The Anatomy of a Triangle….


Long before Melina Kanakaredes was on shows like Providence and CSI:NY she was playing a Greek immigrant who came to Springfield for a better life, or more appropriately, a husband.  She wanted a life like what she saw in American movies, complete with a home and family.  In 1991 Stavros Kouperakis arranged for her to come to America as a wife for his nephew Frank.  However Uncle Stavros neglected to inform Frank of this arrangement and naturally Frank was dead set against this arranged marriage.  Although they bickered constantly Eleni and Frank soon developed feelings for each other.   Eleni planned an intimate dinner with Frank however, he ended up having it with Blake.  Alan-Michael swooped in and whisked Eleni away on the Spaulding yacht.  Eleni was unlike any woman Alan-Michael had been with before, she was sweet and genuine and he became determined to make her his own.  Frank realized his mistake and wanted to make it up to Eleni so, without her knowledge, he hired an immigration lawyer. Eleni was given a three-month extension on her visa thanks to the lawyer that Frank hired but Eleni was under the wrong impression that Alan-Michael had hired the lawyer.  Still not giving up hope on a relationship with Frank she asked Alan-Michael to fly her to Paris where Frank was on a business trip.  There she found a woman named Musette in Frank’s bed.  After being led to believe that Musette and Frank slept together a heartbroken Eleni returned to the United States.  Unfortunately she was denied admittance due to the fact that she was an illegal alien.  Alan-Michael offered to marry her at the customs office.  Although she was uncertain about continuing a sham marriage Eleni was convinced that Frank didn’t love her.  So in 1992 Alan-Michael and Eleni married in a ceremony in Greece.

Though Eleni cared for Alan-Michael she refused to start a family with him because she wasn’t fully invested.  Frank saved Eleni and Stavros when they were caught in a fire at the diner.  Afterwards, Frank told Eleni that he loved her but that he wouldn’t interfere in her marriage.   Meanwhile Musette came to Springfield and threatened Alan-Michael that she’d reveal the truth to Eleni—that Alan-Michael set up Eleni to find Musette in a drugged Frank’s bed!  Scared of losing Eleni, Alan-Michael hired a man named Pierre to get rid of Musette. Unfortunately, Pierre went too far and planted a bomb in Musette’s car that injured both her and Mallet. Meanwhile, Stavros gave Frank a letter from Musette detailing how Alan-Michael had used her to break up him and Eleni. Frank confronted Alan-Michael but decided not to show the letter to Eleni after he saw that she really loved Alan-Michael. In the meantime, doubtful that Eleni would stay with him, Alan-Michael switched Eleni’s birth control pills with placebos knowing that she would never leave him if she were pregnant.


Eleni went to visit Frank, she saw him through the window trying to burn a letter. When Frank went outside, Eleni went in and read the letter from Musette detailing what Alan-Michael had done. When Frank came in, he realized that Eleni read the letter and comforted her. Eleni was so devastated that she made love to Frank and was ready to leave Alan-Michael.

Unfortunately Eleni learned that her mother had a stroke and quickly flew to Greece to be by her side.   Alan-Michael followed her and arranged doctors to save her mother. Eleni talked to the priest and to her grandmother, Ya-Ya, about Alan-Michael’s schemes but both advised her to stay with him. When Eleni took one of her grandmother’s sleeping pills, she dreamt of sleeping with Frank but when she awoke she realized that she has slept with Alan-Michael instead.

She decided that she needed some time alone and went to a remote island where Frank tracked her down and they made love again. Later, Eleni learned she was pregnant and, believing Alan-Michael was the father, she and Frank decided to hide the truth from him and run away together.

Finally, one day in February 1993, Eleni found the placebos in Alan-Michael’s office had them analyzed. She was shocked to discover the truth and later was delighted to learn that the baby she was carrying was in fact Frank’s! Later, Ed Bauer confirmed the baby’s paternity and Alan-Michael finally let Eleni go though he continued to pine for her until his relationship with Lucy developed.


In my opinion the Alan-Michael/Eleni/Frank story was one of the best love triangles on Guiding Light.  In fact, I dare say, it is a prime example of how to do a triangle correctly.  On one side you had Alan-Michael at his most devious.  Plotting and manipulating to obtain, and later hold on to, the love of Eleni Andros.  Then on the other there was Frank Cooper, willing to give up the woman he loves in order for her to be happy.  As a viewer I was completely torn, as I am sure many others were as well.  (Okay, so Alan-Michael had extra points in his favor simply because I simply love Rick Hearst’s Alan-Michael)  However, in the end my shipper heart went with Eleni and Frank and everyone knows my love for Alan-Michael and Lucy.  But the triangle was interesting while it lasted.


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