The History of Harley and Mallet


The history of Harley & Mallet starts with Harley Davidson Cooper deciding yet another career move, police woman.   Working at Spaulding Harley set up a password that only Alan-Michael would know.  Unfortunately she was drugged by John Davis, a friend of Roger Thorpe, and she revealed the password, enabling Roger to embezzle money from Spaulding.  Though Alan-Michael and Blake accused her of corporate espionage, Harley couldn’t remember anything and was soon able to prove that she’d been drugged and had Davies arrested. A few days later, Harley met friends in a bar on 5th Street and discovered  corrupt cops Hutchins and Murry  demanding protection money from the barkeeper and threatened her friend, Tracey, a hooker.  When she was arrested for prostitution in an attempt to buy her silence she decided she’d rather be on the other side of the bars and enrolled in the Springfield Police Academy where she came upon her hard-nosed instructor, A.C. Mallet (aka Anthony Camaletti).

Mallet, as he came to be called had been in Springfield for a while but hadn’t discovered Harley as of yet. He came to Springfield from NYC where he was a successful Detective. Unfortunately, a romance with a mobster’s daughter, Francesca ended his reign there and sent him running with a new name and straight into the arms of Melinda Sue Lewis. Mindy and Mallet became quick friends and she was the first person he knew in Springfield. Mindy helped her friend Mallet move on after he realized he’d never be with the woman he loved again.

Mallet was a strict teacher. He resented being made to teach rookies and took it out on them as much as possible, especially a rookie who thought she deserved to be more, Rookie Cooper. Harley desperately wanted to be in some cases already and somehow always found herself where she wasn’t supposed to and surprisingly right next to Mallet.

Finally, while chasing after Dr. Daniel St. John in the cold stretch of woods it happened: Harley was kidnapped and Mallet came to rescue. When Mallet found her she was freezing and delirious. While trying to warm up his rookie Harley made an oh-so-cute comment about her instructor’s lips. Mallet took it as delirium, but Harley meant more. She confessed her feelings to her big brother Frank, who also had become a close pal to Mall

She left Springfield unhappy with wanting Mallet but not having him want her back, so she headed for Cross Creek. But Mallet had no idea that Harley wanted him, because secretly he had fallen for her too.

When Harley disappeared Mallet begged Frank to tell him where Harley had gone, but Frank promised Harley he wouldn’t. That is until Frank realized Mallet shared Harley’s feelings.

Mallet went to Dylan and finally got him to tell him that Harley was at Cross Creek. Mindy also got involved when Harley called her and she covered for Dylan so Harley wouldn’t know Mallet was on his way there.

When Mallet showed up at the Cross Creek cabin only one thing could follow: passion. Harley and Mallet made love for the first time there in what many remember as Harley and Mallet’s best moment. When the couple returned to Springfield, Harley took her police test and passed, but their romance was still a secret since Mallet was still her instructor.


But happiness can never last for long on a soap opera. Harley and Mallet then began to work on their first case together much to the dismay of their captain, who wanted Harley as a rookie, but now she had to help. Jenna Bradshaw, international jewel thief had set her sights on the jewels of the Springfield, but Mallet knew her. Or at least recognized her as what she was, a thief; but that wasn’t enough to arrest her. Mallet had to catch her in the act.

So they set up a plan. Jenna had already become interested in Mallet and he used that against her, but he needed someone on the inside so Harley became Jenna’s assistant. But while the sting went on Harley & Mallet couldn’t be seen together so once again their romance became secret and was confined to a small hotel. After awhile Jenna found out she had been set up, but the couple already had enough to get her. Jenna was caught but in true soap fashion the beautiful temptress got away and reformed herself

Just when Harley & Mallet thought the rough times were behind them, the worst moment of their romance took place. All at the hands of Harley’s former husband and now friend, Alan Michael Spaulding.  A-M wanted Eleni Andros, but Eleni wanted Frank Cooper, Harley trustworthy big brother. Eleni had been shipped from Greece to marry Frank, but he wanted no part in it, because he didn’t love her. But soon the two really fell for each other but before their passion could be sealed Frank was called away to France. While there A-M set it up so a prostitute named Mussette would sneak into Frank’s bed just as Eleni, who A-M sent there to “surprise” her love would find them. When she did Frank was out like a light from a “Mickey” Mussette slipped him. Eleni was devastated and headed back for the states with A-M. But when she tried to get back into the states she was stopped and called an illegal alien.

Blake Thorpe, A-M’s ex-wife, who was jealous of her ex’s lust for the Grecian beauty called the authorities on her. But her plan backfired when on the spot, A-M offered to marry Eleni to keep her in the country. Eleni only believed in marrying someone she loved, but A-M confessed his true feelings and Eleni felt she could grow to love one of her closest friends.

When Frank found out A-M’s deception and Eleni’s marriage he was extremely hurt. Harley & Mallet were upset at A-M for marrying Eleni when he knew how she felt toward Frank. But Eleni grew to deeply love A-M, but his past was coming back to haunt him.

Mussette, the woman A-M had hired to deceive Eleni was back. She wanted more money for she’d done once she found out what it did for A-M. But A-M wanted no more to do with her and hired a man to stop her, Pierre. But Pierre wasn’t the best of hitmen/spies. His big plan for getting rid of Mussette, who recently showed up in Springfield and even befriended Eleni was to blow her up.

Pierre put a bomb in Mussette’s car. But some complications came along the way, like the fact that Eleni’s car was in the same parking garage and when A-M found this out he freaked. Mallet had also stumbled upon what was going on and went to try to stop Mussette from opening her car door and exploding herself to pieces. But something worse happened. Even though Eleni got away before the bomb went off, Mallet got there right as Mussette opened her door. The bomb went off right in front of Mussette and Mallet.

Mallet was rushed to the hospital … in grave condition. Mussette was dead. Harley was a wreck, and so was A-M, because all he knew was a dark-haired woman had been hurt as well, but it wasn’t his precious Eleni. A tough time was ahead: Mallet couldn’t walk and he couldn’t hear. His only communication with Harley was him seeing her lips move.

His paralysis might be permanent and if not he maybe be sterile. He was give a hearing ear dog (Xyla) to assist him in every day living.

Mallet was crushed and decided the best thing to do was to break it off with Harley, for her own good. Harley was crushed, she had no idea why Mallet would cut her off when he needed her the most. But soon Mallet and Harley were back together and decided to move in together. Mallet who was now confined to a wheelchair tried to be his old self but couldn’t. Soon his hearing returned.

Then all of A-M secrets were unleashed. Pierre was back ready to destroy A-M and anybody in his way. In a daring shoot-out at the airport: Harley, A-M, Mallet and Nick Spaulding stop Pierre. The police arrive and ask what’s going on, Nick wants to turn A-M in for the explosion that killed Mussette and hurt Mallet, but Mallet stops him. A-M had saved Harley’s life and took a bullet for her. Mallet and Harley kept quiet.

On Xmas day Mallet’s present to Harley was the fact that he could take a few steps, and now he was on his way to walking on his own.  Then Mallet did something he never thought he would: he proposed and Harley gladly accepted .

By January 1993, Mallet had almost fully recovered and since he had to give Xyla back to his owner in Washington, he and Harley traveled there and decided to visit the Vietnam Memorial to find Harley’s father’s name.  To her surprise his name wasn’t there.  An Army official confessed that her father had not died in Vietnam.  All those years Frank and Harley believed their father Frank Buzz Cooper Sr. had died in Vietnam were lies.  When Harley couldn’t find his name anywhere on the wall she had to find out from her mother Nadine. Buzz had been MIA and she didn’t want to give them any false hope so she said he died.

When Nadine’s cousin Rex showed up in town no one thought anything of it, except Mallet. Rex was strange, but really Rex was none other than Buzz, who had been back in the States since ’77. With slight reconstructive surgery he was almost unrecognizable to Nadine, but she knew who he was.

When Harley & Frank finally found out who Rex was they were hurt, but soon accepted Buzz into their lives. Harley & Mallet soon became second fiddle as Frank & Eleni who had once again found each other were getting married. Even as Eleni was expecting their child any day.

Harley & Mallet were the maid of honor and best man and were also named god parents of Marina, Frank & Eleni’s daughter born just hours after they exchanged vows.

David Grant, who worked at Harley’s family’s diner: Meals & Wheels was on the run for murdering a neighborhood racist. But David was only defending himself. Though Harley & Mallet believed in his innocence they had to do their job, at David’s trial it was revealed that he was innocent and he was released. Upon this good news, Buzz had some more good news. He wanted to throw his daughter a surprise wedding.

So finally after Eleni gave Harley her wedding dress, the guests assembled, and Harley wearing her big clunky police shoes, the couple married in what was the most romantic wedding ever. Some may have called it tacky, but it never lacked emotion and love. Soon afterward Harley and Mallet boarded a plane for Florida to begin their honeymoon, where they stayed and joined the police force.

In 1997, Harley returned to Springfield after discovering that Mallet had an affair with his partner. Months later, Mallet called Harley requesting a divorce.


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