Lindsey McKeon answers your questions


There is this nifty little site called that allows you to ask questions to a list of stars, who then answer them.  When I saw Lindsey McKeon was a part of that site I HAD to ask about Guiding Light and some of her best memories.

Q: I loved you on Guiding Light as Marah Lewis.  Your chemistry with Jordi Vilasuso was amazing.  What is your favorite memory on Guiding Light?

A: Thank You.  There were so many fun times, we were a big family and I was young and living it up in NYC.  I had great times with Kim, Jordi, and Matt Bomer but some of my favorite times were spent having slumber parties, sushi, and girl bonding all around silliness with Jessica Jimenez [Catalina].


It’s a fun site and hopefully it continues to grow as more stars are added.  Currently the only star from Guiding Light is Beth Chamberlain, but you can request stars to join.


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