11. Dial M for Murder

Tuesday April 9, 2002

Tony apologizes to Catalina for failing to make love to her last night, their wedding night. She complains that he didn’t even sleep with her but he admits his concern for their baby forced his hand. However, he promises to make it up to her and, after suggesting they fly to Hawaii, sweeps her off her feet and heads to the bedroom.

At Company Marah complains to Ben about Tony marrying Catalina. He urges her to move on now that Tony is taken. She later learns that Maria knows Catalina isn’t pregnant. Maria urges her to tell Tony the truth but Marah refuses. Catalina’s upset when Tony changes his mind and leaves her alone in the bedroom.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV4KxkME7hM&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Tuesday April 11, 2002

At Company Ben congratulates Tony for tying the knot. But Tony says maybe he should congratulate Ben. Tony warns him that if he is using her there will be trouble because he does care about Marah. As Tony is walking away, Ben calls Tony’s name. Tony turns around and Ben tells him that nothing has happened with Marah because she doesn’t like him that way yet. Ben wants to know who told him they slept together. Ben persists that he and Marah did not sleep together. Ben said it isn’t his business and reminds Tony that he took vows. Marah enters. Tony walks past her with a concerned look. Marah asked Ben if everything is ok. Ben tells Marah that Tony got the idea that they are sleeping together. Ben assures her that if that happens between them that will be their business. Marah wants to know who would make up a lie like that, and they both agree it was Catalina. Marah said Catalina’s lies are her problem. Marah exits to go see Josh. Outside of Inferno, Marah answers her phone to find out that Catalina wants to see her.

At the Santos house Catalina enters as Maria is sitting on couch. Catalina tells her she cannot sleep. Maria thinks Tony has found out she isn’t pregnant. Catalina said if she finds out Maria tells, she will go to the FBI. She informs Maria that she needs time to get pregnant again. Maria wants to know how she is going to do that when Tony is never home. Catalina reassures her that she will be a better wife than Marah could ever be and she understands the Santos rules. Maria gives her a wedding gift. The gift is an angel, and Maria wants her to pray to it for the lies she has told Tony. Tony enters. Catalina shows him the angel that Maria gave them to protect over their home. Tony is depressed and tells her he ran into Ben. Tony said if Ben slept with Marah he would be shouting from the rooftops. Tony said they didn’t sleep together and he wants Catalina to tell him the truth. Tony tells her she keeps saying everyone is lying but her. Catalina tells him he can believe what he wants to believe. She once again admits that she was telling the truth. Tony told Catalina that Ben was convincing and wants to know what she is trying to cover up. Maria enters. She tells Tony she wants to talk to Father Ray and that he came back this morning. Tony exits. Catalina
says to Maria that it is not going to happen and Father Ray will not tell. But Maria wanted to know what the reason was that Father Ray came back. Catalina exits. Maria picks up phone and acts like Catalina. She leaves a message for Marah. The phone rings and the guard informed Maria that Marah is there to see Catalina. Maria tells Romeo to tell everyone to leave the house, but she wants him to leave the front door open on his way out. She calls out for Catalina and tells her there is someone to see her. Marah enters. Catalina wants to know why she is there. Maria exits. Catalina tells her to get out because she doesn’t belong there. Marah tells Catalina she is the one that doesn’t belong there, and she is going to be sure everyone knows it.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYdnaklVb0o&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Friday April 12, 2002

Father Ray hits a punching bag. Tony enters the gym and sarcastically thanks his brother for letting him know he was back from the retreat. Tony went through with the wedding because Ray didn’t give him a good enough reason not to. Ray punches the bag harder, “Except that you’d be ruining your life.” Tony angrily pushes the bag toward Ray, “I’m sick of you beating around the bush. Tell me what the hell is going on!” Tony puts on a pair of boxing gloves and vents his frustration on the unassuming punching bag. Tony reminds his brother that he gave up Marah and married a woman he doesn’t love just so his child will have a father. But does Ray support him in doing the right thing? No. And he refuses to
him why he’s against it. He shoves Ray, who shoves back, “I can’t!” Tony reveals this is the last time he’s going to ask. He has to be loyal to his wife now, so, “If you’ve got something to say, you better say it, or forever hold your damn peace!!” Ray looks up for answers, but Tony tells him to stop looking to God – “He’s the one who got you into this in the first place.” His anger subsides, and he fights back tears, “My kid is never going to see his father look at his mother with doubt in his eyes. No!” He asks Ray if he should just trust Catalina
forever. He asks if Ray’s first loyalty is to God or to his brother. Ray is torn, begging Tony not to ask him to make that choice. Tony reminds him that after their father died, they were alone, but they always had each other. “If I can’t count on you, who can I count on?” He also reminds Ray that he became a priest to help people. Now, Tony needs his help. Ray hides his face in a towel, attempting to wipe away this conflict. He took vows and cannot make Tony’s decisions for him. He can’t help him with Catalina or with Marah. Tony asks why Ray keeps mentioning Marah. What does she have to do with anything? Ray explains that Marah came to him at the retreat, desperately looking for Tony. But what
she told him, he can’t repeat. Tony guesses why – she told him under the seal of confessional, right? Ray says, “no she didn’t tell me in–” He stops himself, realizing that what Marah said to him was not confidential. Tony is fed up, and starts to leave, having given up. Ray stops him, “I think I’ve got a way to help you.”

Alone, Tony returns to the punching bag. Ray enters, apologizing for making Tony wait, but he had to pray. He’s unsure whether he’s breaking his vows or not, but he refuses to turn his back on his little brother any longer. While he can’t repeat what Catalina told him, he can repeat what Marah said because he’s not bound to keep her confidence. She said Catalina has been lying – “she Lost the baby weeks ago.” Tony is stunned.

In the foyer of the Santos house, Marah asks Catalina why she summoned her here. Catalina is confused; she didn’t call her. Marah is glad Tony isn’t home because she and Cat “need to get a few things straight.” Catalina reminds her nemesis that Tony is hers now, “I win, you lose.” Marah warns that Cat’s new-found security is only an illusion. She tears into Cat for lying to Tony about her and Ben – she said they were sleeping together. Catalina denies it and tells her to leave; she doesn’t belong there. “Maybe I don’t belong here,” Marah retorts, “but neither do you, so don’t get too comfortable.” She warns that Tony will uncover her lies soon enough and “your whole little life is just going to come crashing down.” Catalina tells her again to get out, but Marah refuses, saying Tony doesn’t love Cat, and he never will. She implies that the newlyweds shared separate beds on their wedding night. Catalina says it’s not true, in fact, she could be pregnant right now. Marah knows she is lying and calls her scared and desperate. Cat says Marah is the desperate one – bursting in during their wedding. Marah can’t let Tony go, and Cat finds that “pathetic.” Cat admits she’s made some mistakes, but she rubs in the fact that she and Tony have made love. Marah knows, but says Tony isn’t “in love” with Cat. Catalina says she was more than just a distraction for Tony to forget about Marah. There were real feelings involved and there will be again, once she is pregnant. Marah wasn’t right for Tony, she tried to change him, to take him away from his family. Marah reasons that she was only trying to get Tony out of the mob. Catalina calls her a “spoiled little rich brat” who gets anything she wants. Only she can’t handle that Tony was the one thing she wanted that she couldn’t have. She says Marahjust “can’t stand it when you’re not desired by a man!” She tells Marah to get over herself and get over Tony like he’s gotten over her. Marah screams – Cat lied about her, she even “lied about a PRIEST, and yet I’M the bad influence on Tony?!” Catalina screams back, “Get out!” Marah heads into the living room and sits on the couch, content to wait for Tony and tell him everything. Cat calls for a guard, but gets no answer. Marah says, “Guess I’m staying put.” Cat warns she’ll throw her out herself if she has to. She accuses Marah of losing her
dignity. Marah smiles, saying she may as well lose her manners too and do something she’s been “dying to do for months.” She rips the chain off of Cat’s neck and holds it in the air, “This is mine! Tony gave this to me out of love! The inscription on the back says FOREVER’!” Cat chases Marah around the room, insisting Tony gave it to her. The two women wrestle for possession. Cat takes Marah’s wrist, and refuses to let go. Marah takes a handful of Cat’s hair and says “You let go of me and I’ll let go of you.” In pain, Cat lets go and collects herself, “Fine, keep your stupid medal; I have this,” (she holds up her ring finger), “and I have Tony.” She heads toward the stairs, “I’m going to go wait for MY husband in MY bedroom in OUR bed!” Marah gets up and follows her, “That’s what you think, sweetheart.”

Upstairs, Marah runs after Catalina, down a hallway and into the master bedroom, screaming, “The game’s over, Catalina!” Cat picks up the phone and threatens to call the police. Marah isn’t scared; the cops would love a legal reason to pay the Santos’ a visit. The two resort to fighting, pushing and shoving. Cat warns Marah, “Don’t make me hurt you.” Marah laughs, “Please hurt me so Tony will know how twisted you are!” With that, Cat pushes Marah to the ground. She hits her head on a column, and lays unconscious. Cat looks down, assuming Marah is faking. She calls her name, but Marah doesn’t move.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJMk9gQT_v4&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llVwVNZoy2c&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Monday April 15, 2002

In the gym, Ray repeats the bad news, “Cat lost the baby weeks ago.” Tony is in shock, “The baby’s gone?” He can’t believe Cat would lie about that. “That’s why you wouldn’t marry us. You knew that Catalina was lying to me!” Ray doesn’t say any more – Tony needs to talk to Catalina if he wants answers. Tony reminds his brother of the sacrifices he’s made – giving up Marah, marrying Cat “for NOTHING!” He is livid, accusing Ray of letting him ruin his life by keeping his silence. “Who the hell ARE you?!,” Tony screams before punching Ray in the face. Ray falls, holding his bleeding mouth. Tony calls him a traitor and orders him to get up. He looks as if he’ll strike again, but hugs Ray instead, crying.

Ray sits next to a now calm Tony. “I was gonna be a father, Ray. I had dreams for this kid.” However, he had a sinking feeling all along that Cat was lying. “She suckered me. She knew the kid was the only thing I cared about.” Ray tries to justify Cat’s behavior, saying she was scared. Tony tells him not to defend her, “What she did is so unforgivable.” Tony continues, “She never loved that baby. Never.” It was only a means to an end for her. He gets up, realizing why Cat was so anxious to get him into bed – if she got pregnant again, and Tony found out about her lies, he still wouldn’t leave her out of duty to his child. He takes off his wedding band as Ray suggests an annulment. Tony won’t hear it – neither the church nor the law will dictate how he is going to handle this. He drops the ring, saying he knows exactly what he has to do. Ray physically tries to stop his brother, afraid he’ll hurt Catalina. “Don’t do anything foolish! Stay away from her!,” he screams as Tony pushes him away and runs out.

In the bedroom of the Santos house, Catalina calls to Marah who lays unconscious on the floor. She kneels down, begging Marah to open her eyes. She touches Marah’s head where it struck the column. She pulls back a bloodied hand. Cat screams for help, but the house is empty. Cat starts to panic, but is somewhat relieved when she finds Marah’s pulse. “This isn’t my fault. You should have never come up here.” Cat starts to dial the phone but stops herself, “They’ll blame ME. Tony’s going to blame me, too.” She runs into the hallway and sees a familiar face, “Thank God you’re here – you have to come help me!” She goes back to Marah and pleads for help – they need to get Marah to a hospital, but not in Springfield. She assumes this person can make all the right calls. As Cat kneels over Marah, the gloved hands of Cat’s savior lift up an angel statue (a wedding gift from Maria) and carry it toward Catalina. Cat tells a still unconscious Marah, “I’m married to Tony now. You have to accept that, so just stay away.” As Cat looks up, she is struck over the head and falls to the ground next to Marah.

The gloved hands feel for a pulse, then retrieve the necklace from the carpet. The hands lift the angel again, this time over Marah’s motionless body.

Downstairs, Tony enters, screaming for Catalina. The living room is dark and deserted. Tony looks around, confused and heads upstairs, still calling for Catalina. As Tony’s screams come closer, the hands lower the statue, then hesitates. Tony enters the room to find Marah and Cat laying on the ground. Blood drips from Cat’s forehead, the statue lays strategically placed near Marah’s bloody hand. Tony stares in disbelief at the tragic scene before him.


Tuesday April 16, 2002

At the Santos mansion, Tony assumes that Marah killed Catalina. Marah comes to and is horrified to learn that Catalina is dead and assumes that Tony is responsible. Tony calls Romeo for help and he and Marah prepare to leave, but are trapped when they hear police sirens.


Wednesday April 17, 2002

Holly interrupts Reva and Josh, who are planning their wedding, to tell Reva about a breaking story at the Santos mansion. Reva heads out and Ben arrives to alert Josh that he thinks Marah may be in trouble. Josh takes off to find her.

Frank, Harley and Gus assess the scene of the murder and Tony tells them to just read him his rights. Maria walks into the room and is shocked to find Tony in handcuffs, warning Marah to be careful of what she says to the police. Josh arrives, assumes that Tony is guilty and accompanies Marah to the hospital where Reva has been waiting and worrying. Marah is examined while she fills her parents in on what she remembers.

At the Santos mansion, Maria is upset that Tony was arrested. She tells Romeo that the police have the wrong guy and she calls a family meeting.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl3oLw2lGi0&list=PL9F0D554173FFF91D&index=105&feature=plpp_video (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0yrCEj31NM&list=PL9F0D554173FFF91D&index=39&feature=plpp_video (Part Two)

Thursday April 18, 2002

Michelle approaches Ross about representing Tony but he explains why he doesn’t think he can represent a guy like him. Maria tells herself that she will not let Tony pay for someone else’s crime. As she anxiously considers what to do, Maria suddenly suffers a stroke. Inside, the Santos family is unaware of the danger their “abuela” faces.

Danny finds Maria on the ground and orders Romeo to call for an ambulance

Friday April 19, 2002

In the interrogation room, Tony is silent. He remembers seeing Catalina laying on the floor of their bedroom, Marah at her side with blood on her hands, the angel statue laying next to her. Harley tries to put the pieces together, “there was an argument, one thing led to another. We get it.” She slides a pen and paper across the table, but Tony does nothing. Gus is frustrated, and starts to lead Tony out when Harley asks one final question, “Why did you do it?” Tony asks why anybody does anything – “for love.” Harley ponders the thought as Gus and Tony leave the room. Gus locks Tony in a cell and returns to his desk to discuss the case with his partner. They place Tony at the murder scene, they have motive, etc. A
conviction is in the bag.

At Cedars, Reva assures Josh that their daughter will be ok. They enter Marah’s room where Josh reminds her to stay away from the Santos family. This incident only proves his theory – they’re dangerous. “Catalina was Murdered — it could have been you.” Marah says it was her fault and Tony is innocent. Josh wonders why Tony doesn’t say so. He is “the prime suspect in a murder case,” and doesn’t see how his daughter can stand by him. Marah says it’s the same as when Josh stood by Reva when she was on trial and no one believed her. Josh insists that was different – Reva was innocent. Marah says Tony is too, and he needs her. They love each other. Reva referees and offers to go to Company for take-out.
When she leaves, Ben arrives and asks Josh for a moment with Marah. Josh leaves them alone. Marah hugs Ben and cries. Ben apologizes, “I could have stopped it, but I didn’t.” Marah is confused. Ben never thought things would go this far. He knew Cat was up to no good, but he kept his mouth shut, and now she’s dead. He takes the blame. Marah asks if this is about her and Tony. Ben screams, “This isn’t about Tony!” He is about to confess when Josh enters and asks if Ben can come back later. He kisses Marah on the cheek and leaves. Marah wants to clear the air with her father about Tony. Josh admits he’s being overprotective – it’s his job as a parent. He wishes Marah were still a little girl. They hug. Marah
sincerely tells Josh that she knows Tony and he’d never kill anyone. Josh wonders why Tony didn’t call the police. Marah guesses he was scared, but all she knows is they need to find Catalina’s murderer and “get them to talk.”

Reva finds Harley at the police station and asks to see Tony – she has to know if he is worthy of Marah’s faith in him. Harley grants her a reluctant “Five minutes.” Inside Tony’s cell, Reva says that Marah has a concussion and has “been through hell,” implying Tony is to blame. She tells him that it may be hard to believe, but she has been in his shoes. “Do you love my daughter?,” she asks. Tony looks her straight in the eye and says, “I care for Marah more than my own life,” he would do anything for her. Reva reminds him that he chose
Catalina and in doing so, hurt Marah again. However, Marah still loves him and is vowing to stand by him no matter what. She asks Tony if that’s the kind of life he wants for the woman he loves, “waiting — maybe forever.” He says it isn’t. Reva knows he loves her daughter and trusts he’ll, “do the right thing by her.” She calls for a guard and leaves. Affected by Reva’s words, Tony asks an officer for his one phone call.

Handcuffed, Tony is lead to a phone. He dials Marah’s cell. She wakes up in her hospital room and answers. Tony says he has to see her. She gets up, determined; no one will stop her.
Reva and Josh return with food and find Marah dressed and about to leave. She explains that Tony called and wants to see her. Josh angrily says no and orders her back to bed. Reva asks Josh to let her go, “If you were in jail, would anybody stop me from seeing you?” Reva hugs Marah and tells her to get a cab. When Marah leaves, Reva hugs Josh. He stares at the door, worried. Reva reminds him that Marah can make he own decisions now, but Josh doesn’t trust Tony Santos; he’s hurt his daughter too many times. Reva says all they can hope for is a happy ending.

Marah arrives at the police station and asks for Tony. She is pointed toward his cell. She stands outside and sees him laying on the cot. He sees her and sits up, relieved.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOVKH_OTUrA&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YkgxERq6n0&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Monday April 22, 2002

At the police station, Tony and Marah hold hands through the bars. Tony tells her people could be listening. Marah tells him she only wanted to put an end to Cat’s lies. Cat was scared Marah would tell Tony the truth about the baby. She never thought they’d end up fighting. Tony calms her, saying he doesn’t want to talk about Cat – “What’s done is done.” Marah says she planned on telling Tony the truth, “It had to end.” Tony looks away and remembers that night he remembers seeing Catalina’s blood on Marah’s hand, lying next to the murder weapon. He quiets Marah and tells her she has to take care of herself now. Marah admits she has been selfish – she couldn’t stop loving Tony and couldn’t stand losing him. She hates that violence follows his family; she’s not used to that kind of life. Tony asks, “Because I’m a Santos?” Marah hadn’t meant to offend him. He tells Marah he never loved Cat the way he loved her. Marah knows he didn’t kill Cat and offers to tell the police everything. Tony breaks away from the bars, and screams, “No!” He holds his head. He doesn’t want her to say anything. The only reason he called her here was to end things. “I don’t want to see you again.” Marah looks devastated. “We’re no good for each other!,” Tony continues. He tells her to leave, but Marah is only more upset. He says every time he sees her, he sees Cat laying on the floor and her blood on Marah’s hand. “What we had died along with Catalina!” Marah doesn’t understand why he’s acting this way; he must be lying. Tony screams, “Go to college, get your degree, marry Ben Reid have preppie kids,” she’s seen his world and it only ends in destruction. He never wants to see her again, and screams for her to “Get the Hell out!” On the other side of the bars, Marah breaks into tears. Marah doesn’t understand his behavior. “I know you.” Tony charges the bars, “You KNOW me?! You haven’t even slept with me.” She reminds him that he was the one who rejected her on prom night. He remembers after that, she wouldn’t even speak to him. Marah admits she should have listened to her heart – if she had, they’d still be together. She wants to tell the police what she knows, but Tony calls for a guard, “Get her out of here.” Marah cries and screams as the guard grabs her – she can get him out, but Tony insists he can “beat this wrap” on his own.

Later, Tony gets up from his cot and shadow boxes with the air in his cell. He grabs onto the bars in anger, then starts to cry.

**Just like Danny tried to stay away from Michelle to keep her safe, Tony is doing the same for Marah. He loves Marah and since he thinks she killed Catalina he is taking the heat for her. In typical Santos Martyr fashion he is pushing her away to try to save her.”**

Holly sees Ben at the counter at Company and asks how he’s holding up since Catalina’s death. Ben’s only comforting thought is that Tony, her murderer, is behind bars. He wonders who else is on the Santos’ hit list. He knows Tony is still in love with Marah, and agrees with Holly that Marah needs a friend right now. Ben feels guilty for not being a better friend to Catalina. Ben exits Company to find Marah sitting on the bench outside. She looks like she’s been crying. He asks if she wants to talk, but she shakes her head and hugs him.

Romeo brings flowers to Maria in her hospital room. He lowers them to her nose to smell, but her eyes drift past the bouquet to the chain on Romeo’s neck. He follows her gaze to the necklace Marah and Cat had fought over, “Yeah, it’s mine now.” He wonders out loud about Maria’s condition, “Some people never recover.” He lifts a pillow menacingly and keeps talking. “You had it all figured out, didn’t you? The perfect way to eliminate both girls” She sent the staff home, the guards, “got a good argument going but then, Tony showed up a little too soon.” Romeo admits he loves Tony like a brother, but “we all gotta do what we gotta do and you ain’t doin’ nothin’ for a long time.” He figures Tony is out of the picture, and now Maria as well, “Somebody’s gotta run things, right? I might even keep an eye on that little girl of his.” He’s got it all under control. He lifts the pillow toward the old woman’s face, her eyes widen. He places it under her head and asks if she’s comfortable. Maria looks surprised as Romeo smiles, “I’m so glad we had this little chat.”


Tuesday April 23, 2002

At Company Marah downplays the way everyone is gingerly talking about Catalina and argues with his sister about Tony’s innocence.

Danny and Ray urge Tony to accept their help and the hiring of Cass Winthrop. Tony agrees but only if Danny takes over Infierno. Ray realizes that Tony’s innocent.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twqcoNro_q0&list=PL9F0D554173FFF91D&index=35&feature=plpp_video (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JVj2BwbJgQ&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Thursday April 25, 2002

Danny wants Cass Winthrop to represent Tony. He wants to know up front who the boss is since Danny is out of the family business. Carmen enters and wants to know the answer to that too. She tells Danny that Tony’s well-being is important to all of them. Danny informs Cass that Tony isn’t discussing anything, but Cass says he can handle Tony. Cass needs Danny’s help since he knows quite a few people. Danny agrees to give 100% so Cass agrees to be Tony’s lawyer. Cass exits to go speak to Tony. Carmen is impressed with Danny. Carmen kisses Danny on the cheek as Michelle enters. Carmen exits. She is curious as to the work he and Carmen are going to be doing. He explains that Cass is going to be representing Tony and that he agreed to become more involved. Michelle is convinced that the facts prove he killed Catalina. He informs her that he is going to standby his cousin. He wants Michelle to understand and promises her he will not do anything to risk what they have.

At the Jail Gus and Harley enter. They want Tony to start talking and tell him there is a rumor that Catalina was pregnant with his child. Gus reminds him he could be charged with a double murder since he also killed his child. Harley knows that it was an accident in the heat of the moment. Tony wants to get some rest. With Gus and Harley sway from the cell, they both agree they need to talk to Marah Lewis. Gus and Harley exit. Cass enters. He introduces himself as Cass Winthrop and he is there to represent him. Cass tells him that he has been hired to get him out of there. He wants to know what happened that night. Tony explains how the police saw what they saw and the rest is between him and Catalina. Cass reminds him that he could be up the creek without a paddle. Tony is doing what he has to do. As adamant as Tony is, Cass wants to discuss the options whether Tony likes it or not. They find out that Gus and Harley are questioning Marah. He wants Cass to protect Marah and tells him that Mara was hurt. Cass said Marah could help them if she saw what happened. Tony doesn’t want Marah hassled, but Cass said she is the primary witness.

At the Lewis house with the fireplace burning, Marah goes through some of the letters she received from Tony. Reva enters. She understands why she keeps them but she wants Marah to let go of her feelings and to move on. Marah knows that Tony did not kill Catalina and asked Reva to believe her. She doesn’t want Marah to make the same mistakes she made and wants her to try to think more with her head than her heart. So Marah wants to know if loving someone too much is a mistake. Reva tells Marah that Tony doesn’t want to see her. Josh enters with Gus and Harley to ask a few questions. Harley wants to be sure there is nothing else Marah can tell them. Marah wants to get it over with. They want to know
about the discussion she had with Catalina, but Marah cannot think of anything different. Gus persists that Tony had to have a reason to kill Catalina. Harley said he is charged with two murders, but Marah interrupts and said that Catalina was not pregnant. Harley figures out that Tony married Catalina because he thought she was pregnant.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk276g1MVu0&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhY0ToVgd7U&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Friday April 26, 2002

Tony becomes upset when Cass advises him that he’s going to find another suspect to help their case and will use Marah if need be. Tony pleads with him to believe that Marah had nothing to do with Catalina’s death.

When Marah won’t answer any of his questions, Gus takes her down to the station house where father Ray suddenly arrives. Tony offers to sign a confession.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiQuahQby-M&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxv_vJaeJlA&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Monday April 29, 2002

Tony refuses Ray’s demand that he not talk with the police any further. Gus quickly hands him some paper and he scribbles a confession. Cass warns Tony if he signs it, he can’t be his attorney anymore. After Tony signs the scribbled document, Gus and Harley question his desire to confess to murder.

Josh and Reva encourage Marah as she decides to move back home for the time being. Josh urges his daughter to stay away from the Santos family especially during Tony’s trial but Reva knows that she won’t obey. Marah is taken aback when her friend reveals that it wasn’t Catalina who called but an older woman. Realizing it was Maria, Marah runs to the hospital and tries to question her only to be stopped by Romeo.

Tuesday April 30, 2002

Josh and Reva anguish over Marah’s faith in Tony as they break the news to her of his confession. Marah insists he is still innocent and vows to find the real killer! Reva and Josh plea but only in vain as Marah continues her quest to seek the truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuDj_YqSdik

She goes to see Tony and demands he tell the truth about Catalina’s murder. Tony was all to agitated to see Marah at the precinct again. Tony has words with Marah for all to hear that seem to cut her like a knife as he tells her she never meant anything to him but some little girl that he played with for a while. Tony vividly tells Marah how he took the angel stone and killed Catalina for lying to him and he would do it again. A distraught Marah leaves only to go back to her dorm to reminisce and mourn over love they once shared leaving Tony reflecting on his own decisions while he awaits to see the judge. Cass still wants to throw out the confession but Tony plans to plead guilty. Harley closes the investigation. And Cass asks Danny for some assistance with talking some sense into Tony.

Romeo and Danny face off over who’s the boss! As expected Danny let’s Romeo know where the door is. Carmen is quite pleased with her son being back where he belongs. A card game gone bad leads Danny to pinning down a player and forcing him to apologize to his “mother.” Michelle is not impressed with any of the leadership that Danny has taken with his family.

Thursday May 2, 2002

Marah is remembering Tony’s words in his confession to the murder of Catalina. Reva enters. Marah tells Reva that she trusted Tony and didn’t think he would be capable of something such as murder. In tears she tells Reva that she believed in him. Reva said this is something that Tony cannot rise above and someone has to pay for Catalina’s murder. Reva exits to give Marah some time alone. Ben enters and said he needs to talk to her. He wants to know who else is in the house. He tells her to sit down because he wants to tell her the truth. He explains how he planned their relationship and how he made a bet with a bunch of guys in the fraternity that he could get her in bed. But he has since fallen in love with her and he called off the bet. He knows it was dishonest and wants her to forgive him. Marah turns to face him and wants to know why he tried to look cool by using her. Marah said it doesn’t matter because it is over. She tells him she forgives him and wants him to leave. She pushes him out of the door and tells him she will call him. Marah hides a bottle of liquor in her pocketbook and tells Reva she will see her later. When Reva returns from being out of the room, she hears Marah drive away. Richard enters. Reva tells Richard that Cassie
isn’t there. She tells Richard that Marah is having it a little rough.



At the boathouse Marah looks around and then opens the bottle of liquor. She sits down and begins to drink. As she is drinking, she remembers the conversation she had with Tony
at the jail. When she looked up Romeo is there. Romeo understands why she is there and that it is not any fun drinking alone. Romeo reminded her that Tony used him too and that Tony wants Danny to run the business. Even though he reminded Tony that Catalina was bad news, Tony wouldn’t listen. He takes a drink out of the bottle. Romeo said he never would have treated her that way.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQQgOW3CFQE&feature=channel_video_title (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzfIS9RCP2o&feature=related (Part Two)

Friday May 3, 2002

Danny speaks to Tony reminding him that they reinstated the death penalty. Tony only advised that he is doing this for the family. Danny tells Tony that things
can turn around but he has to cooperate. A stubborn Tony isn’t changing his defense. An intoxicated Marah goes to the graveyard to finish off her bottle of Vodka. Romeo shows up and they both start talking about how Tony used them. When the bottle runs out Marah insists Romeo take her to Inferno for drinks. Once there she dances and gets more inebriated. She goes into Tony’s office to find music but finds a picture of Tony and Catalina on the desk. The sight infuriates her and she throws the picture to the floor breaking it only to find a picture of Tony and Marah underneath. She becomes angry and begins to have a pity party. Romeo is there to comfort her with his caresses. Marah begins to kiss Romeo and he explains, “He wants her.” She asks him if he has protection then willingly lies down with him in Tony’s office as they begin undressing.

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