12. The Truth is Revealed

Monday May 6, 2002

Marah wakes up, realizes what she did last night and tries to sneak out without waking Romeo. She runs into Carmen, who later reprimands Romeo that Tony is not going to be happy with him.

At the police station, Tony agrees to speak with Romeo about the night of the murder. When Romeo visits him in jail, he hints that he has seen Marah, which infuriates Tony and he demands that Romeo stay away from her. Carmen goes to see Tony and warns him that Romeo wants what Tony had. Later, Marah breaks down. Romeo comes by for a repeat performance and Marah notices that he is wearing the St. Anthony medal.

Tuesday May 7, 2002

Romeo makes the moves on Marah at the dorm. She admires the Anthony pendant that Romeo is wearing and remembers tearing from Catalina’s neck the night Cat was killed. Marah questions Romeo about why Maria would call her that night. Romeo is no help with her line of questioning. Romeo continues to pressure Marah to lie down with him. Reva shows up and Romeo exits.

Reva expresses her concern about Marah being out all night and confronts her about the missing bottle of vodka. She confesses to taking the vodka but not to being with Romeo all night. Reva warns Marah about Romeo. Marah brushes off her mother and calls Ray to come by. She questions Ray about Tony’s situation. Ray explains the Santo’s honor code and inquires to Marah’s suspicions about that night.

Reva has words with Tony explaining Marah is in trouble and if she turns out being missing she be back to get answers from Tony. Cass is getting ready for Tony’s bail hearing. Tony requests Cass work with Carmen to get a sympathetic judge, as he wants to get out of jail. Ray visits with Tony and tells him that Marah is suspicious that a 5th person was in the house on the night of Cat’s murder. Tony demands that Ray make Marah stop investigating.

Wednesday May 8, 2002

At the courthouse Cass Winthrop tells Tony and Father Ray they need people in the courtroom on Tony’s behalf. Father Ray said he would get in touch with Danny. Tony wants him to get in touch with Marah Lewis no matter what it takes.

At Inferno Romeo gets Marah a drink and tells her that she couldn’t stay away. He tells her that he is in charge. Romeo wants to know if she is over Tony. She cannot believe she wasted so much time with him, and said she could never love someone who did something like that to Catalina. Romeo said that they cannot go back and thinks that Tony will come after him. But Marah said he doesn’t have her as she focuses on the necklace. Marah answered her phone and Cass tells her to appear at the courtroom to help Tony.

On the phone, Cass tells Marah that Tony wants her there so she said she would be there. She isn’t willing to tell Romeo. Romeo wants her to forget the school and worry about them. Danny enters and hugs Father Ray. Tony thanked Danny for coming. He admits he was too stubborn to listen when Tony told him Catalina wasn’t good for him. Marah enters. Tony wants to know if she is ok. Marah mentioned to Tony that she thought he never wanted to see her again. He understands that she has been asking questions. She turns the tables after seeing Romeo enter the courtroom and tells Tony she doesn’t understand why she was there. She goes to Romeo and is glad he is there. Father Ray testifies that Tony is a good man, not a murderer. Cass said they are ready to rest the case. But Miss Wolfe calls Marah Lewis. Miss Wolfe wants to know if she saw Tony with a weapon in his hand. Judge tells her to be careful with this line of questioning. Miss Wolfe said no more questions. Judge tells Tony to rise and said that bail is denied. Cass exits. Danny tells Tony to hang in there. Tony wants to know what is wrong because he thought Carmen had the Judge in her pocket. Tony holds his heart and starts to gasp for air. Carmen yells for someone to call an ambulance.



Thursday May 9, 2002

Outside of courtroom Father Ray said the ambulance is on the way. Marah wants to stay but Romeo keeps pulling her away and says that it is not her concern anymore. She said they needed to ask if they can help. The paramedics enter. They check his blood pressure and find that it is falling fast. Marah said get him to a hospital because they cannot let him die.

At Cedars Hospital Mel tells the officer to leave. Tony tells Mel the pain is about a five on scale of ten. Father Ray explained to Mel what happened. She tells Tony that she is going to run some tests. Danny and Robbie enter. Crying, Carmen leans on Father Ray. Carmen tells Danny that Tony may not make it, but Danny said everything would be fine. Father Ray tells Danny it is different when it is a family member. Father Ray exits. Danny apologizes to Tony because he thought he was faking it. Outside of emergency room, Carmen asked Danny what they are going to do. Danny assures her he is taking care of things. Carmen kisses Robbie. Danny takes Robbie. Carmen wants a ride home. Danny exits to get the car. Carmen enters emergency room. She tells Tony she is sorry. She clutches his hand and tells him they will be waiting for him. In Tony’s hand is a vial. Tony looks around. He pulls all of the monitors out of his hands and chest. He quietly got up from the bed and sticks the guard in the back with the vial. Tony exits dressed as a guard.

Michelle runs into Marah and she tells her about the Physician’s Assistant program. Marah tells Michelle that Tony had a heart attack and they took him to the hospital. Michelle told Marah that she is still in love with him because she could see it in her eyes. Michelle exits. Ben approached Marah and wants to know why she hasn’t called. She tells him she has moved on and cannot give him another chance. He wants to team up as a couple and start doing this right. She said it is too late. Marah exits.

In the parking garage Carmen tells Danny to hurry up. She tells him to wait because she forgot something inside. Carmen exits. Suddenly, Tony gets in car with Danny and tells him to drive.



Friday May 10, 2002

At the hospital, Michelle exams Rick as her first assignment given in her physicians’ assistant class. A ballistic Gus arrives to ask where Tony is. Neither Michelle nor Rick can give him any answers. Gus questions where Danny is? Michelle can only say that he is with Robbie. Sgt Lafferdy lies sedated as Gus calls in Tony’s escape to the station and puts out an APD.

In the parking garage Danny and Tony jet away and head back to the Santos mansion. Danny was obviously upset that Tony included him in this get away plan. At the house, Danny tries to convince Tony not to leave and that he is only making things worse. Carmen shows up and Danny is very upset with her telling her to get away from Robbie. Carmen advises Danny that the Santos family comes first. Danny expresses that Robbie and Michelle are his family now. But Carmen doesn’t hesitate to point out that he was driving the get away car and proved to her his loyalty to his family. Tony leaves the mansion in a car the Carmen has waiting for Tony.

As Danny takes Robbie in his arms to leave the Santos residence, Gus and Harley show up. Harley takes the baby and Gus arrests Danny for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Michelle shows up just in time to see Danny being put in hand cuffs. She carries a look of absolute amazement at the activities she is witnessing.

Marah continues to lead Romeo on and tries digging into his recent past asking him what bad things he has done. Romeo replies, “I stole my best friend’s girl.” They are in Tony’s office again and Romeo is trying diligently to score with Marah again. Marah tells Romeo that he treats her like a piece of meat and that he should show her more respect. Romeo then apologizes. Marah asks Romeo to make her a drink. When Romeo leaves the office Marah begins to look through Tony’s desk for the St. Anthony pendant. Romeo catches her and wants to know what she is doing. She replies that she is looking for condoms. This breaks Romeo’s defenses and he gives her something that she knows she likes attempting to show her the respect she is seeking – the St. Anthony pendant. Marah reads the inscription on the back and now knows that this is the same pendant that she ripped from Catalina’s neck the night of Cat’s murder. Romeo expects Marah to show her gratitude with her body. She tries to delay his advances. However, Romeo pins her down and infiltrates her with kisses to her neck. Unknowingly to both of them, Tony enters the office.



Monday May 13, 2002

Tony enters his former office at Infierno to find his right-hand man and his ex-girlfriend making out on the sofa. He calls Romeo a “two-faced punk” and approaches with fire in his eyes. He will not be played for a fool. Romeo moves to the desk and pretends to be happy Tony is out of jail; behind his back, he holds a long blade. Marah gets between them and explains to her ex that she is with Romeo now. Tony made it very clear that he wanted nothing to do with her, so she moved on. Tony doesn’t understand why she’s lying. When Marah insists it’s over, Tony lunges at Romeo. Marah grabs him and says she now knows who he really is – and she knows what really happened the night when Catalina was killed. They are “over forever.” Romeo puts an arm around his latest conquest and smiles at his boss, supporting Marah’s independent words. Enraged, Tony warns Romeo not to touch her. As sirens wail in the distance, Marah pushes Tony toward the back door. He grabs her arm and insists she come with him. For a moment, Marah looks from one man to the other with uncertainty, but shakes it as Frank enters the building and tells his backup not to let anyone in or out. He calls for Tony to turn himself in. Marina, having just stolen $100 from theregister, hides behind the bar, trapped.

In the office, Marah shoes Tony out the back just as Frank busts the office door open. He sees Romeo with his arm around Marah, looking confused. Frank demands to know where Tony is. Marah plays dumb, guessing Tony’s in the hospital. Frank doesn’t believe her and begins searching the office.

Carmen enters and breaks up the family squabble. She threatens to call her lawyer if Frank doesn’t produce a search warrant. The cops remind him that Tony is not there, so they decide to leave. Marina says she’ll meet him at Company, but Frank takes her by the arm – he’ll deal with her now. He tosses the cash to Romeo and leads Marina out. Carmen spots Marah and asks, “You’re getting to be quite the little fixture around here, aren’t you?” Marah stares in defiance.

In the office, Romeo cleans up after Frank’s tirade and tells Carmen he was able to get Tony out of there before the cops came. He guesses Tony came to Infierno for quick cash. A condescending Carmen insists she be the first to know where Tony is. As she starts to exit, Marah stops her, asking who she thinks she is talking to Romeo that way. He works hard and deserves to be treated with respect. Carmen turns around, insulted, “You have no idea who you’re messing with.” Marah says she isn’t afraid of Carmen Santos and she shouldn’t treat her boyfriend like hired help. Carmen is quick to remind her that Romeo IS hired help. She demands Marah leave and never come back. Marah goes, gladly. Carmen encourages Romeo to go after her, “but if you do, don’t bother coming back.” Outside, Marah fondles her necklace and smiles, satisfied.

Tony enters the empty hotel and dials his cell phone. He needs help ASAP. Ray meets him at the hotel and Tony confesses – he didn’t kill Catalina. He’s been lying to everyone in order to protect Marah. It was his fault she was involved, so he wanted to get her out of it. He thought she did it until Ray said she was asking questions – trying to clear Tony’s name. Someone else was in the house that night, and if Marah is getting close to the killer, she may be risking her own life. Ray wants to go to the cops, but Tony can’t – he confessed and now the cops think the case is closed. He tells Ray that he saw Marah with Romeo at Infierno but the police showed up. Ray suspects Romeo killed Catalina. Tony isn’t sure, but he is scared Marah may try to trap him herself and end up in danger. He begs Ray for his help saving Marah. Ray is impressed and proud of his brother’s willingness to sacrifice everything for love. He agrees to help by bringing Marah there. Tony tells him to hurry as the killer may not stop with just one murder. Ray leaves after suggesting Tony pray. Tony looks up, “God, please keep Marah safe.”



Tuesday May 14, 2002

While waiting for Marah at the Old Beacon Hotel, Tony is spotted by a security guard. The guard is carrying a newspaper with Tony’s wanted face on the front page and immediately recognizes Tony. Tony knocks out the guard and ties him up before leaving.

At the engagement party Ray tells Michelle to be patient. He reminds her that this is hard for Danny too. When Romeo arrives Danny immediately takes him away to talk business. Michelle is not pleased at all hearing this. Once Romeo is away from Marah, Ray sends Marah off to the Beacon to meet with Tony. Romeo comes back and cannot find Marah. Danny lies and tells Romeo she took some gifts upstairs.

Once Marah arrives at the Beacon she cannot find Tony but unties the security guard. While looking for Tony, she finds a sign that says “Forever” and heads to the lighthouse where her and Tony finally meet.



Wednesday May 15, 2002

At the Lighthouse As Tony is rubbing Marah’s cheek, he tells her he was afraid she wasn’t coming. He explained to her why he said the things he said. But Marah doesn’t understand why he told her such terrible things instead of telling the truth to the police. Marah knows he wasn’t acting like a guilty person. She wants to know the truth. Tony said he didn’t kill Catalina. He said he signed a confession in order to protect her. Tony said the police needed a suspect, but Marah doesn’t understand. Tony told her that when he saw her lying there beside of Catalina she had blood on her and the murder weapon was in her hand. Since Marah couldn’t remember anything, Tony decided he would say he killed Catalina. Tony said it looked as if she had killed Catalina. Marah is stunned to believe that Tony thought she could kill someone. Now Marah realizes that Tony did all of this to protect her. Crying Marah tells Tony that he made an incredible sacrifice. Tony admits that he has always loved her. Marah remembered how she woke up next to Romeo. Tony said there was someone else in the house who killed Catalina. Tony told Marah that he is going to find out whom the killer is. Tony apologizes for lying to her and told her how he cannot sleep at night wondering if she is safe. Tony asked Marah who gave her the necklace, and she tells him that Romeo did. But Tony wants to know how he got the necklace. She knows that when she was unconscious she had the necklace in her hand. Marah tells Tony that she thinks it was Romeo who killed Catalina. Tony tells her if she doesn’t give Romeo what he wants, Romeo will take it. He tells Marah that he will take care of it. Tony wants her to stay there with him as long as it takes.



Friday May 17, 2002

Tony and Marah are still at the lighthouse where they spent the night together. Tony tells Marah that she is the most important thing in his life. Marah vows to help Tony beat his murder charges. Tony wants to be with Marah when all the mayhem is over and hopes that everyone will leave them alone. Marah suggests she keep using Romeo until he incriminates himself. Tony says, “No Way!” Marah remembers the night she gave her virginity to Romeo. The police arrive outside the lighthouse. Tony and Marah kiss passionately. Marah tells Tony that she never stopped loving him. Tony begins to put the moves on Marah but she says, “no.” She explains that it is not the right time. Tony agrees and tells her thatthe first time should be perfect. Marah wishes that she would of made love to Tony first. Tony still does not know that Marah was with Romeo for her first time. Marah says she has the perfect hide out for Tony and they begin to leave the lighthouse.



Tuesday May 21, 2002

Josh and Reva worry over Marah who is missing.

Danny comes to the Santos Mansion to think of a way to clear Tony of Catalina’s murder.  Carmen wants to kill Romeo, Danny tries to get her to see how foolish that idea is.

Marah has brought Tony to “The Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams” (AKA the Carousel Josh fixed up when Marah was a child).  There she shares with him her childhood wedding fantasy.  Tony needs to get in contact with Danny for help, they decide to meet.  While he is gone Marah vows to tell Tony the truth about sleeping with Romeo.

Reva comes to the Santos Mansion and has a nice show down with Carmen.



Wednesday May 22, 2002

At the mausoleum Tony asked Danny how much cash was in the briefcase. But Tony said he needed to get back to Marah. Danny wanted to now where Marah is, but Tony wouldn’t tell him. Danny reminds him to not put Marah in danger. Tony told Danny that Romeo has been asking questions. Danny told Tony that once the cops find out, there will be a price on his head. Tony began to tell Danny that Catalina was wearing the necklace. But the necklace ended up around Romeo’s neck. Danny wants to trap Romeo and prove he killed Catalina. He told Tony that he is working on something. Danny told Tony to go to the safe house and think about what he said. Tony exits.

Tony approaches Shayne and tells him to keep his voice down. Tony told Shayne that Marah is ok. Tony told Shayne to have Josh and Reva pick her up.

At the Carousel Marah aloud wants to know where Tony is. She turned on the radio. As she turned off the radio, she heard a voice calling Tony’s name and realized it was Romeo. She quickly hid. Romeo walked around the lighthouse, while Marah quietly moved from place to place. Aloud Romeo said, “It is not a good idea to wear perfume when you are trying to hide.” Marah tells Romeo that she isn’t hiding. Romeo told Marah that she knows more than she is telling. He grabbed her by the arm and wanted to know what is going on. She slapped him because he called her a slut. She told him being with him was the worst mistake she has ever made in her life. Marah tells him she slept with him because he was there. Romeo screams for her to shut up. Marah told him that he killed Catalina. Romeo pins her up against the wall. Marah screams for him to get his hands off of her. Romeo told her that he came there to tell Tony to turn himself in, but he will tell the police that Tony tried to shoot him and also shot Marah. Romeo said he is not doing life in the cage. He grabbed her by the head and she yelled for Tony. Tony enters and saw the gun in Romeo’s hand.


Thursday May 23, 2002

At the Carousel Tony wants Romeo to let Marah go. Tony said it is between him and Romeo. Romeo points the gun at Tony. Tony continued screaming for Romeo to let Marah go. Tony told Romeo that Catalina didn’t deserve this. Romeo said he killed her because that is what Tony wanted. Romeo remembered when Tony said he wanted out. Romeo kept backing up still pointing gun at Tony. Tony tried to convince Romeo that Catalina was desperate. Tony told Romeo that he took care of him and kept him. Tony offered to be the hostage. Romeo moved his hand to hold Marah by the neck. Romeo yelled for Tony to step back, and Marah hits Tony on the head. She told Romeo that he is going to have to take her.

Romeo points the gun at Tony, but Marah screamed and begs him not to shot Tony. Romeo points the gun at Marah, but told her they are leaving. Romeo and Marah exit.


Monday May 27, 2002

At the carousel, Josh and Reva wait to meet Marah, but only find Tony, still woozy from being knocked on the head. They decide to work together and get in touch with Danny to help them with their plan.

Danny calls Romeo to the house and lies that Tony has been killed. Romeo reports the news to Marah and sets off for the Santos Mansion, leaving Marah to mourn for Tony. Marah, determined to avenge Tony’s death, frees herself from the cuffs. Romeo finds the family in mourning. Although he is wary that it is a setup, he is convinced that Tony is dead when he hears it being reported on the local news



Tuesday May 28, 2002

Danny puts a tracking device on Romeo so that he will lead them to Marah he then sends him on an errand. Josh and Reva want to call the police but Tony says no they will do this his way. Josh wants to go with Tony to help find Marah but the guards will not let him. Josh and Reva decide to go to the police.

At the yacht, Marah waits for Romeo. When he returns, she turns the heat on and says that she wants him. They begin to kiss passionately.

Tony tracks Romeo to the yacht. While still on the dock, a policeman spots Tony and attempt to arrest him.


Wednesday May 29, 2002

Marah turns the tables on Romeo.  Tony comes to her rescue and takes down Romeo.

Reva arrives with the police and both Romeo and Tony are arrested despite Marah’s pleadings.  Tony assures her he’ll be released soon and they kiss passionately before he is led away in handcuffs.


Friday May 31, 2002

Romeo and Tony share a cell together. Neither are happy with being locked up together and want separate cells. Tony is furious with Romeo for lying about Catalina’s murder and leaving him to take the fall. Romeo teases that he is not the disloyal one. Marah shows up and Romeo continues to tauntingly hint about being intimate with Marah. Before any secrets can be revealed Romeo is released as his bail was posted. Romeo advises Marah that the discussion is not over.

Once Tony and Marah are alone she gives him take out from Little Havana and they discuss being together forever once the ordeal is over. Marah seemed to be ready to tell Tony the truth about being with Romeo but an officer had advised her that her visitation time was up.

Romeo is brought to Carmen where we find she posted Romeo’s bail. Carmen wants Romeo to make everything right and confess to Catalina’s murder or die. Romeo states it is a mistake for him to confess as once Tony is free Marah will keep him away from the family. Carmen advises Romeo that she will take care of Marah in due time. Romeo threatens to take Maria down with him but Carmen says that Maria is more than willing to confess. Romeo agrees to confess and tells Carmen that he has a sure fire way to get rid of Marah. Romeo goes back to the station. Tony and Marah are surprised to see him there. He informs them that he is there to turn himself in.

Monday June 3, 2002

Inside his cell, Tony cannot believe Romeo left on bail only to return to confess everything. Romeo plans on telling the police exactly what happened the night Catalina was murdered “and everything that happened afterward,” eying Marah he emphasizes, “everything.” Tony is confused and asks Marah what is going on. She knows, but is hesitant as Carmen enters. Tony accuses her of putting Romeo up to this. Carmen only wants Tony out of prison. She thanks Marah for “standing by Tony” through this difficult time.

D.A. Wolf enters and greets Carmen, curious that her family is in more trouble with the law. Romeo is antsy to give his statement, “I have nothing to hide… How many of us can say that?” His stare burns through Marah’s guilty face. Miss Wolf offers a lawyer, but Romeo insists he’s only going to say this once. He was the one who killed Catalina. She was “poison” to the Santos family and was blackmailing them by threatening to go to the Feds if she couldn’t get what she wanted – namely, Tony. Romeo insists it was all his idea and Tony had nothing to do with it. He only let Tony take the wrap initially because he got scared, but he realizes now that the Santos family has been good to him and Tony was his best friend – he couldn’t let him take the fall. Besides, Marah was onto him. She saw Catalina’s medal around his neck and started getting suspicious – the truth would have come out eventually. Wolf asks why Romeo gave the medal to Marah. Romeo says it was his way of “saying thank you.”

It was purely out of friendship. “Marah loves Tony…” End of story. Wolf orders Romeo be booked for murder and grants Tony his freedom. An officer unlocks his cell, and Tony falls out into Marah’s arms. He thanks Carmen, who insists she “didn’t do a thing.” Carmen asks Wolf for a moment alone with Romeo. She reminds him that the Santos family will stand by him through his trial, but has he forgotten their deal? Why did he let Marah off the hook like that? Romeo insists he is not stupid – he will play the Marah card when the time is right. He wants to stay alive and doesn’t mind doing “10-20” if he has to. “Marah is my insurance policy,” Romeo says as an officer handcuffs him and drags him away. Tony kisses Marah and promises nothing will ever come between them again.


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