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The Bauer Barbecue: A True Legacy

The Bauer Barbecue became a Guiding Light staple in the 1980s and quickly became one of the most popular episodes of the year.  I know that I loved watching every year as family and neighbors, basically the entire town, gathered in the Bauer backyard to celebrate this holiday.  It was full of tradition and just one of the things that made Guiding Light special to so many.


And it certainly was special.  I think Rick summed up the legacy behind this annual event during the final barbecue.

“I look across your faces and I realize that I’m one of the grown ups now. It just seems like yesterday that I was just a little kid sitting on that diving board eating my grandma’s chocolate chip cookie. I couldn’t help but think about my Grandma Bert today. She was a great lady. Real special. And not just because she loved her grandson but because she came up with this, this celebration with family and friends. She used to tell me, ‘Rick, we live in a great town, in a great state, and an even greater nation. And we’re all very blessed to live in a country that upholds freedom and liberty.’ And she’s right. And I miss her. And it’s not quite the same without her. But she leaves this wonderful legacy behind and I feel very blessed.”

The Bauer Barbecue is indeed a true legacy.  A gift that fans still treasure as they look back on all the great memories throughout the years.  Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!  (And may you burn less hamburgers than Danny Santos)


Some memorable Bauer Barbecues:

Bauer BBQ 1987– Alan-Michael makes a unique entrance

Bauer BBQ 1988– Fletcher and Maeve get married.  Reva urges Johnny to get on with his lfie despite Roxie’s mental breakdown

Bauer BBQ 1990– Ed and Maureen are fighting.  Holly and Ross have a romantic moment

Bauer BBQ 1991– Forget the light show, Alexandra’s setting off fireworks of her own when she denounces Roger

Bauer BBQ 1994– Bill plays a trick on Ben, Alex wonders why Alan-Michael turned down the presidency.

Bauer BBQ 1995– Well….the first clip is the build up to it anyway.  Rodger gets his first invitation.  Holly and Fletcher have been faking their fights.  Alan-Michael and Lucy will end up watching the fireworks on Alan-Michael’s yacht.

Bauer BBQ 1996– Gilly has feelings for Griffin, the mystery of Zachary continues

Bauer BBQ 2001– Danny tells Tony not to come to court tomorrow,  Phillip and Harley are fighting. Unfortunately Part One is unavailable in which Meta reads the Declaration of Independence.

Bauer BBQ 2002– Post 9-11 the tone of this Bauer BBQ was somewhat lighter with the musical sequences, though there was the requisite drams such as Rick in need of a heart transplant and Phillip and Olivia hiding their kiss from Alan

Bauer BBQ 2003 – Marah and Tony throw a surprise wedding for Danny and Michelle

Bauer BBQ 2009– The final Bauer BBQ