Josh and Reva- Cross Creek Reunion 1997

Reunion3Cross Creek Reunion

Josh: (sighs..) I can’t believe we’re really here…together, where it all started. (pauses… walks over to hold her and whispers in her ear) My heart…my love.

Reva: You know something? I can’t help thinking that… that this is… a dream that I’m going to wake up from and realize that I’m still on trial and that I’m facing going to prison, never to be able to touch you again or… hold you in my arms.

Josh: It’s not a dream. All the pain… all the loneliness… all the longing is gone. Nothing will ever come between us again. (Gently holds her and kisses her..) There’s so much I want to say. I feel like…

Reva: …a kid on Christmas morning?

Josh: Yeah…yeah. Like I’ve just been handed the most wonderful gift—you.

Reva: You know what? A few days ago I was… I was going through a bunch of my old stuff… stuff that Mama kept for me for years. Because I didn’t… really know how the trial was gonna come out or if…if I would…

Josh: Reva…l-let’s not go there, ok?

Reva: No, no, no– it’s ok, really it is…just let me finish. I found the most incredible stuff. The first corsage you ever gave me…

Josh: …senior prom

Reva: …the notice in the paper when… when Harlan brought you into Lewis Oil. He was so proud of you…so was I.

Josh: You kept that article all these years, huh?

Reva: …I kept everything, Bud….everything… (takes something out of her pocket…smiles)

Josh: Uh-oh…(they both laugh)… looks like a note.

Reva: Oh, no, no, no, no…. this is a poem that…that I wrote. I wrote all kinds of poems about you.

Josh: (Reading note) “Josh Lewis is the cutest… and his eyes are the bluest”.

Reva: C’mon, I was eight years old….(they both laugh)… I wrote SO many poems about you and I hid them ALL up in our Ranger Station… ALL of them.

Josh: …It’s good, it’s good! What is this on the back here, huh? (Reading) “When I’m with Bud… everyday is like Christmas”.

Reva: That’s never changed (moves closer to him)… ever. (takes note from Josh) I’ll keep this… I’ll keep it.

Josh: Do you have any idea how much I’ve missed you?

Reva: (whispers) …yeah. (they embrace..)

Josh: I was so afraid. I-I told you that I would never let you go. That I… that I wouldn’t let them take you away from me, but I was so scared. I didn’t know if I could do it, I didn’t… I didn’t know if the doctor wouldn’t testify..or if Annie would…you know… come up  with some other lie. A-And I didn’t want to let you down…I couldn’t…I couldn’t do that to you.

Reva: shhh… and you didn’t. (whispers)… you didn’t. (they gently kiss)

Josh:…um, why don’t I build a fire or something? I’ll get some wood…

Reva: No, no, no, no. (voice trembles..) Just hold me… just hold onto me. (they embrace)

Josh: What month is this?

Reva: June.

Josh: Well, you’re right…you know? It feels…feels like Christmas. (Reva smiles)

***Later…laying on the sofa together…***

Josh: You warmed up yet?

Reva: …mmmm hmmm… getting warmer..

Josh: Are you hungry? (chuckles) I’m just kinda wondering if there’s anything in the refrigerator…

Reva: (sarcastically) ahh, that’s a great idea.

Josh: …maybe some eggs or something…

Reva: uh-huh…yeah, why don’t I go fix you an omelet.

Josh:…you can make me an omelet…that would be great.

Reva: uh-huh…the problem with that, though, is that you’d have to let go of me.

Josh: (thinks for a second)…that’s definitely a problem.

Reva: …um-hmmm. So…what do you think we should do?

Josh: (thinks again)…I have an idea, stay here for one second. (gets up)

Reva: ummmm….

Josh: …a little surprise.


Josh: (puts tape in…”How could I ever love you more?”) Better than an omelet, huh?

Reva: …way better.

***Josh takes her hand, and as they dance, they look into each other’s eyes and flashback to the first time they made love… and then their wedding day***

Reva: Joshua…

Josh: Yes M’aam?

Reva: (looks into his eyes) The music has stopped.

Josh:…not for me.

Reva: You know what?


Reva: I think it’s this place. This place is magical for us.

Josh: Do you remember the first time we ever made love here?

Reva: (fakes thoughtfulness) …uh-huh. It was after a midnight swim… in front of a roaring fireplace.

Josh: Well, I was just thinking maybe it’s time to get a roaring fire going…. How would that be…huh?

Reva: …hmmmmm!

Josh: (looks into her eyes) Remember how it used to be… get all hot and sweaty in front of that fire? I’d have to take some, uh, ice cubes and…

Reva:…yeah, yeah, I know. I remember what you’d have to do… okay, go…go and get your logs.

Josh: (laughs) I’ll be right back.

Reva: …but hurry…hurry…hurry.

Josh: I will hurry.

Reva: (whispers) Ok.

***As Josh leaves, Reva moves to the mantle and talks to H.B. and Sarah’s picture.***

Reva: (touches Josh and Reva’s initials carved into the mantle) Harlan, Mama… you finally got your wish. Josh and I are together again… and this time it’s for keeps. (puts kiss on picture….Josh comes back in and drops logs)

Reva: oh, scared me! Come in…

Josh: Sorry!?

Reva: You need help?

Josh: …No, no I got it. I’m good, I got it.

Reva: Ok. (kneels down next to him as he is picking up the logs)… You know something? If a woman had to wait for you to set the logs, she could freeze to death.

Josh: You think you can do better?

Reva: uh-huh…I know I can do better. Heat and me go way back. (they kiss)

***Later, Reva comes down in her nightgown and meets Josh by the fireplace. Josh looks into her eyes and they kneel together… cue the kiss***

Josh: …Always, Reva.

Reva: …Always, Bud…..always….


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