Remembering Josh and Reva


Always Jeva

Josh and Reva were a pairing that you either loved them or you hated them.  Their relationship was one of several ups and downs, including Reva’s marriage to Josh’s father AND brother. But throughout their years on Guiding Light Josh and Reva remained one of the show’s primary supercouples.

Josh and Reva’s story began while they were childhood sweethearts while growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Reva was the daughter of the Lewis housekeeper and always felt like trash compared to the wealthy Lewis family.  Josh and Reva broke up when he left for college and Reva would later marry Josh’s brother Billy to get back at him…but yet Josh and Reva always found their way back to each other.  Over the coming years their love story would weather Reva’s two presumed deaths, their three divorces, and endless external battles.

And true to form in the final moments of Guiding Light these two came together one final time to reunite and set off on more adventures.

Some Jeva Resources:

Always Reva…Always Bud (A Jeva Fansite)

Classic Jeva Flashbacks

Josh and Reva- Cross Creek Reunion 1997

Josh and Reva Wedding 1999

The San Cristobel Missing Years

Josh and Reva-2006 Reunion

Flashback: Clone Reva

Some Jeva Clips:

jenniferec2003’s Channel – Lots of Jeva clips

kinkyprincess1982’s Channel – More Jeva Clips

Full Circle– Classic GL’s playlist for Josh and Reva’s 2002 wedding

She’s Come Undone– Reva goes on trial for pushing Annie Dutton down the stairs

Shine the Light – The Cedar’s 60th anniversary Ball. Billy encourages Reva to cause trouble for Josh’s marriage.  They will eventually reunite at the lighthouse.  Love Billy here. “I have seen you get my brother up out of a wheelchair”

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