Remembering Alan-Michael and Lucy

LAMAlan-Michael Spaulding and Lucy Cooper were a truly beautiful couple.  I remember watching them as a young girl and falling…HARD.  If I had a soap “first love” couple than LAM would certainly be one of the top contenders for that title.  From the minute Alan-Michael almost ran Lucy over with his car I knew she would be perfect for him.  She was gutsy, honest, and subtle mix of innocent optimism along with being a bit of a blacksheep outsider like he was.  She was such a breath of fresh air for Alan-Michael.  After years of fighting his father and the rest of his family for Spaulding, fighting for Eleni and losing, he needed the light she brought into his life.

There were websites dedicated to them back in the 90s but these websites have been either abandoned or no longer exist.  I could have created another website for them but 1. I really have no desire to run two websites and 2. I am afraid that if I did one or the other would fall by the wayside.  So thus, Alan-Michael and Lucy will be housed under the “Inside the Light section”.  It is my hope that by archiving them here (a place I have no intention of abandoning any time soon) Alan-Michael and Lucy fans will once again have a place to go to revisit some great LAM memories.  And perhaps, LAM is just one of many couples that will become an ITL feature….

Some LAM resources:

My LAM Playlist

BandstandMike One of the best channels on YouTube for 90s Guiding Light.  Various LAM clips throughout.

Cracked: Guiding Light Memory Project post on the LAM/Brent Lawrence Saga

The Wedding Guest: Guiding Light Memory Project post on Alan-Michael and Lucy’s long awaited wedding

Brent Lawrence Destroys Lucy Cooper’s car: Brent Lawrence’s reign of terror continues….


The Story of Alan-Michael and Lucy:

Lucy and Alan-Michael (1994): Spring Fiesta Queen

Chapter One: Alan-Michael Meets Lucy

Chapter Two: Alan-Michael Makes Some Discoveries

Chapter Three: Bad Timing and Playing Hard to Get

Chapter Four: Alan-Michael Revisits his Past

Chapter Five: Alan-Michael is Left Searching

Chapter Six: A New Day at Spaulding and Lucy is in Crisis

Chapter Seven: Saving Lucy

Chapter Eight: Healing

Chapter Nine: Lucy Admits her Love

Chapter Ten: Alan-Michael and Lucy Meet Marion

Chapter Eleven: Alan-Michael and Lucy Hit the Sheets

Chapter Twelve: Marion Makes Her Move

Chapter Thirteen: Alan-Michael to the Rescue

Chapter Fourteen: Wedding Bells and Happily Ever After



10 thoughts on “Remembering Alan-Michael and Lucy

  1. I noticed one chapter of a safe place to land mentioned Lucy as pregnant again, are they featured in any other stories or chapters on here?

      • Ok awesome yes I found that today but was hoping they were mentioned again in the latest fic, they were my favorite couple on GL

      • Yes they hold a special place in my heart as well. They were one of the first couples I remember when I first started watching. That is why I had to give them a happily ever after 🙂

  2. They used to be on YouTube. Maybe you can find them under Guiding Light 1993. I know she showed up after Harley and Mallet’s wedding. Buzz used Lucy’s money to pay for it.

    • Yes I believe Jezzfanatic’s YT channel. Sadly it looks like they deleted all playlists except Jezz. But BandstandMike’s channel is simply a treasure trove of Guiding Light. There are LAM clips throughout his playlists though I think his 1993 scenes mostly pertain to Alexandria’s return.

  3. Well I think all of you: KarenCullen, BandstandMike, Kate castle and especially the person who created this page are simply wonderful for posting this and all those wonderful LAM videos! Thank you so much for making us LAM fans smile!

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