Well I can announce that I am FINALLY hard at work for Story Three of the Marah and Tony Saga which will be titled “Lost and Found”.  I am thinking this one won’t be as long as the other two, but I have said that once before.  So while there is no definite date for when I will start posting, it IS in the works.   

And so far I LOVING the dynamics.  I usually hate amnesia stories but I think that going this route helps me build on the characters, especially Marah.   But her condition also is going to effect everyone around her.  So much happened on Guiding Light when Marah was in Paris, and while the show brought Shayne back they never addressed Marah and how she would react to the changes in her family.

I made Jonathan and Marah form a sibling bond because I thought they would have been an interesting sibling duo on the show.  But that bond is momentarily erased.  So the question remains, can they form another one?  And what about Collin?  Reva had a child with Marah’s ex Jeffery but nothing was ever said about how Marah would take that information.  Danny and Michelle are bound to be reminded of Michelle’s amnesia, and not in a good way.  And most of all, what about Tony?  He has to essentially make his wife fall in love with him again when it was his withholding of the truth that contributed to her condition.  All of this while caring for a newborn! 

So yes, a lot of different angles are going to be playing out and I am excited to see how it will turn out.


I have also FINALLY started uploading the last few months of Marah and Tony’s clips on YouTube.  Yes I kind of dragged my feet on this one since no one wants to see their couple break up,.  But these scenes are great in that you can see  Tony’s love for Marah even as he sleeps with Eden and as a result pushes Marah away.  You can feel that it tears him up not being with the woman he loves.  It is simply some excellent acting by Jordi Vilasusuo and Lindsey McKeon.

And all of that is what led to I Believe in the Mystery.  So I hope you enjoy the Marony clips while I work on “Lost and Found


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