I Saw Love: ATWT’s Will & Gwen

I wasn’t always an “online” viewer of soap operas.  No, for most of my early soap opera watching days I was blissfully ignorant of message boards and fan pages.  When I joined the world of online viewers I was surprised and excited about all the content available.

Before there was Twitter, Facebook, or even MySpace there were sites like GeoCities.  It was the 90’s equivalent to a WordPress a place people could build their own website and share their lives with the world.  And it was a popular forum for Soap fans to show their appreciation for their favorite serial dramas.  Then GeoCities shut down and most of the content was lost.

Few things irk my soap opera fan in me then when content disappears.  Like the show, the characters, the STORIES didn’t exist.  For example: Why did CBS have to remove the Guiding Light and As The World Turns from their website?  Were they not the longest running CBS Daytime shows?  Did they not net millions of viewers a year?  Just because the show is over doesn’t mean the fans stop being fans.  But I digress.

That was the whole reason “I Believe in the Mystery” came to be.  There was very little across the internet on this couple.  So I gave them their “happily ever after”…well technically it is still an ongoing process but they’ll get there…eventually.

The other day I randomly went looking for some of my favorite ATWT couples and not so surprisingly there isn’t too much out there.  So what is a good soap fan to do?  Create another site.


So let me introduce you to I Saw Love .  Right now it isn’t much to look at, and it probably won’t be months before I can give it the attention it deserves, but with time I hope to build it up like I did “I Believe in the Mystery”.   Of course that is why people like GLManny and I have created these sites, to document and preserve my favorite little slice of soap operas for future generations.  Hope you check it out!


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