Date Night ~ A Manny/Marony Short

This scene occurs after Tony and Marah get back together at the Bauer Bar-B-Que.  What better way to celebrate than get together with Danny and Michelle for date night, Santos style of course.

Standing in his kitchen Danny eyed his cousin ruefully, “Got to say, it’s good to see you and Marah back to a good place.  You were starting to depress the hell out of us all.” The microwave went off signaling that the popcorn was ready.  Danny went over and shook the bag. “I was almost afraid to go into your office some days. Afraid you would be listening to whatever depressing Emo songs teenagers are listening to these days while crying over a pint of Benn & Jerry’s.”

Tony laughed, “I’d like to say that isn’t even close, that I took these past couple of months like a man but honestly? You wouldn’t be too far off the mark.  It was rough.”  He paused as he thought about the separation, the fear and the uncertainty about the state of his marriage,  the joy and peace he felt when they finally came together again.  The fireworks at the Bauer Bar-B-Que were nothing compared to the fireworks he and Marah set off that night when they got home.

It had been a rough couple of months but Marah and he had made up for that lost time in spades and he wasn’t looking backward.  Tony looked around, “Your house is oddly quiet Primo. In fact I don’t think it’s ever been this quiet. Ever.” Tony took a sip of his drink. “Where is your brood? Plotting how to take over Springfield? And just as we go legit too.”

Danny just smiled, “The lull in the storm.  Hope is at Sarah’s having a slumber party, Robbie is at baseball camp, Danielle is at Ed and Holly’s, and the youngest is still in utero.  Lanie is young, just wait until she moves faster than you ever thought possible, then comes the makeup, and boys.”  Danny frowned slightly, “This newest one better be a boy.  I can’t handle my baby girls growing up. Not with guys like we used to be around.”

Tony just saluted his cousin with his drink, “But look how good we eventually turned out.”

Danny poured the popcorn in a bowl and sighed, “And we had Ray who I am pretty sure was born with that priestly air about him.”

“The good in Ray couldn’t balance out the others.  But I think we turned out pretty good Primo, even if we do sit around discussing babies like a bunch of old married men?”

Danny led the way to the living room and plopped down on the couch. “Hate to break it to you Tony but we are a couple of old married men.”

“Speak for yourself old man.” Tony laughed as he slapped a hand on his flat abs,” I am still in my prime.”

Danny just gave his cousin a side-eye, “Tony I called you the other night and your dainty flower ass was in bed.  At nine thirty at night.”

Tony sat up straight, “Lanie is teething!  Speaking of which, you could have warned me about that particularly hellish nightmare.”

“Trial by fire my dear cousin.  Trial by fire.”

“Whatever.” Tony gestured to the television, “So you and Michelle are kid free.  Josh and Reva have Lanie for the night.  What are we watching?”

Danny held up the movie case, “Can you believe Michelle has never seen this? I was briefly horrified at this miscarriage of justice then set about rectifying that lapse in culture right away.”

“…I see what you mean about the window.  I can come up with a few designs tomorrow and run them by you.” As Marah and Michelle came into the living room Tony took the DVD case from Danny and showed it to his wife, “Can you believe Michelle has never seen this?”

Marah peered down and then looked at her husband ruefully, “Yes.  Because I have never seen it either.”

Tony groaned dramatically, “I can’t even look at you right now.”

Marah joined him on the couch and elbowed him gently, “It was made before I was even born.  I wasn’t exactly an indoor type of child.  We spent a lot of time at Cross Creek and I was much happier with my Grandpa Hawk or H.B. riding my horse or driving my parents crazy.”

Tony leaned over and smiled against his wife’s lips, “You drive me crazy baby, in all the good ways.”

Michelle and Danny both groaned dramatically. “Get a room you too!”

Tony put his arm around his wife’s shoulder’s, “But then we’d miss date night with you guys Michelle.”

Michelle joined Danny on the couch, “The important part of this is that I told you I wasn’t the only one who hasn’t seen it.”  Michelle bounced back up, “I need to make some popcorn, be right back.”

Danny handed over the bowl, “Already done.”

Michelle took the bowl and shot Danny a smile, “You are too good to me husband.”

Danny reached over and grabbed his wife to his side, “You are the one who is too good to me.  I just serve you popcorn and try to keep up with you in bed.”

Letting Danny and Michelle have their moment Marah turned towards her husband and smiled, “I wouldn’t think this movie would be your scene.  I never would have seen Tony Santos as a Trekkie. I would see you as more of a The Godfather fan.”

“Star Wars Babe, not Star Trek. And The Godfather? We lived it babe complete with Abuela putting on a hit on my dear cousin here.” Tony gestured towards Danny before continuing,  “Star Wars is a man thing. Not that women don’t enjoy it but guys? We seem to find Han Solo as our fellow galactic badass.”

Danny laughed, “You try to play it cool but I remember back when you were a teenager, you watched it on repeat.  Wore out the VHS.”

Tony shook his head, “That’s the third one in the original series.  And I couldn’t help it, Princess Leia in that bikini was the stuff of adolescent dreams.”

“Hey!” Marah pretended to be affronted, “I though I was the stuff of your dreams.”

“Unfortunately I didn’t know you when I went through my Leia phase but from the moment I met you?” Tony looped his arm around his wife and brought her towards him, “You became the star of all my dreams.”

Danny leaned forward and grabbed the remote, “If we don’t get this movie started soon we are going to need a new couch from the sparks these two are throwing off.”

Michelle laughed and settled in deep next to her husband, “I am ready to get my Jedi on!”

Marah reached into the bowl that Michelle sat between them and grabbed a handful of the buttery popcorn.  As she started munching she had to ask, “Are you sure this isn’t going to be confusing? We’re not starting with the first one.”

Michelle looked at her husband, “Why are we starting with The Empire Strikes Back?”

Danny raised an eyebrow is question, “I thought you haven’t seen it?  And are you going to share that popcorn with the rest of us?”

“Rick was older so I’ve seen the first one but it was a long time ago.  Not sure I can tell you what even happens though.” She gestured towards the TV as she popped another buttery kernel in her mouth she answered, “And absolutely not.”


Almost Two Hours later….

“I don’t get it.”

Michelle shook her head in agreement, “Me neither.”

Both Danny and Tony look at their wives like they were crazy.  But it was Tony that questioned, “What exactly don’t you get?”

Marah gestured towards the television, “I mean, this Han guy is probably being marched to his doom and the girl he clearly wants tells him that she loves him and how does he respond? ‘I know’.  What kind of answer is that?”

Michelle scoffs, “If I were Leia I’d smack that Han and steal his space thingy and get the hell out of there.  How rude.”

Danny holds up a finger to make a point, “That line is one of the best lines in movie history ladies.  And really Michelle?  Space thingy?  That’s the Millennium Falcon.”

“He’s Han Freaking Solo, the baddest ass in the entire galaxy.” Tony continues,” He’s not going to go to his possible death waxing sonnets.”

Michelle crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow to Tony, “And why not?  Luke would have.  He is sweet.”

Marah joined in agreement, “He’s also sensitive.  Luke would definitely have said he loved her in return.”

“He’s her brother.” Danny pointed out helpfully, “And he’s nothing but a whine bag until Return of the Jedi. Han Solo is the man.”

Marah pointed to the screen, “Han is a womanizer and selfish.  Could you imagine if he dies. Leia’s last memory is him just saying ‘I Know’ to her declaration of love?  She’ll never know that he loves her back.”

Michelle raises her hands in defeat of male logic and looked at Danny, “Why couldn’t he just say he loves her too?”

“Like Tony said, he’s Han Freaking Solo.  He doesn’t have to tell her, he’s shown her repeatedly that he loves her.”

Michelle crossed her arms across her chest and pinned Danny with a look, “Us women like to be told from time to time.”

Danny held out his hands in defense, “I tell you every day.  That’s why we have so many kids”

Michelle leaned forward and kissed her husband on the lips, “And you better not forget it.”


Later that night…

Tony held Marah in the crook of his arm, tucked into his side.  He softly sifted his fingers through her hair content just to lie there and just be, “Tonight was fun.  You don’t realize the little things you miss about a person until they are taken away.  It was nice just watching a movie with you.”

Marah leaned her head back on the pillow and kissed her husband’s strong jaw, “Agreed.”

Not content he rolled into his wife and captured her lips with his.  When he broke away he was breathing heavily but looking down into his wife’s eyes he smiled, “I love you Marah Santos.”

Marah smiled back. “I know.”


Flashback: Clone Reva


Arguably one of the most bizarre (not to mention what I think is completely dumb) storylines to come out of the 90s had to have been Clone Reva.  Written by James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten this story was universally panned by critics and went on to make Guiding Light something of a laughing stock of the industry.  This storyline is very polarizing with Guiding Light fans; some look back on this story with a grimace and others seem to like the campy feel.

So here’s a flashback to what I personally consider a groan-worthy storyline.  Included within are links to various clips in order to relive the story that Guiding Light fans wish they could forget and here is a playlist of Clone Reva clips.

To begin this storyline you have to start with the exit of Annie Dutton.  Annie Dutton has lost everything.  She had Josh and his love, but that ended with the return of Reva.  She plotted and schemed to no avail.  Josh’s love for Reva would be the victor in that triangle.  Annie “moved on” with Alan only to have Reva ruin her wedding.  Enough was enough, Annie was going to take Reva out once and for all.

Drugging Reva one night Annie brings her aboard a plane.  Taunting Reva with her plan Annie video records her distress before calling Josh to taunt him with Reva’s predicament.  Then Annie Dutton bids Springfield adieu (for now) by parachuting out of the plane, leaving Reva to die.

When Josh arrived in Florida, he searched desperately for Reva until the Coast Guard stopped him.   Distraught over the death of Reva (again) hired Dr. Michael Burke to clone his supposedly dead wife from the eggs she’d left. Within two weeks Josh is holding a cloned Reva Shayne baby.

Meanwhile, Reva washed up on a deserted island and soon discovered that she was not alone. A man named Sean McCullough was sharing the island with her.  She attempted to build a raft to get home but it sank.  Sean being the altruistic gentleman he is, then showed her a boat he had stored away and agreed to take her home.

With an aging serum Josh was rapidly aging his Reva Clone.  Soon she was a free-spirited teenager played by Bethany Joy Lenz (which was the only real bright spot in this tale).  Though Josh should have prepared for this after all he and Reva were high school sweethearts and Reva was spirited even back then.

Calling home Reva hears a voice on the other end of the line, and she suspects something is going on.  Once back in Springfield a shocked Reva thinks Annie changed her appearance to look like her.  Instead she meets her double, who knocks her out and locks her in the lighthouse.


In her absence Dolly had fallen in love with Josh and Reva’s return was not happening! Reva convinces her clone to let her teach her how to get Josh to love her.  Though Josh does sleep with the clone he cannot bring himself to love her since she lacks “Reva’s spirit”.

The clone eventually locks Reva up in the pool house at the Lewis home, and Josh resigns himself to marrying the clone. Reva, realizing that the clone was preparing to leave her to die, talked the clone into bringing her a camcorder so that she could watch tapes of the kids. Reva made a videotape telling Josh that she was locked up in the pool house.

The clone returned to the house and popped in the tape, stopping it just in time to realize that Reva had conned her. Josh overheard a part of the tape, but it didn’t really hit him what he was hearing. On the way to Cross Creek, the clone began to ask Josh how it felt to starve to death. Her guilt was getting the better of her and as she asked more questions.

Josh began to put the pieces together and remembered hearing Reva’s voice on the videotape. He turned his car around and sped home to save his dying wife. Running into the pool house, Josh was shocked to see two Revas! After saving Reva from the clone Josh tenderly bathes his Reva, happy to have the love of his life back. They had to figure out what to do with the clone. After the excitement of their reunion began to settle, Reva had a lot of unresolved anger with Josh for cloning her, and for giving up on their love.

Reva bonded with the clone out of pity and made her over into her long-lost cousin, Dolly. With her new identity, the clone finally had a name of her own. She began to settle into her new identity, and Josh and Reva decided to give her a new life in Italy.


Dolly, still very much in love with Josh, decided to take a different route. She overdosed on the aging serum so that she would die, and Josh and Reva would be able to move on with their life together. On their way to Italy, she asked Josh to take her to Cross Creek one more time, so that she could say goodbye to the memories. After Dolly’s death, Reva forgave Josh.


And thus the ending to one of the worst storylines in Guiding Light history.  Though like I said, there was one bright spot: Bethany Joy Lenz was certainly fun to watch as teenage Reva.  She was spirited and fun, like a teenage Reva would be.  Bethany Joy Lenz was so good as Clone Reva that she was brought back as a recast Michelle Bauer in the fall of 1998 and whose romance with good-hearted mobster Danny Santos was one of the most popular stories (and romances) from that era.  And the Manny romance continued to be popular until the end of Guiding Light itself.


The Bauer Barbecue: A True Legacy

The Bauer Barbecue became a Guiding Light staple in the 1980s and quickly became one of the most popular episodes of the year.  I know that I loved watching every year as family and neighbors, basically the entire town, gathered in the Bauer backyard to celebrate this holiday.  It was full of tradition and just one of the things that made Guiding Light special to so many.


And it certainly was special.  I think Rick summed up the legacy behind this annual event during the final barbecue.

“I look across your faces and I realize that I’m one of the grown ups now. It just seems like yesterday that I was just a little kid sitting on that diving board eating my grandma’s chocolate chip cookie. I couldn’t help but think about my Grandma Bert today. She was a great lady. Real special. And not just because she loved her grandson but because she came up with this, this celebration with family and friends. She used to tell me, ‘Rick, we live in a great town, in a great state, and an even greater nation. And we’re all very blessed to live in a country that upholds freedom and liberty.’ And she’s right. And I miss her. And it’s not quite the same without her. But she leaves this wonderful legacy behind and I feel very blessed.”

The Bauer Barbecue is indeed a true legacy.  A gift that fans still treasure as they look back on all the great memories throughout the years.  Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!  (And may you burn less hamburgers than Danny Santos)


Some memorable Bauer Barbecues:

Bauer BBQ 1987– Alan-Michael makes a unique entrance

Bauer BBQ 1988– Fletcher and Maeve get married.  Reva urges Johnny to get on with his lfie despite Roxie’s mental breakdown

Bauer BBQ 1990– Ed and Maureen are fighting.  Holly and Ross have a romantic moment

Bauer BBQ 1991– Forget the light show, Alexandra’s setting off fireworks of her own when she denounces Roger

Bauer BBQ 1994– Bill plays a trick on Ben, Alex wonders why Alan-Michael turned down the presidency.

Bauer BBQ 1995– Well….the first clip is the build up to it anyway.  Rodger gets his first invitation.  Holly and Fletcher have been faking their fights.  Alan-Michael and Lucy will end up watching the fireworks on Alan-Michael’s yacht.

Bauer BBQ 1996– Gilly has feelings for Griffin, the mystery of Zachary continues

Bauer BBQ 2001– Danny tells Tony not to come to court tomorrow,  Phillip and Harley are fighting. Unfortunately Part One is unavailable in which Meta reads the Declaration of Independence.

Bauer BBQ 2002– Post 9-11 the tone of this Bauer BBQ was somewhat lighter with the musical sequences, though there was the requisite drams such as Rick in need of a heart transplant and Phillip and Olivia hiding their kiss from Alan

Bauer BBQ 2003 – Marah and Tony throw a surprise wedding for Danny and Michelle

Bauer BBQ 2009– The final Bauer BBQ

The History of Quint and Nola


Nola Reardon was one of the Reardon’s seven children, and she was also the one who resented being raised in a poor family who ran the local boarding house.  She often escaped her boring Midwestern life by watching old movies and dreaming of the perfect man who would sweep her off her feet.  She thought she found that man in med student Kelly Nelson.  He was straight-laced and handsome but unfortunately he wasn’t interested in her and instead pursued Hillary Bauer then Nola’s friend Morgan Richards.    A jealous Nola tried every kind manipulation to get Kelly’s interest but nothing seemed to work.  And in typical soap opera fashion Nola decided the only way to get Kelly was to get pregnant.

kelly and Nola

In 1981 she told Kelly that Morgan was cheating on him while plying him with alcohol.  When Kelly passed out she undressed him and placed him in her bed and the next morning she convinced him that they had made love.  Her plan worked perfectly and Nola announced her pregnancy to Kelly, though she knew all along the child was Floyd Parker’s and was conceived many weeks after she claimed. When Nola’s mother Bea found out the truth about what Nola had been up to she was unable to let her daughter ruin her own life and the promising life of Kelly.  She told Kelly the truth that there was no way he was the father of Nola’s unborn child. Just as they were leaving town to get married Kelly confronted Nola about her deception.   Nola briefly considered an abortion but reconsidered and accepted Floyd’s marriage proposal. However, at the justice of the peace, Nola realized she couldn’t marry a man she didn’t love and dumped him at the altar.


Nola’s deception made her a pariah in Springfield.  Deciding to raise her child alone she sought employment and answered an advertisement for a live-in assistant at an estate on Thornway Road.  Upon arrival Nola was sent to meet her possible employer, young Archeologist Quinton R. McCord, at the gazebo.  And although she had no experience, and was indeed quirky, he was charmed by her.  After learning she was pregnant and unwed Quinton took pity on Nola and hired her.

Nola was very imaginative (not to mention quirky and a bit flakey) and the young woman immediately began concocting all manner of dreams and odd scenarios to explain the goings on within the old house, complete with secret passageways, eerie organ music coming from the attic and odd archaeological artifacts.  And although Quinton intrigued Nola she was also found his dark and gothic nature to be strange.

In January 1982, Nola went into premature labor alone at Thornway Road. She contacted Kelly Nelson to come and help her and was passed out from pain by the time he arrived.  She ended up giving birth to her daughter in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.  She named the baby Kelly Louise, Kelly (for Kelly Nelson) and Louise  (Floyd Parker’s mother’s name).  Mrs. Renfield  and Mr. McCord, Quinton’s housekeeper and chauffer respectively, took an interest in Nola’s baby daughter which concerned Nola.

However, soon Nola and her best friend Gracie were snooping around the mansion in order to learn Quinton’s secrets.  Also around this time Nola began discovered that she had feelings for her employer especially when she started being his Archaeology assistant rather than his live-in household supervisor.  In March, Quinton took Nola to London and on this trip Nola encountered Quint’s ex-fiancée, Helena Manzini. Helena Manzini was the woman whose monogram “HM” was embroidered in the chinchilla coat that Mr. McCord had given to her.

Nola also learned of Quinton’s arch nemesis Silas Crocker.  Quint and Silas had attended Oxford together and had a history of rivalry, not the least of which was over the exotic beauty, Helena.  Quinton was an honest and good archaeologist, he desired only to uncover the earth’s treasures for the good of all mankind while Silas exploited his archaeological finds for financial gain.

In the Spring of 1982, Nola finally made arrangements to christen her baby daughter, Kelly Louise and also nervously admitted to Quint that Floyd was in fact the biological father.  Quint was surprised it was not Kelly Nelson, but relieved to know the truth since Floyd wanted to play a part in the child’s upbringing.  However the Christening didn’t go as smoothly as Nola had planned.  Believing that Nola spilled the beans to Derek Colby about his burgeoning relationship with Hillary Bauer, Nola’s hotheaded brother Tony blew the whistle on Nola about her prior summer shenanigans right in front of Floyd and Quint.  Floyd had thought that he and Nola were “in love” when the child was conceived not that Nola had actually used him as a sperm donor to trap Kelly into marriage.  Floyd vowed to get custody of the child away from Nola, feeling that she was an unfit mother. Though shocked at the revelation Quinton quickly softened when he realized Nola had skipped town with the baby.  After discovering that Nola had gone to London he followed her there and promised to help her financially and emotionally in the battle against Floyd, and brought her back home to Springfield.

stcroix07bThey were barely back in town before it was time for Quint and Nola to head off to St. Croix on his quest to find the Temple of Gold.  His late friend and colleague, Professor Taylor, had been able to decipher some ancient maps before his untimely murder. These maps indicated that an ancient Phoenician barge had gone down somewhere in the Caribbean near the island of St. Croix.  While diving down to the bottom of the sea with Quint, Nola believed she saw something in a secluded area that looked promising. Quint warned her it was unsafe to venture there. But in pure Nola fashion, she let her curiosity get the best of her and checked it out anyway. Nola got stuck among the coral reefs, and would have died there had Quint not rescued her.  They struggled to the surface of the water, and breathlessly Quint dragged a choking and sobbing Nola to the safety of the beach. It was there that Quint and Nola shared their first, very passionate kiss.



However their romance hit a major snag when Helena Manzini showed up on the island. She informed them that Silas Crocker was also on the island.  On a dive a few days later Nola found the maps Quint had been searching for!  Though Helena swooped down and tried to seize them from Nola in an effort to gain praise from Quint.  They struggled and in the mayhem, Helena’s oxygen tank was disconnected. Though Helena claimed that Nola had tried to steal the maps from her.  Quint wanted no part of the cat fight and was stern with both women, but helped Helena who almost drowned from the disconnected oxygen tank. In a fit of anger and jealousy, Nola swam to shore, only to be abducted by a waiting Silas Crocker.

Silas had placed Nola into a volcano pit but Quinton rescued her, but just as he was helping her to safety, the volcano started to rumble, revealing the precious Temple of Gold that Quint had spent his entire adult life searching for. There was no time to explore the Temple, as the volcano was erupting, and they had to run for their lives. Assuming the temple was melted in the eruption, Quint was terribly disappointed, and Nola misread those emotions to be upset feelings directed at her. Nola went back to Springfield with a broken heart thinking that Quint no longer loved her, and decided she must move on with her life, and that included moving out of Thornway Road and back with her mother into the boarding house.  Little did she know that Silas Crocker was stalking her.

When she went back to Thornway Road to collect all her belongings, Silas took the opportunity to abduct her again. This time he took her miles away to an abandoned, rat infested freighter ship. A devastated Quint and Nola’s brother, Tony, united to rescue Nola.  Several weeks later Nola was found though she was sick and malnourished. While in the hospital, Quint could no longer be silent about his intense feelings for Nola and told her while she was “sleeping” just how much he loved her.


She heard every word, but did not let on, fearing her would stop the proclamations. Also Nola was relieved to find out that Floyd would drop the custody suit for her daughter.  Nola got out of the hospital and after a meeting with the FBI decided to move back into Thornway Road and take her old job back.

The next drama was that of the “room on the third floor” of Thornway Road. Mrs. Renfield and Mr. McCord kept a secret room that eventually became the temporary room for Rebecca Cartwright. Quint had been engaged to Rebecca several years before when she was involved in a terrible accident and in usual Quint style, he believed he was responsible for her massive injuries.  He cared for her and paid for all her surgeries which included extensive plastic surgery to restore her face and vocal cords. She would spend her final recovery time between the last procedures at Cedars Hospital in this secret room.  Just when things seemed like they couldn’t get worse with the Rebecca situation, Quint finally proclaimed his love again to Nola, and they kissed.

Quint and Nola were finally an official couple, and Nola dropped calling him Mr. McCord.  Nola also decided to change her child’s name to Anastasia Louise. This action was part of Nola’s maturation and redemption from villainess to romantic heroine, since she originally named the child for all the wrong reasons.   Romance continued to blossom for Quinton and Nola even as Rebecca became more and more of a problem. Rebecca claimed Quint  pushed her off the cliff all those years earlier, and Quint could not dispute the story as the trauma from the event caused him to block it out. Quint kept promising Nola to get Rebecca out of the house, so they could “start their future together”, and Rebecca kept blackmailing Quint to stay.

Rebecca’s deeds got more and more dastardly and more and more painful for Nola. First she pretended that she couldn’t speak when she could. Then she tried to make it appear that Quinton had slept with her, betraying his relationship with Nola.  When Quint was finally going to make amends with Nola and tell her all his “secrets,” Rebecca caused a car accident which put him in the hospital. While hospitalized and believing Quinton could die, Mrs. Renfield finally revealed to Nola that Quinton was Henry Chamberlain’s long-lost, illegitimate son, Sean Ryan.

Quint recovered and was angry that Renfield broke their long standing trust, but then felt relieved that Nola knew and would protect his secret from Henry. He also planned a trip to the mythical Tanquir and unravel the mystery surrounding the death of Professor Renfield (his housekeeper’s husband). In his efforts to uncover the truth, he got trapped with his enemy Silas Crocker in the same cave where Prof. Renfield died, and in doing so discovered that, in fact, Silas was responsible for his mentor’s death.

Nola, knowing that Quint was in dire jeopardy, went to Henry Chamberlain and revealed the truth about Quint’s paternity, that Quint was Henry’s son, Sean Ryan. Henry used his contacts and wealth to rescue his son from the cave and capture the unscrupulous Tanquir “officials” that assisted Silas in his malicious plot. Both Silas and Quint’s friend Gunther died in the cave.  Quint and Nola had a romantic reunion and took a transatlantic cruise back to the States. On that cruise, things became very heated with the couple, but after all her problems of the summer of 1981 and having a child out of wedlock, Nola decided that as much as she wanted to, she and Quint should wait to make love.

Before he could ask Nola to become his wife Quint first had to resolve the Rebecca Cartwright situation.  Quint finally revealed to Nola the details about Rebecca’s accident, and that he could not remember his part in it. He also admitted that they had been engaged, and when he came back to her after a three month work related absence, he found out that she had gone off and married another man. He also revealed to Nola that Rebecca had been carrying his child when she fell, causing her to lose the child.  After learning the truth, and proving Quint’s innocence Quint asked Nola to be his wife. On the rocky cliff, Nola joyously agreed.


In order for Nola to take the proper surname when they married, Quint legally changed his last name to Chamberlain. Henry and Vanessa threw them an elaborate Antebellum Costume Party in honor of their engagement.  This of course didn’t go smoothly as Nola and Vanessa showed up in the same dress.  Quint and Nola, after much debate and coaxing from Henry, decided to move out of their home on Thornway Road after they were married and in with Henry and Vanessa.

Quint and Nola married on June 24, 1983.  However, that morning Nola missed the limousine and had to run to the church. and even hopped on a fire truck along the way.  Immediately after the nuptials, Quint surprised his new bride with a ride in a hot air balloon.



The Chamberlains embarked on a romantic honeymoon to Ireland and then later Scotland. While on the honeymoon, the innkeeper where they were staying entangled them in the mystery of an old Irish legend of star crossed lovers. It turned out that Nola and Quint were more or less incarnations of these lovers named John Ryan and Nora Reardon.  Quint and Nola recited their wedding vows at the altar of the church where these young lovers were to wed in 1883, and for the first time in 100 years the church bell rang and the lovers and Quint and Nola were united for eternity.

They returned to Springfield and got embroiled in the solving of the mystery of the fishing picture. In September 1983, Nola discovered that she was pregnant, much to the delight of her husband, Quint. When the mystery of the picture was solved, the Reardons found little solace in knowing that their father had not thoughtlessly leave them, but had been killed.

A few months later, it became a concern of Quint and Nola’s that their daughter Anastasia was not yet speaking. After taking her to some specialists, they realized that she had a hearing problem that could easily be corrected with surgery. Nola took Anastasia out of town for surgery and therapy. She came back with Anastasia just in time to attend Tony and Annabelle’s wedding as a very pregnant matron on honor.  She gave birth two weeks early in the middle of the ceremony.  They named the baby Anthony James Chamberlain (called AJ) in May 1984.

In early 1985, Nola started an exercise business with Annabelle that became quite successful, but then Quint was asked to go to Tanquir for an extended period of time to follow up on Prof Renfield’s work. Although Nola didn’t want to leave behind her new business, which was quite successful, Nola knew her life was with Quint.  Quint and Nola packed up their family and left Springfield for Tanquir on April 25, 1985.

In 1993, the entire Reardon family returned to Springfield to attend Maureen’s funeral. Nola and Quint returned, but were never shown on camera.

The History Best Forgotten

In 1995, Nola returned alone to Springfield. The absence of Quint was explained away by a story of infidelity. A rapidly aged, teen AJ followed his mother in 1996. Quint returned, too, for his father’s funeral. It soon became clear to Quinton that he made a huge mistake and was still very much in love with Nola and wanted her back.


However this story was dropped for a story so awfully bad Lisa Brown wouldn’t return until 2009 for the final episodes.






After Quint left town without reuniting with his love, Nola came into more contact with fellow restaurateur, Frank Achilles “Buzz” Cooper.  In August 1997, Buzz started receiving mysterious unsigned “gifts” including some flowers.  Buzz began to be concerned that he was being stalked. As it turned out, Nola was the one who was sending the gifts, but originally Nola’s intentions on this were purely innocent and she meant it as a prank.

Near the end of September 1997, Nola decided to give Buzz one more “gift”, when Buzz complained with her around that the frame to a picture he had in the firehouse of him and Coop was falling apart. Nola decided to take the picture with the old frame and replace it with a new frame, and she had to break into the firehouse, twice, to do so.

Two days later, when Nola broke back into the firehouse to replace the picture with a new frame, she also moved one of Coop’s stuffed toy bunny’s and then lost an earring. Jenna was also slightly spooked because of the moving of the bunny and the picture being replaced and because for a brief time, Nola had to hide in the closet to not to be seen by her.

Buzz found the earring and gave it to Frank to find out who it belonged to. When Frank went to Company he questioned J, and J had to admit that the earring belonged to his mother. When J went to find his mother, Nola had left overhearing the whole conversation about the earring. In the first few days of October 1997, Nola hightailed it up to the Bauer cabin, and decided to try to hole up there until the earring mystery and Nola’s disappearance died down. Unfortunately, Buzz had his suspicions about Nola, but wasn’t angry with her and he too arrived shortly after Nola had started to chastise herself about the “gifts.”

A little later, Buzz and Nola found out that they were stuck at the Bauer cabin, when a bridge back to Springfield got washed out in a fall rainstorm. And then unfortunately, Buzz as he was getting firewood, fell down the stairs at the cabin and hit his head and suffered from amnesia where he didn’t know who Nola was or who he was!


The next couple of days, Nola tried her best to explain that Buzz wasn’t in love with her and the pain she had caused him, and also tried to explain his relationship with Jenna and Coop.  Shortly after, Buzz was reunited with his family. When Buzz’s memory returned, Nola realized the mistakes she had made and asked Buzz and Jenna for their forgiveness. Surprisingly, Buzz and Jenna were not as angry as Nola thought they would be and both quickly forgave her.

Eventually an ashamed and character-beaten Nola left Springfield to presumably live near her daughter in California.

The Return of Lisa Brown

In 2009, Nola returned to town with Bridget to attend Vanessa’s wedding to Billy Lewis. Before going to the wedding, the pair stopped in at Company, which originally belonged to the Reardons before Nola sold it to the Coopers.

The audience was led to be believe that Quint and Nola had reunited since Nola came bearing a gift from Quint to Vanessa.



The Anatomy of a Triangle….


Long before Melina Kanakaredes was on shows like Providence and CSI:NY she was playing a Greek immigrant who came to Springfield for a better life, or more appropriately, a husband.  She wanted a life like what she saw in American movies, complete with a home and family.  In 1991 Stavros Kouperakis arranged for her to come to America as a wife for his nephew Frank.  However Uncle Stavros neglected to inform Frank of this arrangement and naturally Frank was dead set against this arranged marriage.  Although they bickered constantly Eleni and Frank soon developed feelings for each other.   Eleni planned an intimate dinner with Frank however, he ended up having it with Blake.  Alan-Michael swooped in and whisked Eleni away on the Spaulding yacht.  Eleni was unlike any woman Alan-Michael had been with before, she was sweet and genuine and he became determined to make her his own.  Frank realized his mistake and wanted to make it up to Eleni so, without her knowledge, he hired an immigration lawyer. Eleni was given a three-month extension on her visa thanks to the lawyer that Frank hired but Eleni was under the wrong impression that Alan-Michael had hired the lawyer.  Still not giving up hope on a relationship with Frank she asked Alan-Michael to fly her to Paris where Frank was on a business trip.  There she found a woman named Musette in Frank’s bed.  After being led to believe that Musette and Frank slept together a heartbroken Eleni returned to the United States.  Unfortunately she was denied admittance due to the fact that she was an illegal alien.  Alan-Michael offered to marry her at the customs office.  Although she was uncertain about continuing a sham marriage Eleni was convinced that Frank didn’t love her.  So in 1992 Alan-Michael and Eleni married in a ceremony in Greece.

Though Eleni cared for Alan-Michael she refused to start a family with him because she wasn’t fully invested.  Frank saved Eleni and Stavros when they were caught in a fire at the diner.  Afterwards, Frank told Eleni that he loved her but that he wouldn’t interfere in her marriage.   Meanwhile Musette came to Springfield and threatened Alan-Michael that she’d reveal the truth to Eleni—that Alan-Michael set up Eleni to find Musette in a drugged Frank’s bed!  Scared of losing Eleni, Alan-Michael hired a man named Pierre to get rid of Musette. Unfortunately, Pierre went too far and planted a bomb in Musette’s car that injured both her and Mallet. Meanwhile, Stavros gave Frank a letter from Musette detailing how Alan-Michael had used her to break up him and Eleni. Frank confronted Alan-Michael but decided not to show the letter to Eleni after he saw that she really loved Alan-Michael. In the meantime, doubtful that Eleni would stay with him, Alan-Michael switched Eleni’s birth control pills with placebos knowing that she would never leave him if she were pregnant.


Eleni went to visit Frank, she saw him through the window trying to burn a letter. When Frank went outside, Eleni went in and read the letter from Musette detailing what Alan-Michael had done. When Frank came in, he realized that Eleni read the letter and comforted her. Eleni was so devastated that she made love to Frank and was ready to leave Alan-Michael.

Unfortunately Eleni learned that her mother had a stroke and quickly flew to Greece to be by her side.   Alan-Michael followed her and arranged doctors to save her mother. Eleni talked to the priest and to her grandmother, Ya-Ya, about Alan-Michael’s schemes but both advised her to stay with him. When Eleni took one of her grandmother’s sleeping pills, she dreamt of sleeping with Frank but when she awoke she realized that she has slept with Alan-Michael instead.

She decided that she needed some time alone and went to a remote island where Frank tracked her down and they made love again. Later, Eleni learned she was pregnant and, believing Alan-Michael was the father, she and Frank decided to hide the truth from him and run away together.

Finally, one day in February 1993, Eleni found the placebos in Alan-Michael’s office had them analyzed. She was shocked to discover the truth and later was delighted to learn that the baby she was carrying was in fact Frank’s! Later, Ed Bauer confirmed the baby’s paternity and Alan-Michael finally let Eleni go though he continued to pine for her until his relationship with Lucy developed.


In my opinion the Alan-Michael/Eleni/Frank story was one of the best love triangles on Guiding Light.  In fact, I dare say, it is a prime example of how to do a triangle correctly.  On one side you had Alan-Michael at his most devious.  Plotting and manipulating to obtain, and later hold on to, the love of Eleni Andros.  Then on the other there was Frank Cooper, willing to give up the woman he loves in order for her to be happy.  As a viewer I was completely torn, as I am sure many others were as well.  (Okay, so Alan-Michael had extra points in his favor simply because I simply love Rick Hearst’s Alan-Michael)  However, in the end my shipper heart went with Eleni and Frank and everyone knows my love for Alan-Michael and Lucy.  But the triangle was interesting while it lasted.

The Love Story of Alan-Michael and Eleni

6349e42aaa13d2b6c3df8bc145cfeaf2Eleni , Alan-Michael and Frank………… November 91 to September 93

Eleni came to Springfield from Crete. She arrived with dreams of what America was from the movies she so loved. She wanted to be an American woman. She wanted a job, home and family. Uncle Stavros wanted her to marry Frankie. Frankie was less then thrilled to have this immigrant girl to baby sit. Eleni had to pay off her passage money by working in the diner. Frank bossed her around while she twirled her eyes at “The Big Frank” and started to date Dylan instead.


A-M fell for Eleni on an innocent trip to his yacht. Eleni had fixed a special dinner for Frankie. Frank, not knowing Eleni had done this, left and went skinny dipping with Blake at the country club pool.  He never showed up and Eleni was hurt by this. A-M stopped by the diner,  finding her alone sitting in the dark. While talking to Eleni he became more and more enchanted with her innocence and naiveté. Eleni insists A-M eat what she had made for Frank. A-M tells her it is the BEST food he ever had at the diner. He notices the huge improvement in the diner and tells her. After Eleni made it be known she had never rode in a convertible A-M is thrilled to give her something to make her happy too. He takes her around Springfield then to his yacht. They talk of their childhood memories. Eleni saying that she had always wanted to be one of the girls on the yachts that docked at her village. A-M told her when he was ten he went to Crete on the yacht.  He told her about how he liked to play pirates with his brother, Phillip. His favorite role was Captain Hook ! Eleni stands at the front of the boat and dives in. A-M pulls her up and wraps his tux coat around her saying “Your a very bad child !” They lock eyes and it is electric. He brings Eleni back to the diner. He lets her use his calling card to speak to her family. The next day a huge bouquet of flowers arrives. The note said “Thanks for the magical evening. Captain Hook.”

A few days later Frank returns from his job and breezes by Eleni standing in the diner doorway. He doesn’t even bother to say hello. She is obviously hurt and you suddenly hear locking brakes and a car speeding into the parking lot. A-M leaps out of his car and asks, “Are you doing anything tonight?” Eleni sadly says “I guess not”. A-M says “COME ON THEN !!” He takes her to the Spaulding jet and tells her that they will fly to NY for dinner. Eleni, embarrassed by her waitress dress, is told “I have something for you to wear.” Behind a curtain is a beautiful sequined gown. Eleni puts it on. When she comes back A-M is speechless! She is so beautiful. He has her try champagne for the first time. He first tells her this story of how champagne was invented. “A blind monk making wine had found that he left one of the kegs to long. He tastes it and then calls out to the other monks. Hurry come quick ! I am tasting stars !” They toast to “drinking stars”. Eleni finds an art auction book and begins to look through it. She finds a beautiful Greek Adonis that was made by an artist from her village. She tells A-M how this statue was sold by her village after an earthquake. That she had heard stories about it from her Yaya. A-M tells her that piece will be auctioned in Chicago tonight. He takes her to Chicago to see it. He has his buyer purchase it and when they get back on the plane it is there. Eleni at first thinks the crate is drugs brought in by smugglers. She had no idea A-M had bought it ! When Eleni asks “But why, why would you buy this, it was so much money ?” A-M said “ because I fell in love………………..with it”.

Eleni asks A-M a few days later if it is all right for a woman to ask a man out. A-M assumes she is talking about him and he is thrilled. He later finds out it was Frank she wanted to ask. He is crushed, this is the first he knew Eleni liked Frank. She had confided in A-M that she wanted to meet Frank at her favorite movie. Again Frank was late so A-M takes the ticket and goes. Frank comes in to the diner later and ,not finding the ticket, he did not know where to meet Eleni. Meanwhile A-M heads to the theater. He watches Eleni during the love making scene and is enchanted. He talks to her after the movie and persuades her to come to the yacht.

Eleni is hurt by how Frank has stood her up and confides in A-M. He says “If I had a date with you I would be sure and show up ! “ They have champagne and dance. A-M confesses he was watching Eleni during the love making scene. “ I didn’t mean to but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of you ! There is always so much going on with you.” Eleni backs away saying “NO” A-M says “Yes, I saw it” He kisses her, Eleni kisses him back passionately. She grabs his coat and starts to pull it off his shoulders. She catches her self, pulls away and starts to walk away FAST. Apologizing stuttering “A-M I, I, I, am so sorry ! I must have had too much champagne I …….. “ A-M softly touches her shoulder and whispers “shhhhh Eleni it’s all right, we didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t be afraid.” Eleni says “I’m not afraid, but I want to go home now. “ A-M takes her back to the diner but tells her he has waited long enough to know what he wants and it’s her.

Then there are more dates. A-M brings her Christmas lights for her apartment. He takes her to get a Christmas tree. Finally Eleni tells him that she feels some day she will be marrying Frank. That she probably should not see him any more. A-M gets drunk and shows up at Eleni’s apartment. This was an Emmy nominated scene for Rick in ’92. One of my faves so you’ll get the whole thing !

A-M comes into Elen’s apartment above the diner and starts kissing and hugging her. Eleni keeps saying “STOP IT” and finally decks him ! He goes flying over the coffee table. ( never mess with a woman that has two brothers ! ) A-M pulls him self up and sits down “I thought we were friends”.

E– We most definitely are NOT friends ! I have so much trouble and it’s all cause of you !

AM– says softly “Really ? I never wanted you to have any trouble, or feel bad or anything never.”

E– Maybe you don’t mean to cause trouble but every time………DON’T LOOK AT ME THAT WAY !!! It makes me forget your trouble !

A– I am not trouble

E– ranting around the room “You say hey Eleni, I got a great idea and then there is trouble ! But this time you have gone too far A-M ! You come here drunk and you put your hands on me! You don’t respect me ! You think I am common ! You think I am just a poor girl so I must be cheap ! I can do what ever I want and so what !!! Well, A-M yes I am poor. But I am not here for you to play games with. I am saving myself for the man who will respect me and marry me ! “

A– “Come on Eleni, please don’t say that, stop it !”

E– “What do you want from me ? Why do you keep coming here ?! “

AM– “Don’t you know ? I come here cause you’re the only good thing I know anymore. Eleni when I see you, I see lights. Being with you is like seeing things for the first time. You always find something new, something exciting, something that I might have missed or forgot. Something I need to see. I come here cause you make me laugh. You make me happy and you’re beautiful. You’re so beautiful that sometimes it hurts to look at you, you’re so beautiful. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can still see you. No matter where I’m at. I see the little crease you get right here ( Points to his forehead) when your concentrating on something new and you’re trying to understand it. I see the way the corner of your mouth goes up when your about to tease me about something. ( Rick’s eyes are now filling with tears. ) I see that light in the corner of your eye when your excited about a new sight or a new sound. ( Long sigh ) Ohhhh I live for that light Eleni. Day and night I try to think, how am I going to put that light into your eye. You’re all I think about anymore. You’re all I care about. ( tears are running down his face. Through a sigh he whispers) I love you……… All day, board meetings, business lunches and all I can think about is that light. You didn’t even know………I can’t believe I love you so much and you didn’t even know.” A-M lays his head down and passes out. Eleni calls a cab. While waiting she looks at a picture of her and Frankie.

The next day A-M apologizes for showing up drunk. It is evening and Eleni is still running all over the diner. Taking stuff off the counters. Starting to fold laundry. A-M can hardly bare it. He says “Eleni you shouldn’t work so hard ! “ Eleni starts to laugh “What kind of a world you must live in.” She tells A-M again that she can not see him any more. That she is sure she will marry Frankie now. A-M asks if he has proposed. Eleni says “No but I am sure it will happen. “ A-M has a flash of a conversation he had with Blake earlier. Blake stating that she bet Frank was having a great time with the women in Paris. A-M knows that for the rest of Eleni’s life she will work like this. The thought of Eleni in that diner with Frank was too much to bear. He offers to take her to Paris to see Frank.

They arrive in Paris. A-M has her knock on Frank’s door at the hotel. They go in Frank’s room and Musette is there in his bed naked. She tells them she was waiting for Frankie to return and they could all wait for him together. Eleni runs out crying. A-M thanks Musette and says “good job.”

On the flight back A-M already starts to get repaid for what he has done ! Eleni sobs uncontrollably all the way home. A-M is horrified with what he has done. I don’t think he realized till then that Eleni genuinely loved Frank. Now if he tells her the truth Eleni will hate him. Eleni goes on and on about how wonderful A-M was to bring her there. What an honest and good man he is !

They land in Springfield only to have Eleni detained by immigration. Blake decided the best way she could get A-M back is to get rid of Eleni. So Blake alerted immigration about Eleni. ( Eleni did not yet have a green card and was able to stay in the US because she stated she was engaged to Frank ) Eleni is told she will be sent back to Paris and that she will not be allowed to reenter the US. Eleni is crying and doesn’t know what she will do. A-M begs her to marry him. Frankie is at the same time checking the items he bought Eleni in Paris. Including Eleni’s engagement ring. He is going to the house he bought her and is fixing up as a surprise. Eleni, desperate to stay and certain Frank is no good, marries A-M. During the ceremony you see them saying their vows while Frankie paints the living room.

AM and Eleni Customs

A-M carries her to his bedroom. He goes and gets champagne to toast with. He tells Eleni when he first knew he was in love with her. That night on the yacht when she dove in the water. A-M moves closer. They kiss slowly, softly, then deeply. Eleni again pulls away trembling and apologizing. A-M stops her saying “Eleni, it is OK, I’m a little nervous too. But it is nice just being close to you. I will sleep down stairs until you are ready. “ Eleni says “NO I will sleep on the couch”.   A-M says “Eleni, I want you in my bed. You’re welcome here.” He starts to leave then pauses in the doorway. “How do you say good night in Greek.” Eleni tells him and he repeats it and adds “I love you”.

The next week brings tantrums and tears all over Springfield ! Stavros who insists the only reason Eleni married A-M was because of the money. He now feels Eleni is a tramp ! Blake, who thought for sure A-M would love her and marry her again, vows she will get him back ! Harley was ready to rip A-M’s throat out for hurting her brother. Frankie could not understand why Eleni could not wait for him.   Eleni who was frustrated because Frank could not admit to what he had done, but too shy to tell him what she thought she saw. And Alex who was sure Eleni was a gold digger that was taking her love sick nephew for a ride! A-M wisely decides to take his bride to Greece !! Smart man….get out of Dodge while the getting is good !

The Spaulding jet is delayed awhile so Eleni begs A-M to tell her where they are going. A-M tells her they will go to Crete. Eleni says “No we can’t go there” She tells him that she had told her family she married Frank. A-M is crushed by this announcement. But promises Eleni that he will make her family love him. When they arrive in Crete the family jubilantly greets “Mr. Frankie Cooper.” When A-M tells them who he really is the entire family is upset with them both. Eleni’s mom says, “And what about a dowry ! Look at how skinny he is !! ( A-M looks at his stomach ) his family can probably not afford one !!”   That night A-M tries to sleep on a wood floor but is invited into Eleni’s bed. She wakes up with her arms around him.

The next day, A-M goes fishing with the brothers, convinces Eleni’s Mom and Grandma that he has respected Eleni all along. He also insists that they are waiting till a church wedding before they consummate their marriage. He has the Adonis brought to the village and put in the center of the square where it originally set. One morning Eleni gets up and A-M is no where to be found. She fears he has grown tired of waiting and has left her ! She is heart broken and crying! Then the yacht reappears with ELENI painted on the side. A-M comes up the street and sits and watches while the priest tells everyone that someone has helped the little crippled boy in their village. That he will walk and run like all the other children now. Eleni sees A-M on the church steps.

E– Where have you been ? The boat was gone. You sent them on the boat for the surgery !

A-M– I don’t know anything about it.

Priest — I asked the family how they came upon this great fortune. They said it was an American man that arranged everything. Now her son will walk and run like all the other children.

E — You didn’t know anything about it huh ? This was so wonderful.

A-M– I was out walking and thinking all night, just wandering the streets of your village. I think I have done everything I came to Crete to do. I returned the Adonis to its real home. I really enjoyed meeting your family and I have improved my Greek. I think it’s time I go. I have a lot of things I need to do and you are really enjoying this time with your family. I’ll get ready for your return. I want a bigger apartment for us. One with two bedrooms. You shouldn’t have to live up to some tired expectation of what we are supposed to be. ( Eleni grabs his face and kisses him ) What was that all about ?

E– It was the only way I could get you to stop.

 A-M– It worked.


E — Now you listen to me. I have made an important decision. I want to marry you again. This time for real. I want to marry here with my family and the Priest’s blessing. I want to be your wife under God’s eyes.

 A-M– I don’t know what to say……I hope you’re not doing this to show your gratitude for what I did for your village, or the little boy. I have already been repaid for that. You don’t owe me anything. And I don’t mean to buy your approval. I would have done it anyway. It’s the right thing to do, he should be able to walk like anyone else. I have a lot of money, so it doesn’t really matter.

 Eleni — Yes, you have a lot of money A-M but you are so generous with it. I know you are rich and you have been everywhere and you can do anything you want. But that doesn’t matter to me. I am in this square and all I can think about is my Father and what kind of a man he was. I wish he could have met you. I know he would have approved. Ohhh A-M… everyone knows how I feel about you except for you. So now I must tell you…… I love you A-M, I love you.

 A-M—- (eyes overflowing with tears ) I just became a very rich man.

 E–Oh and I will be your wife, your true wife today !

 A-M ( Screaming picking her up and carrying her towards her family ) Call the priest call the priest WE’RE GETTING MARRIED !!!!



*************************Wedding Vows***************************



Alan-Michael and Eleni’s wedding was full of Greek traditions.  The candles, flowers, and flower girls were beautiful. Eleni came in with the theme from “Somewhere In Time.” As an added twist we did not see them say their vows we heard their thoughts as the priest said mass and blessed their union.

 A-M – Eleni, how can I tell you what you mean to me ? How can I tell you what I am feeling when just looking at you takes my breath away and with it all my practiced eloquence.

 E- A-M, today I am giving my life to you. Someone who loves me the way no one else ever could. I am so proud to stand here beside you. You are the best man I have ever known.

 A- M– How can I tell you that for the first time in my life it means nothing to be a Spaulding. And when I stand here beside you, life feels right, for the very first time.

 E — I remember the night when you came to tell me how you felt. Your eyes had a look of such surprise because you didn’t think I knew. But I knew even then that you loved me. You never had to say the words. And today when I look into your eyes you don’t have to tell me anything because I already know.

 A-M — I promise you, I will become the man you believe I already am. And I will spend the rest of my life taking care of you and making you happy.

 E – I promise to love you from now on the way you have always loved me.

 A-M — I promise you will be the first thing I think of every morning and the last thing I think of each night.

 E – I promise to be a good wife to you. And a good mother to our children. To make our home a refuge for what ever happens to you in the world outside. I promise I will always be there waiting for you.

 A-M — I promise you will never regret marrying me. I will do my best to deserve the way you are looking at me right now. I would give my life for that look.

 E — I love you A-M

 A-M– I love you Eleni


After the wedding they dance in the square and around the Adonis. The brothers tease    A-M while Mom and Yaya ask Eleni if she is afraid. When Eleni says no her Grandma tells her. “It is the most beautiful thing. If you truly love the man. “ Soon A-M comes back they start to dance and decide to leave.

Eleni’s bedroom has been lovingly decorated for their wedding night. Candles are lit rose petals are everywhere. The flowered crowns they wore when they got married are on the head board. A-M has removed his shirt. He looks around the room and at the bed. Eleni enters. She is sooo beautiful ! Her hair up with white lace pearls and tiny pink rose buds on her nightgown. A-M, speechless, sits down on the bed. Then he jumps up and screams !!!

A-M –OUCH OUCH OUCH !!! (while rubbing the OUCH)

E–Oh A-M I am so sorry ! It must have been my brothers it’s, it’s a tradition…

A-M –What, STAB the happy couple ?!? ( He picks pins off his side of the bed ! )

E– No, (She turns around so he can not see her face and says quietly) It is so the groom will be sure to come on my side of the bed…..

A-M –( Rick does his thing. If you have seen his acting you know what I mean ! He says nothing, but you can read him so well it rips your heart out !! He swallows hard, his eyes are so soft and gentle. He lets you know how much A-M loves and wants Eleni. His face has such sweet concern…..) He walks up slowly wraps his arms around Eleni and says so softly “Eleni, I don’t want you to be afraid……”

E– ( Eleni has this full grin on her face that let’s you know fear is the farthest thing from her mind ! ) “I’m not afraid A-M”

A-M — We don’t have to do anything……. if, if, you don’t want to.

E– A-M I married you. I want to be a real wife to you.

A-M ( Whispering in her ear ) You are ( Kissing her neck ) and you will be. But it’s got to be at the right time.

Eleni– (obviously enjoying herself) says “You don’t understand I” She turns to look in his eyes and can not speak. They begin to Kiss. A-M unpins her hair and pulls it around her face he brings her to the bed. Their theme song is playing . A-M on his knees kisses her as she sits on the bed. He waits for Eleni to unbutton her gown. A-M lovingly takes the spaghetti straps off her shoulders. They kiss and fall back on the bed…………. Afterwards Eleni and A-M still out of breath. 🙂

E– It was like……… Flying on your skin ! Does that happen all the time ?!

A-M — I hope so. GOD I hope so !!

E– A-M, can I ask you a question ?

A-M ( Kissing up her back ) sure anything…….

E–How much longer do we have to wait before we can do this again ?

A-M– (pulls back with a full grin and deeply sighs, looks at his watch, then ravages Eleni again)


The next five months of their marriage went well. Except for the uncomfortable run-ins with Frank and Stavros.  Aunt Alex even accepts Eleni as A-M’s wife. They move in to The Spaulding mansion with Aunt Alex. During the Black out of ’92 Frank and A-M teamed up to look all over Springfield for Eleni. After she is found in the freezer at the diner she is taken to Cedars. For a few moments it looks like Frank and A-M will have a truce then……

A-M— I want you to know, I don’t blame you for loving Eleni. She is incredible. I want to thank you for what you did, the CPR and everything…..

F– LOOK I didn’t do it for you. I did it for Eleni. Let’s get something straight right now. I don’t like you. I don’t like the way you operate. I don’t like your use of money. How ever it happened Eleni is your wife and she won’t break her wedding vows.

A-M — I’m glad you have come to terms with that Frank !

F- What’s going to end your marriage is you pal !

A-M— What are you talking about ?!?

F– Oh the way you lie, your dirty deals and tricks. All that is going to come back to you and when that happens…….

A- Well it’s not gonna happen Frank ! So you better get use to how things are. Our marriage is sacred it’s forever !!

When Eleni at last comes to she mummers Frank’s name. A-M now starts to have serious doubts as to whether she loves him or Frank.

A-M brings Eleni home to the mansion. Just when you think all is well in Springfield, A-M comes home from work and finds Eleni in bed. “What’s up sweet heart you were supposed to meet me at the country club remember ?” The sheets are pulled back and there lays a NAKED Musette ! She tells A-M she thinks she will just stay here till Eleni comes up the stairs ! “ I bet she will think this pretty funny. The same woman from her other man’s bed, hey A-M ” ?  He hears Eleni’s car come in the drive and SWEARS Musette can have ANYTHING to keep quiet about Paris. She ends up taking Eleni’s emerald ring and A-M has to lie to Eleni and tells her it is being cleaned. Musette starts following Eleni around Springfield even stopping in at the diner to have coffee with Frank. A-M gives her money and tries to deal with her. But he can’t get her to stop dropping in at Spaulding, the country club, the diner ! He hires Pierre and tells him, “I don’t care how but get rid of her !” Pierre makes a bomb and sets it at the towers parking garage. When A-M finds out he calls the police hoping to stop it before it detonates.


Musette has left a letter as insurance with Frank. In case anything bad were to happen to her. Frank reads it and at last finds out why Eleni married A-M at the airport. A-M shows up at the diner and the following occurs.

F– I waited for this day for a long time and how it was going to go down. I thought about hurting you pretty bad. But losing Eleni is going to be bad enough and I refuse to lower myself to your level.

A– Oh that’s rich, this coming from a guy who used to chop up stolen cars for a living. Don’t make me laugh.

F– Well, we can’t all be born into big fat trust funds huh ?

A-M– Oh and I guess that justifies it huh ?

F– Look, I never said I was perfect.

A-M– No, you just tried to convince my wife that you were.

F — What’s your point ?

A-M — We do what we have to right ? That’s why I hired Musette. You of all people should understand that. We’re not so different you and I Frank. We both love Eleni and we will do what ever it takes to keep her. You wanted to ruin my marriage and you’re willing to use what ever is available to do it. Don’t paint your self into some kind of a hero here cause your not doing it for anyone but yourself ! If you love Eleni so much why do you want to hurt her ?

F– Hurt her ?! I’m trying to save her !

A-M–From what ? She has everything a woman could want. I am not talking about nice things and money. I am talking about freedom. What do you have to offer her Frank? You save your pennies maybe in five years you can take her to Greece. Her Grandmother is eighty two ! What if something happens to Eleni ? You don’t even have health insurance do you ? What do you have to offer her…. THIS ? Your hanging on by a thread here. This diner was a hole in the wall till Eleni convinced you to fix it up ! It’s all very nice Frank. The simple honest life with the simple noble Frank. But once the money runs out and you’re up against it.

F– You’re right A-M.  You have all the money in the world to offer her. But that is no reason to stay in a relationship.  I bet somewhere deep down inside those fancy suits even you know that.

A-M– Money is not the real issue here and you know that. I love her.

F– Is that what you call it ?

A-M– You’re so honest Frank.   Be honest with yourself for once !

F– You’re right you love her and it’s a regular Grimms’ Fairy tale.

A-M — I did what I said I would do. The most amazing thing was after that she fell in love with me too. Now you can say I stole her. But how can that be when she gave herself to me so openly and willingly.

F– A-M you knew once you married Eleni. Once you slept with her she would never break her vow at least not so easily…. ( Waving the letter in A-Ms face ) But this would do it wouldn’t it ?!

A-M — All I want for Eleni is what’s best for her !

F– Is that what you call it living up there on the hill ?!?

A-M — I am not talking about money !

F– What you’re talking about is this and not letting it get in Eleni’s hands ! So you can keep living the lie right ?

A-M –It’s not a lie!  Why don’t you just let go.  Be happy for Eleni that things worked out.     (he says the following in Greek) “Once we are this close nothing can ever separate us” Her words to me ! She has everything a woman could want. Don’t take it away from her.

F– Eleni will find out the truth and it’s gonna hurt her. But she will get over it . Just like she will get over you.

A-M– No I don’t think so Frank. Like it or not she loves me. She chose me. She chose this life, don’t take it away from her.

A-M, desperate, knowing Eleni will surely leave him if Frank gives her the letter takes her to the yacht. He says they will leave to Greece maybe for a few months. As A-M’s luck will have it a thick fog sets in. A-M and Eleni clear the air. She tells him she knows he has been lying and is afraid and asks him to tell her the truth ! He tells her he is afraid he will lose her one day to Frank. He begs her to have his baby. Eleni refuses saying “If all were right with our relationship we would not be here right now ! “ A-M desperate to hold on to her substitutes her birth control pills with sugar pills. They make love twice this night.

The next morning A-M goes to Cedars. Harley gives him hell for what he did to Frank. While she is screaming at him Musette is removed from her room and sent back to Paris.  A-M thinks it is smooth sailing ahead when Eleni decides to see Frank.

She watches Frank from the window of his house as he crumples up and throws away Musette’s letter in the fireplace. Eleni goes in as Frank goes to the back of the house. She reads the letter and dissolves in tears to a lump on the floor. Frank, hearing her crying, enters the room.


E– My whole marriage. My whole life was nothing but a lie. He talked about honor, honesty and love. I was so stupid ! I thought I was smart, but I am just a dumb immigrant woman. I deserve all of this. I didn’t know this man ! I let a stranger sleep with me. Sleep in my bed ! I didn’t see it Frank ! I am not a wife. I am like anything else he has bought. I am nothing but a whore !! (said in Greek )

F– You are NOT a WHORE ! Don’t you ever say that !!

E– I hate myself Frank because I let it happen ! I hate him for what he did. But I hate myself more ! I thought I loved him…..

F–Maybe you still do. Look, he is all you have talked about since you have been here.  I don’t want you beating yourself up about this. You’re going to be OK.

E– Frank if A-M would not have done this we would be living in this house now. Don’t you understand ? When I went to Paris I was going to tell you I loved you. You are the most honest and decent man I know. This house, you built this beautiful house with your hands. Because you wanted to show me your love, not to tell me. It was our dream and A-M ripped it away from us without thinking or caring ! I don’t know how I could have ever believed you could sleep with another woman. I knew deep down how you really felt. Oh Frank I am so sorry ! What hurts me the most is that I hurt you so badly !

F– It’s my fault too Eleni. I shouldn’t have waited. I should have told you sooner how I felt.

E– Please forgive me for this, please Frank !

F– Forgive you…….Eleni, A-M did this. He tricked you into marrying him.

E– I am not married. I don’t think there is a church anywhere that will except these vows. This is not a man I knew. This is not the man I wanted to marry. The man I wanted to marry was you. The man I wanted A-M to be was you. Just you, it was always you. ( She starts to kiss Frank )

F–It’s always been you Eleni. Just you. I love you, I never stopped. ( They make love)


Eleni decides she will leave A-M that night. She sits in their bedroom and changes her dress back to the waitress dress she used to wear. A-M comes in with a rose from their garden. He hands it to her and she says “I don’ want it. This is hard for me but I must tell you…….” The phone rings and Eleni’s mom has had a stroke in Greece. A-M gets his private jet ready he wants to go too but Eleni begs him not to come. She leaves and packs in such a hurry she has forgotten her birth control pills. (So she took EXACTLY one of the sugar pills.) Her mother near death survives due to the special doctors A-M was able to fly into Create. Eleni tells her Grandma and her Priest that A-M had tricked her into marrying him. They both tell her that she is now married to A-M. She must do the right thing and stay his wife. Four days later Eleni takes some of her Grandma’s sleeping pills and passes out. She dreams she is making love to Frank on their honeymoon night. She wakes up and sees it is A-M that she has just made love to !!

Eleni is certain that A-M is the father and the baby was conceived in Greece. She and Frank decide they will run off together and never tell A-M about the baby. One day the phone rings A-M picks it up and it is Dr. Sedwick’s office canceling Eleni’s prenatal visit !!! Overjoyed with this news A-M goes to Eleni. He assumes that she was afraid to tell him because he would be upset but tells her he is the happiest man in the entire world !! Eleni tells Frank she must stay with A-M now because he will never leave them alone. Eleni is sure A-M will take her baby away if she leaves him for Frank. Frank gives up and tells her to have a great life on the hill !

Pierre shows up and wants money to get out of Springfield. He starts to black mail A-M. A-M gets him money and a plane to get out of his life for good. Pierre kidnaps Harley ! A-M will not let him take her as hostage and tells him to take him instead. Mallet and Nick drive their car in front of the plane so it can not leave. When Pierre insists on taking Harley A-M signals at her to run and he steps in front of Pierre’s bullet. Then Mallet shoots and Pierre is dead ! The police are called. Harley and Mallet decide since A-M has saved her life they will say Pierre had been acting alone. “The Bomb in Springfield mystery” solved, A-M comes out the hero !

Now Eleni starts to lie to A-M she has refused to make love with him for months. She tells him that Dr. Sedwick has forbidden them to have relations for the safety of the baby. A-M, a few weeks later, discusses this with Dr. Sedwick and discovers there is no such problem. This scene takes place in their bedroom……..

A-M– Well there is no reason we can’t have sex. But you have not yet told me why you lied. You really snowed me Eleni with that whole chapter in the book. Eleni, why do you not want to make love ?

E– I wanted to just keep everything fine the way it was. I wanted to just think about the baby and not get into this now.

A-M– Well, it wasn’t a very smart lie Eleni. Did you honestly assume that if you told me there was something wrong with you or our unborn child that I would not care enough to go to the doctor with you ? Maybe you don’t know me at all.

E– You wouldn’t let me. But I know you very well now A-M.

A-M– Eleni, do you think we should continue this now ? I mean I have heard emotional upsets during pregnancy….that is how my mother almost lost me. (She glares at him ) I guess you have been pretty miserable so getting this off your chest might be best.

E– You want to make me afraid ? But I am NOT afraid !

A-M– No, no Eleni that’s not what I want. I know what it’s like to be afraid every minute of the day. I have been so afraid of losing you for so long that even when I thought there was no possibility of it It was too much of a habit to shake. But still, even that was better then watching it happen.

E– Yes A-M I know all about you and Musette. All the lies you told one after the other. About her. About Frank. Just to keep me from guessing that it was you !

A-M– I would have done, I would have said anything. I did what ever I could to keep her away from you. I pay her money, I still do. Eleni, if it gives you any satisfaction to know how much this one mistake has cost me !

E– Cost YOU ?!? You made me throw myself away for something ugly and fake dressed up to look like a life ! What you paid is nothing to what I paid. I should be married to…… a man I can trust. I should be happy now. Not lonely, hopeless and lying because I can’t STAND the thought of you touching me.

A-M — (Looking like he had just been slapped ! ) And what do you think my motives for all this was Eleni ?

E– Don’t say it was love A-M cause I know better. All those stories you told about industrial spies and cheating competitors. They told me a lot more then you wanted them too. That I was acquired like a business to small to defend it’s self. And for the same reason too. Because I just go a long so well with all the other things you already have !!

A-M– WAIT A MINUTE !! You listen to me ! It’s true I put an unfair obstacle in your way. I made you think Frank was unworthy of you. But that was all ! The rest of it was you ! You want to talk about stupid lies ? You think I was completely cold blooded through this entire thing ? The truth is Eleni I would never have been so careless or desperate in business. All you ever had to do was confront Frank with this. But you didn’t. Maybe because he didn’t mean as much to you. Eleni you chose me ! ( he is in tears ) You didn’t have to do that. It didn’t have to happen. You chose me and not cause of Musette…….I had a tough time believing it myself……but you found something in me to love. I don’t say this as an excuse. But you have to face that fact ! That you LOVED me ! And what a kick in the teeth it is because of it you are leaving a better man then the man you married. ( He gets his suit case and starts to pack )

E– What are you doing ?

A-M– Isn’t this what you want? I will get a clients room at the Regency. You should stay here where people can take care of you. Till after the baby is born…….Eleni, please don’t ask me for a divorce, not yet……I know that is probably what you want right now….

E– I do NOT want my child to grow up without it’s mother.

A-M (incredulously) Why would it ?

E– Put that away. I don’t want you moving out of your house A-M. It is stupid and dramatic and the kind of thing people will not leave alone. You know there are a lot of people forced to raise their children alone. But we are not.

A-M — ( astonished and begging )– Eleni, your not going to regret this ! I will be everything for you. As a husband and a father. You will see !

E– You would do it all again wouldn’t you ?

A-M– NO not that way, not now. I regret hurting you. But as bad as it was how can you expect me to regret what led you to me ? Eleni, I can’t be you ! I try, but you are sure of your self in a way I can never be. You don’t know what it feels like to do something out of desperation.

E– Believe me A-M I know what it is to be desperate. To want something so much that you don’t think of the consequences !

A-M– Then can you understand me then ? Eleni, you told me once that you were not naive. That you understood the way the world works. Is what I did so incomprehensible to you ?

E– No A-M lying is common enough. I understand that. But what I can never forgive is that you made me fall in love with you ! I would have been so much happier and so would have you if I just married you for your money !

A-M — (in tears ) Eleni, I’ll make you love me again I swear. And for the right reasons this time !

E– No A-M as clever as you are you can not MAKE me do anything again. Please go.

A-M picks up his jacket and coat. He pauses in the door way looking at Eleni. She never looks his way.

We watch A-M do everything right. He is the best husband any woman could hope for. He is attentive and honest. Eleni comes first with him. He is so excited about the baby and loves Eleni more with each day. Eleni ignores this. At Christmas Eleni is caught in a compromising position with Frank. ( She uses some of       A-M’s money to buy him a new furnace for Christmas. Frankie kisses her and begs her to let him make love to her again. A-M comes in at the end of that conversation ).  On Christmas day A-M gives Eleni a beautiful butterfly pin…..”It stands for freedom, yours if you want it” Eleni declines and says she will stay with A-M. When A-M’s Aunt Mo dies you see A-M get no comfort from her.

Soon after while A-M cleans out his office Eleni finds the board display for birth control pills from Spaulding pharmaceuticals. She notices her brand refill is missing. She finds the pills has them analyzed and discovers they are sugar ! An ultra sound is performed that proves Frank is the baby’s father !!!

Eleni leaves A-M and joins Frank in Malaysia. A-M is told by Stavros that she has left to see her Aunt in Greece. When A-M finds out where she is he flies there to find out what happened. He makes the pilot land in a terrible storm. He makes it to the cabin in time to see the two saints about to make love !

A-M– What is going on…..

E– You should not have come !

A-M– You’re my wife ! Did you think I was just going to let you run half way across the world ? Eleni you are having a baby ! Have you lost your mind ?! You risk my child’s life….

E– NO ! This is not YOUR child A-M !

F– ( Standing triumphantly ) It’s mine !

A-M — You slept with him when you were married to me… ( He turns and looks down unable to look at her or Frank )

E– Frank and I are in love A-M. We have always been in love. You knew that in your heart A-M !

A-M– I don’t know anything anymore. I thought I knew you. I thought you were special…

F– She IS special ! It’s just that you took that for granted.

A-M– How many times did you tell her that Frank ? How many times did you whisper lies in her ear because you wanted her for yourself ? You filthy thieving son of a…..( He kicks a chair and breaks it ! )

E– STOP IT !! A-M from the beginning the lies were yours. When you tried to tell me there was another woman in Frank’s bed so I would leave him !

A-M– Wait a minute !! That’s not fair Eleni ! We have been through this already ! I admitted I was wrong. I told you how ashamed I was for doing that. Am I wrong ?! You told me we could try again. That I could have another chance.

E– I was wrong.

A-M– About what ?!? I told you I would change and I have. I keep nothing from you anymore. Not even small things. I am honest with you because finally I realized with out that we have nothing. And everyday since, I have been down on my knees because you had the compassion to take me back. Now you are telling me it was all lies from the very beginning ?!

E– You were not honest with me A-M, you were NOT !! Didn’t you think it important to tell me about the pills ?

A-M– Pills ?

F– Yes, the ones you switched.

E– So I would think I was protected. I told you I was not yet ready to have a child. But once again you went behind my back. That’s when I made love to Frank. Frank and I are now going to have a child. (smiling ) Isn’t that strange that it is also thanks to you ?

A-M– Eleni, how do you know this is Frank’s child and not mine ?

E– I saw the sonogram with my doctor.

F– NOT even YOU can change what was meant to be !

A-M– (Laughs ) Do you believe that ? Do you believe that IF this is Frank’s baby you were meant to be ? Even if it means dismissing every feeling you ever had for me ? Breaking every promise we made for better or worse ?

E– YES I believe that A-M !

A-M– Well, I am sorry but I don’t feel life is that black and white. Sometimes things happen for reasons that we just don’t understand.

F– We don’t care what you think !

A-M — YEAH ?!?! Well that’s just too bad ! I am Eleni’s HUSBAND ! I don’t just dissolve ! I just don’t disappear because I am inconvenient now ! I have loved this woman ! I have wept for this woman and more then that I have learned from her ! I have learned that when you take your marriage vows it is like shaking hands with God. I also learned it can turn you into something better then you are. It can even make you love a child with all of your heart and soul. Even if it’s not yours. Eleni, maybe that’s what was meant to be. Maybe I was meant to raise this child as my own and give it everything I have been dreaming about since you told me you were pregnant. I mean, didn’t you believe I was capable of that ?

E– It doesn’t matter A-M.

A-M– It matters to me ! YOU matter to me !! Eleni, if you give up on me I don’t know how I will go on. I don’t know how to be better with out you. PLEASE don’t take away my best my last chance……COULD YOU FOR GOD’S SAKE LET GO OF HIS HAND AT LEAST ?!?!?

E– Not this time A-M ! This time I will never let go again !! ( Eleni puts on her clothes )

A-M– Eleni what has happened to you ?! Your family, I think of them as my family too. They would not recognize this woman in front of me !

E– Look, A-M maybe you will understand when we get back to Springfield. Then it will be about business. We all know you understand business !

A-M– Eleni, there were things, personal things I wanted you to have forever. I still want that. ( notices her bare ring finger ) Where is your wedding ring ?

E– I gave it to the man that brought me here and I sold my engagement ring as well.

A-M ( The shock and hurt on A-Ms face is excruciating ! He nods his head in shock slowly letting the whole thing sink in. In a near whisper… ) You sold your engagement ring ?

E– I had NO money. Look A-M I am willing to pay you what ever it was worth.

A-M– Pay me ? You want to pay me now ? For what…. after all you just proved to me that those rings were worth nothing. Worth what our entire life together was worth nothing, nothing at all…… ( Eleni and Frank walk out the door A-M follows carrying a glass of water he tried to hand Eleni ) Eleni, I love you………why can’t I stop ?

E–Goodbye A-M


A-M starts to cry and breaks the glass he is holding in his hand. He takes a hanky out of his pocket and wipes the glass out while sobbing. The contract typed up by Bess Lowell falls to the ground.

A-M returns to Springfield. He has lost the document Bess Lowell had typed up. Because of that document Jenna can sue for Spaulding. He ends up losing the company and Spaulding home to Jenna and Roger. He begs Eleni to stay with him till after the child is born. She moves in with Frank. A-M works at the paper and lives at the boat house. He tells Eleni he will not divorce her till after the baby is born.

He goes to the cabin. Trying to figure out what he will do to win Eleni back. Blake comes in. She had just had a terrible fight with Ross. There is a blizzard going on outside so A-M makes Blake stay. They get drunk……..end up naked in bed the next morning.


Blake– Are you waiting for me to say something ? A ) I’m sorry B ) Thanks for  the memories.

A-M– C ) A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh ?

Eleni figures out where he is. She goes to the cabin and sees A-M just out of the shower. Blake is in the shower and Eleni finds Blake’s black teddy on the floor. The bed in disarray. She tells A-M she will sue him for adultery if he does not sign for the divorce. ( interesting concept being as she is married to A-M but carrying FRANK’S child ! )

The famous final scene on the yacht. A-M has just come from seeing his Uncle Ed at Cedars. He showed him the ultrasound that PROVED it was Frank’s kid. ( LOL !! Excuse me I need to go scream in the street !! ) A-M is standing drinking brandy. It is February and there is snow on the decks.

A-M–How did you find me here? I don’t believe I ever asked you that question before.

E– I know how your mind works A-M. This is where it all began for us……our place.

A-M– I was asking Uncle Ed before about why marriages don’t work. He seems to think it is because people are careless.

E– I went to Ross’es office. I got these legal papers……it is for you.

A-M– Consent to divorce ( his eyes fill with tears ) I was just thinking…..the first time we came here remember ? It was warm. We were like two kids, laughing, playing. You dove into the sea. The sky was purple, the water black. Your skin was white against it. I will never forget that time. It was perfect, you were perfect.

E– I remember that time too but not because it was perfect ! I was upset because Frank had forgotten about me that night. But you know, perhaps that was just another one of your plans. Another one of your manipulations to keep us apart.

A-M–That’s NOT fair ! Don’t blame me because something in you wanted to be with me instead of with him ! It was something we both felt ! Don’t take that away from me too Eleni !!

E– You’re wrong, the water it was not warm. The waters in Springfield are cold. When you went to see Ed at Cedars did you see the sonogram ? Did you see how it proves that this child is Frank’s ?

A-M– YES !! It DOESN’T mean I have to give you a divorce.

E– This child should be with his father ! I want you to sign those papers. For ONCE in your life A-M do what is right ! Give me the divorce I deserve !

A-M — When you went to see Ross did you tell him that Blake and I slept together ?

E– Tell Ross that his girlfriend was sleeping with my husband ? Do you think I could really do something like that A-M ?


E– You’re right, but I didn’t yet. The secretary gave me those papers. Ross was not there. But you know….I think he would be back there right now. So if you don’t sign these papers I could just go over there and…..

A-M– Just black mail me into giving you the divorce ?

E– No A-M that is a word you would use. I would use these papers to convince you. Perhaps use one of your words call this ……..a bargaining chip. I will tell Ross everything if you continue to refuse to sign those papers.

A-M– You’ve changed Eleni. You have become cold, calculating.

E– Like a Spaulding A-M ? No, you know Blake tried to say the same thing to me earlier. I am NOT like you ! I just will NOT let you take anything else from me !

A-M– I wouldn’t oh not EVER again Eleni ! I just, look, I STILL love you Eleni !!

E– I DON’T want to hear that anymore !!

A-M — Just give me a little time to think. A lot of details need to be worked out. ( His voice breaks) and if you want to go through with this I want you to have some money.

E– I am WARNING you A-M. If you don’t sign those papers very, VERY, soon…..I WILL go back to Ross’es office and he will be there. He will learn EVERYTHING ! Blake will be hurt, your Uncle Ed ! You have lost your wife A-M. Do you want to lose the few left that still care anything about you ?

( A-M stands at the railing in tears as Eleni leaves……… )

A-M goes to the police station where Frank, Eleni , Harley and Mallet are. They tease him about having a meeting of the A-M fan club. A-M signs and hands the divorce papers to Eleni.  Eleni laughs hugs and kisses Frank and they leave.  Only Harley seems to notice A-M’s pain.

For the next seven months A-M is rarely seen. You see him in the background of scenes. He works at The Springfield Journal. Sometimes falling asleep at his desk. The main thing you know is that he has no one and nothing but his work. He becomes close with Nick and Fletcher during this time. Both men are surprised with A-M giving his all to keep this little paper he owns up and running. Eleni marries Frank and has the little girl A-M so wanted as his own. When Harley marries Mallet A-M comes alone right after work. Eleni tells him “You know, I was never the right person for you A-M. I was always trying to be something I wasn’t and so were you. Someday you will find someone that you won’t have to try for. You can just be who you are.”

That night on Springfield Route 66 a girl is walking angry ! Her Dad has spent the money in her trust fund. To top it all off her car has broke down and she must walk the ten miles to Fifth and Lester….

The History of Harley and Mallet


The history of Harley & Mallet starts with Harley Davidson Cooper deciding yet another career move, police woman.   Working at Spaulding Harley set up a password that only Alan-Michael would know.  Unfortunately she was drugged by John Davis, a friend of Roger Thorpe, and she revealed the password, enabling Roger to embezzle money from Spaulding.  Though Alan-Michael and Blake accused her of corporate espionage, Harley couldn’t remember anything and was soon able to prove that she’d been drugged and had Davies arrested. A few days later, Harley met friends in a bar on 5th Street and discovered  corrupt cops Hutchins and Murry  demanding protection money from the barkeeper and threatened her friend, Tracey, a hooker.  When she was arrested for prostitution in an attempt to buy her silence she decided she’d rather be on the other side of the bars and enrolled in the Springfield Police Academy where she came upon her hard-nosed instructor, A.C. Mallet (aka Anthony Camaletti).

Mallet, as he came to be called had been in Springfield for a while but hadn’t discovered Harley as of yet. He came to Springfield from NYC where he was a successful Detective. Unfortunately, a romance with a mobster’s daughter, Francesca ended his reign there and sent him running with a new name and straight into the arms of Melinda Sue Lewis. Mindy and Mallet became quick friends and she was the first person he knew in Springfield. Mindy helped her friend Mallet move on after he realized he’d never be with the woman he loved again.

Mallet was a strict teacher. He resented being made to teach rookies and took it out on them as much as possible, especially a rookie who thought she deserved to be more, Rookie Cooper. Harley desperately wanted to be in some cases already and somehow always found herself where she wasn’t supposed to and surprisingly right next to Mallet.

Finally, while chasing after Dr. Daniel St. John in the cold stretch of woods it happened: Harley was kidnapped and Mallet came to rescue. When Mallet found her she was freezing and delirious. While trying to warm up his rookie Harley made an oh-so-cute comment about her instructor’s lips. Mallet took it as delirium, but Harley meant more. She confessed her feelings to her big brother Frank, who also had become a close pal to Mall

She left Springfield unhappy with wanting Mallet but not having him want her back, so she headed for Cross Creek. But Mallet had no idea that Harley wanted him, because secretly he had fallen for her too.

When Harley disappeared Mallet begged Frank to tell him where Harley had gone, but Frank promised Harley he wouldn’t. That is until Frank realized Mallet shared Harley’s feelings.

Mallet went to Dylan and finally got him to tell him that Harley was at Cross Creek. Mindy also got involved when Harley called her and she covered for Dylan so Harley wouldn’t know Mallet was on his way there.

When Mallet showed up at the Cross Creek cabin only one thing could follow: passion. Harley and Mallet made love for the first time there in what many remember as Harley and Mallet’s best moment. When the couple returned to Springfield, Harley took her police test and passed, but their romance was still a secret since Mallet was still her instructor.


But happiness can never last for long on a soap opera. Harley and Mallet then began to work on their first case together much to the dismay of their captain, who wanted Harley as a rookie, but now she had to help. Jenna Bradshaw, international jewel thief had set her sights on the jewels of the Springfield, but Mallet knew her. Or at least recognized her as what she was, a thief; but that wasn’t enough to arrest her. Mallet had to catch her in the act.

So they set up a plan. Jenna had already become interested in Mallet and he used that against her, but he needed someone on the inside so Harley became Jenna’s assistant. But while the sting went on Harley & Mallet couldn’t be seen together so once again their romance became secret and was confined to a small hotel. After awhile Jenna found out she had been set up, but the couple already had enough to get her. Jenna was caught but in true soap fashion the beautiful temptress got away and reformed herself

Just when Harley & Mallet thought the rough times were behind them, the worst moment of their romance took place. All at the hands of Harley’s former husband and now friend, Alan Michael Spaulding.  A-M wanted Eleni Andros, but Eleni wanted Frank Cooper, Harley trustworthy big brother. Eleni had been shipped from Greece to marry Frank, but he wanted no part in it, because he didn’t love her. But soon the two really fell for each other but before their passion could be sealed Frank was called away to France. While there A-M set it up so a prostitute named Mussette would sneak into Frank’s bed just as Eleni, who A-M sent there to “surprise” her love would find them. When she did Frank was out like a light from a “Mickey” Mussette slipped him. Eleni was devastated and headed back for the states with A-M. But when she tried to get back into the states she was stopped and called an illegal alien.

Blake Thorpe, A-M’s ex-wife, who was jealous of her ex’s lust for the Grecian beauty called the authorities on her. But her plan backfired when on the spot, A-M offered to marry Eleni to keep her in the country. Eleni only believed in marrying someone she loved, but A-M confessed his true feelings and Eleni felt she could grow to love one of her closest friends.

When Frank found out A-M’s deception and Eleni’s marriage he was extremely hurt. Harley & Mallet were upset at A-M for marrying Eleni when he knew how she felt toward Frank. But Eleni grew to deeply love A-M, but his past was coming back to haunt him.

Mussette, the woman A-M had hired to deceive Eleni was back. She wanted more money for she’d done once she found out what it did for A-M. But A-M wanted no more to do with her and hired a man to stop her, Pierre. But Pierre wasn’t the best of hitmen/spies. His big plan for getting rid of Mussette, who recently showed up in Springfield and even befriended Eleni was to blow her up.

Pierre put a bomb in Mussette’s car. But some complications came along the way, like the fact that Eleni’s car was in the same parking garage and when A-M found this out he freaked. Mallet had also stumbled upon what was going on and went to try to stop Mussette from opening her car door and exploding herself to pieces. But something worse happened. Even though Eleni got away before the bomb went off, Mallet got there right as Mussette opened her door. The bomb went off right in front of Mussette and Mallet.

Mallet was rushed to the hospital … in grave condition. Mussette was dead. Harley was a wreck, and so was A-M, because all he knew was a dark-haired woman had been hurt as well, but it wasn’t his precious Eleni. A tough time was ahead: Mallet couldn’t walk and he couldn’t hear. His only communication with Harley was him seeing her lips move.

His paralysis might be permanent and if not he maybe be sterile. He was give a hearing ear dog (Xyla) to assist him in every day living.

Mallet was crushed and decided the best thing to do was to break it off with Harley, for her own good. Harley was crushed, she had no idea why Mallet would cut her off when he needed her the most. But soon Mallet and Harley were back together and decided to move in together. Mallet who was now confined to a wheelchair tried to be his old self but couldn’t. Soon his hearing returned.

Then all of A-M secrets were unleashed. Pierre was back ready to destroy A-M and anybody in his way. In a daring shoot-out at the airport: Harley, A-M, Mallet and Nick Spaulding stop Pierre. The police arrive and ask what’s going on, Nick wants to turn A-M in for the explosion that killed Mussette and hurt Mallet, but Mallet stops him. A-M had saved Harley’s life and took a bullet for her. Mallet and Harley kept quiet.

On Xmas day Mallet’s present to Harley was the fact that he could take a few steps, and now he was on his way to walking on his own.  Then Mallet did something he never thought he would: he proposed and Harley gladly accepted .

By January 1993, Mallet had almost fully recovered and since he had to give Xyla back to his owner in Washington, he and Harley traveled there and decided to visit the Vietnam Memorial to find Harley’s father’s name.  To her surprise his name wasn’t there.  An Army official confessed that her father had not died in Vietnam.  All those years Frank and Harley believed their father Frank Buzz Cooper Sr. had died in Vietnam were lies.  When Harley couldn’t find his name anywhere on the wall she had to find out from her mother Nadine. Buzz had been MIA and she didn’t want to give them any false hope so she said he died.

When Nadine’s cousin Rex showed up in town no one thought anything of it, except Mallet. Rex was strange, but really Rex was none other than Buzz, who had been back in the States since ’77. With slight reconstructive surgery he was almost unrecognizable to Nadine, but she knew who he was.

When Harley & Frank finally found out who Rex was they were hurt, but soon accepted Buzz into their lives. Harley & Mallet soon became second fiddle as Frank & Eleni who had once again found each other were getting married. Even as Eleni was expecting their child any day.

Harley & Mallet were the maid of honor and best man and were also named god parents of Marina, Frank & Eleni’s daughter born just hours after they exchanged vows.

David Grant, who worked at Harley’s family’s diner: Meals & Wheels was on the run for murdering a neighborhood racist. But David was only defending himself. Though Harley & Mallet believed in his innocence they had to do their job, at David’s trial it was revealed that he was innocent and he was released. Upon this good news, Buzz had some more good news. He wanted to throw his daughter a surprise wedding.

So finally after Eleni gave Harley her wedding dress, the guests assembled, and Harley wearing her big clunky police shoes, the couple married in what was the most romantic wedding ever. Some may have called it tacky, but it never lacked emotion and love. Soon afterward Harley and Mallet boarded a plane for Florida to begin their honeymoon, where they stayed and joined the police force.

In 1997, Harley returned to Springfield after discovering that Mallet had an affair with his partner. Months later, Mallet called Harley requesting a divorce.