A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Eleven

Marah and Tony may have sat on the same couch, may have looked like a united front, but there might as well have been miles between them.  They barely spoke two words to each other that morning, and the tension was thick in the air.  But it seems the young lady in front of them couldn’t sense it because she smiled broadly as she described her qualifications.

“I assure you that I have several years of experience working with children, even small children such as your little Lanie.  Here are my list of references.” She pushed her resume across the coffee table towards the couple, “My student loans to nursing school only covered a portion of my tuition so I was a nanny for several different families to help subsidize expenses.”

Tony looked down at the resume before asking, “It says here you are from New York City.  What made you move so far from home if you don’t mind me asking?”

Tristan just smiled, “Not at all Mr. Santos.  Truth is I am not from the best of neighborhoods in New York.  People where I am from rarely, if ever, make it out but I worked hard and studied harder.  I was lucky to get the scholarship I did to go to nursing school but once I graduated I realized I didn’t want to go back, I wanted a fresh start.  So I put my finger on a map and here is where I landed.”

“And you have no plans to leave?” Tony smiled at the other woman, “Once again I hate asking such prying questions but even though Lanie is young I think-” He paused and looked towards Marah who had been silent throughout the whole interview, “We.  We think Lanie needs some stability about who is in her life.”

“Springfield may not be New York but it has its good points too and I have no intentions of leaving any time soon.”

Tony opened his mouth to ask another question but Marah laid a restraining hand on his arm.  “We will call your references but all of that is a formality.  When can you start?”


Standing at the kitchen sink Michelle nearly jumped a foot in the air when Danny’s arms came around her from behind.  But that momentary fear was replaced by a whole different feeling when her husband lowered his head to nuzzle her neck.  Danny always knew how to get to her. “I never thought doing dishes was sexy, but you may change my mind of that Mr. Santos.”

“Hmm.” Danny breathed in his wife’s scent.  Her signature floral perfume and Apples from the dishwashing soap.  But it didn’t matter what she smelled like, it was the woman underneath all of that which called to him.  And he answered, every time. “Everything you do is sexy Michelle.”  He kissed the side of her neck since he knew that was the spot that got her toes tingling.  And with a slight slap on her backside he went to go get his morning cup of coffee.  “So what are your plans for the day?”

Michelle dried off her hands with a dish towel and turned to face her husband who was sitting at the table perusing the front page of the paper, “Well the clinic is closed today so I thought I may stop by and see Marah today.  I have been trying to give her time to heal but she probably needs someone to talk to.”  Michelle paused as she thought back to her own time spent in the shadows.  Uncertain about her past and the pressure she felt to be who everyone kept telling her she was.  “Do you ever wonder?”

Danny looked up at his wife and smiled, “Wonder what?”

Moving over to the table Michelle sat by Danny and looking at his handsome face wondered ton herself how she could have ever forgotten what they had together.  But she continued, “Wonder what would have happened if I never remembered who I was.  What we had.”

Danny pursed his lips as he thought about his wife’s inquiry.  “Oh I’d probably be miserable.  Be with someone who didn’t get my heart racing just by washing the breakfast dishes.”

Michelle smiled wryly, “Of course you would be miserable without me.  No one else would put up with those ratty boxers like I do.”

Danny leaned forward and kissed his wife gently, “I would be miserable because it’s you Michelle.  Even when we didn’t make any sense to anyone else in this town we made sense to each other.”  He kissed her again before going beck to reading the paper.

Michelle smiled at her husband’s gushy remarks. “You say all the sweetest things.”  She paused again before looking at Danny, “Do you think they’ll find a way?”

Knowing she was talking about Tony and Marah he set the paper down and turned towards her, holding her soft hands in his.  He hated when she got that look in her eye, the look that said that she was remembering when she couldn’t remember, when they were apart.  The look didn’t happen often but since Marah’s accident they had become more frequent. “I hope so, for both their sakes.  But even if they don’t find their way back to each other we did and nothing is going to tear us apart again.”


Tony closed the door behind Tristan and just stood there looking at it.  He was trying to get his emotions under control.  And it wasn’t working in the least.  He wanted to punch something, and right then the door was looking like a pretty good substitute for the punching bag.  Turning around he watched Marah gather the papers Tristan left behind into a neat pile.  Yeah it wasn’t working at all. “I can’t believe you did that.”

Marah looked up and lifted an eyebrow in confusion, “Do what?”

“Hire someone out of the blue like that.  To watch our daughter.”  He ran his hands through his hair in frustration, “We haven’t done a background check or anything and you just hired her.”

“Tony we needed a nanny to watch Lanie.”  Placing the papers on the side table she went back to gather the coffee cups to bring them into the kitchen. “Besides she is a registered nurse working at Cedars.  She obviously had to pass a background check to work there.”

Tony just shook his head at his wife’s faulty logic.  “I can’t believe you would trust a virtual stranger with our child.  Nurse or not.”  It was like she was desperate to escape.  Escape him and Lanie both. “I am going to check on Lanie.   At least she has one parent that gives a shit about her.”  Tony knew he was being harsh but he couldn’t stop it.  He was so damn angry.


Outside Tristan scrolled down her contacts until she found the one person she didn’t want to talk to.  But she had to.  She waited as the phone rang and he eventually picked up.  “I got the job.”


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