Other Guiding Light Videos (Part one)

Here are other videos I have made regarding not only Marah and Tony but some of my other favorite Guiding Light couples as well.  Okay there will probably be more Manny than anyone else but I hope you enjoy!

Danny and Michelle-There you are

Marah and Tony-Hero

Marah and Tony: I Knew I Loved You

An AU video where Marah/Ben and Tony/Catalina are both happy couples…until Marah and Tony happen to meet.  They both try to keep things as “just friends” and deny their attraction but the pull is just too great.

Marony and Manny: Happy

Marah/Tony and Michelle/Danny were a great soap foursome.  Michelle and Marah were the only two who knew what it was like to truly love a Santos.  It wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it.  Like Tony said at Danny’s memorial service, “Love is not something we learn well in the Santos family.  When there’s love, real love, in front of us sometimes we don’t know how to handle it, and we mess up bad.”  But Danny and Tony both learned, even if the writers screwed up Marah and Tony.  So in my imaginary Marony land where Marah and Tony had their happy ending I imagine Manny and Marony are both happy couples mixing it up in Springfield and facing any challenges that come their way together.

So I wanted to show some of the happier moments of these two great couples.  The foursome I remember and love.

Gus and Harley: If You’re not the One

Marah and Tony: Gravity

Marah and Tony: Everything

Michelle and Danny: Two Car Garage

This was requested by GLManny and I like the light-heartedness of the song and how it applies to the couple, especially with Danny.

Danny and Michelle: Make you Feel my Love

Danny and Michelle had many ups and downs during their time on Guiding Light.  But even during during the dark days in their relationship there was no doubt that they were meant to be together.  The video is mostly from Danny’s POV but the song fits the couple as a whole as well.

Gus and Harley: Glitter in the Air

Reva and Josh: When You Come Back to Me Again

Marah and Tony: Someone Like You

Kind of an angsty Marony video.  It follows their story after their breakup when Tony was involved with Catalina and Marah was involved with Ben Reade.  It’s mostly from Marah’s POV in that she’s trying to reassure herself that she can and will move on, which is even more difficult because fate keeps putting them in situations together.  Which is of course because these two belonged together.

Marah and Tony: It’s Not Over

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