Josh and Reva-2006 Reunion

Jo59sh: All I’ve ever wanted my whole life is to be with you! Don’t you understand that?

Reva: In our house?

Josh: Yes

Reva: In our big BEAUTIFUL HOUSE! You don’t want to split our assets?

Josh: No

Reva: You don’t want to leave with that God awful leather recliner that you love so much? Huh?

Josh: Wait, wait, wait. *Josh reaches into his pocket and pulls out his handkerchief*

Reva: What?

Josh: Look, at that. *Starts to open the handkerchief revealing his wedding ring* It’s a sign, it’s a genuine sign. How about you, huh?

Reva: *reaching into her purse* It’s in here somewhere.

Josh: It’s okay, take your time. *Reva pulls her wedding ring out of her purse. They take each other’s rings* Okay, I promise, Reva I promise to always be there with you no matter how impossible you may become. You are stuck with me! *Josh puts Reva’s ring on her finger*

Reva: And I promise, I really promise that I will be grateful for you always and that my problems are exactly that, they’re my problems. And I got a big problem right now and they have nothing to do with you, they don’t!

Josh: You will let me help you work through your problems, okay? Say, I will.

Reva: I will! *Reva puts Josh’s ring on his finger*

Josh: Now we’re at the best part


Josh: How you doing Mrs. Lewis?

Reva: How you doing Mr. Lewis?

Josh: Okay

Reva: I wish we had that bouquet, you know, that Cassie left for us and the rice, we could just throw it over the side

Josh: How about confetti?

Reva: We don’t have any confetti.

Josh:*pulls out his divorce papers* Yes we do

Reva: *reaches into her purse and pulls out her divorces papers* Really? You’re sure?

*Both tear up the divorce papers and throws the shredded paper into the air*

Reva: Fly away! Fly! Go! Goodbye and fly! Fly, fly, fly… *Reva realizes she has a plan to catch to go see Marah in Paris*

Josh: What? *He realizes the same thing* Oh, your flight to see Marah!

Reva: I can cancel. I can just call, I can cancel!

Josh: No, no, no

Reva: I will, no, I want to cancel!

Josh: I would love it if you would do that but now we have all the time in the world so I want you to go visit our daughter and make her happy, okay?

Reva: I can make her happy!

Josh: Yes you can and when you get back I’ll be here. I’ll be right here waiting for you, I promise!

Reva: Always!

Josh: Always! Always!


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