Marony Episode Guide

From the moment Tony met Marah there was no one else that would capture his heart so completely (unless you factor in the Tony and Michelle fiasco that never should have happened).  And the same could be said for Marah as well.  Even when they were in their “off” period in their relationship there was no denying that they still loved each other.  In a lot of ways their relationship paralleled that of Danny and Michelle.  He was the quintessential “bad boy” and Marah was the “good girl” who taught him how to love.

My fanfic is generally geared towards the Lindsay McKeon and Jordi Vilasuso years which was from November 2001 till October 2003, but Marah and Tony had already been through their share of relationship woes by this time.  There was the family opposition, and Tony’s anger issues, outside manipulations; basically your typical soap angst.  And it is a story worth telling.

Robansuefarm over at the GLManny site has a detailed outline for Manny clips that follows their relationship from day one.  Unfortunately there isn’t that many Marony clips available at this time, although I am in the process of changing that soon.

This page will be my attempt to organize it in a way so that you can follow their relationship from start to their unfortunate end…which would be where my fanfic comes in.  I have made some comments Enjoy!

1. The Beginning

2. Making Mistakes and Pressing Forward

3. Hiding in Plain Sight

4. What Doesn’t Kill you Makes you Stronger

5. Not all Heart and Flowers

6. Playing with Fire

7. Getting Burned

8. More Manipulations (Beginning of the McKeon/Vilasuso years)

9. Fighting the Feelings

10. The Tangled Web

11. Dial M for Murder

12. The Truth is Revealed

13. Can You Fix the Broken? (Part One)

13b.  Can You Fix the Broken? (Part Two)

14. Healing

15. A Brief Time of Happiness

16. Ignoring the Obvious

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