Happy Holidays!


Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

No there is no posting today, instead my gift to you is the 2001 Guiding Light holiday episode.  No there is no Marah and Tony interaction but that’s okay.   As The Bauers, the Coopers, and Marlers gather at the Bauer Cabin Ross tells a special holiday collection.  About the residents of Springfield.  And how they rediscover the wonder of Christmas.  There is something almost magical about this episode, at least in my opinion.

“Belief in Christmas magic has always been the key.”-Ross Marler (Jerry Dorn)

Okay maybe it is seeing Billy Kay (Shayne) dressed as an elf.  Or maybe it is Reva, stuck with Edmund and Olivia, agreeing to a truce for Christmas.  Or it could be Gus, still public enemy number one for most of Springfield, offering help those who seem to dislike him most: Frank, Buzz, Rick, and Danny.

Christmas2001 1

There is just something about Edmund, yes EDMUND, sitting behind that piano and singing “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” that makes me smile.  Especially when the citizens of Springfield join him.

I just love the whole thing.  And I hope you will too.

December 24, 201 (Part One)

December 24, 2001 (Part Two)

December 24, 2001 (Part Three)


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