Remembering Quint and Nola


I never got to watch Quint and Nola’s love story as it was unfolding.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t even around yet.  But just like Reva infamous dubbing herself the “Slut of Springfield”, Quint and Nola are a pairing that most Guiding Light fans have heard of at least in passing.   They were one of Guiding Light’s “supercouples” and while I may not have been able to watch them live I have been able to relive their love story on YouTube.

Lisa Brown’s Nola is the kid of character that I love.  She is quirky and bit of an eccentric, but most of all she is a dreamer.  Her imagination and tendency to lose herself within her dreams is part of what makes Nola Reardon so loveable.  When she arrived in Springfield she was a bit devious but over time she developed into a gentle mix of villainess and heroine, and one of Guiding Light’s most beloved characters.  Michael Tylo’s Quinton was an ascot wearing character straight out of a Bronte novel, complete with a gothic style estate.  Of course this is appropriate given Nola’s fantasies often travelled along this same vein.   A bit spooky and mysterious, he pulls you in as the charismatic Quinton.

Although these two characters were essentially ruined by horrible writing in the mid-90s they are a rich part of Guiding Light history that should never be forgotten.

Internet Resources:

The History of Quint and Nola

The Quint and Nola Homepage   – Best viewed as I have linked it, through Internet archive, as to avoid the dreaded WebRing

Quint and Nola – Their story via YouTube

80’s Quint and Nola  – More YouTube videos of their story

Game Over – Classic GL’s clipset of the truth about Nola’s deception with Kelly comes to light

The Prisoner – Silas Crocker (Played by the late Benjamin Hendrickson) holds Nola prisoner




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