Guiding Light: Mother’s Day 2006

The saga of Marah and Tony will continue with the next installment on Wednesday but beings it is Mother’s Day I think a look back to Guiding Light’s 2006 Mother’s Day episode is in store.

There were a few of things I didn’t like on Guiding Light at the time, and fewer things that I actually did.  But in my opinion, this episode was a light in the dark times on the show.  The return of the mothers that were gone, but never truly forgotten.

Nadine Cooper.  Quirky and flighty, she was never one of my favorite characters…until she was gone.  Then I saw just how big of a role she played in keeping the Cooper family grounded.  Sounds strange right?  The flighty and selfish mother keeping her kids grounded.  But she did, she kept them from going off the rails because she was quirky enough for the both of them.  Though she loved Buzz she knew his heart was not hers, but still remained his steadfast supporter and friend.  She was fiercely protective and loving towards her children.  And most of all she infused the Cooper family with humor and an unquenchable spirit.  Her death at the hands of Brent Lawrence/Marion Crane remains one of the most shocking in Guiding Light history…well even more so because the show had her being a psychic at the time (I really hate that soap trope).

Jenna Bradshaw.  Personally Jenna was always one of my favorite characters.  I simply loved watching Fiona Hutchinson bring Jenna to life.  Jenna arrived in Springfield a jewel thief but slowly over time became to be a beloved character on the show.  Perhaps it was the first time we saw that Jenna had a heart, when she comforted Michelle during a blackout.  Or maybe it was her romance with Buzz, which was one of my personal highlights of the 90s.  Whatever it was, losing Jenna marked Buzz forever.  In fact, none of his relationships post-Jenna really blossomed into more than a blip on the radar.  Even the show leaving him with a happy ending I always got the sense that his heart will forever belong to Jenna Bradshaw.

Sarah O’Neal Shayne.  I always saw Sarah as a woman who deserved better.  Her husband abandoned her and their three kids.  She worked as a housekeeper to support her family.  And hell, she parented Reva through her teenage years which had to be hard enough!  She forgave Hawk and remarried him and years later threw him out again after he lost all their money in poker.  She was never a character that was forefront on canvas but to her kids, especially Reva, she was a pivotal member of the Shayne/Lewis clan.  And through all of Reva’s crazy stunts throughout the years I would always find myself wondering what Sarah would have done to kick Reva’s behind into shape.

And on to our episode…

It is May 2006 and all of Springfield has gathered for a Mother’s Day picnic….

Part One

~Buzz looks at Coop and thinks about Jenna.

~We actually have a Marah mention!  Reva tells Josh that her kids competed about who would send the biggest bunch of flowers.

~Lizzie is pregnant and is trying to convince Coop to spend Mother’s Day with her and “their” unborn baby.

~Buzz’s potato salad gives everyone food poisoning.

Part Two

~Reva gets her cancer results back but hides it from Jonathan.

~Lizzie continues her charade.

~Buzz feels Jenna’s presence…and Nadine and Jenna fighting.

~Jenna appears at Buzz’s bedside but although he senses her she has a bigger reason for visiting.  Their son Coop is in trouble.  She later appears to Coop.

~Nadine visits with Harley.  Sarah visits Reva.

Reva: Momma, you’re here.

Sarah: I’m here to give you a swift kick in the britches.

Part Three

~Jenna talks to Coop about his upcoming fatherhood.

Coop: Oh, right, well, I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m not ready for this.

Jenna: Do you know if there was somebody never ready to be a mother, it was me?

~Nadine congratulates Harley on being in charge of Spaulding.

Part Four

~Sarah warns Reva not to break Josh’s heart.  Especially if it is to keep her cancer a secret.

Sarah: And you’re just as stubborn and silly as ever, but we are going to talk about the “c” word, and I’m not talking about “cellulite”.

Reva: It’s my decision, Mama, please stay out of it.

Sarah: I can’t. As much as I want you with me, I’m not ready yet. Not like this. (Love this exchange between Sarah and Reva.  If ever there was anyone who called Reva out on her BS it was Sarah.  Even if Reva rarely listened.)

~Sarah appears to Cassie and apologizes for not being in her life.

Part Five

~Nadine’s false joy over Harley’s status as CEO reveal her true purpose, to remind Harley to be herself and not like Alan.

Nadine: There are no two ways about that. I know I was selfish, but at least when you do bad stuff, you do it for the right reason.

Harley: What bad stuff? What are you talking about?

Nadine: You know, that stuff with Dinah and that ugly business with Ross. Oh, Ross, he was such a lovely man. But you know, there will be a lot of fallout from this business, and it could affect your bottom line.

Harley: I turned into Alan Spaulding, with blonde hair and boobs.

~Coop tells Jenna how much he misses her

Part Six

~Nadine and Jenna observe Olivia’s interactions with Buzz and Frank.  Nadine thinks that Olivia is better with Buzz.  That Frank needs another Elani.  Jenna disagrees.

~Coops puts off proposing to Lizzie

~Sarah urges Cassie to learn to let go of Jeffery and Tammy.  Cassie asks about her father.

Part Seven

~Sarah witnesses Reva and Cassie being close.

~Nadine says goodbye to Frankie (her pet name not mine) and Harley

~Jenna bids Coop farewell and the three mothers return from whence they came..



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