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A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Four

Tony flinched at Marah’s statement.  He already felt like he was treading in uncharted waters with no sign of land in sight.  Her quest for answers added a whole other level of danger, like sharks circling below the murky depths.   “The doctor warned us about taxing you with memories.  That it could actually be detrimental to your recovery.”

Marah crossed her arms across her chest and pinned him with an incredulous look. “Cut the crap Tony.  Right now I am married to man who the last thing I remember of him is that he broke my heart.  The man I remember then spent months, months, showing me that the love we had was indeed over.  Then I got the call from my mom telling me that you had died.”  She took him in from his dark hair to his feet, and every impressive inch along the way.  “You certainly look alive to me.  And those people,” She pointed behind her to the portrait on the wall, “They look happy.  So let’s start there.  How did Tony Santos rise from the dead?”

Tony took a deep breath and began. “It begins with Romeo Jones.”


Michelle was going over patient charts when she was interrupted by a brisk knock on the door.   Looking up to issue a greeting she was surprised to see her father standing at the door.  She quickly moved to the door and embraced him in a tight hug.  “Dad!  I am surprised to see you here.”  Surprised was really an understatement, her father never came over to the woman’s clinic, especially since he became chief of staff at Cedars.

Ed nodded absent-mindedly. “Can’t a father come visit his daughter at work?”

“Oh course he can.  You just never do.  So what is going on?”

Instead of answering Ed looked around the room, anywhere but at his daughter.  Curious.  “Dad?” Michelle prompted, worry filling her voice.

Finally Ed looked at his daughter and began, “I don’t know how to say this other than to just say it.  Dr. Salas visited me today.  He had some concerns about the treatment Marah Santos received last month.”

She should have known it would come to this.  That condescending windbag had the audacity to question her ability at administering care to her patients.  Her hate for him just rose to new levels.  “Dad I did everything in my power to save Marah and her child.  And they both pulled through.  There’s not much I could have done differently without risking either one of their lives.”

Ed nodded at her defense and continued, “I understand Michelle, and I can’t say that I wouldn’t have done things any differently.  But when one of my doctors calls into question the actions of another I take it seriously.  This time he came to me with his questions, next time he may call you before the board.  Just be advised that’s all I am saying.”

“Duly noted.” Inside Michelle was seething.  How dare that man go and tattle to her father like she was a child when she did nothing wrong.  Which she was sure was exactly his objective.  To see her get the talking to that he thought she deserved.  Well if he thought this would knock her down he had another thing coming. She calmly gathered her charts-clearly paperwork wasn’t going to be done now that this was laid at her doorstep.  “If there isn’t anything else dad I have patients to see.”

“Michelle I know you are upset just like I know you are a brilliant doctor.  You come by it naturally of course.”

Michelle knew her father was trying to lighten her mood and she couldn’t help smiling at his lame joke. “Fishing for compliments dad?”

“Just stating the truth.” He engulfed his daughter into another tight embrace. “Welcome to the life of a doctor.  Having everyone question your actions, even when you did everything right.”

Michelle supposed he was right, even if she hated it.  “Thanks for the pep talk dad.  I really do have patients though.  Babies don’t just birth themselves.”

After her father left Michelle thought about all her father had said.  Yes Richard Salas was a jerk but did he have a point?  Did she do everything right?  Her father seemed to believe in her abilities, but then again, he had once found her childhood artwork brilliant enough to display.  Not exactly the most unbiased opinion.  Then Michelle thought about the grateful hugs the Lewis family had bestowed up on her after Marah’s surgery.  They certainly thought she did the right thing.

Damn Richard Salas anyhow.  Making her question her abilities as a doctor.

The buzzing from the intercom interrupted her musings. “Dr. Santos your eleven o’clock is here.”

Ah yes.  Alan-Michael and Lucy Spaulding.  She picked up their chart and smiled.  She always did have a soft spot for her cousin Alan-Michael and she couldn’t wait to tell him and Lucy the good news.


The minute Reva crossed the threshold she was greeted by the hardened stares of three very anxious Lewis men.  “Marah is fine.  She is home with her husband and daughter.  We just have to give her time.  You know what the doctor said, we need to let her come back to herself naturally.  Not try to force her to remember.”

Billy threw down the magazine he had been pretending to read for the past couple of hours. “That damned quack!  Why are we even listening to him?  To him he is just a patient, we love her.  Marah needs her family right now.”

“I agree with Billy.” Josh looked so forlorn.  And Reva knew this was really getting to him, Marah was a daddy’s girl through and through.  “Surely we,” He indicated the family assembled in the room, “won’t be a detriment to her healing.  We love her and are familiar to her.”

“I know that but right now she needs to be with Tony.  To remember the life they had together.  Jonathan went to welcome her home and she had no idea who he was.  He looked shattered and the look on her face was just full of pain.  Hell Bud, she asked me if you were still married to Cassie.”

Shayne pushed off the wall he had been leaning against,  “Well to be fair, that is still a little hard to believe.  No offense dad.”

Time to change the subject.  “Like I said, we need to give her time.  And hope she comes back to us when she is ready.”


A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Three

Marah let out the expectant breath she had been holding.  She may not have expected all her memories to flood back with the opening of the door but she had hoped for…something.  At least some spark of a memory or a small glimmer of recognition.  Instead all she saw was an ordinary living room.   In a house.  A house that she didn’t remember being a home.

From around the corner a large dog came rushing at her, its tail wagging in excitement.  She tentatively held out her hand and let out a breath of relief when Kujo didn’t bite and instead sat at her feet staring adoringly. “Nice doggie.”  She continued to pet him affectionately while she took in her surroundings.

She heard sounds coming from the kitchen and assumed it was Tony.  But even so, she didn’t head in that direction.  Instead she moved towards the fireplace, where above its mantle hung a large wedding portrait.   Her last clear memory of Tony was not exactly a pleasant one, but the two people in that picture were so happy it practically radiated from the photograph.  These two strangers were smiling as if the world around them didn’t even exist.

“Hey we didn’t hear you come in.” Tony indicated her new furry friend with a smile, “I see you met Toby.”

Marah turned towards Tony and tried to smile, though even she knew it came off less than convincing. “We just got here.  Mom is outside bringing in the baby.”

Awkward silence fell upon the room like a blanket, as though neither Marah or Tony knew what to say to each other.   Breaking the tense situation Danny stepped forward around Tony and engulfed Marah in a warm hug.  “Glad to have you home Marah.”

Home.  Such a simple concept but yet so foreign at the moment.  “Thanks Danny.” She smiled and hoped it was more convincing than the one she gave Tony.  But judging by the concerned look on Danny’s face she had failed yet again.

“Do one of you young strapping men want to come help me with this precious, yet heavy, bundle of joy?”  Caught up in the tension no one had heard Reva enter the room yet there she stood, once again lifting the baby carrier for emphasis.

Tony watched while Marah made small talk with Danny, he just couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  Almost as if he were afraid she would disappear if he looked away.  But Reva’s innocent question broke Tony’s attention and like a seasoned professional he lifted the cumbersome pumpkin seat from Reva’s arm and placed it on the floor.  Marah felt her heart clench at the smile that graced Tony’s handsome face.  So broad and full of love for his daughter.  Their daughter.  Marah had to keep reminding herself of that little fact.  Though one thing she would never need reminding on was how much Tony loved Lanie.  It was clear from all the way across the room.

“How is daddy’s princess today?” Tony reached in and picked up the tiny newborn.  “Were you good for mommy? Hm?”

When seconds passed and it became clear that Marah wasn’t answering Reva stepped in. “This little one was an angel.  She barely made a peep the entire ride home.”  Reva brushed the soft ebony hair covering Lanie’s head. “She sure is a beauty.”

Tony looked up and locked eyes with his wife. “Just like her mother.”


Half an hour later Marah was searching for any excuse to not be alone with Tony.  Danny had left not long after she arrived saying he had some business to take care of at the police station.  But at least she still had her mother to act as a buffer.  Reva and Tony’s preoccupation with the baby gave Marah a chance to take a look at her life with essentially a stranger’s eyes.

Though all too soon her mother was standing to leave.  “Well you three I am going to get out of your hair.”

Marah felt an overwhelming feeling of panic at being alone with Tony.  She placed a staying hand on her mom’s arm. “Mom you don’t have to leave.  Maybe you can help me make dinner, or something.”

Reva reached up and cupped her daughter’s face in her hands and smiled, “Maybe next time sweetie.  You need to be with your husband and daughter now.”  She kissed her on the cheek and bent to pick up her purse. “Besides, I better get home to your daddy.  He is probably chomping at the bit to get an update.”  She turned and smiled at Tony, “I will try holding back the Lewis clan from descending on you guys like a horde of locusts.  As you know, we can be a bit overwhelming.”

Marah lifted an eyebrow in question, “Home to dad?  You mean he’s not married to Aunt Cassie anymore?”

“Um no, your father and I got remarried a few years ago.  We’ve vowed that this time it’s forever or nothing.”

As Marah continued to walk her mother to the door she thought about all the trials her parents had gone though, yet no matter how many times they had hurt each other in the past they always managed to have a happily ever after.  Even if “ever after” only lasted a few years.  Perhaps Tony and her were destined to the same fate.  She hugged her mom tightly, “I love you mom.”

Reva returned the embrace just as strongly.  She had almost lost her daughter, and in some ways Marah was still lost.  She grieved at the loss of happiness that typically shined so bright in Marah’s eyes.  The joy of being loved by the man who owns your very soul, the wonder of seeing yourself in your children’s eyes- Yes Reva grieved for her daughter yet relished the fact that she was still alive. “I love you too honey.  Call us if you need anything.”  She glanced behind Marah to Tony and smiled reassuringly, “That includes you Tony.”

“Thanks Reva.”  He placed his hand on Marah’s shoulder, all too aware of how she stiffened at the contact.  If it were possible his heart broke a little more at that telltale action. “Not just today but for everything.”

“You’re welcome honey.”

Marah continued to stare at the door her mother had just closed behind her.  She was alone with Tony for the first time since she had woken up.  Every time he had come to the hospital to visit Marah had pushed him away, until the doctor And she didn’t know what she was going to say to him.  Tony cleared his throat nervously, “Are you hungry?  I could make you something if you want.”

Marah finally turned around and faced her husband.  She wanted something alright, but it wasn’t food. “Maybe later.  Right now I want to know the truth.”

Happy Holidays!


Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

No there is no posting today, instead my gift to you is the 2001 Guiding Light holiday episode.  No there is no Marah and Tony interaction but that’s okay.   As The Bauers, the Coopers, and Marlers gather at the Bauer Cabin Ross tells a special holiday collection.  About the residents of Springfield.  And how they rediscover the wonder of Christmas.  There is something almost magical about this episode, at least in my opinion.

“Belief in Christmas magic has always been the key.”-Ross Marler (Jerry Dorn)

Okay maybe it is seeing Billy Kay (Shayne) dressed as an elf.  Or maybe it is Reva, stuck with Edmund and Olivia, agreeing to a truce for Christmas.  Or it could be Gus, still public enemy number one for most of Springfield, offering help those who seem to dislike him most: Frank, Buzz, Rick, and Danny.

Christmas2001 1

There is just something about Edmund, yes EDMUND, sitting behind that piano and singing “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” that makes me smile.  Especially when the citizens of Springfield join him.

I just love the whole thing.  And I hope you will too.

December 24, 201 (Part One)

December 24, 2001 (Part Two)

December 24, 2001 (Part Three)

A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Two

Marah sat shotgun in Reva’s car and watched the town of Springfield pass by her window.  As she took in all the changes to their little spot in the world Marah was once again struck my a touch of melancholy.  She had probably seen these same buildings a thousand times, and now the city was familiar but filled with changes everywhere she looked.  Turning onto main street Marah felt her stomach flutter, she turned towards Reva and shouted, “Mom stop the car!”

Reva slammed on the breaks, earning her a few choice words and gestures from the car behind them.  She ignored them as she whipped her head around and faced her daughter, worry clear on her face. “What is it?  Are you okay?  Do we have to go back to Cedars?”

“Why is my name on a storefront on Main Street?” Marah smiled brightly,”Do I sell my designs internationally now?”

Reva didn’t know how to respond.  She certainly didn’t want to extinguish the delight she saw in her daughter’s eyes, but running her own business wasn’t exactly small potatoes.   In fact, Reva was incredibly proud of what her daughter had accomplished in such a short time.   Marah on Main was a thriving business that had proudly boasted a steady stream of clientele since Marah had opened its doors.  “Not exactly sweetie.  See you wanted to try something different when you moved back to Springfield.  So you switched directions and started an interior design company.  Quite successful at it too I might add.”

Marah was stunned.  Fashion design had been her dream.  Living in Paris and designing clothing lines for the big fashion houses, it had all seemed so glamorous.   The perfect escape for someone haunted by some awful memories and a broken heart.  Hard to believe she would want to do something different, that she would ever give that up.   “Oh.  I see.” No she didn’t.  Marah couldn’t see it even though she tried.

“I have been going in a few times a week to catch up on calls, emails, and deliveries.  So no worries about business just yet.”  Reva smiled reassuringly before continuing, “Last year you even remodeled the Beacon.”

Now Marah did laugh. “Oh I bet Olivia loved that!”

Reva smiled as she pulled back onto the road. “Oh it wasn’t that bad.  Olivia isn’t quite the same as she used to be.  While I may never be added to her Christmas card list we buried the hatchet awhile ago.”

Hmm, Marah found that harder to believe than her quitting fashion. “You didn’t bury the proverbial hatchet in each other’s backs did you?”

“Why Marah!” Reva mocked outrage at the presumption. “I am a grandmother these days.  My hatchet-wielding days are over.”

Somehow Marah couldn’t see her mother spending the day baking cookies like other middle-aged women.  Thank God.  There was a large part of her mother that was warm and loving, yet there was also another side.  The brash and daring side that belonged on the reality shows she had watched while in the hospital.  Where the women scream at one another while calling them a “bey-otch”.  Hard to imagine that side of Reva Shayne disappearing anytime soon.  Closing her eyes she rested her head against the seat and soon fell asleep.


All too soon they were pulling into the Marler’s driveway and Reva was putting the car in park.  “Here we are!”

Marah raised an eyebrow at her mother, “Tony and I live in the Marler carriage house?  You know even when I lived here in college I always thought of it as the Marler house.”

“Blake continued to live here but once Kevin and Jason went away to college it was just Blake and Clarissa.  And once she started seeing Frank-”

Marah’s mouth dropped, “Frank COOPER?”

Reva laughed at her daughter’s shocked facial expression.  “Yeah we were all stunned as well.  But she seems happy, they both seem happy.”

Well Marah was glad someone was happy though she couldn’t imagine Blake loving anyone as much as she loved Ross Marler.  But crazier things had happened.  Like marrying someone who broke your heart and who you thought was dead.  Tired of thinking about the same thing and getting nowhere she got out of the car and began reaching into the back seat for the baby carrier .

Reva snatched the carrier from her hands with a scowl. “Give me that!  You just got out of the hospital for crying out loud.”  And like a seasoned veteran of baby handling Reva grabbed the carrier deftly in her grasp, lifting it with ease.

Before they had started walking a large pickup truck pulled up, parking along the curb.  The driver quickly got out and rounded the hood, coming towards them. “Sorry I have been out-of-town for the past couple of weeks.  But everyone has kept me updated on the situation.  How are you feeling today?”

As the dark-haired stranger went in for a hug Marah recoiled defensively.  “Who are you?”  She immediately felt bad, especially when she noted the crestfallen look that took over his face, but despite his familiarity with her she had no idea who he was.

Her mother’s reassuring hand on her arm was more than welcome.  “Honey, this is your brother Jonathan.”

Despite her mother’s soft tone Marah couldn’t help feeling frustrated.   Constantly having to be reminded who people were, facts that should have came to her naturally were simply…gone.   Even worse, Marah didn’t even get twinges of recognition.  It was all a big blank that led to constant frustration for her and pain for those around her.  Like Jonathan, her brother.  People should know their own siblings.  “I’m…sorry.”  Really, Marah had run out of things to say in this situation.

Jonathan smile was one of reassurance, “Hey no biggie.  We have plenty of time to catch up.”

His heartening tone made Marah smile.  He seemed like a nice guy, even with the hint of “bad boy”, that came off of him in waves.

“Alright, you two can catch up later.  Marah needs to rest and this little one is getting heavy.” Reva indicated the arm still holding the baby carrier, “Jonathan, I will call you later.”

Marah let the sound of their conversation blend into the background.  All her concentration was on what awaited her behind that front door.  Leaving her mother and newly discovered brother standing in the driveway she made her way towards the house and wondered what would happen when she opened that door.  Would all of her memories come back suddenly?  And if so, did she really want them back?  Dr. Salas had said that her mind had brought her back to when she felt safe.  Had she felt unsafe with Tony.  Lord knows that had been a problem in their relationship in the past.  She reached out and turned the knob….

And felt nothing.

A Soft Place to Land: Chapter One

One Month After Marah Woke Up…

Danny watched his cousin with no small amount of amusement.  The other man was like a whirlwind tornado moving from room to room picking up everything that had accumulated since Marah had been in the hospital.  Judging by the decent amount of pizza boxes being shoved into the large trash bag Tony had really let his personal habits slide the past month.  His cousin was normally pretty fastidious about his living space as well as his own personal hygiene,  the presence of clutter told Danny all he needed to know about how well Tony was holding up.  And that wasn’t well, not at all.

“Tony!  Slow down.  You are going to wear yourself out.”  Danny glanced at the dog who was watching his master with curious eyes. “Yeah Toby, he may have just crossed over to the other side of crazy.  Not that he was ever really on the right side of sanity to begin with”

Tony barely spared him a glance, he threw the trash bag towards the corner and moved on to the vacuum.  Over the roar of the machine he called out, “Har har.  You’re so funny.  You want to help? How about you dust the furniture?  And I thought you were bringing the dog back tomorrow.”  Tony refocused on his vacuuming as if he were being tested over his success.

“Had to bring him early.  The kids have been in dog heaven the past month, especially Robbie.  If I didn’t bring him over as soon as possible I had the feeling I would have been guilted into making a trip by the pound for our own four-legged companion.”  Danny glanced at the living room table, which Tony had dusted twice already, that was gleaming in the afternoon sun. “Now I am more than willing to help you but I think it’s already been done.  Twice that I know of, probably a few dozen before I even arrived.”

Tony switched off the vacuum cleaner and sighed deeply. “I think I might be going out of my mind.  I just keep thinking that everything has to be perfect.  If it’s perfect it will help Marah and I get back on track.”

“I am sure Marah loves you for more than your cleaning skills.  Though you are awfully good with a vacuum Daisy Maid.  Have you ever thought of doing this professionally?”

“Well aren’t you just the funny guy today.” Tony surveyed the room and let out another frustrated breath.  “I always seem to mess up where Marah is concerned. I just want her to walk in our home and feel at ease.  Safe.  I want that for both of my girls.”

Danny noticed that Tony’s sudden cleaning rampage wasn’t the only thing new about the place. “Nice tree”  Yeah that was a lie.  The Christmas tree, using that term loosely, that Tony had placed in front of the large picture window was mostly bare, and crooked.  Charlie Brown had a better tree than his cousin.  “I wouldn’t suggest plugging in that strand of lights, this whole place may go up in flames.”

Tony grabbed one of the accent pillows off the couch and began to fluff it roughly.  “And the witty repartee just keeps on coming.  And just so you know, it was the last one left on the lot.  You know how Marah loves Christmas, hell the whole Lewis clan is big on the holiday.  So even though she missed it being in the hospital I was hoping it would bring back some good memories.”  He moved to put away the vacuum.

Danny could understand his cousin’s dilemma, he had been there himself.  And he knew no amount of encouragement would help.  They were simply just words at a time like this so he moved on.  “Speaking of Marah she’s getting released today isn’t she?  Her and Lanie?  Shouldn’t you be getting to the hospital?”

Tony wrapped the vacuum cord vigorously.  “That neurosurgeon, Dr. Salas, he  seems to think it would be best if I didn’t pick her up.  Says it agitates her and could hamper her recovery.”

“Since when do you listen to advice?”

Tony scoffed. “Since my past came back to haunt me and nearly killed my wife.”  He was silent as the truth of those words hit him hard.  He had nearly lost everything because he had withheld the truth, the truth that could have saved Marah and him so much heartache.  “Now enough talking.  We still have work to do.”

Danny didn’t know what else Tony could possibly clean but he knew it was more about keeping busy than completing actual chores.  “Fine.  But if you think I am scrubbing your toilets you are sorely mistaken.”


Sitting up in her hospital bed Marah stared into the blinking unfocused eyes of her daughter.  Her daughter.  She had no memory of being pregnant or giving birth, but yet the proof was literally staring her directly in the face.  The whole situation was surreal and a bit daunting.  As though she should keep pinching herself to make sure all this wasn’t some huge dream or one colossal joke.  But no amount of self-abuse changed the reality.  She actually was a wife and mother.

The reminder that she was married to Tony brought forth a whole other set of panic.  She was married to Tony Santos, the one man on this planet who had the power to break her heart into a million little pieces.  Which he had, a few times over, it was kind of the hallmark of their relationship.  And though she may have lost a lot of her memories she still remembered when her mother had called to tell her that Tony had passed away.  The deep-rooted ache that had filled her, the realization that they would never get another chance.  Nevermind that she was living in Paris, as long as both of them were breathing there had been a chance.  Yet here she was, married to a man who had broken her heart and was supposed to be dead.  The myriad of questions running through her mind made her head pound.

The knock on the door snapped Marah out of her pity party.  “Come in.”

The door opened and in breezed Reva carrying a large tote bag that almost threatened to tip her sideways. “Hey honey! How are you feeling today?”  She dropped the large bag on the visitor’s chair before leaning down and gazing at her granddaughter with a smile. “Tony and you sure make some cute babies.”

Marah ignored her mother’s comment and instead nodded to the chair. “What’s in the bag?”

Reva scooped up little Lanie in her arms and smiled, “Why my beautiful daughter you are getting sprung from this place today!  I figured you would like something to ride home in than that lovely paper gown that flashes your backside.”

For the first time in days Marah found herself laughing.  It felt good.  Mindful of the gown, which did  indeed show her backside, and her stitches, she gingerly got out of the hospital bed.  “So, um, why didn’t Tony come pick me up?  If we are married and all…”  Marah let her question trail off but if she knew her mother she would be spilling her guts any time soon.

Reva looked up from making funny faces at Lanie. “We all just thought that someone…familiar picking you up was best.  He’s at home, and if I know him he is probably cleaning up two weeks of living like a bachelor.”

“I don’t know when he would have the time.  He basically lived here at Cedars visiting Lanie.”

“Honey I have no doubt he visited his daughter.  That man flashed sonogram pictures for almost nine months so I know how proud he is of this little one.” She indicated the baby in her arms, “But make no mistake, you have been the first thing on his mind.  Always have been.”

Marah didn’t know how to respond to that so she simply grabbed the bag her mother packed for her and went to change.  For the ride home.  Home.  Marah wasn’t sure exactly what that entailed and the very thought threatened to send her into a state of panic.  Instead of letting it overtake her Marah rushed into the bathroom.  One crisis at a time.


Dr. Salas was silent as he studied Marah’s latest set of CAT scan images.  And that silence put Marah on edge even more than she already was.  Was he going to tell her that this amnesia was permanent?  That she would never regain her memories back? He needed to say something already!

Finally he turned around and gave her a reassuring smile. “I do good work if I do say so myself.” He moved to the side of the bed where she was anxiously sitting. “The good news is that I don’t see any permanent damage. ”

Marah sagged in relief. “That’s good news.  Though why can’t I remember anything?”

“Sometimes after great trauma our mind takes us back to a time when we last felt safe.  With some rest I am optimistic you will make a full recovery.  Of course you have a newborn baby and that is going to be tricky.  I suggest you get someone to help you, especially considering both you and your husband have busy careers.  Perhaps an in-home helper.” He pursed his lips as he looked over her chart once again,  “Are you still having headaches?”

“Just about every time I open my eyes.  And calling them headaches is like calling a hurricane a little rain storm.”

“That is normal with head traumas and should go away after a few weeks.” He pulled out his prescription pad and started writing. “But still I am also writing you a prescription for some pain medicine to help with those migraines.  I also want to see you in a month for reevaluation but Marah Santos you are officially cleared to get out of here.”

Marah took the script and tucked it into the purse by her side before gingerly moving off the bed. “Well Doc I guess I’ll be seeing you in a month.”

The Prelude…


First things first, yes Marah and Tony’s story has undergone yet ANOTHER name change.  If there is one thing I have learned since I have started this project it is that I have to “listen” to what these characters have to say.  And when the title “A Soft Place to Land” kept resounding in my head I just held up my hands in defeat and went with it.  Not surprisingly, once I did the story seemed to flow a lot better.  So a win all around.

Next, I hope to start posting the story next week.  Right in time for the Holidays!  Not sure what the posting schedule will be yet but I hope it will be like the last one (M-W-F) but we will see.

On to the Prelude…

A Soft Place to Land takes place immediately following What Matters Most.  Marah still has no recollection of the events that took place in the previous stories.  Her last clear memory is the Tony that broke her heart, and learning of his death.  So she in understandably reeling from trying to process all of this.   In fact there are a lot of emotions going on right from the beginning.  On all sides.  It was quite interesting to explore and I hope you all enjoy reading.