A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Four

Tony flinched at Marah’s statement.  He already felt like he was treading in uncharted waters with no sign of land in sight.  Her quest for answers added a whole other level of danger, like sharks circling below the murky depths.   “The doctor warned us about taxing you with memories.  That it could actually be detrimental to your recovery.”

Marah crossed her arms across her chest and pinned him with an incredulous look. “Cut the crap Tony.  Right now I am married to man who the last thing I remember of him is that he broke my heart.  The man I remember then spent months, months, showing me that the love we had was indeed over.  Then I got the call from my mom telling me that you had died.”  She took him in from his dark hair to his feet, and every impressive inch along the way.  “You certainly look alive to me.  And those people,” She pointed behind her to the portrait on the wall, “They look happy.  So let’s start there.  How did Tony Santos rise from the dead?”

Tony took a deep breath and began. “It begins with Romeo Jones.”


Michelle was going over patient charts when she was interrupted by a brisk knock on the door.   Looking up to issue a greeting she was surprised to see her father standing at the door.  She quickly moved to the door and embraced him in a tight hug.  “Dad!  I am surprised to see you here.”  Surprised was really an understatement, her father never came over to the woman’s clinic, especially since he became chief of staff at Cedars.

Ed nodded absent-mindedly. “Can’t a father come visit his daughter at work?”

“Oh course he can.  You just never do.  So what is going on?”

Instead of answering Ed looked around the room, anywhere but at his daughter.  Curious.  “Dad?” Michelle prompted, worry filling her voice.

Finally Ed looked at his daughter and began, “I don’t know how to say this other than to just say it.  Dr. Salas visited me today.  He had some concerns about the treatment Marah Santos received last month.”

She should have known it would come to this.  That condescending windbag had the audacity to question her ability at administering care to her patients.  Her hate for him just rose to new levels.  “Dad I did everything in my power to save Marah and her child.  And they both pulled through.  There’s not much I could have done differently without risking either one of their lives.”

Ed nodded at her defense and continued, “I understand Michelle, and I can’t say that I wouldn’t have done things any differently.  But when one of my doctors calls into question the actions of another I take it seriously.  This time he came to me with his questions, next time he may call you before the board.  Just be advised that’s all I am saying.”

“Duly noted.” Inside Michelle was seething.  How dare that man go and tattle to her father like she was a child when she did nothing wrong.  Which she was sure was exactly his objective.  To see her get the talking to that he thought she deserved.  Well if he thought this would knock her down he had another thing coming. She calmly gathered her charts-clearly paperwork wasn’t going to be done now that this was laid at her doorstep.  “If there isn’t anything else dad I have patients to see.”

“Michelle I know you are upset just like I know you are a brilliant doctor.  You come by it naturally of course.”

Michelle knew her father was trying to lighten her mood and she couldn’t help smiling at his lame joke. “Fishing for compliments dad?”

“Just stating the truth.” He engulfed his daughter into another tight embrace. “Welcome to the life of a doctor.  Having everyone question your actions, even when you did everything right.”

Michelle supposed he was right, even if she hated it.  “Thanks for the pep talk dad.  I really do have patients though.  Babies don’t just birth themselves.”

After her father left Michelle thought about all her father had said.  Yes Richard Salas was a jerk but did he have a point?  Did she do everything right?  Her father seemed to believe in her abilities, but then again, he had once found her childhood artwork brilliant enough to display.  Not exactly the most unbiased opinion.  Then Michelle thought about the grateful hugs the Lewis family had bestowed up on her after Marah’s surgery.  They certainly thought she did the right thing.

Damn Richard Salas anyhow.  Making her question her abilities as a doctor.

The buzzing from the intercom interrupted her musings. “Dr. Santos your eleven o’clock is here.”

Ah yes.  Alan-Michael and Lucy Spaulding.  She picked up their chart and smiled.  She always did have a soft spot for her cousin Alan-Michael and she couldn’t wait to tell him and Lucy the good news.


The minute Reva crossed the threshold she was greeted by the hardened stares of three very anxious Lewis men.  “Marah is fine.  She is home with her husband and daughter.  We just have to give her time.  You know what the doctor said, we need to let her come back to herself naturally.  Not try to force her to remember.”

Billy threw down the magazine he had been pretending to read for the past couple of hours. “That damned quack!  Why are we even listening to him?  To him he is just a patient, we love her.  Marah needs her family right now.”

“I agree with Billy.” Josh looked so forlorn.  And Reva knew this was really getting to him, Marah was a daddy’s girl through and through.  “Surely we,” He indicated the family assembled in the room, “won’t be a detriment to her healing.  We love her and are familiar to her.”

“I know that but right now she needs to be with Tony.  To remember the life they had together.  Jonathan went to welcome her home and she had no idea who he was.  He looked shattered and the look on her face was just full of pain.  Hell Bud, she asked me if you were still married to Cassie.”

Shayne pushed off the wall he had been leaning against,  “Well to be fair, that is still a little hard to believe.  No offense dad.”

Time to change the subject.  “Like I said, we need to give her time.  And hope she comes back to us when she is ready.”


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