Other Guiding Light Videos (Part Two)

The make sure the other page didn’t become too overburdened with videos I thought it was time to create a second page.

Danny and Tony Santos: I Won’t Let Go

Paul Anthony Stewart mentioned this video on Twitter…and I squeeled like a 14-year-old at a Jonas Brothers concert!

Danny/Michelle & Tony/Marah: Believe

Another Danny/Michelle and Marah/Tony video.  This one is from Danny and Tony’s POV showing what they fought so hard for.  And mainly that was love.  Danny had to fight against his family to achieve that with Michelle; and Tony had to not only fight his own demons, but Marah’s family as well.  But Michelle and Marah gave them something to “Believe” in.

Marah/Tony & Michelle/Danny: I’ll Stand By You

Marah and Michelle’s POV

Marah and Tony: It Will Rain

Josh and Reva: You Save Me

Danny and Michelle: Everything

Santos Cousins: Know You Are Not Alone

Danny and Michelle: You are the Love of My Life

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