Guiding Light: Christmas 2002

I had already posted Marah and Tony clips of Christmas 2002 here.  But as a big Thank You to my readers, as well as other Guiding Light fans, I decided to upload the entire episodes from Christmas that year.

In 2002 a lot of characters, not to mention couples, were experiencing major changes.  Marah and Tony are a couple, and Josh isn’t happy.  Reva is getting threatening calls.  Danny is alive and eager to reunite with his family.  Alan discovers that Olivia and Phillip had a hot and heavy make out session before she married Alan.  Phillip relents and lets Harley spend Christmas with Zach.  Bill has a startling revelation about his friendship with Michelle. Ross and Blake have a new start.

December 19, 2002 (Part One) : The Lewis family is trimming the tree…But where is Marah?  Marah and Tony are up at the cabin enjoying some alone time until it begins to snow.  Alan wants to surprise Olivia by repairing a videotape he found.  Olivia and Phillip have words over the videotape of them kissing.

Josh Christmas 2002

December 19, 2002 (Part Two) : Tony joins the Lewis family for the trimming of the tree, which sets Josh on edge.  Olivia and Alan talk about having a baby.  Phillip has flashbacks of kissing Olivia. Someone on the phone calls Reva a “murderer”.  Alan plays the tape…and sees Phillip and Olivia making out in the elevator.

December 20, 2002 (Part One) : At the police station Harley and Carmen have words.  Blake runs into Ross at the Beacon. Olivia’s happiness is cut short when she sees Alan watching the tape of her and Phillip.  Phillip brings Zach to the Beacon for pictures with Santa. Danny arrives at the station to sign his statement against Carmen.

Christmas 2002 3

December 20, 2002 (Part Two) : Carmen tells Danny that he is the problem, that he chose Michelle-fighting who he truly is.  Phillip tells Harley that Zach doesn’t pine for her.  Zach asks Santa for his mom for Christmas. Alexandra admits she knew about the video. Phillip lets Harley take Zach home. After her accident Olivia calls Phillip for help. Rick has words with Danny.

December 23, 2002 (Part One) : Bill and Beth are exchanging gifts at the Beacon. Danny is excited about spending the holiday with Michelle and Robbie. Cassie encourages him when he gets nervous. Ben and Marina interrupt Michelle’s gift wrapping. She admits she’s nervous. Phillip comes to Olivia’s aid. Danny and Bill have words over Michelle. Phillip calls Alan but there is a bad connection.

December 23, 2002 (Part Two) : Danny sticks around the Beacon, Cassie tells him to not feel sorry for her. Danny gives her his number saying he doesn’t have a lot of friends. Bill, Ben, Marina and Michelle have a snowball fight. Marina and Ben exchange gifts. Beth wonders why Alan isn’t looking for Olivia. Phillip takes an injured Olivia to Company. Danny is snowed in at the Beacon. Bill has a dream about kissing Michelle.

December 24, 2002 (Part One) : The Coopers get stopped in a snowdrift and are joining Alan for Christmas.  Bill helps Michelle build a train for Robbie. Reva calls Tony family and wants Josh to invite him to dinner.  A mysterious guest arrives at the Beacon. Blake gives Ross her gift, their wedding bands. Buzz’s words of wisdom prompt Alan to go find Olivia.

December 24, 2002 (Part Two) : Josh doesn’t think Tony has the same Lewis perspective on Christmas. Tony proves him wrong. Cassie finds clues on the mysterious Stanley. Blake and Ross share their news. Danny gets a surprise at the Bauer’s. The Coopers have a holiday hug. Alan arrives at Company for Olivia. Rick gives Cassie a gift. Ross makes a toast.

Manny Christmas 2002


Marony~ Christmas 2001

Double Date

A lot was happening during this time in the lives of Marah and Tony.  Marah’s father was being implicated for bribery charges, And though Josh had always disliked Tony it would ultimately be Tony who would save him from prison.  Tony discovering the photos linking him to the crime were a forgery and though he knew that Marah would of course be grateful and that it might bring her back into his life he didn’t want to reveal that he was the one who discovered the truth (though Marah did learn).

Even better?  Reva was time-traveling through a portrait that had a striking resemblance to Olivia.  It was also the beginning of the Ben/Marah/Tony/Catalina Quad that was surprisingly well-written and had a very natural flow to it.  Tony had begun dating Catalina in a sorry attempt to get over Marah (with the added drama of having Marah and Catalina as roommates).  And Ben had initially made a bet with his fraternity brothers and began dating Marah in an attempt to “melt the ice princess”, though he would eventually grow to have genuine feelings for her.  Yes,  the obvious “root for” couple was Tony and Marah but even this Marony fan liked the build up and anticipation (even though I hated to wait!)

December 11, 2001 (Part One) : Marah talks to Tony about him helping Josh with his corruption charge.  And in the process they talk about their relationship ♥.  Catalina learns of Ben’s bet for Marah’s virginity.

December 11, 2001 (Part Two) : Tony and Marah Wonder why they couldn’t admit their true feelings when they were together.

December 11, 2001 (Part Three) : Marah says that her and Tony could be friends.

December 18, 2001 : Ben comes in the dorm as Marah is doing homework.  She has forgotten about their date. Tony and Catalina enter as Ben and Marah are getting flirty and Tony doesn’t look pleased.  Ben wants to make it a double date and though Marah and Catalina decline Tony thinks it’s a great idea.

December 19, 2001 : Marah and Ben go on a double date to Towers with Tony and Catalina.  Tony and Marah dance to a song they danced to at prom.  Ben and Catalina talk about their plan to keep Tony and Marah apart.  Later Ben and Marah kiss. Out in the hall Tony calls Ben a slick operator, he questions him about his feelings on Marah’s essay.  Tony warns Ben he will be watching him.

December 24, 2001 :Christmas at the Lewis house and Shayne is dressed as an elf.  There is no Marony interaction  here but it is the Christmas episode for the year.

December 26, 2001: Ben buys Marah a necklace for Christmas.  Afterwards they run into Tony and Catalina.  Both Marah and Tony act unaffected by the meeting, especially Tony.  When Marah shows Tony her necklace Catalina shows off her leather coat, Tony feels he has to “one up” Ben.  Marah let’s it drop that they will be going skiing that weekend…

January 3, 2002 (Part One) :Ben buys Marah ski equipment for their trip.  Meanwhile Tony enlists Romeo’s help keeping an eye on Ben. Carmen overhears Tony’s jealousy and though she knows Tony’s heart will always be with Marah Abuela urges her to fight for Tony anyway.

January 3, 2002 (Part Two) : Tony decides to make up for missing date night with Catalina by proposing a ski trip where Ben and Marah will be.  Catalina makes some plans of her own.

Marony Clips are Coming Back…


Good News Marah and Tony Fans!!!  I just heard from the wonderful woman from whom I purchased the GL DVDs that made Marony possible and I am going to be able to finish out the Marony story.  Which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

The Good: We get to see Manny’s wedding and some more brief good times between Marah and Tony.  Some great dialog between Tony and Danny.

The Bad: Marah fails to recognize Tony is upset then goes to Milan with Reva,  Eden begins to try to take her place in Tony’s life.  Marah and Tony’s break up.

The Ugly: Tony has sex with Eden.  Sandy and that awful Mole.

But all of these things WILL be a good thing in how they play into the upcoming fanfic I am writing so it can’t be all that bad right?  So for those who follow the uploads online, you can expect some Marony in the upcoming weeks 🙂

Marony Valentine’s Day 2002

Marony Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day 2002 was a big moment for the Ben/Marah/Tony/Catalina quad.  Thought Marah and Tony are apart they are both very much in love with each other though they are both trying to move on.  Tony is trying to be there for Catalina and the baby and Marah is trying to move on with her relationship with Ben Reade.  Little do they know about the manipulations going on behind the scenes, not only between Ben and Catalina but Maria’s as well.  But needless to say it wasn’t a great holiday for Marah and Tony but it was great angst for the couple!

Marah and Tony February 14 & 15, 2002  Catalina is thrilled to be at the Valentine’s day dance with Tony. When Catalina steps away from the table, Tony removes the engagement ring he plans to give her from his pocket. With his usual flair for being in the right place at the right time, Ben spies the ring and, of course, comments on it. An irritated Tony warns Ben to keep quite about what he just saw –and Ben promises he “won’t say a word to the bride to be.” Later, when he offers a chilly Marah his coat, Ben “accidentally” picks up the wrong one. Marah finds the ring and realizes it’s Tony’s coat.  At the Valentines dance, a sobbing Marah tells Ben she wants to leave. Ben apologizes for grabbing Tony’s jacket instead of his own – he never meant to ruin Valentine’s Day for her. She cries, saying now that she’s seen the ring Tony intends to give Catalina, there is no hope that she’ll ever be with him again. Ben tries to convince her to stay, to prove to Tony that she can have a good time and move on as he has. She just wants to go back to the dorm. He agrees to take her home after he gives Tony his jacket. Ben finds Catalina and tells her not to come back to the dorm as he and Marah will be there. She asks him if he even cares about Marah, or if it’s all about the “stupid bet.” He looks at Marah across the room, talking to Tony… Later Tony proposes to Catalina.

Marah and Tony: February 18, 2002 (Part One) Marah plans to stop living behind her essay and begins to make out with Ben.  Tony proposes to Catalina, promising to take care of her and the baby. Catalina says yes, and hugs him, but stops herself. Tony asks what’s wrong, “I thought this was what you wanted?” She explains that it is, but the way he proposed made it sound like marrying her was “an obligation, a chore.”  She knows Tony still has feelings for Marah, regardless of what he says. He admits it is true, but things are different now. Catalina says that it makes her crazy when she can’t be certain where Tony’s heart is – she does stupid things. Her voice trails off, but she neglects to mention specifics. She says one day Tony will realize they were meant to be together. Catalina kisses her new fiance and asks him to make love to her. Tony makes excuses, saying they should ask the doctor first if it’s bad for the baby.  They are inturrupted by Abuela which Tony uses to sneak away for awhile.  The reality of the bet hits Ben when he sees a picture of Marah’s family and he leaves.

Marah and Tony: February 18, 2002 (Part Two) Maria tells Cat she is happy for her. Catalina eyes her ring, “I’m glad someone does.” Catalina tells her grandmother-to-be that she may become a great-grandmother sooner than she thinks.  Catalina reminds Maria how she always said Cat was the right girl for her grandson. She admits she went off the pill and got pregnant knowing Tony would do the right thing and marry her. She even tricked Father Ray into helping her. Maria seems taken aback. “You didn’t think I had it in me, did you?… So, tell me, are you proud of me now?,” Catalina asks a speechless Maria. Maria pours tea for two as Catalina thanks her for looking after her. Maria says Catalina is “family” now and not to worry, “everything will work out.”  Tony goes to Marah and he tells her that he proposed to Catalina and he holds her as she breaks down….

Marony Valentines 2002

***Some great dialog in this scene***

Marah: Tony, part of you came here tonight hoping that I would say don’t do it, don’t marry Catalina and be with me instead, and a huge part of me wants to do exactly that, and I can’t help that. But I can fight it. Deciding not to be with you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But it was the right decision. It was right for you, and your baby, and most of all, it’s right for me, and I’m not going to back down.

Tony: You’re right. About everything– you are so right. It’s just that I can’t… I can’t stop loving you. I can’t.

Marah: I can’t stop loving you. But we cannot act on that. We can’t.

Tony: How am I going to do this? How am I going to marry Catalina? How am I going to commit to being with her, while thinking everyday if I’m going to run into you, and have all these feelings come back again.


Tony: To me, Springfield is you. Everywhere I look I see you. I can’t go on and not think about you, so… So I have to go, I have to move. Me and Catalina, we’ll leave town, that’s it.

Joshua Lewis VS. Tony Santos

There is no doubt that Tony Santos was definitely not the man Joshua Lewis envisioned for his daughter.   The danger and violence surrounding Tony wasn’t just because he was a member of the local mobster family, it was a part of the man himself.  And though Tony tried repeatedly to fit inside Marah’s world and impress her family Josh’s opinion that Tony was too dangerous for his daughter never truly wavered.  It had thawed considerably towards the end of 2003 but by then Marony was over and the damage was done.

But I have always wondered if there was a deeper reason to why Josh felt so much animosity towards Tony.  Besides the one instance when Tony attacked Marah it could have been said that Tony was simply misunderstood.  With all the pressure to impress the Lewis family Tony was bound to fail.  But does it go deeper than simply a father protecting his daughter?  Could it be that Josh saw a lot of himself in Tony Santos?  Because looking beyond the surface Marony and Jeva have some clear similarities…

The Early Days Of Jeva:

Josh Lewis was the “black sheep” of the Lewis family.  He had an often unpredictable relationship with wild Reva Shayne that ended when he left to attend college.  To get revenge on him Reva married his brother Billy.  Upset that Reva married Billy instead of him, Josh in turn dropped out of school.

In 1984, Reva and Josh rekindled their passion and a return to Cross Creek where they had made love for the first time.  They planned to wed but before they could make it official, Josh learned from Anita, Reva’s maid that Alan bribed her to come to town to break up Billy and Vanessa Chamberlain. H.B. was relieved when Josh bitterly called off the wedding. His father, H.B. was relieved at first, and decided to further drive Reva away from Josh by bribing Reva into marrying him. When Josh (who had gone to see Reva to patch things up) learned about the marriage, he was so disgusted that he went for a wild drive and crashed his car into a telephone pole that left him paralyzed from the waist down. While at a party at the Country Club, a drunken Phillip Spaulding was coming on to Reva. Josh thought the worst of Reva and accused her of making a play for another man. It was then, while he was wheelchair-bound, that he and Reva had the showdown to end all showdowns … culminating in her stripping off her clothes, diving into a fountain, and baptizing herself “The slut of Springfield.”

The Couple Comparison:

As you can see things weren’t always hearts and flowers between Josh and Reva.  In fact, the early days of their relationship was a series of ups and downs.  And yes, sometimes Josh and Reva toed the line at being violent with one another.

Like the Jeva hot tub scene.  Josh was trying to get Reva to stay away from him but Reva being Reva would not listen.  Pushed to his limit Josh flipped Reva into the hot tub with him then proceeded to shake her.

Reva’s face is one of shock, surprise,  and even a little bit of fear.  Which makes sense, she thought the man she loved was trying to drown her.

And though I wasn’t around for the legendary “Slut of Springfield” scene it is one of those scenes that has been passed down through time almost as if it was a treasured family memory.  As such I almost feel as if I watched it live.  But it’s the dialog that is the real importance when comparing the two.

Reva: “I think that I am tired of this. I have given you everything. I have groveled. I have taken your orders. I’ve given you love and understanding. I’ve given you the best doctors money could buy. And none of it satisfied you. None of it! I think that there’s only one thing that’s gonna make you happy. One thing you want more than anything else in this world. And that’s to catch me being unfaithful to your daddy. Well, that’s just fine with me Bud. You want me to be a slut. Oh, I’ll be a slut. Reva ain’t nothing if she ain’t obliging.”

Reva stripping herself down, both literally and figuratively, and you can tell Reva is just done being Josh’s whipping post.  He is taking his anger and frustrations out on her and looks at her as if she is the “slut” she baptizes herself to be.  The scene was emotional, raw and the vulnerability Reva was able to convey remains a favorite among Guiding Light fans.

But doesn’t it sound like a scene from another couple we know and love?

When Tony attacked Marah it was a turning point for their relationship and the character of Tony.  He was angry with Romeo, angry with Marah, and most of all angry with himself.  Tony felt that by not having sex with Marah he was finally doing something right, that he was not tarnishing something beautiful and pure.  By Marah giving herself to Romeo his vision of Marah was destroyed.

When Marah strips herself in the office at Infierno and offers herself to Tony…it is uncomfortable and raw.  And in retrospect, similar in feel to the Slut of Springfield scene.  In fact, Marah even refers to herself as a “slut”.

Marah: “Yeah! This is what I wanted! It’s what I wanted! Can’t you tell, Tony? Can’t you tell? So do it, do it! Just take whatever you want! Take it! Huh, you think I’m a slut? You think all I want is sex? Then treat me like a slut, Tony. Come on, come on, show me, show me! (Sobbing)”

Unlike the Slut of Springfield clip that scene would NOT go down as one of Guiding Light’s most legendary scenes.  Except maybe as one of the more controversial.  Though as a Marony fan I have looked at it objectively as Tony’s decent into darkness before Marah brings him back into the light.  Doesn’t make the scene any less uncomfortable but it does show that there are some parallels between Jeva and Marony, even if Josh would have liked to have ignored that fact.

Tony VS Josh:

Josh and Tony were both men whose emotions bubbled to the surface easily.  Both men tended to react first then think about the consequence.  This was especially true if they were angry.  What I found ironic was that Josh always accused Tony of putting Marah in danger when Marah had been abducted multiple times before Tony even came to town!  And as for dangerous people Josh introduce several stepmothers into Marah’s life that can only be described as “mentally unstable”.  So in my opinion Tony Santos didn’t so much introduce Marah to danger but remind Josh about the many times he himself failed to keep Marah safe.

What About Reva?

Reva wasn’t always thrilled with Marah’s choice of soul mates but Reva was different from Josh in that she knew that you couldn’t help who you loved, but when the bust cleared Reva could admit that there was good in Tony.  Reva was a wild child, the vixen of Guiding Light, and I like to think she knew what it was like to be judged like Tony was for being a Santos.

When Tony attacked Marah Reva was of course in full mother mode.  But afterwards, when Reva was sent to prison for turning off Richard’s ventilator, Tony put the word out that Reva was to be treated good.  When one of the other inmates was giving Reva trouble the guards moved her to the library to keep her safe per Tony’s orders.  When Danny was thought to be dead Tony gave a speech about how Danny was a hero because he was willing to sacrifice his life for his family, for love.  Moved by this Reva told Josh, “There is good in the boy”.  Which he would again prove during Reva’s stalker storyline when he acted as Reva’s personal bodyguard.

And towards the end of the Marah and Tony relationship it was Reva who tried to tell Tony that he was more than just the violence that people associated with the Santos family.  Because she was Reva Shayne, daughter of the Lewis family housekeeper and not expected to succeed.  But she did by marrying IN to the Lewis family.  But her great love was always Joshua Lewis, even if she did marry his father and his brother first.

And Reva knew it was the same for her daughter.  Tony was Marah’s constant, her one true love.  As she explained to him, “I’d be lying if I said the violence didn’t bother me.  But the young man I see sitting here, I think, is above all that.”

The Fanfics:

I kept some aspects of the Josh VS Tony in “I Believe in the Mystery“, at least in the initial reveal.  Josh had to see Tony beyond those Santos colored glasses he always viewed him behind.  But I finally had Josh accept Tony as his son-in-law, faults and all.  Because as history showed Josh and Tony were not too different.  They both reacted in anger, and it never ended well.  But now that Josh has finally moved beyond a simple truce and finally accepted Tony he might just prove a much needed ally when the drama in “What Matters Most” takes off.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Santos

For this character study I wanted to do something a little different.  Since there were only two actors to portray the character of Tony Santos, and I have made my displeasure of the recast known quite well, any comparison would be repetitive and probably boring for readers.  So instead I decided to mix things up and take a look at the character of Tony beginning at one of the defining moments in the character’s life.  This character study is also different in that I tried to use a lot of dialog to show just where Tony was at that time.  So without further ado…

There is no denying that I love the Tony Santos character, I wouldn’t have been so captivated by the Marony couple had I not.  He was a great soap character: flawed but with a good heart.  Even when he screwed up, and he screwed up a lot, he usually meant well.  Tony described it best when talking to Marah about the Santos clan,”Ray was all good, Carmen is all Carmen, but Danny, he was somewhere in between– like me, but better.”  But Tony was unique in that he was stuck in a very Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde limbo for his first couple years, torn between wanting to be a better man (mainly to fit into Marah’s world) and the only life he had ever known…all the while fighting deep-rooted anger and pain from a childhood that was anything but pleasant.

This anger was particularly evident in one of the more controversial storylines of 2002, Tony’s assault on Marah after learning that she slept with Romeo.  It was chilling to watch live and no less so years later clipping it for YouTube.  But looking at it objectively, the assault really got to the root of the Tony character.  The facade that was so close to the surface was completely eradicated and in its wake was all the darkness that Tony kept bottled up inside.  The most important part, especially in understanding Tony, is WHY it happened.  In Tony’s eyes Marah was everything that was good and pure in his world, a world that otherwise would be complete darkness.  He himself said, “Marah, when I think of you and Romeo… God, I wouldn’t even touch you, do you remember that? Do you remember why, Marah? Because you were the most beautiful thing, the most pure, perfect… I… I thought… I thought just for once that I was going to do the right thing by you, just for once in my life.” Tony had put Marah up on a pedestal and his image of her was shattered, and he reacted the only way he knew how, with violence.  That certainly doesn’t make it right and it was the end of Marony for the forseeable future.

Later Marah consulted Ray seeking a reason for why Tony was so consumed with anger.  As Ray explained, “He’s basically good, sensitive– maybe too sensitive. Our parents died when he was just a kid, and I was too involved with the church to give him the attention he needed. Look, I’m not making any excuses, but the kid basically grew up on his own….It’s the life. It’s where we come from. Violence was the way.”

If Tony’s attack on Marah ripped him to his very soul then Danny’s “death” in late 2002 was the final catalyst the character needed to finally let go of the ghosts of the past.  Tony knew that being a Santos would always be a strike against him.  He had tried, and failed, to fit into Marah’s world numerous times.  He was tired of trying and instead had embraced the destructive pattern of behavior before Marah came into his life.  Then Danny was believed to be dead, and by his mother Carmen no less.  Not only did this utterly destroy Tony but it went against everything he had ever known about family loyalty.  Added to Tony’s pain was the realization that Danny was attempting to take the family legit and had made immunity for Tony part of the deal with the FBI.  It was then that Tony decided that Danny couldn’t die in vain, “I have to finish what Danny started. This family is out of control. Danny had that figured out.”

Danny’s supposed death also was the catalyst that brought Tony and Marah back together.  As scared as Marah was of Tony’s anger she never could completely stop loving him.  And when he needed someone the most she was right by his side offering both comfort and support.  Marah witnessed Tony threatening Carmen, but stopping himself from actually getting violent.  As intended, this symbolized a big turn around in the Tony character.  Obviously the rage was present but he finally saw just how low the family had sunk, and he no longer wanted to be caught in the undertow.  When Marah remarked that he didn’t hurt Carmen Tony wasn’t as hopeful about the turn around, “I know, but it’s still here. It’s always here. When I think about what’s happened to my family, what Carmen did to Danny, what I’ve done to you, I finally realized how the rest of the world must look at us: How ugly. I don’t want to be a part of that anymore.”

Tony had tried so hard to fit into Marah’s world so many times, only to fall short by no fault but his own.  Now he was making the change for himself and that would make all the difference.  “For what it’s worth, the other night, when I looked at Carmen, it’s like I really saw her for the first time, and I thought to myself, “this isn’t me. This isn’t me. I want out.” “You know, and I thought about how Danny tried to get away, and Ray. And I thought, “I really want this.” For the first time, I want to be different. For me. Not you.” Tony had lost so much to “the life” and being a Santos that he had finally reached the point in his life where he wanted more, he wanted better. “You know, I… I have to get away from all of this. This life took my father, my uncle, my two cousins. I want better than that for myself.”

These changes in Tony would last until Jordi Vilasuso’s departure of the role in November 2003.  When Stephen Martines took over Tony regressed back to the Dr. Jekyll character from before.  Tony was once again back in the mob life, he betrayed Danny repeatedly the one person (besides Ray) he respected and trusted in his life, and he pursued a relationship with Michelle (which I must reiterate is just wrong on all levels).  There was no saving grace for Tony this time and his character would perish a very dark and un-rootable character.

One of the goals of the fanfic was to eradicate this change in the character and bring him back to the Tony Santos that I (and other Marony fans) knew and loved.  The man who, even when deeply flawed, remained loyal to his family and loved Marah with his whole heart.

Marah and Tony…plus the extras

I received a message on YouTube the other day wondering why I was including more than just the Marony scenes in the Marah and Tony clips.  Well there are actually a few reasons why I have decided to do the Marah and Clips this way:

In my opinion it helps to understand the storyline better or, in some instances, to set up what is going to happen next.  Marah and Tony were not static characters and were involved in storylines besides their romance.  In the later part of 2002 Marah had to deal with Reva’s decision to turn off Richard’s life support, which naturally had a significant impact on the Lewis family.  Marah was especially conflicted because this was another example of Reva acting without thinking about how it would affect her children.

Tony had the biggest hurdle of all.  He had to face Danny’s “death” by Carmen and his decision to change his life for himself rather than for someone else (namely Marah).  Tony was devastated by Danny’s “death” and I feel that including the Danny and Michelle parts enhances the understanding of where Tony is mentally at that time.

Including these extras also allows me to cover scenes from other couples I enjoyed.  Josh/Reva (JEVA) and Danny/Michelle (MANNY) were both two of my favorite couples on Guiding Light.  Since their storylines both had an effect on Marah and Tony including them only makes the clips that much stronger.

So yes, while there may be other scenes/characters included in the clips they all tie-in to Marah and Tony, and their story, in some way.  But I hope that even if you happen to disagree that you continue to enjoy the clips (even with the extras).