10. The Tangled Web

Tuesday Febuary 26, 2002

Catalina is adamant that she cannot lose her baby. Ben tries to comfort her and get her to accept that it’s already happened. Mel, thinking that Ben is the father of Catalina’s baby, is confused as to why her patient thinks the baby’s father will leave her when he learns of the miscarriage. When Tony arrives at the hospital, Catalina realizes that he does not know of the miscarriage, and tells him that the baby is OK. A relieved Tony pledges his support to Catalina and the baby, and promises to be a good father. While Ben tries to keep Marah
from going in to see Tony and Catalina, she insists – but Ben has not had the opportunity to tell her of the miscarriage. When Catalina tells Marah that everything is OK, Ben keeps mum about what he knows.

As they’re leaving the hospital, Ben and Marah agree that sleeping together would have been a mistake. He hopes they can still see one another, and Marah agrees that they can. After Ben leaves, Tony emerges from Catalina’s hospital room to find Marah. Catalina overhears the couple admitting that they will always love one another. After their heartfelt goodbye, Marah tells Tony to go back inside “your baby needs you. He’ll always need you.”


Friday March 1, 2002

At Infierno, Tony tells Catalina how happy he is that she and the baby are ok. He promises to take care of them. Ben arrives, bringing homework assignments for the absent Catalina. Tony leaves them alone so Ben can go over the work with her. Once he is out of the office, Ben confronts Catalina. He can’t believe she hasn’t told Tony the truth yet. “You call ME a liar? You could write a book!” Catalina admits she is desperate. She was going to tell Tony at the hospital, but she saw how concerned he was, and how sweet. Ben interrupts, accusing her of playing Tony for a sucker. Catalina reassures Ben that Tony cares more for her every day and eventually he’ll forget about Marah and want only her. Ben admires her determination. “Or is it self-delusion?” Catalina denies it, insisting that it is love. She warns Ben that he better help her keep Tony any way he can “because this isn’t just MY problem, is it?” Ben may lose Marah if he doesn’t play along. Ben reminds her that he paid his friends – the bet’s off. Catalina scrutinizes, “Don’t tell me you’ve developed feelings for Marah?” She seems hurt, “God what is it about Marah that makes all you men idiots?!” They agree it’s in both their best interests if Cat is with Tony and Ben with Marah. But Ben doesn’t see a way out. Cat can’t fake an entire pregnancy. Will she fake another miscarriage down the road?

Maria enters the restaurant and sits with Tony. She reminds him that he and Catalina missed dinner with her last night. Tony apologizes for forgetting, explaining that Catalina was in the hospital with cramps. Maria asks if the baby is ok. “Perfecto,” Tony beams. Tony takes Maria into the office where Cat introduces Ben. Maria seems very concerned as she asks how Catalina is feeling. Catalina assures her that she and the baby are fine. Ben and Tony leave. Maria, the typical grandmother, offers to make Cat some tea, “This will take care of everything.” She leaves the room, and Catalina repeats abuella’s words, “This will take care of everything? Oh my God.”

When Maria returns with the tea, Cat is skeptical. When Maria asks what is wrong, Catalina asks what is in this tea. Maria explains it’s from a friend in Cuba – an old family recipe. “For what?,” Catalina asks, suspiciously, saying that when she drank that tea last night, she ended up in the hospital. Maria laughs, as Cat continues, “You wanted me to miscarry. and I almost did because of you!” Insulted, Maria fights fire with fire, “Are you crazy? After I treated you like my own daughter!” Catalina accuses her of not approving of the way she got pregnant as a means to keep Tony, so she poisoned her. Enraged, Maria tells Catalina to have the tea tested, saying all you’ll find is “love from me!”

Shane pays Marah a visit, delivering her allowance from Mom. Shane is well aware Reva sends him to the college on these errands so often, so that he’ll take a liking to Springfield U. and decide not to go away to school. The typical older sister suggests college in Alaska or Florida full of “pretty girls in bikinis.” A subdued Shane utters, “There’s some pretty girls here in Springfield,” implying more than just an observation. Marah guesses he has found a girlfriend. Shane mutters a shy, “Maybe.” The older, wiser sister reminds him that when it
comes to relationships, “‘Maybe’ doesn’t cut it. You’re either in or you’re out.” Shane sees the hypocrisy and accuses Marah of constantly being “in” and “out” of love with Tony. Marah states plainly that she and Tony are over for good. Tony is with Catalina. Returning back to the latest gossip, Marah asks about this mystery girl. Shane implies is it someone she knows. She probes, he hesitates, but finally admits it’s Marina. Marah warns him to take it slow because you never know how things are going to turn out. Shane agrees, adding,
“Like you can’t choose who you’re gonna fall in love with.” That hits home with Marah, “Don’t I know it.” Shane leaves, promising details later. After closing the door, Marah sighs, “Ben, why can’t I like you the way I like Tony?”

In the hallway, Mel sees Ben approach Marah’s room. She says hi, adding that she was just visiting Remy but wanted to check on Catalina. She informs Ben that losing a child can be just as traumatic on the father as it is on the mother. She asks Ben how he’s holding up. Ben seems confused, “Me?” Carrying toiletries in a basket, Marah opens her door a bit, but stops to grab something else.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNP2KV655rA&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dPZeiuEyw0&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Monday March 4, 2002

Outside Marah’s room, Mel asks Ben how he’s been holding up since Catalina lost her baby (she assumed Ben was the father because he was with Cat at the hospital). Ben says he is not the father. Mel asks why the real father wasn’t at the hospital. Ben neglects to explain, merely describing the situation as “complicated.” Marah exits her room and joins them. Mel tells Ben to ask Cat to call her if she needs anything. Marah is surprised she knows about what happened to Cat. Mel explains she was the doctor who took care of her. Ben looks panicked as he tries to guide Mel toward Remy’s room, saying he’ll tell Cat she stopped by. Marah mentions she was at the hospital that night and Remy was the one who told her and Tony that Cat was there. Mel turns back and asks about Tony. Marah says Cat “was so tired, it must have been really close.” Mel looks at her confused. Marah thanks her for saving the baby before rushing to catch the ringing phone in her room. Mel looks at Ben, realizing why he was trying to make her to leave. “Catalina lost her baby; you know that. But for some reason, you don’t want Marah to know, and I’d like to know why.” Ben says Cat is devastated and has convinced herself she’s still pregnant. He assures Mel that the father knows the truth, but Cat doesn’t want Marah to know (while they were roommates, they were never close friends). Mel is worried about Cat’s state of mind, telling Ben, “You have to stop pretending she’s pregnant. Starting NOW.” Ben says he agrees, but doesn’t feel it’s his place – it might further detach her from reality if he calls her a liar. He does, however, wish to respect Catalina’s wishes and not tell Marah the truth. Mel starts to object, but Ben mentions “doctor-patient confidentiality.” When Marah returns, Mel simply says that Catalina needs her friends right now, then she leaves to visit Remy. Ben asks Marah who was on the phone. She is secretive, “A friend.” He was afraid she was making plans for tomorrow night with someone else – He has an “indescribable” evening planned for the two of them. While Marah is afraid of surprises, she lets Ben leave her with a kiss “to great expectations.”

Tony asks Romeo to compile a list of baby doctors – he wants a second opinion on Catalina’s condition. Carmen enters, commenting on his fatherly instinct, “It runs in the family. Love of children before everything else.”


Wednesday March 6, 2002

Reva asked Marah where the iron is. Marah tells Reva that Ben is taking her some place this morning and she needs to iron a few things. Reva wants to know if they are an item. Marah says he is fun and she likes him, and she feels that Ben is a good guy and is loyal to her. Marah wants to know how it is going with Reva and Josh. Reva knows they are pretty much one on one. Reva tells Marah that she wants to spend some time with her two kids and that everything is fine. Marah answered doorbell and asked Reva to stall for her. Ben enters house and asked if Marah is there. Marah enters and Reva exits. Ben tells Marah they are not going anywhere because he needs to study. He appreciates Marah understanding. Ben exits. Reva asked Marah what is going on. Marah is upset because Ben cancelled date. In Ben’s defense, Reva said the note Marah found could mean something different. Jokingly, Reva tells her to chill. Marah exits.

At Inferno, Tony is thinking back to the time he was kissing Marah. Father Ray enters and asked Tony what is on his mind. Tony says he doesn’t even get a pat on the back for doing the right thing. Father Ray tells Tony that marriage is serious business. He shows Ray the house plans for building a house that will be over 8,000 sq feet and this should show how much he cares for Catalina. Ray says he hops the foundation is strong enough and you can’t build on something that won’t hold. But Tony says the relationship is strong.

Catalina enters church and kneels and says a prayer about it being wrong to sleep with a man before you are married. But in her prayer she admits that she does love Tony and
knows that she has done many bad things. A hand appears on her shoulder and it is Father Ray. Catalina tells Ray that she needs to talk to him. She prays for strength. She admits to Ray that she hurt Tony. She tells Ray she lied about the baby and explains the whole story. Father Ray wants to know why she lied. Catalina refuses to tell Ray and reminds Ray that he cannot tell him either. Ray suggests that she tell Tony or it could get worse. Catalina promises that she will tell Tony. Father Ray reminds her that you cannot build a marriage on this and she should tell Tony the truth. Tony enters and asked ‘the truth about what?” Catalina said she was scared. Tony told her that he is building a house for them and wants to know why she was scared. Her reply was that she was afraid she wouldn’t be a good wife. Father Ray said he isn’t going to perform this marriage!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjdLFLLuglg&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEUHhSlBZ6g&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Thursday March 7, 2002

Marah goes in search of Ben expecting to find him with another girl. What she finds is that Jackie is a young boy who Ben is tutoring. Marah hangs out with Ben while he finishes his assignment, then the two go off to spend more time together. It seems Marah has become quite smitten with Ben.

Catalina is weaving quite a tangled web with her lies. When Tony wants to know why Ray won’t marry the couple, the priest tells his brother to ask his fiancée. Cat tries to cover by saying that it’s because she’s an unwed mother, but Ray lets Tony know that’s not the reason. When Tony presses Catalina to tell him why Ray won’t marry them, she makes up a story that Ray made a pass at her. Furious, Tony goes to confront Ray. Although he tells Tony that Catalina is not telling the truth, he is bound by his vows to keep quiet about the real reason. Ray tells Tony to bring Catalina to the church so the three of them can get everything out in the open once and for all. Upset that his brother won’t tell him what he knows, Tony tells Ray “don’t let me down.”

**Once again Ray finds himself torn between love and loyalty to his brother and to his vows to the Church.**


Tuesday March 12, 2002

Ben takes Marah hot-tubbing at the Bauer house, thinking that no one is home there. It seems he assumes that since this is an impromptu event, they will have to tub in the buff. Marah goes off to retrieve some towels and returns wearing a swimsuit, and carrying one for Ben as well. Although he’s clearly disappointed that Marah found the suits, he keeps mum. While the couple is kissing in the hot tub, they are surprised by Michelle, who tells them that Meta has been watching them from the window. Although Marah thinks it’s funny, Ben is embarrassed that they were caught.

Father Ray is still refusing to marry Catalina and Tony unless and until she tells the truth about the miscarriage. Catalina is surprised to learn that Ray has called the Bishop in, and told his superior all about Catalina’s accusation of misconduct. Tony is standing by his brother, and trying to get Catalina to tell the truth. With Ray and Tony present, the Bishop asks Catalina to tell “exactly what happened”, and goes on to say “your words may very well determine Father Ray’s future.” Catalina stumbles for some words, but then runs out of the
church. Before going after his fiancée, Tony tells Ray that although he’s confused, he believes Ray. Ray tells the Bishop that he has faith that Catalina will tell the truth, and the Bishop responds by letting him know that he has nothing to worry about.

When Tony catches up with Catalina outside Company and urges her to tell him what’s going on, the desperate young woman fakes abdominal pain, and a worried Tony ushers her home.


Tuesday March 19, 2002

When his friend mentions “the bet” while grilling him about Marah, Ben flips out. And to add to his worries that Marah will find out about his original intentions, Ben tells his friend that his little black ledger book containing the bet information is missing.

Tony confides his confusion about Catalina’s accusations to his grandmother, Maria. Catalina hears his concern when she enters the room, and plays her well used “stress is bad for the baby” card. When Tony leaves the two women alone, Catalina leaves no question about her suspicion that Maria spiked her tea to cause problems with her pregnancy, but stops short of admitting that she miscarried. Maria remains cool, and makes clear her own suspicions that Catalina lost the baby. In a panic, Catalina tries to seduce Tony in order to get pregnant again. Tony stands his ground though, and tells Catalina that they will wait until after the wedding to resume their intimate relations. While gathering up his blueprints, Tony finds Ben’s little black ledger book, and throws it out. Catalina quickly retrieves it, calls Ben, and uses the book to pressure him to come to see her right away. Catalina has a
new plan – she tells Ben that he is going to help her make a baby, or she will give copies of the book to Marah.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADK-Ju8pAcQ&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7vqLq3NGVw&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Wednesday March 20, 2002

Sitting at Company, Tony tells Marah what things will be in the house for the baby. Tony said that this house should be Marah’s but she doesn’t want to be reminded. Tony wants Marah to be happy with Ben. Marah said don’t worry because she isn’t going to get pregnant. He feels she deserves the best. Marah tells him to go and build his house and have his baby, but don’t tell her how to live her life. Tony said he is so in love with her. Marah screams and starts to cry. Marah wants Tony to meet her halfway. He exits Company.

There is some great dialog in these scenes:

“Tony: So, I was thinking about putting my weight bench here, and the treadmill over here. Marah: And then down the road, maybe you can use it as a playroom for your baby. I’m sorry. You know, I know you’re building this house for Catalina and your baby, but seeing it…Tony: I know. I know. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Marah: Don’t. Tony: It should be your house Marah: Don’t say that. Tony: Why not? It’s the truth”

Painful and Heart breaking but how true.

In the office at Inferno, Catalina wants Ben to make love to her so that will get pregnant. But Ben doesn’t want it this way. Catalina said she would show Marah the precious ledger and he would lose her forever. Outside of the office door Maria is trying to listen. Catalina tells him to close his eyes and think of Marah. Maria is standing in doorway watching. Maria enters the office, and Ben exits. Maria wanted to know if Catalina enjoyed her kiss. Catalina denies that she was kissing Ben. Catalina reminded her that she said for her to go after what she wanted. Maria said she knows evil when she sees it, but Catalina said that Maria was the reason she lost her baby by giving her the tea. Maria said no wonder Catalina wasn’t showing. Catalina begs Maria to not tell Tony. Maria said she doesn’t deserve her grandson and she will never marry him. Catalina threatens Maria and said that she knows secrets about the family business. Maria warns her to be careful with the threats. Catalina said if Maria tells Tony she would go to the FBI and destroy her family. She said you would tell Tony over my dead body.

Friday March 22, 2002

At Company, Marah describes her run-in with Tony. She desperately wants to be friends, but Tony is stubborn and acting childish. She tells Ben that when she saw the blueprints for Tony and Cat’s house she “freaked out.” In her frustration, she ripped them up. She wants to be fair and honest with Ben, but just when she thinks she is able to move on, she is overwhelmed by old feelings for Tony. Ben warns that their relationship will never progress if Marah has unresolved issues with Tony. He tells her to act like Tony is a friend and,
“after a while, that’s all he will be.” Marah sees the wisdom in his advice, and promises to talk to Tony.

Cat joins Ben at Company where he warns her that Tony will soon find out she’s not pregnant. Catalina knows, and says Tony will be heartbroken once she miscarries soon after the wedding. Ben is not convinced she’ll pull it off. But, Cat insists Tony would never leave her after a “terrible loss” like that – family means everything to him. Maybe she’ll get
pregnant again… “maybe not, either way, we’re married… He will be the only family I’ll ever need.”

At Infierno Catalina shuffles paperwork in Tony’s office, frantically searching for something. Maria comments that the stress isn’t good for “a woman in your condition… oh wait, I forgot.” Catalina tells her to mind her own business. Maria reminds her that Tony is the next leader of the Santos family, and Catalina will not be a part of his life. Catalina threatens to go to the police with all the family secrets if Maria tells Tony Cat lost the baby. Tony enters and asks what’s going on. Catalina smiles, “just catching up with my future abuella.” She leads Tony out of the office as Maria angrily pushes papers off the desk.

Catalina insists that she and Tony get married as soon as possible. Tony reminds her that after what happened, Ray is not going to marry them. He encourages her to wait just a little longer. A desperate Catalina tells Tony this is the first time in a long time that she’s felt a part of a family – the baby deserves a family, too. Tony gives in and agrees to get a judge to
marry them. He admits that he’s not as sure about things as Cat is, but she assures him that everything will turn out perfectly. Scowling, Maria watches them embrace.

Later, Maria asks Tony if everything is ok with Catalina. He says that even though a priest isn’t going to marry them, they’re going ahead with the ceremony anyway. When Marah arrives, Maria offers to leave them alone, though she listens intently from her seat at the bar. Even though Marah insists it will work, Tony isn’t convinced they’ll ever be able to be “just friends.” “Every time I’m in the same room with you it drives me totally nuts… and it’s getting worse.” He reminds her that he’s getting married soon and will be a
father, but right now, “it’s taking all I’ve got not to grab you and kiss you.” Maria overhears, slightly hopeful. Marah agrees it will be hard to deal with their feelings each time they run into each other, but if they decide to see each other as friends, the feelings will eventually fade. Tony doesn’t think so. Marah goes to her car to get a gift for the baby. Maria turns around, “You’re not done with that girl!” Tony becomes annoyed, telling her to leave him alone. He angrily asks if Maria expects him to say he’s still in love with Marah… “because I am, more every time I see her.” It doesn’t matter anymore, however, because Catalina is the one carrying his child. “Things are the way they are and that’s the end of it!” Marah returns with the gift – a t-shirt from the Lighthouse Foundation gift shop. She tells Tony he will be a great father and that Catalina will be a “good influence” on him. Tony isn’t sure. Marah assures him, “She’ll fit in your life better than I ever could.” Maria listens from her perch and shakes her head.


Monday March 25, 2002

At Infierno, Tony examines the t-shirt from Marah. Danny enters, bearing tax papers – he knew Tony must be inside when he saw Marah Lewis leaving. Tony explains that he and Marah are “friends.” Danny inquires about Tony’s decision to move up the wedding date. It was Catalina’s idea. Danny picks up on Tony’s lack of enthusiasm, “It’s a wedding, Tony, not an execution.” On her way into the club, Catalina overhears the comment. She sees the t-shirt and thanks Danny for the baby gift. Tony corrects her – it’s from Marah. Sensing Danny isn’t finished with him, Tony sends Cat into the office for some paperwork. Danny asks what’s wrong – Tony has never been able to hide things from his cousin. He
confesses that Ray has refused to marry him and Catalina because she claims he made a pass at her. Danny doesn’t believe it – neither does Tony, but he doesn’t know what to do. The bishop has sent Ray away on retreat, which is, in Tony’s opinion, “the church version of jail.” Danny warns Tony not to get married until he knows the truth. Tony already promised Catalina they’d go ahead with their plans anyway. Danny begs Tony to find Ray and ask him the real reason for not wanting to marry them. Because if they go through with the wedding, not knowing the truth, “it’ll never last.” Tony is resigned to be a good dad and to do the right thing. Danny thinks Tony is rushing because he’s afraid he’ll back out if he doesn’t do it right away. Catalina interrupts, bringing Tony’s paperwork.

When Danny leaves, Tony admits to his inquiring fiancée that something is bothering him. He can’t go ahead as planned until the crisis with Ray is settled. He knows Catalina is scared to tell him the truth. She admits she is scared because of what Ray did to her, but that she’s forgiven him. Tony reminds her that she is the reason Ray was sent away. He can’t believe someone he knows so well – his own brother – could do something so terrible. He asks Catalina to “swear to God” that her accusations are true. Cat hesitates, then says, “I
can’t… I made the whole thing up.” Tony is livid, “I can’t believe you lied to me!” Catalina apologizes, claiming she was too scared to tell him the truth. Tony demands an answer. Cat realizes she can no longer fight him on this – she has to tell him the real reason Ray won’t marry them. She caves, “he knows you’re still in love with Marah, and that you always will be.” She explains how she felt pressured to explain herself and also hurt because she knows Tony wants Marah instead of her. She just wanted the pain to go away. “You don’t have to
say that you love me. Just say that you love our child… say that you still want to marry me.” Tony promises to do right by the baby and forgives her for lying. She leaves, passing Romeo on his way in. Tony asks Romeo for a favor – “Find out where the bishop is operating… I got a story I gotta check out.”

Marah finds a table at Company at which to study. Moments later, Maria asks if she can join her. Marah is tentative, but Maria sits, saying she was touched by Marah’s gift. Marah admits she cares for Tony but that they’re just friends. When Maria asks just how much she cares, Marah promises not to get in the way of Tony and Catalina’s plans – things are over. “Are you sure?,” Maria asks. Marah says she HAS to be sure because Catalina is having Tony’s baby. Buzz approaches and takes Maria’s order. Marah gathers her books and leaves, saying an uncertain goodbye to Tony’s grandmother. Buzz accuses Maria of scaring Marah away. Maria shakes her head, “She frightens me more.”

Carmen joins Maria at the table and asks about the upcoming Santos wedding. She comments, “At least Catalina is Cuban…” Marah, on the other hand, is just like Michelle – she will tear Tony away from the family. Maria realizes Carmen is right – if Marah is with Tony, they just might lose him, too.


Thursday March 28, 2002

Unbeknownst to Tony, Catalina calls the Santos family together at Millennium for a wedding celebration. Tony has a hard time hiding his discomfort with this surprise party. When Marah and Ben happen to show up at the restaurant Catalina is upset, and makes no secret of it to Marah. Tony’s fiancée and former girlfriend have words when Catalina tells Marah to leave. Catalina accuses Marah of being at Millennium in hopes of seeing Tony. Marah fires back with her own ammo, reminding Catalina that she is carrying Tony’s child, so she should not be so insecure. She goes on to say “you wanted Tony, and you would do anything to get him.” When Tony and Ben intervene, Tony suggests that perhaps Marah and Ben
should leave.

Romeo reports to Tony that he’s found Ray. Although Danny can’t seem to talk him out of marrying Catalina, Tony is at least determined to find out just what she is lying about. With that in mind, Tony and Romeo set off to find Ray, and the truth.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqeaHBkC180&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcX_j7IWLLM&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Friday March 29, 2002

At Towers, Maria and Catalina try to settle their differences. Maria introduces her new nurse, Darlene Brooks before sending her on an errand. Catalina cuts through Maria’s kind facade, “Let’s get down to business; tell me what you really want.” Catalina thought Maria, of all people, would approve of her actions. It was Maria after all who told Cat she belongs with Tony – NOT an outsider like Marah. Cat thinks she’s done the family a favor. Tony is the future of the Santos family, and if he weren’t with Cat, he’d be with Marah and the family’s future would be in jeopardy. Catalina asks for Maria’s help and support. Maria agrees to keep Cat’s secret. Cat hates that she’s lied and resorted to blackmail. Both women agree they’ve done some terrible things in order to get what they want. “Tony does not belong with Marah. She would destroy him and take him away from the family… we have the same enemy.” Maria realizes Cat is using the baby as a way to keep Tony away from Marah. Cat warns that if Marah found out Cat wasn’t pregnant, it’d be a disaster. After receiving Maria’s blessing, Cat thanks her for understanding and leaves. Maria shakes her head, “I understand everything.”

Marah stares at an old picture of herself and Tony when the phone rings. Before she can tell the caller she is not Catalina, a nurse’s voice tells her she has an appointment to follow-up on her miscarriage. Marah is in disbelief as she hangs up the phone and hurries out.

At Towers, Maria’s nurse hangs up a cell phone – “Just what the doctor ordered,” Maria sneers. Commending her new partner on a job well done, Maria adds, “I think we’ll get along fine.” Marah arrives at Millennium, and frantically asks the bartender where she can find Tony. He’s not there. When Cat enters, Marah attacks her, “How could you do this?!… You don’t love him or you wouldn’t do this!” Cat looks scared and confused. Marah continues, “You lost your baby and you’re trying to trick Tony into marrying you!” Catalina accuses Marah of lying out of desperation – “Some people just can’t accept it when they’ve lost.” Marah suggests they find Tony and go to the hospital for a blood test to clear up this
“misunderstanding.” Panicked, Catalina stops her nemesis from leaving, and admits it’s true, but begs her not to tell Tony… EVER. She pleads with Marah, promising she’ll tell him. Marah doesn’t trust her, “I am telling Tony right now!”

Monday April 1, 2002

The argument rages at Millennium: Marah doesn’t trust Cat to tell Tony the truth, so she starts to leave to find and tell him herself. In her desperation, Cat grabs Marah who breaks free of her grasp and screams that Tony has a right to know. Cat sees there is no stopping Marah, so she lets her go, pleading, “I love him with all my heart, and I can’t stand the thought of losing him. So please, don’t do this.” Once Marah has gone, a panicked Cat calls Tony. Getting his machine, she leaves a message that he call her as soon as possible, “It’s
about the baby.” Hanging up, Cat looks worried, “Please call before Marah finds you.”

Marah finds Danny and Michelle at the Country Club. She apologizes for her timing but desperately needs to know where she can find Tony. Danny asks if it’s about Cat. Marah just says she needs to stop Tony from making a “huge mistake.” Taking that as a yes, Danny reveals that Tony went to find Ray on retreat – he was having doubts about marrying Cat. Seeing the anguish in Marah’s eyes, Danny promises he’ll track Tony down and call her as soon as he can. When Marah leaves, somewhat appeased, Danny and Michelle share an unsurprised look. Taking out his cell phone, Michelle leaves him to mingle with the crowd. Seeing her opportunity, Carmen says hello to her son. He is surprised to see her at the
prestigious Country Club and to find out she may become a member. Hanging up the phone, Danny asks his mother for a favor. Minutes later, Carmen returns with a sliver of paper – it contains the address of Ray’s retreat. She hopes the favor can be returned in the future before leaving Danny to return to the party.

Cat dials her cell, but is only further frustrated by Tony’s answering machine. She says they have to talk, and it’s, “very important.” Ben approaches the bar and is attacked by Cat, who desperately tries to threaten him with the little black book – she’ll show it to Marah and ruin his chances with her. She explains that Marah knows about the miscarriage and is trying to find Tony so she can tell him the truth. She is only comforted by the fact that Tony is out-of-town. Ben doesn’t see a way out – it’s too late. Tony will come after the two of them as soon as he knows the truth. Catalina holds on to Ben, ranting about how much she needs this baby. He backs off, realizing how far gone Cat has become. He reminds her that there is no baby and that she’s in deep denial. Cat explains, “If I’m not pregnant, Tony’s never gonna love me.” Ben says she has her whole life ahead of her, but Cat interrupts, “Tony is the only man for me.” She urges Ben to go after Marah and stop her from ruining everything.

Marah returns to her dorm to find Ben waiting for her. She explains that she was trying to find Tony, but refuses to get into it now. She had something important to say to him, but couldn’t find him. She promises to explain as soon as Danny calls with Tony’s whereabouts. She leaves Ben to man the phone as she delivers paperwork to Remy (next semester’s room assignment). Ben hits the bed with both fists and exhales deeply. Finding a picture of Marah’s happy family, he holds it close to him. He dials Cat on his cell and confesses that Marah went to Danny for help. Speaking of the devil, Marah’s dorm phone rings and Ben quickly turns on the machine. Danny’s voice leaves the address of the retreat in Brewster
Falls. Cat is afraid Marah may have told Danny about the baby. After Cat writes down the address, Ben erases the message. Cat leaves in a hurry for the retreat. Marah returns and asks Ben if Danny called. He says no.

Marah paces the room, wondering why Danny hasn’t called. Ben seems hurt by Marah’s unwillingness to share. She picks up on it and explains that Cat has been lying about the baby – she miscarried weeks ago, and is pretending it never happened so she can trick Tony into marrying her. Ben looks at her, surprised. She says Tony needs to know the truth, that’s why she’s so anxious to find him. “No wonder you’re dying for Danny’s call,” Ben comments, obviously jealous. He thinks Marah is relishing the fact that she gets to be the one to tell Tony and save him from a life of misery with a woman he doesn’t love. Ben raises his voice, exclaiming that he’s been patient long enough, that he is tired of being Marah’s “consolation prize.” He reminds Marah of all the pain Tony has caused her in the past, and if they got back together, it would be more of the same. Marah just wants to help Tony, a friend. Ben loses it, saying he and Marah could have been happy together, but she’s decided to run after Tony. He promises not to stop her as he slams the door behind him.

Marah finds Ben in the hallway and acts stunned by his reaction. She thought everything was ok between them. Ben disagrees – he thinks Marah is going after Tony because she still loves him. When she denies it, Ben reminds her that they broke up for reasons other than Cat. Marah explains that things have changed – a lot. Ben sincerely wants to be the guy for Marah; he wants to be honest and stop kidding himself. He warns that going back to Tony will only lead to heartache, “You’ll be saying yes to pain and no to possibility.”

Tony and Romeo wait at the retreat, disappointed that they’ve been denied a meeting with Ray. However, Tony refuses to leave – he must know why Ray won’t marry him and Cat. She’s lying and Ray knows why. He never knew Cat to lie before and feels he can’t marry someone he doesn’t trust. He vows to go over the heads of the priests at the retreat and find Ray himself. Only he doesn’t have to. Ray enters and tells his brother that he better leave “because you’re going to ask me about Catalina, and you won’t like my answer.” Tony says Catalina confessed to lying about Ray’s alleged pass at her – his name is cleared. Ray says that’s not important, only that Cat told the truth. Tony says Cat’s version of the truth is that Ray won’t marry them because he knows Tony is still in love with Marah. Ray knows Cat is only covering one lie with another, as he turns away. Tony begs his brother to stop
him from making the biggest mistake of his life. He admits that not being with Marah eats him up inside, but, as he fights back the tears, he confesses he never felt this way… not since their father died. Ray knows how negatively that event affected Tony. Tony is sick when he thinks of his child growing up without a father. But, at the same time, he knows Cat is lying to him and now the one person he could always trust, refuses to save him. Becoming more angry, Tony begins to cry, asking if Ray’s secrecy is really what God wants. This silly rule will lead Tony to make a mistake he’ll regret forever. Ray explains he is in pain too, “This challenges everything I believe in!” Both crying now, Tony realizes what Cat lied about must be serious. He pleads with Ray, one last time, to help him.

Catalina rushes into the compound and demands Romeo tell her where Tony is. Tony enters the room, red-faced and scowling at Cat. She said she was worried when she realized Tony wasn’t on a “business trip.” Teeth clenched, Tony says he had to talk to Ray “and he had some very interesting things to say.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcpQqGjwNPg&list=PL9F0D554173FFF91D&index=109&feature=plpp_video (Part one)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeiydFund8g&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Tuesday April 2, 2002

While Ben does his best to convince Marah she wants Tony for herself, Catalina lies again as she tells Tony that she felt the baby move and rushed to find him so he could share in her happiness. Tony admits that he’s not sure he can be a good husband. Catalina surprises him by suggesting they delay the wedding if he isn’t sure. She then claims that Marah told her that Marah and Ben are sleeping together. Falling for her lie, Tony agrees to wed tomorrow.


Thursday April 4, 2002

Danny and Maria are talking at the Santos house. Maria wanted to know if Marah found Tony. Edmund and Carmen appear and Danny and Maria are surprised. Edmund informs him that he has been there since last night. They exit. Marah and Ben enter the room and saw Danny. She wants to know why he didn’t call her. He said he called her about 9pm last night. She turns to Ben and asked if there were any calls. Danny said he might have called the wrong number. He gives Marah the address where Tony is and Marah exits. Ben tells her to be careful. Ben exits. Carmen tells Danny that Edmund is a friend. Carmen reminds Danny that she does get lonely and that Edmund makes her laugh. Romeo enters and tells them that Tony is going to marry Catalina tonight in the Santos house. Romeo was instructed by Tony to get everything ready. Romeo exits. Carmen tells Edmund that she really had a good time last night, but it is time for him to say goodbye because this is family business. Carmen exits to make some phone calls. Edmund exits.

Tony and Catalina enter the Santos house. Tony gives Catalina two dresses for her to pick from. Catalina tells him how much she loves him, but Tony tells her she should get ready. She promises to make him the happiest man alive. Tony exits. Aloud Catalina says that nothing will come between her and Tony again. She thinks back to when Tony gave her the necklace and when she lost the baby. But Maria hears her and tells her she will make a beautiful bride. Catalina assures her there will be no more lies and she will have to live with the fact. Romeo enters and wants to know if everything is ok. Maria said “that girl doesn’t deserve to live.” Romeo is shocked.

Back at the retreat Catalina is so excited but Tony says he needs to convince Ray to come back with them. Father Ray enters and Catalina tells him Tony is looking for him. Ray wants to give her a chance to change her mind. He doesn’t want her to ruin Tony’s life. Catalina reminds him he has to keep his vows. Father Ray tells her to take a good look at herself because she uses people. Ray is disappointed in her and was hoping she would stop telling lies. Tony enters and asked what is going on. Father Ray said they were discussing if they could stay another day. Catalina exits. Father Ray tells Tony that he is taking a big step. Tony is sick and tired of all this and he wants to know the reason that Ray won’t tell him.
Father Ray said to give it one day and he knows that he misses Marah. But Tony said he is tired of hearing it and he is moving on. Tony and Catalina exit.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiOsEQv_Ysk&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqSrQipkH78&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Friday April 5, 2002

At the Santos house, Carmen helps Maria with her corsage, commenting on her mother-in-law’s moodiness. She isn’t happy about the wedding? Maria changes the subject, asking how Carmen got Edmund Winslow into her bed. When Catalina enters the room wearing her wedding gown, Carmen, thankful for the interruption, goes to her and tries to calm her nerves. Catalina is worried about the priest being late – she just wants everything to be perfect. Once she marries Tony and they start their lives together, everything will be. Carmen assures her that’s what they all want, “Right, Maria?” Maria is silent.

Outside the guest house, Danny apologizes for being late. He asks his cousin what’s going on – he is going to get married full of so many doubts. Danny asks if Marah tracked him
down – she had something important to tell him. Tony looks confused. Danny explains how Marah found him at the Country Club, begging him to help her find Tony. She seemed pretty upset. He suggests Tony call her before the ceremony and find out what was so important. Tony refuses – he and Marah are over. Catalina and the baby are his future now. He turns and walks toward the house.

Inside the foyer, Danny reaches Tony and asks him again to call Marah. Tony checks himself in the mirror and says no. Catalina spies through a crack in the door, and turns to Michelle with excitement. Tony can’t see her in the dress before the wedding – it’s “bad luck.” Michelle leads her into another room. Carmen and Maria greet Tony, but Maria asks for a moment alone with her grandson. She tells him “It’s not too late to back out.” Tony is confused, “First Danny, now YOU!” He can’t get a straight answer from anyone, and unless
she can give him a good reason, he’s going to go through with it.

At the retreat, Marah insists on seeing Tony. Ray is sorry to tell her that he and Cat left not long before Marah arrived. To herself, Marah mumbles, “Catalina got to him first.” She tells Ray that Catalina is lying about the baby – she miscarried weeks ago, and Tony needs to know the truth. She realizes Ray already knows. He swears he is bound by the seal of the confessional, and cannot tell Tony – what Catalina told him was in confidence, and he has to respect that. Marah screams that it’s not fair; it’s a stupid rule! She accuses Ray of
honoring Cat’s privacy over his own brother’s happiness. Ray is sorry, but tells her she’s on her own. He just hopes that she finds Tony in time – “May God be with you.” Ray leaves the room, obviously pained. Marah dials her cell phone. When Tony answers, she sighs with relief. She asks where he is and tells him she’ll be right there – there’s something important she has to tell him. Tony asks if she is with Ben. He knows all about the “private” moments they share. Becoming more defensive with each word, Tony says he is glad Marah has moved on. He tells her to “have a nice life” before hanging up.

Seeing him hang up the phone, Maria rushes to his side, “Was that the Lewis girl?” Tony doesn’t answer as music starts to play and Michelle starts down the aisle in her matron of honor gown. Catalina follows, pausing at the bottom of the stairs to smile at Tony, reveling in her success. Marah redials Tony’s number, but it doesn’t ring. Angrily, she hangs up and yells, “You turned off your phone again!” She decides to go to the Santos house and find him.

The priest begins the ceremony with a speech on the importance and seriousness of marriage. It is not something to be taken lightly. He asks if anyone has any reason why this marriage should not take place and to “Speak now or else forever hold your peace.” The room is silent, and for a moment, Tony looks relieved.

Outside the front gate Marah approaches a guard, ranting and raving about how important it is that she talk to Tony – he is in danger. The guard says he’s just following orders, “No visitors til after the wedding.” Marah rushes past him and through the gate. The guard follows and grabs her around the waist. Marah screams, “I have to get to Tony!”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=524xNg4iUIA&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJHKPYq155g&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

Monday April 8, 2002

Outside the Santos house, a guard stops Marah from rushing in on the wedding. He threatens to shoot her if she insists. She can’t break free from his grasp. You don’t understand, I have to go in there!,” Marah screams. Starting to cry, she asks if she can write Tony a note, “I’m sure you know what it’s like to be in love.” The guard loosens his grip. Marah reaches into her purse, pulls out a bottle of pepper spray and aims for the guard’s eyes. He screams in pain, holding his head as Marah runs toward the house.

Inside, Catalina recites her wedding vows. When she first came to this country, she was alone until she met Tony. “Now you are my family… all I ever wanted.” This is truly a “dream
come true.” She promises to love him as long as she lives. When it is Tony’s turn, he says that growing up, he had a big, influential family. They had anything they wanted and, to outsiders, it must have appeared that they had it made. But, Tony admits, the only thing he wanted, but couldn’t have, was his father. He cried for two years after his death. A tear runs down Cat’s cheek. “Now I’m gonna be father myself. My kid’s never gonna have to cry, ’cause I’m always gonna be there.” He looks Cat in the eye and promises never to let her
down, “Never.” Tony slides the wedding band on Cat’s finger. The priest asks the family to say a silent prayer for the new couple. During the silence, Cat tells Tony she loves him. The priest asks Cat if she takes Tony to be her husband. She interrupts with an enthusiastic “Yes!” The priest tells her to let him finish. When he does, she says “I do with all my heart, I do.” The priest asks Tony if he takes Cat to be his wife. Catalina lets out a nervous gasp. Tony asks if she’s ok. She smiles, saying she’s just overwhelmed with happiness. Tony tells the priest to continue. When he does, Tony also says “I do.” He smiles at Cat, proudly. The priest pronounces them “Husband and wife.” Tony kisses his new bride just as Marah enters the room. She sees she is too late.

Michelle and Carmen congratulate the latest Santos couple as Marah watches, in shock. Cat approaches Maria and hugs her, “You’re my abuela, too, now.” Maria tries to smile, “You have no idea what this means to me.” Carmen sees Marah and asks what she’s doing there – Tony is busy. Marah moves away from her, “I need to speak with Tony and I’m not leaving until I do.” Tony runs to his ex and tells her she shouldn’t have come. Marah insists that it’s important; she needs to speak with him alone. Carmen threatens to call a guard, but Tony says he’s got it under control. He tells Marah it’s too late, “You already made your choice, and so did I.” Marah begs Carmen to give them a moment, but she doesn’t budge. Tony stares at Marah, pained and says, “There’s nothing left to say except goodbye.” Catalina sees her opportunity to interrupt and does so by letting out a pained scream. She doubles over, holding her stomach. Tony rushes to her side, concerned for the baby. Cat pleads, “Tony, please don’t let her do this to our baby.” Tony tells Marah she better go, in the same breath,
telling Cat she’ll be ok. A guard grabs Marah from behind and drags her out of the house. Tony asks his wife if she needs a doctor. “As long as I have you, then I don’t need anything.” Tony kisses her hand, “You’ve got me.”

When Cat starts to feel better, Tony apologizes for everything – it’s his fault Marah interrupted their wedding. Cat says nothing can ruin their day, “We belong to each other forever. Nothing can come between us.” She kisses her husband as Maria looks on with disgust. Catalina is relieved that it’s just family at their wedding – no “outsiders.” She insists on tradition. She throws her bouquet straight into Maria’s waiting arms. Everyone laughs and Catalina offers champagne. She says, normally, her father would be the one to make the first toast, but the Santos’ are her family now, “To my new family.” She holds up her glass and kisses Tony. Maria watches, frowning.

Outside, the guard lets Marah go, but Carmen wants a minute with her uninvited guest. “Is this the part where you threaten me?,” Marah asks, defensively. Carmen tells her that what she just did was “stupid and dangerous.” She reminds her how important the Santos family is. Marah vows she will talk to Tony and no one can stop her, not even Carmen or her family. Carmen suggests Marah give her Tony’s message. Marah says it’s private. Carmen smiles, menacingly, saying just before the ceremony she had a talk with Tony and he told
her “exactly what he thought of you.” Marah doesn’t believe it. Carmen says that although she and Tony aren’t as close as she’d like, they are “the one thing you will never be – family.” Tony had said he felt “relieved” that his relationship with Marah was finally over. He had called it “an emotional roller coaster.” Tony also mentioned that Marah was having a hard time letting go and moving on. Marah denies it completely, but Carmen continues. Tony also said Marah was “possessive and needy,” and he now understands that Marah was all wrong for him. Marah knows Carmen is lying, but her expression indicates otherwise. Carmen adds that Tony said Marah was “pathetic.” Carmen sees she’s getting through and
encourages Marah to go back inside and hear from Tony for herself “exactly how he feels about you.” Marah doesn’t move. Carmen sarcastically admires her bravery, but “will you be brave enough to leave and stay away?” Marah turns and leaves, upset. Carmen stands against the gate, satisfied, “Adios. Go back to where you came from, stupid girl.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T_DZyACsbo&feature=relmfu (Part One)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6imjlnZ2cY&feature=relmfu (Part Two)

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