Remembering Alan-Michael and Eleni (and Frank)


The Love Story of Alan-Michael and Eleni – The detailed story of Alan-Michael and Eleni (and Frank)

The Anatomy of a Triangle – The beginning of Alan-Michael and Frank’s quests for Eleni’s heart

Though I have yet to find a YouTube channel dedicated to Alan-Michael and Eleni, their story can be found throughout Bandstandmike’s 1991-1993 playlists.


I have also assembled a list of random clips that show some of their story:

The Light and the Dark – The 1992 Springfield blackout.  Along with a lot of stories happening at that time Eleni is missing and Frank and Alan-Michael have to find her. (Part 1 of 38)

All She Wanted– From 1992, Blake tries everything to get Alan-Michael away from Eleni. (Part 1 of 16)

Never Happier– Clipset around 1994 after Eleni and Alan-Michael’s divorce.  This set shows Lucy and Frank’s displeasure at the closeness between Alan-Michael and Eleni. (Part 1 of 17)

May 1992 –   Eleni is married to A-M Spaulding, but is questioning his motives with Vanessa as well as her new role as a socialite. (Part One)

Christmas 1992 – The triangle over Christmas

Frank and Eleni make love for the first time – After Eleni discovers Alan-Michael’s schemes Frank comforts her

 Settlement– Alan-Michael brigns Eleni a settlement check.  Bad quality but content is good.

May 1993– Eleni and Frank have a baby and Alan-Michael mourns the loss of Eleni (Part One of Five)

December 1991 pt 2 – Some Alan-Michael and Eleni scenes

June 1992 – Alan-Michael will do anything to keep Eleni (Pt One of Five)

Spaulding Breakfast– Alan-Michael, Alexandra, and Eleni talk about business over breakfast.  Eleni confesses to Alexandra about losing a ring that belonged to the Spauldings.

Blake’s Fired– Eleni tells Alan-Michael that Blake called immigration on her.

Blake Vs Eleni– Eleni confronts Blake over her attempts at stealing her husband

Pleading with Eleni – (From 1993) Blake wants A-M to give Eleni the divorce so Eleni will keep quiet, but A-M doesn’t want to give up on Eleni, especially if he fathered her baby.

Eleni catches Alan-Michael and Blake – After their night together at the cabin Blake and Alan-Michael try to hide their indiscretion from Ross and Eleni

Frank’s Letter – (1992) Frank shows Blake the letter from Musette about Alan-Michael’s plot to steal Eleni from Frank.




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