Happy Holidays!


Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

No there is no posting today, instead my gift to you is the 2001 Guiding Light holiday episode.  No there is no Marah and Tony interaction but that’s okay.   As The Bauers, the Coopers, and Marlers gather at the Bauer Cabin Ross tells a special holiday collection.  About the residents of Springfield.  And how they rediscover the wonder of Christmas.  There is something almost magical about this episode, at least in my opinion.

“Belief in Christmas magic has always been the key.”-Ross Marler (Jerry Dorn)

Okay maybe it is seeing Billy Kay (Shayne) dressed as an elf.  Or maybe it is Reva, stuck with Edmund and Olivia, agreeing to a truce for Christmas.  Or it could be Gus, still public enemy number one for most of Springfield, offering help those who seem to dislike him most: Frank, Buzz, Rick, and Danny.

Christmas2001 1

There is just something about Edmund, yes EDMUND, sitting behind that piano and singing “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” that makes me smile.  Especially when the citizens of Springfield join him.

I just love the whole thing.  And I hope you will too.

December 24, 201 (Part One)

December 24, 2001 (Part Two)

December 24, 2001 (Part Three)


Happy Valentine’s Day Guiding Light Fans!

Some of my favorite couples, and hopefully a few fan favorites as well.   I couldn’t fit as many couples in as I would have liked so I had to be extra picky.   And well I hope you enjoy it and hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Santos Cousins: Know You Are Not Alone

I loved the relationship between Tony, Danny, and Father Ray.  Even when they fought there was an equal amount of love and support between the three of them.  In my opinion the Santos Cousins were one of the most realistic family dynamics on Guiding Light, even with the whole Mafia family aspect included.

This video is about the goodness between them, that love and support I found so great.  Enjoy!

Josh and Marah: Baby Girl

Though not about Marony it is about Marah and her relationship with her father.  I really enjoyed the relationship between Josh and Marah.  He was over-protective at times but you could tell his concern was a result of his love for his daughter.


I did sneak some Marony in there though, just to fit the lyrics of course 😉 .

My Favorite Guiding Light Couples

Some of the couples from Guiding Light that I have loved over the years.

Couples included:

Marah and Tony (Marony) Danny and Michelle (Manny) Reva and Josh (Jeva) Gus and Harley (GusH) Blake and Ross (Bloss) Buzz and Jenna (Jezz) Rick and Abby (Rabby) Cassie and Richard(Rassie) Lucy and Alan-Michael (LAM) Matt and Vanessa (Matessa) Marina and Ben Marina and Cyrus (Cyrina) Hart and Dinah (Dart) Frank and Elani  (Freleni) Bill and Lizzie (Bizzy) Dinah and Shayne (Shaynah) Philip and Harley (Pharley) Ashlee and Coop (Cooplee) Roger and Holly (Rolly)

The Marony/Manny Videos

The Danny/Michelle and Tony/Marah relationships were similar in that Michelle and Marah were “good girls” from good families who fell in love with the Cousins Santos.  And Both Danny and Tony became better men because of it.  They learned to love…even if they messed up along the way.

This video is from Danny and Tony’s POV.  It shows what they fought so hard for.  Danny had to fight his family every step of the way and Tony had to fight his own demons as well as Marah’s family.  But Michelle and Marah gave them something to “Believe” in.

This video is from Michelle and Marah’s POV.  If Danny and Tony were “fighting” then Michelle and Marah were fighting just as fiercely by their side!

Danny and Tony: I Won’t Let Go

One of my favorite relationships on Guiding Light wasn’t romantic, even if it was based in love.  No one of my favorite soap opera relationships was between cousins Danny and Tony Santos.

I have read on several Manny clips people saying Tony was “jealous” of what Danny had.  And it’s true that Tony was TEMPTED by the power.  But when it came down to the wire Tony was 100% loyal to Danny.  Danny was Tony’s mentor and best friend and without Danny’s influence (and Marah’s love) Tony would have been “lost”.  This is what made the Tony recast so tough to swallow.  The recast Tony was darker and betrayed Danny repeatedly, the biggest being the pairing of Tony and Michelle.  The real Tony would have NEVER gone there.  Ever.  Like the video below shows, how can anyone mistake Tony and Michelle as anything more than friends? Or even a brother-sister type of realtionship?

But I digress.   Paul Anthony Stewart himself actually posted this Danny and Tony video on his Twitter account….which made my inner fangirl scream in delight.