Chapter Fourteen: Wedding Bells and Happily Ever After

***A Wedding and a long awaited fit ! – Feb-May 96***

A-M and Luce are sitting in the Emergency room. A-M’s arm has been cleaned and bandaged. Lucy is still looking concerned. Uncle Ed comes back in.

L — Is he is going to be all right ?

A-M — That is the fifth time you’ve asked.

Ed — And you can ask another five times and I will still say the same thing yes…

Alan –( Comes in ) Is he going to be all right Ed ? (Laughing)

A-M– Sorry Ed !

Ed– I think so yes… I have cleaned out the wound on his arm. I have given him a couple of pints of blood and an antibiotic. So barring some unforeseen complication YES I think he’s going to be fine.

A-M– So I am going to be OK ! See, now you can stop asking. Now let’s go home…

Ed– I would …….like you to stick around tonight so I can keep an eye on you.


Alan– That’s a good idea.

A-M — Come on ! You’re ganging up on me here !

Ed –Just to make sure no infection does set in.

Lucy — You should listen exactly to what he says.

Ed– I would like to keep an eye on you too.

L– I’m fine….

A-M– (grinning ! ) Oh no, I think that is a very good idea !

L– Wh…… who is ganging up on who now ?

Ed– I’ll go check on your room.

A-M– Thanks Ed, we’ll be right there. (Alan gets up to leave ) a…..father.

Alan– Yes son ?

A-M–Listen ummm ………that money in the satchel….that wasn’t yours was it ?

L– Yeah, I’m really sorry for losing it. I just had to hit him with something.

Alan– You were magnificent Lucy. I couldn’t have put that money to better use myself….

L– Yeah, but it was a lot of money.

A-M– It was yours…

A– It was only money Son. The most important thing is that your safe. So…a…why don’t you get some rest now huh…

A-M– Thanks

Nick and Susan stop by and they all toast with champagne from Alex’s private stock. Later LAM snuggle in “their” hospital bed.

A-M– You know my father was right. You WERE spectacular. The way you held on to me in the wind and the cold.

L– I just wish I was stronger and could have held on to you better.

A-M– Hey…I’m here right…..I think you did just fine.

L– Only because of you. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come after me.

A-M– (Kisses her and whispers) Lucy Cooper……hey….. soon to be Spaulding…officially that is…

L– Right

A-M– You can do anything.

L– WE can do anything. ( They kiss and hold each other )

It is morning at Cedars Hospital and Aunt Alex is throwing a fit outside of LAM’s room ! Nick and Susan will not let her go in…..Inside the room we see a huge bouquet of red heart balloons. It’s Valentine’s Day…..under the balloons A-M and Luce are WELL on the road to recovery….

L— ( Sighs, laughs…… shyly out of breath says ) Where am I ?

A-M– (Softly touching her face ) You’re right here…you’re right here with me…it’s not a dream Lucy…we are going to be together forever. (kissing ) I can’t believe were doing this ! I feel like I’m back at the dorm.

L– Oh YEAH ? You did this a LOT back then ?

A-M– Do you REALLY want me to answer that ?



L– Just kiss me.

Back in the hallway….

Alex– Fine, fun and games is over ! I want to see for myself that my nephew is OK !

N– I am sure you do Alexandria. But listen, it is just a matter of timing.

S–When in doubt it is always best to be patient isn’t it ?

N– This is true.

S– We have been guarding the door all morning for them.

N– That’s right and that has taken a lot of patience.

S– But we think that LAM deserve some quality time.

Lillian– Look I need some MEDICAL time. I mean this. Now I believe in Romance…but I have to get some vital signs.

SNICK– (SAY LOUD SO LAM CAN HEAR ! ) OHH!! Vital signs you need to GET SOME VITAL SIGNS !! Count of three 1 -2- 3-

They open the door to see A-M snuggling under his blankies….he waves smiling with just his fingers and face showing………

Nick– Hey…we’re just checking some vital signs here….Are there any vital signs around here. (I wish Nick would have done a Groucho Marx impersonation here…it would have rocked 🙂

A-M– No no vital signs here….(Lucy pops up from under the blankets to them all laughing )

They all discuss that it is Valentine’s Day and that LAM were supposed to get married today. A-M offers to marry her in the chapel but Luce decides she will hold out for the Lady Diana type affair. So SNICK ask if it’s OK for them to get married this week. Everyone thinks it’s a great idea. They talk about getting married today. They could get married down in the chapel maybe…..Aunt Alex has a fit ! She says she will give them a lovely wedding in her home.

That evening Alex has a beautiful dinner in the Spaulding dinning room. SNICK, LAM, Alex, Alan and LAM’s little dog, Faith are there ! Alex jumps when Faith licks her knee 🙂 There is toasting and civil conversation. Alan admits that he has lost all his money that it was not recovered. A-M offers him his job back at Spaulding. Alan declines saying it was A-M’s turn to run the company. That he thought it best if he worked some place other then Spaulding now. Then Reva arrives and everyone clears the room !…..

LAM go to their bedroom at the mansion.

L– Hey, Faith did pretty well for her first Spaulding dinner wouldn’t you say ?

A-M–Yeah, she’s definitely a smart animal Aunt Alex would have come unglued if she would have seen her !

L–Yeah, I know. I guess that’s why she kept licking her knees.

A-M takes the sling off his arm. He is sitting on the bed while Luce takes off the shear blouse to reveal her little black tank. She puts Faith in the bathroom. I just adored this little black skirt set ! Luce wore it during they’re first real kiss “The kitchen Sink Scene” she wore it the night A-M proposed and now this evening as well

A-M– Come here…..(they snuggle up ) So WHEN do we get to plan our wedding ?

L– Well, just as soon as I can get it together !

A-M–OK, don’t take too long though…..we get Nick and Susan married first and then it’s our turn.

L– OK…but it’s just, big weddings are hard to plan for and you did (She starts to tickle him ! ) SAY… THAT…. I COULD…. HAVE THE….. WEDDING OF MY DREAMS !

A-M– (From the looks of it, Rick is VERY ticklish 🙂 YES–YOU–CAN– OK–I’M–AN–INJURED–MAN !! –OK !! ALL–RIGHT !! (she stops ) Yes, anything your heart desires it doesn’t matter to me.

L–What do you mean it doesn’t matter to you ?

A-M– Well I….. I think of us as all ready being married. I said those things to you in the lighthouse and I meant them.

L– So did I.

A-M– You’re here, with me Lucy. You’re safe (Kisses ) I’m NEVER going to let you go.

L–Well I’m not going anywhere. This is right where I belong.

A-M– I love you

L– I love you……That’s what kept me going the whole time I was locked up…I just kept thinking about that and that I had to come back to you.

A-M– You did..

L– (laughing) With a LOT of help from you.

A-M– We’re going to be together…

LAM– Forever and ever…

L– It’s a miracle.

A-M– Yeah it is EXACTLY like a miracle. (They kiss….)

The next scene is just a JOY ! We hear LAM’s theme song for the first time. “Hold Me”.

Luce is walking out of the bathroom. A-M is standing without his shirt on. He turns quickly hiding behind his back a red rose. He is grinning like a little boy ! He shyly shows her the rose…Luce smiles and laughs…she goes to him…. A-M touches her lips, chin, and neck with the rose…they kiss….and dance…..they go by the side of the bed……A-M takes off her black tank top…they kiss….A-M sits on the bed looking at her while she undresses….they look at each other kiss lay back on the bed…..Lucy kisses A-M’s hair running her fingers through it….as A-M kisses her neck and chest…..later under the sheets she is behind him kissing his back she … blows in his ear…..A-M laughing rolls over and they kiss…We see clasping hands and their rose on the head board…

The next day the Spaulding mansion is in the midst of major wedding preparation ! SNICK started the day by breaking all tradition and seeing each other after having slept together the night before ! 🙂 They have pancakes with everyone. Flowers are being delivered, Nick and A-M have picked up food from the towers. Alan and A-M continue to bond. Alan admitting that he is in love with Reva. A-M telling him he was sorry. ( because Reva was now married to Buzz. )

SNICK are getting down to zero hour…. A-M is running around as best man EXTRAORDINARE ! A-M was teased on his wedding music selections and is fretting around Nick like a mother hen to just get his suit on all ready ! Meanwhile Susan is dressed and beautiful in her all lace gown. Amanda is putting an antique pearl comb in her hair. Lucy has on an adorable light baby blue satin short dress with silk flowers at the back.

Luce and Susan walked down the stairs and into the living room. Wyatt ( the AIDS counselor at Cedars….the actor that played him, has since died from AIDS…..) gave Susan away. A-M standing by Nick is teasing him before the wedding starts….A-M turns and sees Luce at the top of the stairs and looks at her so proud and in love…. Nick sees Susan and she is breathtaking ! A-M takes both his hands and squeezes Nick’s shoulders ! This wedding was just BEAUTIFUL ! It reminded me of EAM’s in that we did not hear their vows we saw them say them while this fab song was played by… Stan Bush

(Rose petals are thrown into the air over the couple by LAM and the wedding guests…… Holly, Fletch, Alex, Alan, Amanda, and all of the AIDS support group. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL SCENE !) They start to toast the bride and groom.

Alex– To my Son and his beautiful new bride.

Susan– To my magnificent new mother-in-law and my wonderful family.

A-M– Well actually we call that kissing cousins ! Come over here baby ! (A-M runs over kissing her while Nick and Lucy yell……… HEY, HEY, HEY !! )

Nick–(Nick raises his champagne filled flute to toast ) Now it’s my turn !

Susan– To my husband ! (Everyone downs still MORE champagne )

Nick– OK wait a minute ! This has got to stop, because I have something to say and I need you all to be sober when I say it. I want to thank everybody for being with Susan and I today. OK……… and I…..oh man….I want to thank you for launching us off on our new lives together.

Everyone– Oh it’s a cruise !

Susan– To the cruise !!! ( more champagne is swilled back 🙂

Nick– We are starting there. But we have no idea where we might end up. I gave my notice today to my two bosses over there (Fletch and Holly ) and luckily they are my friends cause they understood.

Fletch– But we didn’t like it !

Nick–Susan and I are going to enjoy an extended, open ended, honeymoon.

Alex– Well of course you’re going to take more then a few weeks darling…

Nick–It’s going to be a lot longer then that mother. All of my adult life……….

Fletch– Since WHEN are you an adult ?!

Nick–You are THROUGH editing me Mr. Reade !

Fletch– But I’m not through toasting !

Nick– All I’ve ever done is written about life and now I think it’s about time I go out and live it. With the woman that I love more then anyone on this ENTIRE planet !

Susan– (tears in her eyes ) Me ? (LAM are looking sad and a bit stunned ! )

Nick– YEAH !

Alex– Well…ho………. how long do you think you’ll be gone darling ?

Nick– How ever long we have. Or till Susan and I get totally bored with living out of suitcases.

Susan– We’re going to go to Italy first.


Susan– We’ll send post cards. We want you all to visit us…

At this Alex leaves to cry in the powder room….A-M and Luce go to Nick and Susan.

A-M– ( tears in his eyes…big sigh… ) Are you sure you want to do this ?

Nick– It’s the best decision I’ve EVER made.

A-M– OK, well, EXPECT to see us a whole lot over there then !

Luce– You got that right !

Susan– Well you BETTER come over and see us !

L– Absolutely !!! So let’s make a toast ! To the four of us, friends forever ! (Flutes clink 🙂

Later Susan dressed in her departing clothes stands on the stairway with her bouquet demanding all the single women get over there ! A-M asks Luce if she brought her catcher’s mitt…… Then Susan DELIBERATELY throws her bouquet at Lucy ! Everyone laughs A-M saying “Thank heavens you got great hands !” LAM kiss 🙂 Then Nick and A-M hug at the door and even Nick can NOT leave his hands out of A-Ms curls !!! 🙂

A-M–I am REALLY glad we got to be friends.

Nick– Yes, so am I cuz….who would have thunk it huh ?

A-M– Now listen, just because your out of the country doesn’t mean I can’t call you and get advice about ……you know….My Father and your Mother right ?

N– Anytime, ANYTIME….but you’re not going to need it. You’re going to do just fine. (Hugs again 🙂

Cut to Susan and Luce hugging….

Susan– I’m gonna miss ya…

Luce– I’m going to miss you !

Susan– I love you Lucy.

Luce– I love you too.

Susan– Take that….(Hands her a white rose )

Nick– Let’s get out of here while we still can.

Susan– Bye everybody.

(Alex is standing there….)

Nick– Mother (kisses and hugs her ) thank you ………….I love you !

Alex– I love you.

They leave everyone yelling good-byes, good lucks, ETC. ! I was sitting there sooo bummed ! Vincent’s character “Nick” used to enrage me from time to time….. like when he went after my sweet baby’s job ! 🙂 But I adored his A-M’s and Fletcher’s newspaper days. I wished they would have let A-M and Nick’s friendship continue from that point …just too many different writers on GL in a short time….. But even though, I adored Nick with Susan. “The fab four” were a little bit of brightness in McT’s often sad and depressing situations she would throw them in. The four of them were so close and I could have watched then forever ! It made me angry too because Vincent had another 6 months left on his contract. Laib and McT told him SNICK had no storyline so they let him go ! ARRGGGG!!!!!!!! I wanted their story to go on. SNICK could have went on a few years ! This story did NOT even need to be depressing ! It could have been full of life, love and hope and I for one would have loved it !!! Vincent is now happy on AMC.

So now, I expected my couple to go back burner. I will get to see them happily planning their wedding. Lucy going shopping with Alex. Asking her maid of honor…..Bridget for advice. Flower girl shopping with Marina. A-M making behind the scenes plans for their honeymoon ! OHHHHHH GOD, I WANTED TO SEE THIS !!!!! Instead McT has the Spaulding home getting robbed at gun point and other such ridiculous plots they aren’t even worth typing the dialogue of ! Her writing was to the point of picking up the characters and throwing them in one stupid situation to the next. I could not even believe this ! The situations had NOTHING to do with who the characters were or where they were going ! My heart hurt just watching Rick and Sonia playing these scenes ! All I wanted was simple EVERYDAY things all couples do before they get married. I would have LOVED to have seen A-M and Luce packing up her bedroom at the boarding house. Lucy telling him how many nights she dreamed of making love to him on that very bed….A-M always happy to please her makes her dreams come true 🙂 ….or things like packing away her snow globe, personal things, pictures ……maybe showing him the only picture she has of her mother….sigh……LAM had in two and a half months ONE scene worth transcribing ! HANG on to your hats….this is IT !

Lucy is sitting on their bed at the Spaulding mansion (When she moved in, we do not know, but she did. Stranger still was that they were not living at the yacht where they were both most comfortable….SIGH ! ) She has every wedding specialists book ever written around her. As well as Brides and Young Brides mags….. and is taking notes. A-M tip toes in about to surprise kiss her…..


A-M– (laughing ) You nearly gave me a heart attack ! Lucy you’re on edge. Snap out of it !

L– Yeah, take a chance with the one day I’ve been dreaming about my ENTIRE LIFE ? I don’t think so !

A-M– Come on, you worry to much ! (Lucy carefully gathers up all the books and notes before A-M knocks something important off the bed ! )

L–Well with good reason ! Did you see chapter 6 ? Wedding disasters ! Did you know there are wedding bouquets that attract killer bees ? Also, not all veils are made from flame proof material. One spark from a candle and I could go up like the Hindenburg !

A-M– ummm……. sweet heart……… listen…….. you know as far as I’m concerned we’re married anyway. This wedding is for everybody else. So why don’t you just get an open bar. You hire a band and everybody is going to be happy !

L– You have no idea what this wedding means to me do you ?

A-M– No, I’m sorry, I don’t……. um why don’t you tell me….

L– It’s just …….I’ve been dreaming about this wedding ever since this time dad and I stopped in this small town. We were sitting outside at a cafeteria. I looked across the street and there was this little bridal shop. This girl and her mom were walking inside….before I knew it I started to cry ….Dad thought I was crying over the soup. I just didn’t have the heart to tell him ………That I was sad because I was never going to walk into a bridal shop with MY mom. Ever since that day I have imagined what a beautiful wedding that girl must have had. And how lucky she was to be able to plan it with her mom. My mom is gone now and even Nadine isn’t here…so it’s up to me up to me to make this perfect.

A-M– (Lovingly brushing the hair from her face ) I told you I would help you.

L–(Almost crying ) I know, but how can you help me ?……..really…I don’t even know what I want. I’ve been sitting here all afternoon making up cards hoping something would come to me. I can’t figure it out. It is hopeless it is absolutely hopeless….

A-M– (smiling sweetly ) Well, you know what, don’t worry. I got a feeling love will find away. (A-M leaves Lucy opens the books again…..ten minutes later A-M returns Luce is pouting in a chair )

L– The day of my dreams is turning into a nightmare !

A-M– No it’s not, I have taking care of EVERYTHING !

L– Maybe I am hallucinating. Chapter 48 talks about wedding stress….

A-M– Your not hallucinating. I’ve taken care of everything. I told you, I’ve hired a nuptician.


A-M– A Nuptician. They are little wedding wizards that make sure you can sit back and relax and make all of your dreams come true.

L– Really ?


L– You did that for me ?

A-M– Yeah I did that for you. The girl of my dreams I would do ANYTHING for you. (He yanks her out of the chair and into his arms ! kisses )

L– OHHH !!!! My gosh……I LOVE YOU ! I LOVE YOU ! I LOVE YOU !!!

A-M– YEAH ?! Do you really ? Do you love me enough to get me one of your famous hot chocolates ?

L– Hot chocolate ? That takes twenty minutes to make.

A-M– Yeah I know.

L– How bout instant ?

A-M– HMMMM…Now look…I am giving you your dreams. You’re going to give me a problem about a little hot chocolate ?

L–All right……….you’re weird sometimes…… you know that?

A-M–Yes…….. You’re going to make it with marshmallows right ?

L– ( laughing ) OK…..All right….marshmallows. (She heads for the kitchen. A-M looks around their bedroom)

A-M– Twenty minutes…got to move……. fast.

Twenty minutes later Luce comes in to see her sweetie pie still lighting candles… He has clear Christmas lights strung on their bedroom walls and ceiling…… roses on the nightstand….

L– Two hot chocolates coming right……….WOW

A-M– You like it ?


A-M– Well there’s more. Come here, come here, sit down right here let me have these. (He takes the hot chocolates and has her sit down on the bed )

L– I don’t believe this…you remembered the stars..

A-M– Yup, I figured that was the one constant that you did have with Buzz.

L– That’s right, I did…and I wished on the first star I saw every night.

A-M– What did you wish for ?

L–I wished for a guy I could love forever.

A-M– Well you got your wish. No matter what happens, no matter what changes….. I will love you forever..

L– And ever.. (kisses) and ever (kisses)

A-M– and ever (kisses)….Can you just stay (kisses) right here (kisses ) and don’t move I’ll be right back… (he comes back with a little tape recorder he hits play we hear “Hold Me” in guitar…..god would I LOVE to have that !!! : )

L– What’s that ?

A-M– It’s your wedding present…one of them anyway….I wrote it for you… (Lucy listens in tears ) Lucy….what’s wrong ?

L– Nothing…..It’s just, all the stars I wished on and roads that I traveled led to you. It’s perfect….you’re perfect….

A-M–(Big sweet grin ) Yeah…it is perfect (Crawls on the bed with her and they snuggle up )

L– Then when I think I know you. When I think you can’t surprise me any more you go and write a song for me !

A-M– Ahh ya see ! (laughing )

L– I fall in love with you all over again…….. Deeper and deeper.

A-M– (kisses ) That’s right….deeper and deeper………. It’s never going to stop. (They hold each other looking at their stars )

Now at LAST I thought we are going to see some wedding preparations.

To magnify the importance of SEEING this couple DELIRIOUSLY happy was the fact Rick Hearst was LEAVING (His contract was up and he was leaving the show)!

So the Nuptician was a FRUIT ! She was fired and Amanda the eccentric was put in charge. Personally after the LOVELY wedding Aunt Alex had just given her son it’s a wonder why she was not consulted ! Lucy was out on ALL the planning but the dress ! This was her and A-M’s wedding and they did not get to plan it together!

This was NOT a good GL wedding.  I have never met a LAM fan that was happy about it.   They only gave Rick and Sonia the scenes they HAD too ! The actual wedding and honeymoon ! THAT WAS IT !! Oh and We got to see Rick’s “A-M” marry her !

The Reasons Why LAM fans disliked the wedding:

1 )– This wedding was about everyone but LAM ! It was heartbreaking ! It was about the storylines revolving around the wedding, particularly Phillip’s return.

2) They used LAM’s wedding as a starting ground for Markus and Dalya ! There LAM were the night before they got married. They had them play at the closed Universal at night. Ohhh the possibilities !! We saw MORE of Darkus then LAM ! Meanwhile LAM was having a beautiful dance in the moonlight with a song A-M had written just for his Luce was cut short….!!!!

3) LAM’s wedding was a way for Philip to come back and be the CENTER of the Spaulding Family. HOW DARE THEY ?! Suddenly if someone said the word “Philip” A-M became a jealous freak ! This was insane ! He was President AND CEO of Spaulding ! No one was going to kick his butt out of that seat unless he started doing bad work……which was not going to happen ! A-M was the BEST president Spaulding EVER had ! (Spaulding Boards words !! ) Phil boy wasn’t capable of taking it from him.  Then we have the matter that A-M and Phil were very close when Phil left Springfield

3 and 1/2 ) Dr. Rick came to the wedding ! WHY ?!?!? Well he is Philip’s best friend don’t ya know. He is A-M’s cousin but they were NEVER close since his return to Springfield ! What the HELL about Uncle Ed ? He was A-M’s surrogate Father. He had to work…..What about Michelle ? She WORSHIPPED A-M for most of her life ! Then we have Dr. Rick finding fault with A-M for not asking Phil to the wedding ! Telling him how he had gotten EVERYTHING that was handed to him since Phil wasn’t in town. There Rick stands picking a fight with A-M On A-M’s wedding day ! But that is just it ! IT WAS A-M’s WEDDING DAY !!! Not Phil’s.

4 ) LAM’s wedding day was a time for it to be revealed yet AGAIN that A-M could never trust his Father ! PLEASE !!!!!! A-M immediately forgave his Father for helping Brent Lawrence because Alan had helped him and Lucy get a way from him. Poor Alan lost $$$$$$ ! SO WHAT !!! Did this mean he was destitute ?  HE HELPED THE MAN THAT RAPED LUCY !!! What Alan did to him and Luce was a lot worse then that ! It would have been a LOT more interesting for storyline purposes if A-M didn’t forgive him ! To top it all off A-M asked his FATHER to be his best man ?! Could Nick not have been flown in ? What about Ed ? WHAT ABOUT ED !?!

5 ) LAM’s wedding was a time to show that Buzz was beyond putting his daughter above a “blonde Amish Princess” he knew less then 10 months ! WHY did REVA need to be there ? Could she have not stayed in Springfield and run the diner ?……no…… we needed her to be in a car accident that night !……Thank GOD we didn’t have to see Josh ,Annie and the kids too ! …..SIGH ! We needed to hear Buzz and Alan fight at LAM’s rehearsal dinner and wedding. Difficult having romantic scenes and loving feelings with that going on ! Buzz can be a jerk but BUZZ WORSHIPPED his little girl ! How sad so much time was wasted on this…….

6 ) LAM’S wedding was a time when Fifth Street was spoken about more then the wedding taking place. We did not see or hear about the gifts they received ! We never saw what gifts they gave to each other. A-M had even MENTIONED he had a FEW gifts to give her………nothing….. We heard about Fifth Street in every single scene !

7 ) LAM is one of the most ROMANTIC couples. That believed sentiment meant more then expense spent more $$$$ on this wedding then ever needed be. LAM had all ready PROVEN to us all they needed was a gate to say their vows through. We were there !! WE believed !!! Now for some reason we needed GLITZ !

8 ) After the wedding we had PHILIP come in right after. They didn’t even get a first peaceful toast…..we got the vows…..then we got the “Philip Spaulding Story” ! To make matters EVEN WORSE they freeze framed on PHIL at the end of the show! Our couple’s wedding day ! Phil is the center attraction ! Phil takes various family members one at a time to a small room and chats with them while LAM is having their reception ! So we didn’t even get to stay at the reception ! We get to instead watch Phil commiserate on how he was done wrong !

9 ) The honeymoon ! They are on the yacht. Rick had less then a month left……we got four scenes…..honeymoon night and morning….skinny dipping……talk about their dream home. Then we got day after day of them in a storm fighting life and death. A-M and Luce trapped in water. A-M barely keeping his head above water. A-M bravely tells Luce to go back to the control room so she will not have to watch him die !

10 ) The NEW Angel in town ! God does not send an angel to help when Luce is being raped, stalked or held kidnapped….He does send an angel for a Fifth Street story ! Brody you’re a sweetie, but I wish your “Zach” would have landed in someone else’s storyline !

11 ) Why recast Alan-Michael?  Sonia Satra’s contract was up in another two months ! LAM could have left Springfield together ! The sickest thing of all was after the recast they never used the couple ! It should have been handled carefully not thrown at us ! If we could have just had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon…then LAM went away for a month and returned with a new A-M it would not have been as jarring…….But there BIGGEST mistake in the recast was the changing of the character. NEVER I SAY NEVER ATTEMPT THIS ! Enter the innocent LAMB……. Michael Dietz. That his acting was OK but …what he was saying and doing was all wrong….. The writers thought this would be an EXCELLENT time to show A-M’s MEAN, ROTTEN UNDERHANDED SIDE ! But missed thepoint of the character ! A-M was not ONE thing at any ONE time ! They had Michael do things A-M would never do like having A-M LIE to Lucy ! Something that A-M and Luce never did….They were always honest with each other. They had A-M set up an innocent Philip and waste MILLIONS of Spaulding’s dollars ! A-M LOVED Spaulding ! He would not destroy the company to hurt Philip ! Worst of all they put LAM at each other’s throats ! Spaulding and his jealousy of Philip became A-Ms ONLY focus ! It was like….LAM are married so A-M can be a ruthless BASTARD now……

Now Back to the Transcipt….

*****Happily Ever After*****

The Evening before LAM’S wedding they have a dinner party at the Peabody Hotel. There is toasting, cigar sucking and fighting about Fifth Street. As the party breaks up Frank and Luce say their goodnights….

Luce– Hey…I just want to say thanks for everything..

Frank–Hey…come on…..listen…….. WOW ! Tomorrow you’re going to be Mrs. Alan-Michael Spaulding ! Do you believe it ?

L– (Both Laughing ) NO ! How bout that huh….

F– Well it took a long time to get there…But you did it. You held on and beat the odds. You came up smelling like the rose you always are. Now look at you ! Look at how happy you are…I can see it in your face and your eyes !

L– Well I am BLISSFULLY happy !

F–Sweetie you deserve it !

L– I guess there is just one thing that I wish….that a…. well…..Nadine could have been there and seen those ducks going down the red carpet…..

F– Come on….don’t be worrying about Mom right now she is always around….Lucy she’s your guardian angel….she’s always going to be there anytime your in trouble. She will be right there for ya.

L– Thanks ….that’s true….I believe that…

F– Well you better cause it’s true ! (Kisses and hugs) Ohhhh I’m sooo happy for you ! See you in the morning….. OK ? It will be a great day !

LAM say goodbye to all their guests then go to Universal at night. The park is closed but money being no object……. Mr. Spaulding is able to go in with his “lady in red”. They walk around the empty park talking, laughing, enjoying the flowers. On the Walk of Fame A-M takes Lucy in his arms.

A-M– May I have this dance ?

Luce– Well, I don’t hear any music.

A-M– That’s because you have to listen with your heart.

***(Ruth’s added story ) A small string quartet starts playing “Hold Me” they start to dance A-M sings…… “Hold me… Don’t be afraid now….. this is our world and no one can come inside. Look in my eyes. These eyes have loved you, missed you, now there yours so hold me like you never have before.” A-M picks her up and swings her.

Lucy– (laughing out of breath ) You know…… someday we will bring our children here and I will tell them how their father romanced me in this park the night before we married.

A-M– Do you think that’s a good idea…….our daughter may get ideas ?

L– Well I want our son to have some ideas……I want him to be just like his father. Not afraid to be tender, gentle and sweet. I love you so much Alan-Michael. I never thought I would be able to trust again….. or that anyone would want me…..I am so lucky.

A-M– No, we are both lucky. You are everything to me Lucy. I swear you always will be. You know……all my life I wanted to feel like I belonged to a family. I can’t wait for us to be our own family. Where everyone is loved and safe. I just hope….. I will be able to give you as much as you have given me.

L– You already have. I feel safe, loved, beautiful…..what more could I want ?

A-M– What about a keepsake…….(A-M reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small silver pinkie ring ) This belonged to my mother. She gave it to me the day I went to boarding school. I don’t know who that day was harder on… or her. She told me it was so I could keep a part of her with me always. It doesn’t fit me anymore. So I wanted to give it to the other………. most important woman in my life…..

L– (tears in her eyes ) This was your mother’s ? Oh Alan-Michael…….I wonder how she could send you away. You were such a beautiful, sensitive little boy…….I just know it.

A-M– My father was sure my mother was coddling me too much. That in order for me to be a Spaulding I should toughen up. Be more like him……one of the many things he…It was a long time ago……..I

L–I will wear it always ! But instead of it standing for a little boy missing his mother it will be for my promise that our children will be with both of us always……(kisses) I love you so much. I can’t wait to have your baby.

They continue dancing to various tunes when they stop at a little table that is set with champagne, fruit, and caviar. They toast each other then continue exploring the park. Some of the rides have remained open. Just for their use. They get on a boat that goes around a lighthouse in a fishing village. Lucy sees the lighthouse and starts to cry. 

BOTH OF THEM LAUGH !!!! They happily leave that area and go on some more pleasant rides. They meet up with Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and Marilyn Monroe……They all drink more champagne and dance…….various shots are taken before they return to the hotel.

A-M– Your room Madame

Lucy– You sure you don’t want to stay ? I doubt I will be able to sleep without your arms around me.

A-M– Ill be hugging a pillow tonight ya know……Stop tempting me ! I want to stay, but let’s wait for tomorrow night………Kiss me baby and go to bed (soft kisses )

*****WEDDING DAY – May 17, 1996*****

A-M has reserved the park for his guests. They have a ball riding rides and eating cotton candy at the Beetle Juice show. Evening is approaching fast so they decide they must get ready for their wedding. The women and the guys pull LAM apart telling them it is time to get ready.

Later LAM meet in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel. They ran away from everyone for a quiet moment before the ceremony.

A-M–Here wait wait WAIT !!!! Look……no family anywhere !

L– A-M we CAN’T do this ! We are supposed to be getting ready for our wedding !

A-M– I couldn’t leave you like that…… everyone pulling us in different directions.

L– I KNOW ! I didn’t want to say goodbye to you either.

A-M– Do you realize this is the last time we’re going to see each other before it’s actually official ?

L– I know I KNOW !! (Quiet screams !!! ) My heart is beating a hundred miles a minute.

A-M–You are soooo BEAUTIFUL !

L– I think you’re supposed to save that line for the dress.

A-M– OK…then I’ll tell you when I see you in the dress. I’ll tell you when I see you OUT of the dress. I’m going to be telling you every day for the rest of my life !!

L– (laughing and kisses ! ) That’s what I LOVE about you !!! OK ……we HAVE to go NOW ! Otherwise they are going to think we went AWOL !

A-M– OK ! All right. See you in the movies…….our movie ! bye (Kisses) good bye.

Lucy makes it back to her room to find Alex, Eleni and Amanda pacing the floor ! She gets ready all but for the walking into the dress  She starts to decide on her jewelry. She already knows she is wearing the silver ring A-M gave her……. in fact that will never leave her hand. Let’s see……. also Nadine’s locket……she pulls it out of her travel case touching it softly. Inside is a picture of her Mom and Dad…..”Nadine and Buzz”. Eleni sits down beside her.

Eleni– Oh you brought Nadine’s locket !

L– Oh yeah….could you help me put it on though cause my hands are sooo shaky !

E– Of course. Nadine would love this place !

L– She would have been on all the rides, TWICE !

E– She would have made friends with everybody…ticket takers, busboys.

L–Can’t you just see her exchanging shopping tips and polka dotted earrings ?

E– Nadine is here Lucy.

L– I know she is. I feel her with me all the time. I always feel safer when I wear this. Just like she always said I would.

Alex and Amanda come over to the vanity Amanda hands her a satin box.

Amanda– Lucy, my father asked me to give this to you with all his love.

Lucy– Oh my gosh it’s GORGEOUS ! ( Diamond bracelet )

Amanda– He said it belonged to his mother.

Lucy– Ohhhhh Alan-Michael’s Grandmother ! Thank you it’s beautiful !

Amanda– It can be your something old.

L– That’s great cause Eleni gave me the handkerchief she carried when she married Frank. So I have something old and something borrowed.

Alex– Here is something new and blue.

L– (Lucy gasps when she sees the diamond surrounded sapphires ! ) Sapphire earrings…..thank you Alex !!

Alex– You and A-M deserve to be so happy darling !

L– Well, with all this love around here how could we go wrong ? (group hug ! )

Alex– Well you’re the one that brought a lot of love to us ! I knew from the FIRST moment you were exactly what this family needed !

L– (Laughing ) A little more trouble huh ?

Alex– Darling, you’re honest, courageous, you’re straight through and through and you stay that way cause A-M is going to need you.

Flash to A-M trying to get ready ! (Don’t know about you all, but the SECOND I saw him in that red tie and vest I was crying ! When the HELL did he ever look more beautiful ?!?!? SIGH 🙂

Frank and Alan are pulling him this way and that. He looks like he is about to run from the room !

Frank– (Trying to tie his tie ) Stand still let me do this !

A-M– I can tie my own tie !

Alan– You better hold still or I’m going to slap you senseless with this clip on !

A-M– I HAVE to button up first !

Alan– Here put the vest on !


Alan– Will you JUST hold still for a SECOND !

(Dr. Rick comes in and Alan and Frank yell their hellos !)

A-M– I’m TRYING !!! Oh thank GOD you’re here !

Dr. R– What time’s the hanging ?

Flash back to Luce who now has on her gown. Eleni, Alex and Amanda can not take their eyes off her ! They all pour champagne while Luce gives a toast. They drink and there is a knock on the door. Eleni answers the door. She turns with tears in her eyes telling everyone to leave, it is Lucy’s Daddy. They leave and Buzz walks up slowly in awe of his beautiful little girl.

Buzz– I…a……for the first time in my life I don’t have any….words….

L– (tears in her eyes ) Really ?


L– I can’t believe this is finally happening !

B– Oh believe it. Believe you are the most beautiful bride that ever walked down any aisle….believe that Alan-Michael is the luckiest man that ever lived …..believe…..believe that I’m VERY proud to be your father.

L– Well I’m very proud to be your daughter !

B– Even if I’m the most exasperating man on the face of the earth ?

L– I wouldn’t change a hair on that exasperating head of yours ! I’m really glad you’re here. It means everything to me. (They hug and kiss ) The wedding starts when a stretch limo delivers the Bride and her Father on to the red carpet leading to the Pantages Theater. There are people lining the carpet like fans at a movie premiere. Lucy walks down the red carpet as flash bulbs flash and everyone applauds. “Hold Me” is Played by an orchestra. The marquee reads…..


Buzz kisses his little girl. Lucy is hooked to a movie crane and ascends to the roof of the marquee. A-M takes her hand and helps her to the roof. As the ceremony begins Lucy stands looking and listening so carefully to the minister…..A-M is hearing nothing but is enchanted and looking at his bride ! They say the standard I do’s together…then their own……

L– I told you a long time ago that someday we would get married. I know what you thought when I said it….that I had a LOT of nerve….or that I was nuts ….or both ! (laughing ) But I knew even then….that this day would happen. Even before we were both ready for it….It was something in your eyes…..something that told me you were the right man out of all the men in the entire world. That YOU were the one for me. I don’t know if it was the gentleness…..or that fire…..or the feeling that I could really trust you. Maybe it was just the fact that they were the most gorgeous eyes I ever saw in my entire life ! (A-M looks down shyly …..and yes Lucy they are…. But I knew even then EXACTLY what I know now. That as long as I can stare into those eyes I’ll have everything I ever wanted. I am a VERY lucky woman…………… and I love you Alan-Michael.

A-M– (taking deep breaths trying not to cry…..) What you saw in my eyes was love that’s all. I ran away from it. I fought it. I tried…… just about everything I could to scare you off ……….and being you….(laughing ) you just wouldn’t listen…..and thank God that you didn’t…..We said our vows to each other once before….when we thought our lives were about to end……We thought we only had a few moments left and if we were going to leave this world we were going to leave it together…..Now…. I gotta be honest with you….I thought this wedding would be sorta anticlimactic after all that. But it’s not…it’s different….it’s magical…’s better. It’s better because we have …..just about everyone we love here with us ! Lucy…….. this place is about dreams……turning them into reality….I wanted……(starts to cry ) I wanted you to know that you gave me……ALL my dreams ! You are my dream…you are my life….you are my soul ! You know that thing about the stars you have ? Guess what… I got it too….your the star. Your the star of my life Lucy ! And I love you.

Minister– (Who is Rick’s best bud in real life 🙂 Take these rings and place them on each others fingers as a symbol of your vows.

Laughing they put on their rings !

Priest– I now pronounce you husband and wife. Now I usually say…… you may kiss the bride…..but I think it is more appropriate here to say….ACTION !

LAM kiss and fire works shoot off in the sky  They both descend from the roof. Lucy asks where the reception will be and they walk over to Mel’s dinner !

A doo-wop group starts to sing a slow version of “Hold Me” they begin dancing and A-M stops them…..

A-M– Wait a second guys….it’s really nice…beautiful , it’s just a little….a…..I don’t know can you pick it up a little ? A little bit of swing ? (They start to snap their fingers and the guys sing faster ) AHHH!!!! That’s it !

LAM skip out to the street and fast dance with A-M picking Luce up and spinning her…..Buzz comes out with an Apron over his tux and dances with Reva. Eleni and Frank dance. Dr. Rick comes out and dances with his imaginary date ! Afterwards a first toast is started by Alan and interrupted by “The Phil” !

LAM continue dancing and drinking champagne…..The diner serves Lobster and Filet minion and other things no diner on the planet has….like crepe suzette and 500 dollar bottles of champagne which are going fast ! Buzz cuts in to dance with his daughter.

B– You look happy ! You look young….you look GROWN UP !

L– I am ! And I’m happy because this is the happiest day in my entire life !

B– Oh…you’re kidding me ! Better then the time I took you to that all night Cary Grant film festival and you ate six bags of popcorn ? Better then that ?!?

L– Yeah….believe it or not…a LOT better !

B– Stay this happy forever and I’ll never ask you for another thing I swear.

L– Really ? Promise ?

B– Sorta

L– I love you

B– Oh I love you more !

At the cake cutting and feeding Lucy gets A-M good to the cheers of the guests. But now it is A-Ms turn

A-M– You know what ?……sweetie….honey…..I think you’re so pretty that you would look good in a mustache !! (He takes frosting and draws a mustache with handlebars on her face then kisses it off 🙂 OK all right….FRIENDS FAMILY AND ANYBODY ELSE THAT WANTS TO HEAR ! Because I would love to shout it to the entire world ! But I can’t cause I have icing all over my face ! (Lucy wipes his mouth ) It’s OK……don’t worry about it…..PLEASE I would like for you all to lift a glass of champagne here so I can toast MY BRIDE ! If they are empty just fill them up because the champagne is on my Father here…. This is the formal beginning of Lucy and my life together. LOOK EVERYBODY I GOT THE GIRL !!! It was a very long road. Somewhere along the way I had to take a look at how I lived my life and how it was going to go from here. There was a time that I believed the only way to survive in this family was to eat or be eaten. To get or be gotten ! Let me tell you something…. That is NO way to live ! Lucy has shown me that. She has shown me it doesn’t have to be that way. Truth is….Lucy has showed me just about everything that is good in my life. I love her for that….I love her for everything ! I love you Lucy…….(kisses ) I don’t think there is any way I could not live the rest of my life without you……and the good news is…. now I don’t have to !

Everyone– YEAH !!! (LAM kiss)

A-M– OK… it time for the honeymoon yet ?

Eleni– No not quite……no one is going anywhere till Lucy throws her bouquet and A-M throws the garter !

A-M– (This is a GREAT moment !!! ) GARTER ?!?!? You’ve got a garter on ?!?!?!

L– (Smiles looks down shyly then ornery as hell says ) I guess you’ll just have to look and see !

A-M– “OHHH !!!!” (Buzz looks irritated as “Alan-What’s His Name” milks this moment for ALL it is worth ! As A-M goes up Lucy’s dress Buzz starts to look down embarrassed……A-M with in ear to ear grin says. “It’s OK…..I can call you DAD now right ?!?!”

He retrieves the garter and slips it off her leg. Alan catches it. Then the ladies gather for the bouquet. Alex and Amanda both catch it……Alex refuses it and Amanda tries to hand it to her….it was treated like it had poison ivy in it and ripped to bits…

LAM then run to a chauffeured classic car…… They wave and kiss while the family waves and cheers. They arrive at the Yacht which I thought was a PERFECT place for their honeymoon night ! It was great to see A-M’s bedroom for the very first time 🙂 You hear them laughing in the hallway as A-M carries her to his room.

L–You know you really don’t have to do this !

A-M– Oh YES I do. I’m not tempting fate I’m going STRICTLY by the rules.

L–ouch ! watch out for my veil !

A-M– Sorry, sorry ! I seem to have my hands full could you get the door right here.

They come in the room Lucy in his arms. Candles are lit, champagne on ice, roses, caviar.


A-M– Good and now that we are over the threshold…….(Closes the door with great finesse and sweeps her gingerly across the floor…into her home.) You’re home Mrs. Spaulding.

L– (beaming ! ) I can’t believe you brought the yacht down here.

A-M- (beaming back ) Ohhhh I’d do ANYTHING for you sweetheart.

L– It’s so perfect !

A-M–Now you see…that is EXACTLY what I was going for too…..perfect. Just like the rest of our lives. (they kiss )

Lucy goes to the bed and gets on it…she picks up the rose smelling it while A-M starts to open the champagne.

L– And a rose….just like our first time ?

A-M– You like it ? (grinning sweetly )

L– I can’t get over you !

A-M– GOOD cause you’re NOT gonna get rid of me ! (champagne cork pops A-M fills the flutes while singing to himself 🙂

L– (Luce is savoring a huge strawberry off a silver tray ) mmmmmm oh my gosh you have to taste these they are incredible !

A-M– All right. I’ll be right there ( he kicks off his shoes champagne in hand. )

L– Come here quick….

A-M– OK here we go (Luce feeds him this last of her strawberry ) mmm mmm !! VERY good !

( They both admit that they are starving and continue feeding each other. A-M feeds her some caviar then some berries sipping champagne in between.. then follows that with some kisses )

L– ahhh now THAT goes best with champagne !

A-M– ( smiling ) it gets MY vote !

L–Did I happen to thank you for giving me the most perfect wedding of my dreams ?

A-M– I thought we were going to eat.

L– ( knowing smile 🙂 Well I want to thank you first. (they both laugh ) You know I dreamt of being in the movies since I was a little girl. When I got out of the limo and saw that marquee with my name on it and Happily Ever After….ohhh it STILL gives me chills !

A-M– You mean we were a hit ?

L– We were a SMASH !! It was perfect….except for Philip.

A-M– He knows how to make an entrance doesn’t he ?

L– Are you mad at me for letting him stay ?

A-M– No…. there is nothing you can do to make me mad at you. ( soft exquisite kisses ) let me move the food cart (He moves it then kisses her deeply ) mmmmmmm

L– wait….wait

A-M– What ?

L–I want to get out of this dress…

A-M– (BIG GRIN ) ohhhhh you’ll get NO argument from me !

L– (laughing ) No no….I picked out an outfit. It took me TWO WEEKS to figure out what to wear and I don’t want to waste it. So you stay right her and I’ll be RIGHT back !

A-M– OK I won’t move.

L– a…..oh……

A-M– What’s wrong ?

L–Well I forgot…it took Eleni about a half hour just to get me buttoned into this….I need a little help.

A-M– (A-M is in his element with that “take the garter off grin” all over his kisserOhhhh !!! Well that is EXACTLY what husbands are useful for ! Getting into all those hard to reach places ! Here we go sweetie…

L– I knew I could count on you !

A-M– Now……now …now I got it.

L– (Lucy is shyly looking down ) I know ……they’re…kinda hard ….

A-M– (smiles sweetly and is charmed that Lucy is still so shy with him ….every bit the blushing bride) I got it….look at that….it’s a piece of cake ! (He kisses her shoulder )

L–Very good…I got it (Lucy is holding her dress to herself she starts to head to the bathroom to change )

A-M– Wow …..wait a minute….a…. one sec…you want me to help you with that ?

L– No..I…I…

A-M– Are you sure ? I mean there are a couple more I still have to do…

L– I– I –think I can get it..

A-M– Your almost undone Luce…

L– a…yeah…in more ways then one… I’ll be right back…

A-M– (smiling softly ) OK

So A-M waits….and waits…and waits….he moves the food from their bed. Looks around the room. He starts to pace a little….now HE is getting nervous !! 🙂 He shouts back to the bathroom…..

A-M– Need any help ? He walks over to get more champagne for both of them. Lucy enters the room in a cream lace nightgown set….

L– As a matter of fact I do.

L– Does it fit.

A-M– um (big smile)…… a maybe you should come over here……under the light….

L– Yeah…..lights important (she takes off the robe and goes to him )

A-M– You’re incredible……I love you Mrs. Spaulding. ( He touches her face softly )

L– I love you Mr. Spaulding. ( she kisses his hand)

They sit on the bed Lucy unbuttons his shirt…A-M runs his hand slowly up that beautiful cream silk from her leg…. to her waist…… up her back….. to her shoulder . He touches Lucy’s face looking at her lips smiling…..he touches them softly with his finger….teasing her with his finger watching her lips part in anticipation….once, twice, three times before kissing her. As he kisses her he runs his finger tips around her lips down her face….They lay back on the bed that has beautiful silver satin sheets on it. Lucy starts to kiss his chest…..A-M expertly reaches behind his back grabs a red rose….he runs it seductively across her lips down her back…..Lucy starts to laugh they are both smiling when they kiss. The rose tickling her down her back she moves right into A-M. That image, of the red rose in A-M’s French cuffed hand down cream satin ….at any point of tape was suitable for a frame….just beautiful !

The next morning A-M brings Mrs. Spaulding breakfast in bed. They decide they will charter the first leg of the trip themselves. A-M takes her to the Florida keys. They go skinny dipping at Crescent Kay. A small deserted island.


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