch with josh in Russia. Ross said that he couldn’t seem to find Marah. But Reva doesn’t want Marah involved because Marah was struggling with this dilemma. Ross said if they don’t win, she would be in jail for a long time. Ross exits after answering his phone. Marah enters. Marah said she ran into someone who reminded her that a person doesn’t turn his or her back on someone who needed you. Marah handed Reva a note with Cass Winthrop’s name. She admitted that she got it from Tony. Ross enters. Ross wanted to know what she was going to plea…not guilty or guilty. Reva said she was going to plead guilty, but if she does that will admit she was wrong. She continued to add that she wasn’t wrong, because she did what Richard asked her to do. With a shaky voice, she said she wished they could have seen the look in Richard’s eyes. Reva told Marah that she wasn’t gong to call Cass Winthrop. Ross said she would have to let him do the talking to court.

At the bail hearing Ross told Reva that he would be back. Reva told Marah that she was glad she was there. Reva asked Marah if Cassie knew about the bail hearing. Reva admitted that was scared. Ross enters. Edmund enters. He asked Reva what it is like to be the angel of death. Reva told Edmund to stay. Edmund said he wasn’t the only person coming to see justice. At that moment, Cassie enters.


Thursday August 22, 2002

Reva’s Bail Hearing begins.


Tuesday August 27, 2002

Marah tells Cassie that Josh is in jail for contempt of court after trying to get Reva out of jail. Cassie tells Marah she should go to her parents, but Marah refuses, she says Shayne can handle it. They talk about how the family has become divided. Tony shows up at Cassie’s room at the Beacon saying they have business to discuss before he sees Marah. Cassie tries to cover telling Marah that Tony is just helping her out with some things at the Beacon, but Marah doesn’t believe her. She leaves so they can talk, but she listens at the door. Tony tells Cassie that her loan payments are way behind. He says if it were up to him and Danny, they’d give her all the time she needed, but they have investors who want their money now. He tells her they won’t extend her any more time. She suggests that they could up the interest rate, but Tony tells her she only has 24 hours. He gives her his cell number and tells her to call him. Marah hears all this and hides when Tony leaves, then she follows him.

Marah shows up at the yacht where Tony is and asks him how he could go after her aunt after she just lost her husband. He explains that she borrowed money from them and Marah says he should call the debt off. Tony tells her it’s not his money and she reminds him of when he said if she needed help, she could always come to him, that he should get his contacts to call off the debt. Tony tells her it’s funny how she was so afraid to be around him, until she wanted something from him…. Just as the yacht pulls away from the dock!

Marah tells Tony to turn the boat around, but he refuses, he tells her she’s stuck there until has finished his business. She asks how long that will be and he tells her several hours. She has no intention of staying on the boat with him that long and says she’ll swim to shore if he won’t turn the boat around. She runs out and Tony runs after her. They return, both soaked and he tells her to admit she couldn’t have made it, and she admits it. Suddenly there’s a loud noise and the boat runs into something. Tony calls the captain and then tells Marah that they will have to stay on the boat over night.


Wednesday August 28, 2002

On the Santos yacht Marah told Tony that she needed to get off of the boat. Tony said that some girl decided to jump overboard and the captain stopped the engine. Tony explained that one of the props hit a rock and they were stuck. Tony said it was a business trip and they really couldn’t call anyone. Once again, Tony apologized for attacking her because of Romeo. He suggested that she try on some of Carmen’s clothes since she was wet. Tony exits to give her some privacy. Tony had to laugh when he saw Marah dressed in Carmen’s clothes. Tony brought Marah a bowl of soup and wished he had some better food for her to eat. Marah talked to Tony about the money that Cassie owed, and she was worried that something was going to happen to Cassie. Marah wanted Tony to know that sometimes she didn’t know why she did such stupid things. Tony sat down beside her and without thinking put his hand on her knee. Tony apologized. Marah said that people could change. Tony decided that since it was late they needed to get some sleep. He said he would sleep on the couch and she could sleep on the bed.


Friday August 30, 2002

Marah wakes up on the Santos yacht. While she is dressing, a boat crewman comes in looking for Tony. He drops his wrench and both he and Marah bend to pick it up at the same time – Tony walks in, sees this – and thinks the crewman is trying to take advantage of Marah. He yells at the guy to “Get off her” and proceeds to rough him up. Marah is trying to convey to Tony that nothing happened, the guy didn’t do anything wrong. But Tony is too involved in his fury to hear her. Tony grabs the wrench from the guy and start strangling him. Marah becomes hysterical and physically grabs Tony off the guy. Tony finally hears what she is saying and lets the guy go. Afterwards, Marah tries to get Tony to see how crazy his actions are. Tony says, “This is it, this is who I am, who I’ve always been.” Marah says she is finally realizing that. She cries that she wants to go home, please take the yacht back to the harbor. Tony says he’ll take her back home as soon as he can.

After departing, Marah goes to the beach to recover her thoughts and emotions. She calls Ray and asks him to come down to talk with her. She wants to know why Tony is so full of rage. Ray tries to explain that it is the life they have lived inside their family that creates the anger and breeds the capacity for violence. Back on the yacht, Tony throws some things around and keeps asking “why”, “why”, “why.” He slumps to the floor in frustration and emotional agony.


Thursday September 5, 2002

At the country club, Danny tells Tony he has moved out and his marriage is over.

At the country club, Tammy tells Marah that she understands what Reva did and that she’s glad she did it. She says that Richard wasn’t going to get any better, and she knew her mother could never do it.

Marah comes home and Josh asks her why she didn’t come home the night before. Marah tells him about spending the night on the yacht, but nothing happened. Josh is upset, but Marah tells him it was just an accident and everything is ok.

Josh tells Marah that Reva went to see Cassie, and Marah comments on what a dumb idea that was. Josh says that sooner or later Cassie will realize that what Reva did was right, hopefully sooner. Marah asks Josh if he really believes what Reva did was right, or if he’s just saying it because he loves her. Josh tells Marah a story about a scary incident that happened to him with a beam falling just a few feet from him while he was in Russia, and from that moment on, he knew that what Reva did for Richard was right. He tells Marah that Reva needs for Marah to know this and understand too. Marah says she just can’t right now.



This is also when Leslie Mills appeared on the show singing Marah and Tony’s theme song “I Believe in the Mystery”.  Tony watches the singer then flashes back to Marah singing the song. 

Monday September 9, 2002

Gus finds Eden at Infierno and demands an explanation for the scene she caused at the arbitration. He attempts to explain the consequences of her actions on Harley and on him. Eden cares much more about herself. She tells Gus about Phillip’s veiled threats to make sure that she would be legally prosecuted if she confessed to the crime Gus already served time for. Gus doesn’t understand why she didn’t just come to him, but regardless, he’ll make Phillip pay for threatening his baby sister. Tony thinks Gus is bothering Eden and tells him to ‘get lost’. Tony tells Eden he’d appreciate it if she didn’t bring cops into his establishment. Eden claims not to even know Gus, and flirts expertly with Tony.

Tuesday September 10, 2002

Father Ray talks to Tony about his anger and that he needs to change. Tony says he can’t, he is who he is.

Josh talks to Holly about Marah and what happened with Tony. Josh thought maybe with Holly’s past with Roger, she could help Marah. Holly tells Marah how Roger raped her and Marah says it was different with Tony he stopped. She does open up and talk to Holly about that night. She says a part of her still hopes that someday she and Tony could get back together. Holly tells her she understands and suggests talking to a therapist.



Wendsday September 18, 2002

Tony followed Eden to her hotel room. Inside of her room, Eden found a note from Gus. With a knock on the door, Eden found Tony. He said he came to see her. Tony told her that his bartender told him she was asking about him. Eden said she wanted a job. She said that she wanted to work for him at Inferno. Standing very close to Tony, she said she would be a very good employee. He asked her what she really wanted. Tony mentioned that Eden knowing Gus bothered him. Eden suggested he search her to be sure she wasn’t wired. After he searched her, she pulled him close and told him he missed a spot. Gus entered and wanted to know what was going on. She tried to act like Gus stole a key, but Tony didn’t buy it. Tony exits. Gus wanted Eden to stick around while he tried to straighten everyone out. Eden exits. Gus went through Eden’s pocketbook and found a note.

At the church gym Tony told Father Ray that he was looking for him. Ray asked about Danny and Tony’s new girlfriend. Tony said she wasn’t his girlfriend. Tony told Ray that he came to apologize. They talked about when Tony’s father died.

Eden enters. She admitted to Tony that Gus was her brother. Eden said she liked him because he made her laugh. She kissed him. Eden exits.


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