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Josh and Reva-2006 Reunion

Jo59sh: All I’ve ever wanted my whole life is to be with you! Don’t you understand that?

Reva: In our house?

Josh: Yes

Reva: In our big BEAUTIFUL HOUSE! You don’t want to split our assets?

Josh: No

Reva: You don’t want to leave with that God awful leather recliner that you love so much? Huh?

Josh: Wait, wait, wait. *Josh reaches into his pocket and pulls out his handkerchief*

Reva: What?

Josh: Look, at that. *Starts to open the handkerchief revealing his wedding ring* It’s a sign, it’s a genuine sign. How about you, huh?

Reva: *reaching into her purse* It’s in here somewhere.

Josh: It’s okay, take your time. *Reva pulls her wedding ring out of her purse. They take each other’s rings* Okay, I promise, Reva I promise to always be there with you no matter how impossible you may become. You are stuck with me! *Josh puts Reva’s ring on her finger*

Reva: And I promise, I really promise that I will be grateful for you always and that my problems are exactly that, they’re my problems. And I got a big problem right now and they have nothing to do with you, they don’t!

Josh: You will let me help you work through your problems, okay? Say, I will.

Reva: I will! *Reva puts Josh’s ring on his finger*

Josh: Now we’re at the best part


Josh: How you doing Mrs. Lewis?

Reva: How you doing Mr. Lewis?

Josh: Okay

Reva: I wish we had that bouquet, you know, that Cassie left for us and the rice, we could just throw it over the side

Josh: How about confetti?

Reva: We don’t have any confetti.

Josh:*pulls out his divorce papers* Yes we do

Reva: *reaches into her purse and pulls out her divorces papers* Really? You’re sure?

*Both tear up the divorce papers and throws the shredded paper into the air*

Reva: Fly away! Fly! Go! Goodbye and fly! Fly, fly, fly… *Reva realizes she has a plan to catch to go see Marah in Paris*

Josh: What? *He realizes the same thing* Oh, your flight to see Marah!

Reva: I can cancel. I can just call, I can cancel!

Josh: No, no, no

Reva: I will, no, I want to cancel!

Josh: I would love it if you would do that but now we have all the time in the world so I want you to go visit our daughter and make her happy, okay?

Reva: I can make her happy!

Josh: Yes you can and when you get back I’ll be here. I’ll be right here waiting for you, I promise!

Reva: Always!

Josh: Always! Always!


The San Cristobel Missing Years



Reva: Don’t. Don’t touch me.

Richard: I’m not.

Reva: What is this? Is this some kind of a joke? How did you do this?

Richard: You sat for that painting. Posed for it hours on end. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Reva: Well, it wasn’t. It never happened.

Richard: The day you disappeared from my life, I locked this room and no one has entered it in all that time. With the exception of myself, no one else has laid eyes on this painting until now.

Reva: So you’re saying… You’re claiming that the woman in this picture…

Richard: It is you. And I don’t claim it. It’s the truth.

Reva: The woman you loved, the woman you wrote that beautiful letter to.

Richard: Yes.

Reva: I’m…

Richard: Catherine.


Reva: The only thing I want from you is the truth about what happened to me.

Richard: Why would I lie? What possible reason could I have for lying?

Reva: Just tell me.

Richard: All right. Where shall I start?

Reva: I remember driving my car off the bridge in the florida keys, and the next three years are a blank.

Richard: Well, there were some fishermen from San Cristobel working off the coast of Florida, and they spotted you, and they pulled you from the water, and you… You had no identification. There was no indication from where you might have come from.


Richard: And you were brought here and put in the hospital. After several days, you awakened.

Reva: Several days.

Richard: The doctors weren’t sure you were going to make it. And well, you did. Unfortunately, you… You remembered nothing about your previous life.

Reva: Nothing.

Richard: You had no idea who you were or where you’d come from. Well, I went to visit you, and I was moved by your plight. So I… I took you from the hospital, and I brought you back here to the palace and nursed you back to health. So you can see how this might seem like a cruel joke, you coming back here now and saying you don’t recall ever being here. You can understand that.

Reva: Yes. Of course.

Richard: Then it wasn’t long before you began to flourish. You really loved it here. I tried as hard as I could to find out everything I could about your past, where you’d come from, but, well, after a while, it just didn’t seem to matter. So I simply stopped because this was your home. You belonged here, and we belonged together. You were my wife, your name was Catherine.

Reva (whispers): No. No!

Richard: You read the letter I sent to Catherine, to… you.

Reva: You may have felt that way about me, but I love Joshua. I’ve never stopped loving him, and I never will. Richard: We were married on August 22. I declared it a National Holiday. It still is a National Holiday.

Reva: August 22? That’s the date that’s inscribed on the ring.

Richard: The ring I gave you on our wedding day. And what a wonderful day it was, too. It was a day of celebration for everyone living in San Cristobel. You were the most beautiful bride, and we were… We were the perfect couple. And the wedding itself, it was spectacular. Can’t you remember anything about that day?

Reva: No, I can’t.

Richard: It was magnificent.  You were magnificent. I had never seen anyone so happy in my life. You were radiant. And you were… You were the envy of every woman there.

Reva: I don’t remember anything you’re saying to me. I am Mrs. Joshua Lewis. I’m his wife.


Richard: You took away the most precious thing in the world to me. You took away my son, and you destroyed my happiness, and I don’t give a damn about your happy life in Springfield. I want to know the truth about my son.

Reva: How many times do I have to tell you?

Richard: Over and over and over again until I get the truth.

Reva: Well, you’ve heard it, all of it.

Richard: So you don’t know what happened to my son?

Reva: That’s right.

Richard: Well, then tell me this…why don’t you want to know? Why isn’t there something inside of you, crying out inside of you, begging to know what happened to him?


Richard: As ruler of San Cristobel, I travel a lot, and that’s when you would write me these letters.

Reva: “My darling Richard, you’ve only been gone an hour, but I miss you already. I shouldn’t be telling you this– your head’s big enough from all your royal subjects dropping to their knees every time you walk by. I’m so lucky that you found me; that you love me. I don’t know what I did to deserve this kind of happiness.” (Shuffling papers) “My darling Richard, our baby kicked today for the first time. I think he misses his father as much as I do. I’ve got a feeling we’re having a boy, and I know he’ll be as strong and handsome as his daddy. I promise you…”

Richard: “I promise you, Richard, that I will make you and our son happy. Nothing will come between us.” Reva: You know these letters by heart?

Richard: I know it all by heart. How could I ever forget you?


Reva: These letters may be written in my hand, but I didn’t write them, because I’m not catherine. And Reva Shayne Lewis doesn’t know you at all.

Richard: Look, I’m not trying to hurt you or prove a point. I’m simply trying to prompt your memory so that I can locate our son, but you have to want to remember. R

eva: Damn it! Why won’t you believe me? I could read 100 of these… Oh, God.

Richard: What is it?

Reva: I remember writing this… This letter. It was right after our baby was born. I remember holding him in my arms and feeling so happy and content, knowing that I never wanted to leave here.

Richard: You remember loving me?


Reva: If I was so happy, why did I leave with our child? What was I running away from?

Richard: I’ve been asking myself the same question for years, but only you can answer them.

Reva: But I don’t know. I don’t know the answers.

Richard: I have something else I want to show you. This might help you remember. This is our son, the last photo taken of him before you and he disappeared.

Reva: This is him. This is… This is the baby in my dreams, the baby in the ring. I wanted to have another child so badly, and I… I couldn’t understand why until now. Now I know why I’ve had such an empty place in my heart. What’s his name?

Richard: Jonathan.

Reva: I don’t know where I took our son. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Richard: I know.

Reva: I want to remember. And I will remember, I promise. I won’t leave here until we have our child back. Jonathan.


Cassie: I have a really bad feeling about this, Josh.

Josh: Look, the man knows San Cristobel. He knows the players involved. He’s willing to risk getting me in and out of San Cristobel, and in and out of the palace. Now… Now… Now, what else is there to talk about? This is the only way…

Cassie: Josh, just hear me out, okay? I think you just need to talk to someone who’s experienced in this, okay? Someone who knows what they’re doing.

Josh: You’re right. You’re right. I don’t rescue people for a living, Cassie. But I have a whole lot at stake, here. I’m bringing back the woman I love, the woman I can’t live without. Now, you have no idea what that can do for a man’s adrenaline.


Reva: “My dearest Richard, well, now I’m absolutely convinced this baby of ours has to be a boy. He’s already kicked me three times today and scored a couple of field goals. Even if by some strange twist of fate there should be a princess…a mean, ornery princess…I just want you to know that I already love this baby almost as much as I love you. Almost.”

Richard: What are you doing?

Reva: Reading the letters that Catherine wrote. They sound like me, but the harder I try to remember, it’s just not there.

Richard: Well, there must be something.

Reva: No, no, there’s not. It’s like I’m… I’m reading about somebody else; that I’m prying into somebody else’s life, and I can’t remember.


Richard: You look at me, and you… You see an stranger who locked you up. I look at you, I see Catherine, Always Catherine.

Reva: No, no. I’m not Catherine, Richard. I’m Reva Shayne Lewis. That is who I was before you met me, and that’s who I am now. The time we spent together was… It was a fantasy; it was a fairy tale. I… I just can’t remember.

Richard: That fairy tale was very real.

Reva: I know. I know that. But whoever Catherine was, she only exists to me in… In fragments, pictures in my mind that don’t make any sense to me, and they may never make any sense. You understand that, don’t you?

Richard: I understand your frustration, but we can… We can unravel this.

Reva: How? Am I just supposed to keep reading these letters until I have them memorized like you do? Am I supposed to just stare at that portrait of Catherine until she talks back to me? I don’t know what you want me to do.

Richard: I want you to relive Catherine’s life.

Reva: What?

Richard: In order to become Catherine again, you’re going to have to experience what Catherine experienced. You’re going to have to follow the same path that Catherine followed.

Reva: That path led to you.

Richard: Yes.

Reva: So what you’re suggesting is that if I want to remember, I have to fall in love with you all over again.

Richard: If that’s what it takes, yes. We could start tonight.

Josh and Reva- Wedding 1999


Josh and Reva Wedding 1999

Josh: Well, everything’s perfect.

Billy: And well it should be. Because today, my little brother’s finally going to marry the woman he loves. And let’s hope this time it’s for good.

Josh: No, no, no. Don’t even say that. This time it is most definitely for good.


Josh: Billy?

Billy: Yeah.

Josh: Have you got the rings?

Billy: Are you asking me if I’ve lost the rings?

Josh: No, I’m just asking if you have the rings, that’s all.

Billy: Well, then, let’s take a look and see if I have the rings. Yes, right there where they were ten minutes ago.

Josh: Okay, that’s all I wanted to know. Thank you.

Billy: I know you’re not nervous.

Josh: I’m not nervous at all. I feel great.

Josh and Reva’s Wedding Vows

Minister: Would the bride and groom like to say their wedding vows now?

Reva: Yes, we’d love to.

Josh: Assuming, of course, all these folks have finished saying their vows. Everybody done? All right. Because I would very much like the opportunity to tell my bride how much I love her.

Minister: By all means, then.

Josh: Reva, I have known you for so long. And I know you so well. And I still just can’t get enough of you. I stand here before you today, and every day, just amazed that you’re mine. The moment you walked into my life, you also walked into my heart. And you’ve never left it. And we have been through so much. And the one thing that has remained constant, the one beautiful thing that will always be constant in our lives, is our love for each other. And I promise to you my love, without limit. And to be a part of your dreams…to have you be a part of mine. And to try real hard to understand you as best I can.

Reva: Good luck there.

Josh: And to be there for you, nearby, when you need me. And to watch our love grow and grow and grow in the years to come. You are my world, my heart, and my love. The future is ours, and my love is yours, always.

Reva: Well, Joshua, the first time I looked into your eyes, I knew you were my soul mate. I didn’t even know what that meant back then, but I knew I’d found mine. I don’t even remember breathing without you, because that’s how much you’ve always been a part of me. You’re… You’re my other half. You’re the essence of my soul, and my life. And you’re the only one who knows me down to the depths of my soul. And I know that I’ve been a handful. I mean…Pop always says I am…anyway. And I know there have been times when you’ve wanted to change me. But in spite of everything, you loved me, always. You just loved me. You are my life, Joshua. And I promise you my love without limit. To laugh with you in joy, and to grieve with you in sorrow. To find strength for you in your time of need, and to be vulnerable to you in my own. I promise to share everything I am, and everything I will be, so that we can grow together in love. The future is ours. And my love is yours, always.

Josh: I, Joshua lewis, take thee, Reva Shayne, to be my lawfully wedded wife from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, to love and to cherish all the days of my life.

Reva: Why, I oughta… (Laughter) I, Reva Shayne, take you, Joshua Lewis, to be my lawfully wedded husband from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for better and for worse, in joy and in sorrow, to love and to cherish you all the days of my life.

Minister: Before this gathering, Josh and Reva have promised each other their love, and have given each other rings as signs of their deep commitment. Therefore, I now declare that they are husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.

Josh: Thank you. Always, Reva.

Reva: Always, Bud.


Josh and Reva- Cross Creek Reunion 1997

Reunion3Cross Creek Reunion

Josh: (sighs..) I can’t believe we’re really here…together, where it all started. (pauses… walks over to hold her and whispers in her ear) My heart…my love.

Reva: You know something? I can’t help thinking that… that this is… a dream that I’m going to wake up from and realize that I’m still on trial and that I’m facing going to prison, never to be able to touch you again or… hold you in my arms.

Josh: It’s not a dream. All the pain… all the loneliness… all the longing is gone. Nothing will ever come between us again. (Gently holds her and kisses her..) There’s so much I want to say. I feel like…

Reva: …a kid on Christmas morning?

Josh: Yeah…yeah. Like I’ve just been handed the most wonderful gift—you.

Reva: You know what? A few days ago I was… I was going through a bunch of my old stuff… stuff that Mama kept for me for years. Because I didn’t… really know how the trial was gonna come out or if…if I would…

Josh: Reva…l-let’s not go there, ok?

Reva: No, no, no– it’s ok, really it is…just let me finish. I found the most incredible stuff. The first corsage you ever gave me…

Josh: …senior prom

Reva: …the notice in the paper when… when Harlan brought you into Lewis Oil. He was so proud of you…so was I.

Josh: You kept that article all these years, huh?

Reva: …I kept everything, Bud….everything… (takes something out of her pocket…smiles)

Josh: Uh-oh…(they both laugh)… looks like a note.

Reva: Oh, no, no, no, no…. this is a poem that…that I wrote. I wrote all kinds of poems about you.

Josh: (Reading note) “Josh Lewis is the cutest… and his eyes are the bluest”.

Reva: C’mon, I was eight years old….(they both laugh)… I wrote SO many poems about you and I hid them ALL up in our Ranger Station… ALL of them.

Josh: …It’s good, it’s good! What is this on the back here, huh? (Reading) “When I’m with Bud… everyday is like Christmas”.

Reva: That’s never changed (moves closer to him)… ever. (takes note from Josh) I’ll keep this… I’ll keep it.

Josh: Do you have any idea how much I’ve missed you?

Reva: (whispers) …yeah. (they embrace..)

Josh: I was so afraid. I-I told you that I would never let you go. That I… that I wouldn’t let them take you away from me, but I was so scared. I didn’t know if I could do it, I didn’t… I didn’t know if the doctor wouldn’t testify..or if Annie would…you know… come up  with some other lie. A-And I didn’t want to let you down…I couldn’t…I couldn’t do that to you.

Reva: shhh… and you didn’t. (whispers)… you didn’t. (they gently kiss)

Josh:…um, why don’t I build a fire or something? I’ll get some wood…

Reva: No, no, no, no. (voice trembles..) Just hold me… just hold onto me. (they embrace)

Josh: What month is this?

Reva: June.

Josh: Well, you’re right…you know? It feels…feels like Christmas. (Reva smiles)

***Later…laying on the sofa together…***

Josh: You warmed up yet?

Reva: …mmmm hmmm… getting warmer..

Josh: Are you hungry? (chuckles) I’m just kinda wondering if there’s anything in the refrigerator…

Reva: (sarcastically) ahh, that’s a great idea.

Josh: …maybe some eggs or something…

Reva: uh-huh…yeah, why don’t I go fix you an omelet.

Josh:…you can make me an omelet…that would be great.

Reva: uh-huh…the problem with that, though, is that you’d have to let go of me.

Josh: (thinks for a second)…that’s definitely a problem.

Reva: …um-hmmm. So…what do you think we should do?

Josh: (thinks again)…I have an idea, stay here for one second. (gets up)

Reva: ummmm….

Josh: …a little surprise.


Josh: (puts tape in…”How could I ever love you more?”) Better than an omelet, huh?

Reva: …way better.

***Josh takes her hand, and as they dance, they look into each other’s eyes and flashback to the first time they made love… and then their wedding day***

Reva: Joshua…

Josh: Yes M’aam?

Reva: (looks into his eyes) The music has stopped.

Josh:…not for me.

Reva: You know what?


Reva: I think it’s this place. This place is magical for us.

Josh: Do you remember the first time we ever made love here?

Reva: (fakes thoughtfulness) …uh-huh. It was after a midnight swim… in front of a roaring fireplace.

Josh: Well, I was just thinking maybe it’s time to get a roaring fire going…. How would that be…huh?

Reva: …hmmmmm!

Josh: (looks into her eyes) Remember how it used to be… get all hot and sweaty in front of that fire? I’d have to take some, uh, ice cubes and…

Reva:…yeah, yeah, I know. I remember what you’d have to do… okay, go…go and get your logs.

Josh: (laughs) I’ll be right back.

Reva: …but hurry…hurry…hurry.

Josh: I will hurry.

Reva: (whispers) Ok.

***As Josh leaves, Reva moves to the mantle and talks to H.B. and Sarah’s picture.***

Reva: (touches Josh and Reva’s initials carved into the mantle) Harlan, Mama… you finally got your wish. Josh and I are together again… and this time it’s for keeps. (puts kiss on picture….Josh comes back in and drops logs)

Reva: oh, scared me! Come in…

Josh: Sorry!?

Reva: You need help?

Josh: …No, no I got it. I’m good, I got it.

Reva: Ok. (kneels down next to him as he is picking up the logs)… You know something? If a woman had to wait for you to set the logs, she could freeze to death.

Josh: You think you can do better?

Reva: uh-huh…I know I can do better. Heat and me go way back. (they kiss)

***Later, Reva comes down in her nightgown and meets Josh by the fireplace. Josh looks into her eyes and they kneel together… cue the kiss***

Josh: …Always, Reva.

Reva: …Always, Bud…..always….



Well I can announce that I am FINALLY hard at work for Story Three of the Marah and Tony Saga which will be titled “Lost and Found”.  I am thinking this one won’t be as long as the other two, but I have said that once before.  So while there is no definite date for when I will start posting, it IS in the works.   

And so far I LOVING the dynamics.  I usually hate amnesia stories but I think that going this route helps me build on the characters, especially Marah.   But her condition also is going to effect everyone around her.  So much happened on Guiding Light when Marah was in Paris, and while the show brought Shayne back they never addressed Marah and how she would react to the changes in her family.

I made Jonathan and Marah form a sibling bond because I thought they would have been an interesting sibling duo on the show.  But that bond is momentarily erased.  So the question remains, can they form another one?  And what about Collin?  Reva had a child with Marah’s ex Jeffery but nothing was ever said about how Marah would take that information.  Danny and Michelle are bound to be reminded of Michelle’s amnesia, and not in a good way.  And most of all, what about Tony?  He has to essentially make his wife fall in love with him again when it was his withholding of the truth that contributed to her condition.  All of this while caring for a newborn! 

So yes, a lot of different angles are going to be playing out and I am excited to see how it will turn out.


I have also FINALLY started uploading the last few months of Marah and Tony’s clips on YouTube.  Yes I kind of dragged my feet on this one since no one wants to see their couple break up,.  But these scenes are great in that you can see  Tony’s love for Marah even as he sleeps with Eden and as a result pushes Marah away.  You can feel that it tears him up not being with the woman he loves.  It is simply some excellent acting by Jordi Vilasusuo and Lindsey McKeon.

And all of that is what led to I Believe in the Mystery.  So I hope you enjoy the Marony clips while I work on “Lost and Found