The Prelude…


First things first, yes Marah and Tony’s story has undergone yet ANOTHER name change.  If there is one thing I have learned since I have started this project it is that I have to “listen” to what these characters have to say.  And when the title “A Soft Place to Land” kept resounding in my head I just held up my hands in defeat and went with it.  Not surprisingly, once I did the story seemed to flow a lot better.  So a win all around.

Next, I hope to start posting the story next week.  Right in time for the Holidays!  Not sure what the posting schedule will be yet but I hope it will be like the last one (M-W-F) but we will see.

On to the Prelude…

A Soft Place to Land takes place immediately following What Matters Most.  Marah still has no recollection of the events that took place in the previous stories.  Her last clear memory is the Tony that broke her heart, and learning of his death.  So she in understandably reeling from trying to process all of this.   In fact there are a lot of emotions going on right from the beginning.  On all sides.  It was quite interesting to explore and I hope you all enjoy reading.



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